Video: Racist JNF’s “Canadian cover-up to a war crime”

The Canadian Broadcast Corporation airs this thirty minute story on CANADAPARK

Built on the ruins of three Palestinian villages totally destroyed in 1967 paid for by Canadian Jews and Christians to the Jewish National Fund, an organization established before Israel and owns most of Israel’s land.Palestinians are not allowed to buy from the JNF. For six months from Nov 1947 to May 1948 the U.N. documented the total destruction of over 450 Palestinian villages along with the ethnic cleansing of 750,000 Palestinians. The same scenarios, myths, justifications have continued to further drive Palestinians out of their land and continue to destroy their villages, the latest being the already forgotten assault on Gaza.

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WIKILEAKS: Change you can download: a billion in secret Congressional reports


“Change you can download”

Wikileaks has released nearly a billion dollars worth of quasi-secret reports commissioned by the United States Congress.

The 6,780 reports, current as of this month, comprise over 127,000 pages of material on some of the most contentious issues in the nation, from the U.S. relationship with Israel to abortion legislation. Nearly 2,300 of the reports were updated in the last 12 months, while the oldest report goes back to 1996. The release represents the total output of the Congressional Research Service (CRS) electronically available to Congressional offices. The CRS is Congress’s analytical agency and has a budget in excess of $100M per year.

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Sami Jamil Jadallah – The Forbidden Debate

7 February, 2009

In the US and the West, we are able and free to debate God and HIS/HER existence, debate Jesus, Moses, Mohamed, debate America, its failures and its successes, debate our constitution and its interpretations. We are free to debate George Bush and his stupidity, his crimes against America and the world, and his many failures. We are free to debate anything and everything except Zionism, Israel and Judaism. In Palestine and the Arab world, we are allowed to discuss few things but one thing no one dares to discuss is the PLO, its illegitimacy and its failures.

Israel committed war crimes for over 20 days in Gaza, killing and murdering in cold blood women and children, destroying homes, schools, social centers, UN facilities, mosques and hospitals yet, no one in the US and the West dare to say anything let alone criticize Israel, its racist and criminal practices, as we have seen in the BBC’s refusal to air calls for aid to Gaza and in the attack on Paul Simon and CBC for its airing of the recent special of why a two state solution is not possible any more.

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Israeli forces open fire on Palestinian farmers and internationals in al-Faraheen

5th February, 2009

Israeli soldiers again opened fire on Palestinian farmers and international Human Rights Workers (HRWs) on Thursday 5th February, as they attempted to harvest parsley in agricultural land near the Green Line.

Returning to farmland of al-Faraheen village, in the Abassan Jadida area, east of Khan Younis, where soldiers had opened fire on Tuesday 3rd February, farmers and HRWs were able to harvest the parsley crop for only half an hour, before soldiers again began to shoot. A number of shots were fired into the air, before the soldiers started to aim in the direction of the farmers and international accompaniment. Bullets were heard to whiz past, close to people’s heads.

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