NATO Newslinks 1 May, 2010: Atlantic Council: Securing The 21st Century For NATO

NATO checks report of Afghan civilian deaths
KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (Reuters) – NATO said on Saturday it was
investigating whether shots fired by its troops in southern Afghanistan had
killed two women …

Could NATO Stay In Afghanistan For Another 10 To 15 Years?
Huffington Post (blog)
NATO to stay in Afghanistan for another 10 to 15 years? The UK’s former
Ambassador to Afghanistan, Mark Sedwill, said that NATO could expect to
stay in …

Russian Communists use May Day to protest NATO role in WWII parade
RIA Novosti
MOSCOW, May 1 (RIA Novosti) – Seven thousand people attended the Russian
Communist Party’s May Day rally in Moscow, which added anti-NATO slogans to
the …

Strategy Page
May 1, 2010: Estonia has signed an agreement with NATO (which Estonia is a
member of) to facilitate cooperation between NATO and Estonia if Estonia is
hit …

Atlantic Council: Securing The 21st Century For NATO
Eurasia Review
Distinguished Military Leadership Awards were presented jointly to US
Marine General James Mattis, currently chief of US Joint Forces Command and
NATO’s …

Bulgaria to Lobby for Serbia, Kosovo Membership in EU, NATO
Photo by BGNES Bulgaria’s government intends to support the EU and NATO
candidacy of Serbia and Kosovo, said the Bulgarian Foreign Minister Nikolay
Mladenov …

NATO’s Rasmussen calls for unity in Albania
Southeast European Times
TIRANA, Albania — NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen on Thursday
(April 29th) urged Albanian political parties to end their ongoing
stalemate. …

Report: Chinese court Afghanistan’s Karzai
Washington Post (blog)
Ma is true, offering to fill the vacuum of a retreating NATO, that would be
consistent with longstanding Chinese objectives of gaining far greater sway
in …

Afghan, NATO leaders celebrate legal accomplishments
NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan
By Staff Sgt. Sarah Brown The first combined Afghan and NATO Training
Mission – Afghanistan Law Day, held in recognition of the success made by
the Afghan …

International briefs
Dallas Morning News
KABUL, Afghanistan – NATO said it was investigating allegations that a
military convoy had fatally shot two Afghan women and a girl in
southeastern …

US Fails at Nuclear Disarmament by Arn Specter
See Clinton Says NATO Should Keep Tactical Nuclear Arms (Update2) below.
This time the US decided not to agree with the European nations who wish to
have …

Russia’s Black Sea Naval Fleet And Ukrainian Armed Forces May Jointly …
Ukrainian News Agency
Russia is not ruling out the possibility of its Black Sea naval fleet and
the Ukrainian Armed Forces jointly participating in NATO operations. …

Betrayer And Betrayed – New Documents Reveal Truth On NATO’s ‘Most Dangerous’ Spy
Free Internet Press
For years, from his senior position in Estonia’s Defense Ministry, Herman
Simm leaked highly sensitive NATO intelligence and the names of Western
spies to …

Tracking the oil slick…Arkansas braced for more rough weather
9&10 News
KABUL (AP) — NATO is investigating a report that two women and a child in
a car were killed by a military convoy in southeastern Afghanistan. …

Why Are the US and Israel Threatening Iran? And Who Really Rules the World?
Monthly Review
Those who believed the propaganda from the previous decades would have
thought that the NATO would dissolve after 1990. It was indeed established
to protect …

Georgian Coast Guard to participate in NATO OAE
Trend News Agency
This agreement is of great importance in the field of cooperation with
NATO. Do you have any feedback? Contact our journalist at Do
you have …

Pentagon paints bleak picture of Afghanistan war as more civilians die
World Socialist Web Site
These figures are undoubtedly a gross underestimation of the real toll
inflicted by US and other foreign occupation forces, given that the
Pentagon and NATO …

Cyprus’ divided hopes
Toledo Blade
These include not only Greece and Turkey, but also NATO and the European
Union. In 2004, the EU could have forced a solution to the issue, …

Beretta — the US service pistol since the ’80s
The armies of the consolidated European forces, NATO all had adopted the
International German cartridge, the 9mm Luger. There were a number of
mostly …

Taliban Bestest At Propaganda
DoD Buzz
NATO countries have made force increase “offers” totaling 9000 troops
in recent months; so far, 40 % of those offered have arrived in
Afghanistan. …

Canadians join in huge air assault against Taliban
Nanaimo Daily News
Canadian aviators were among the nearly 20000 NATO and Afghan troops
launching NATO’s biggest offensive yet against the Taliban and al-Qaida.

