PEAK OIL AGAIN…and Again and Again and Again…(Pt. 2 of 2) By Mark S. Tucker

[[from Veritas Vampirius #349, July 2009]]

Unfortunately for Ruppert and Hartmann, even Western science – that is, Western science unfunded by Hartmann’s handlers and such – has been catching up. Dr. J.F. Kenney is one of several Western geophysicists who has taught and worked in Russia under Vladilen Krayushkin, developer of the Dnieper-Donets region, and Kenney told Engdahl recently that “alone to have produced the amount of oil to date that (Saudi Arabia’s) Ghawar field has produced would have required a cube of fossilized dinosaur detritus, assuming 100% conversion efficiency, measuring 19 miles deep, wide and high”, or, as Engdal put it “an absurdity”. Hm, yes, Hartmann may indeed have been wrong, eh? Engdahl knows why, and it’s religious in nature:

“Western geologists do not bother to offer hard scientific proof of fossil origins. They merely assert as a holy truth. The Russians have produced volumes of scientific papers, most in Russian. The dominant Western journals have no interest in publishing such a revolutionary view. Careers, entire academic professions are at stake after all.”

Do Western key personnel know about this? Oh hell yes!

Just before the 2003 arrest of Mikhail Khodorkovsky of Yukos Oil, Dick Cheney had privately approached him to sell a dominant stake in Yukos to ExxonMobil, which would have given Exxon “control of the world’s largest resource of geologists and engineers trained in the a-biotic techniques of deep drilling”. Makes sense in many ways, no? Yes, it does, even should one not believe in the theories…or just regret their presence. Never hurts to monopolize everything in sight. That way, reality becomes your personal commodity. So, given this, why the rush to Iran despite it all? Well, since Russia can’t be swindled into joining the capitalist hoax, it showed Cheney the hiking path back home. Khodorkovsky had been his only potential ally, and with the gigantic demand for oil from China and India, “it [became] a geopolitical imperative for the United States to take direct, military control of those Middle East reserves as fast as possible”. An intransigent Russia turned his problem back over to the Veep to again turn to darkness, and Dick Cheney is Da Man at what corporation? That’s right: “Halliburton Corp., the world’s largest oil geophysical services company”. Those damn Rooskies weren’t subject to the inexhaustibly corrupt American legal system; the hyper-corrupt New Rome House, Senate, and Executive branch; nor invade-able by an already stretched to the breaking point, immoralized, suicide-prone armed forces led by grocery clerks sent to collect the bills…hell, not even approachable by the new breed of American-made monsters: Blackwater and fellow butchers…so who or what became an X factor to Halliburton’s empyrean dreams? Right again: “The only potential threat to that US control of oil just happens to lie inside Russia and with the now-state-controlled Russian energy giants”. Oh, but there’s a much deeper history, and science and Westerners who have saluted Hartmann Consciousness are now deeply deeply worried.

Russian geophysicists had been building their abiotic thoughts after reading the brilliant German scientist Alfred Wegener, who, in 1915, published The Origin of Continents and Oceans, initiating the Pangaea concept as well as the idea of continental drift (we merely stole the concept here in America and tucked it away in the New Age realm for ridicule…until a few fact-based eyes looked at it slowly later on). In fact, US scientists (Dr. Frank Press et al) dismissed Wegener as a lunatic, then had to eat their words as the man’s theories were literally what allowed the discovery of the vast oil resources of the North Sea.


