Iraq: Release Hassan Ahmad and grant him asylum in the UK


Name: Hassan Ahmed, Date of Birth: 17/03/1974
Home Office Ref: A1060342

Hassan is an active member of the International Federation of Iraqi Refugees. He is currently detained in Doncaster IRC and awaiting deportation also Hassan has been a member of the Worker Communist Party of Iraq since 1993. The Worker Communist Party of Iraq is a banned organisation in Iraq and Kurdistan. Its members both at home and abroad are persecuted by the Kurdish and Iraq security forces. Hassan’s life will be in danger if he is deported back to the Kurdish area of Iraq. Hassan has lived in the UK for nine years during this time he has been an active campaigner for International Federation of Iraqi Refugees and helped many refugees integrate into the UK.

Before he left Iraq Hassan was a member of a theatre company in Iraq and performed in a number of plays in the town of Halabja and other towns across the Kurdish region. The theatre productions were often controversial and critical of both the Kurdish authorities and Islam which lead to Hassan being detained by the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in 1997. Hassan was also threatened by the Islamic Movement in Kurdistan of Iraq-IMIK (because of his theatre work) who shot at him. Hassan became well known as an actor, theatre worker and party member of the WCPI across the Kurdish region.

Hassan was forced to leave Iraq after trying to help a women friend (Sonia). Sonia’s father tried to give her away to pay off his gambling debts. Hassan interceded and stopped her father from doing this. Sonia’s father subsequently reported Hassan to IMIK who tried to shoot him. Sonia committed suicide

If Hassan is returned to the Kurdish region of Iraq he will be under threat from both the PUK and Sonia’s family who believe he harmed the honour of their family when he stopped her father giving her away. Hassan has lived in the UK since 2001. He is unable to return to Kurdistan or anywhere else in Iraq for fear of his life and persecution. Please help us stop this deportation.

Please sign the petition:
and please send support letters to:

Ministers of State for Borders and Immigration
3rd Floor, Peel Buildings,
2 Marsham St
London SW1 4DF
Fax: 020 8760 3132

Dashty Jamal
International Federation of Iraqi Refugees

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