Perhaps even stranger are the bedfellows one gains in following such things. Remember Jerome Corsi, the guy who headed the swiftboat attack on John Kerry and, later, a pre-election attack on Obama? Well, I did, and, after the suppression and subsequent banning and removal of my article on Ruppert years ago in, I tried a different tack, covering a debate between him and (professional think-tank troublemaker) Corsi re: Peak Oil and abiotic implications. This, too, was crushed by publisher OpEdNews Rob Kall and never appeared, along with dozens of others (only 116 articles of mine ever saw print, now entirely expunged despite the publisher’s well-publicized promise to keep all writers’ work archived in perpetuity). Well, Corsi is about as much an expert as Ruppert was, which is to say: not much, but he came to the table with a much more rounded familiarity and just the other day (June 25, 2009) wrote “Brazil’s Giant Offshore Oil Discoveries” for, in which he related the very Russian-like field found in the ocean by Petrobras, Brazil’s largest oil company. This discovery transitions Brazil from being 100% dependent on foreign oil imports to, in the next few years, being a net oil exporter through a reliance on abiotic theory in a region that promised absolutey no oil whatsoever via fossil theories. In the Barracuda and Caratingua fields within the Campos Basin 50 miles into the Atlantic Ocean off Rio de Janeiro, Brazil struck paydirt, yet no ancient vegetation of animal life could have possibly provided it.

There’s a snag, though. Since Cheney wasn’t able to compromise, bribe, bully, or buy the Russians, he sprinted for Brazil. Petrobras formed the Barracuda & Caratingua Leasing Company B.V. as a corporation established in the Netherlands, and, via that and other elements in an extremely obtuse set of arrangements, finalized an $2.5 billion agreement indirectly with him via (Halliburton’s) Kellogg Brown & Root for “a full engineering, procurement, installation, and construction contract for 55 offshore wells in the two oil fields (22 horizontal producers and two multilateral horizontal producers, as well as eight horizontal injectors and eight piggyback injectors)” also specifying “the construction and installation of two FPSO (floating, production, storage, offloading) vessels”.

Corsi nicely puts the problem to fossil oil advocates:

“The geological description of the Campos Basin suggests that the rock formations in which oil is being found are in Upper Oligocene to Lower Micocene deposits – in other words, deposits from the Cenozoic Era, dating back only some 24,000 years. Dinosaurs dominated in the prior Mesozoic Era which stretches back 250 million years ago and end some 65 million years ago. The oil-rich deposits in the Campos Field stretch back at most some 20 thousands of years, not millions. This should rule out that any dead dinosaurs or decaying ancient forests formed the oil found off Brazil’s shore. Dinosaurs supposed[ly] died out in the Crataceous [sic] Period at the end of the Mesozoic Era, just before the Cenozoic Era began” [emphasis mine]

…following that, he extrapolated what I’ve long been advocating: “If giant oil fields can be found 50 miles off [the] shore [of] Brazil, how many more giant offshore oil fields remain to be discovered?”, or, more to the point, does any form of Peak Oil theory hold at all, given that oil may well be under constant formation as a continuing geological process? Comically, Corsi also noted that:

“When Petrobras CEO Jose Eduardo Durta presented the company’s Strategic Plan out to year 2015 to a group of investors in New York on May 20, 2004, he was looking to expand the company’s expertise in deep and ultra-deep waters beyond the continental shelf off Brazil. Mr. Durta looked to strong expansion for Petrobras in this oil market niche, and he said not a word about whether or not dinosaurs had ever roamed a square foot of the ocean bottoms he planned to explore [emphasis mine]”.

He then got to the core of the issue, though I suspect even he doesn’t understand just how deep it runs:

“Looking at the experience of Petrobras in Brazil, we are led to wonder why the United States is leading in ultra-deep oil operations. Few countries in the world have the extensive offshore territory enjoyed by the United States. Why aren’t we resolved to become oil independent by exploring offshore oil with the aggressive resolve demonstrated by Petrobras?”

Well, the man is well aware of Lindsey Williams and his milestone exposure of American shenanigans in Alaska’s North Slope (see The Oil Non-Crisis, first published in 1980 and re-published many times), capping off what was then the largest find in world history, the discoverers then rushing to suppress and contour the press in order to make completely invisible a find that remains untapped to this very minute. No, that sort of information will never do. Corsi and WorldNet, conservo capitalists to the bone, and ever the knee-jerks, defaulted to Limbaughisms in saying that somehow “the current coalition of radical environmentalists, ‘Peak-Oil’ and ‘Fossil-Fuel’ pessimists, and the political Left” are to blame when both know damn well it’s the capitalo-political system itself. Corsi claims non-Righties are people “unwilling to step [from] down their rhetoric long enough to look rationally at some real-world empirical results” but one must very strongly suspect that he, like Hartmann, is holding his business hand and courtiership (Corsi’s a prime courtier) close to his chest, along with a treasury of information that never made it to the article and never will in subsequent appraisals.

Think about it. If it turns out that oil is indeed manufactured by the Earth constantly, then there will never be a Peak Oil problem. This possibility tends to destroy the scarcity fears so necessary to the capitalist system. It also spreads the wealth, a phenomenon provided by the Earth itself, which apparently has been reading Marx all along (arguing strongly for the Gaian entelechy theory, no?), but the scenario creates a situation even more problematic than is presently the case for the Left: what’s the motivation to business and most human beings to leave off oil consumption if there’s no fear of scarcity? We know pollution doesn’t act as deterrent, as, even were that to be universally acknowledged in heart, mind, and soul, it moots itself under capitalism, becoming a quaint ‘one among many’ concern turning from forbiddance (“Don’t pollute!”) to a purchasable privilege (“Here, buy the ability to pollute in our skein of weird new laws! Ya brought yer checkbook, didn’t ya?”) effectively nullifying populist resistance in an Exective pen stroke, legislated reverse agitprop (“Pollution is A-OK if it’s paid for!”) in increasingly Orwellian times.

So what’s the solution?

It should be blindingly obvious: there is none so long as Hartmann’s and “small d democracy and small c capitalism” exist. The game, ladies and gentlemen, has always been, and will remain, the exhaustion of all other world reserves before tapping our own plenitude…at a price that will then be all the more steep, profits going exclusively to U.S. mega-corps. At least, that was the game. It may now be in serious trouble unless world capitalism can force Russia into the brotherhood of kleptocrats. That, I’m sorry to say, given recent history and the emergent oligarch and free trading classes there, may not be very difficult at all. It will all, as usual, merely depend on the price.

Recall my eternal question regarding this long era of unparalleled economic and social lawlessness: what are the thieves going to do with all the money accrued through the conservative reigns of Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Bush? Then think about the inevitable corollary: as long as you have a capitalist system – or, for that matter, any system where lucre trumps literally everything – you’ll find yourself a slave in one form or another, a puppet given voting and living privileges revokable in a trice, as those you allow to accumulate wealth in hideous amounts will control every aspect your life, no fail. Be assured of it.

Any change short of the complete overthrow of capitalism and capitalist monetarist systems will inevitably fail and, in the future, far more swiftly than has historically been the case, due to the very technology Marx saw would create socialism. This is why “Left” infotainers will speak only momentarily and grudgingly of socialism; it’s their duty to protect the system and The Masters lest paychecks become threatened. They don’t need to be instructed or even contacted; they know the facts of life. In a capitalism, the paycheck is first, last, and always. Thereby, o reader, shall ye know thy captivity.

We are in a time when a whole new renaissance of truth is erupting, a nexus point of human uplevelling should it indeed come to pass…which is increasingly dicey. Thus, things are changing with amazing swiftness. Those preferring the past will become trapped by it. There’s a new horizon, and it’s holistic, nothing is excluded, everything related to everything else. The Native Americans were absolutely right: every choice must be made in the mirror of at least seven generations hence, every choice. Thus, any attachment to old patterns retards the manifestation of the new. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m just way the fuck too tired of all that crap to want any part of it ever again, so I’m throwing the old and stale overboard and looking to new vistas. You, should you desire those sloughed lies and gewgaws, can have ’em; they hold no attraction for me any longer.

Good luck with ’em, too; you’ll need it.

Part One Here

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