Kosor meets with NATO secretary general in Zagreb
Croatian Times
Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor met with NATO Secretary General
Anders Fogh Rasmussen today (Fri) during his visit to Croatian capital
Zagreb. …

Indo-Pakistani talks require caution
The Guardian
… have trained anti-India extremists for at least two decades (and
anti-Karzai/Nato extremists since the overthrow of the Taliban regime in
Afghanistan). …

A Conservative Strategic Defence and Security Review
Defence Management
However, we believe that NATO, whilst in need of reform, should remain the
cornerstone of our defence, unlike the Liberal Democrats, who don’t even
mention …

Afghan forces battle-fatigued, unmotivated: witnesses
Vancouver Sun
The professional development initiative is crucial to NATO’s withdrawal
strategy, since it doesn’t want the Taliban to overrun the country as soon
as …

TIME names Malalai Joya one of ‘100 most influential people in the world’ (blog)
Joya has become renown around the world as a courageous advocate of women’s
rights and a fierce critic of the NATO war in Afghanistan. …

A Plea to the US Military and Its Enforcers
In 2009, more than half of all child casualties in Afghanistan were caused
by NATO, not by our putative enemies. What in god’s name have they done to
me? …

MacKay vague on Goose base future
“We’ve had NATO contracts that will be honored in the future. We continue
to market Happy Valley-Goose Bay as a location for training,” he said. …

The Real Truth – In the Shadow of Iceland’s Volcano – Will We Be Ready Next Time?
Even fighter jets were unable to take to the skies, after a senior diplomat
reported that several NATO F-16s sustained engine damage from the
ash—leaving …

‘Missile system not aimed at Iran’
Press TV
“Our part of Europe has so far very few NATO installations,” he said. “This
is the game that seems to be the next project, so we decided to get
involved. …

Iran: Last Chance for Peace
The Forum (May 3 to 28) could be a crucial and critical mechanism to avert
a new war by the NATO-led cabal of arms trafficking states against the IR
Iran. …

Ukraine’s Yushchenko Surprised At Speed Of Yanukovych Revamp
As for the issue of NATO, I have no doubt that Tymoshenko’s and
Yanukovych’s positions are the same — listen to her statement in Brussels,
she said that …

NATO Troops Kill Three Aghan Women – Democratic Underground
Two women and a girl have been killed and two men injured after Nato troops
opened fire on a car in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar. Afghanistan’s
interior ministry said that the victims were travelling on a highway in
Zabul …×4362967

NATO Forces Still Regard Afghan Allies With Fear — News from …
By Jason Ditz
For NATO’s political leaders and top military brass, the pledge to grow the
Afghan military is always a safe default. Indeed, the Afghan military is
already so large that the Afghan government could never hope to pay for it,

NATO investigating Afghan official’s accusation that military …
NATO is investigating an Afghan official’s accusation that a military
convoy killed two women and a child in a car in a southeastern province.

SOUTH LEBANON: Nato troops kill three Afghan women
Nato troops kill three Afghan women. JNOUBIYEH | 8:45 PM. Two women and a
girl have been killed and two men injured after Nato troops opened fire on
a car in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar. Afghanistan’s interior
ministry said …

Nato troops murder relative of Afghan MP Safia Siddiqui in her …
A prominent Afghan MP says Nato troops stormed her home and shot dead one
of her relatives in an overnight raid. Safia Siddiqi, who was not home at
the time, said soldiers tied up members of her family and fired on one of

Atlantic Council: Securing The 21st Century For NATO “ Stop NATO
By richardrozoff
The U.S. Atlantic Council is preeminent, though, as the U.S. is in NATO.
Foreign officials – heads of state, defense and foreign ministers –
routinely frequent and speak at the Atlantic Council’s headquarters in
Washington, …

Could NATO Stay In Afghanistan For Another 10 To 15 Years? | News …
By admin
NATO to stay in Afghanistan for another 10 to 15 years? The UK’s former
Ambassador to Afghanistan, Mark Sedwill, said that NATO could expect to
stay in Afghanistan for another “another three or four years” for
combat purposes, …

NATO investigates report of Afghan civilian deaths | Antiwar Newswire
By admin
Click here to see the comments
5-01+09%3A30%3A10admin) or add a new comment …

NATO troops kill Again! This time three Afghan women “ Did You Know
By Rainbow Warrior
“Tied up, gagged and killed” was how NATO described the “gruesome
discovery” of three women’s bodies during a night raid in eastern
Afghanistan in which several alleged militants were shot dead on Feb. 12.
They lied about that one. …

British expert: NATO supports peaceful resolution of Karabakh …
NATO officials on many occasions have made it clear that they support the
peaceful resolution of the Karabakh conflict, says Dennnis Sammut,
Executive Director.

# 21 NATO Considers “First Strike” Nuclear Option | News Blogg
By tbi
Source: The Guardian, January 22, 2008 Title: “Pre-emptive nuclear strike
a key option, NATO told” Author: Ian Traynor Student Researchers:
Stephanie Smith and Sarah Maddox Faculty Evaluator: Robert McNamara, PhD
North Atlantic Treaty …

No NATO on May 9, 2010! “ Zeropoint Field
By Thomasina Jefferson
Why were NATO troops – our eternal enemy – invited to the parade on May
9? We are told that it is an ally of the last war. But the North-Atlantic
military alliance does not have any relation to the allied coalition to
victory in 1945 …

NATO checks report of Afghan civilian deaths –
KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (Reuters) – NATO said on Saturday it was
investigating whether shots fired by …

Along with similar and related groups like Freedom House, Project for the
New American Century, U.S. Committee on NATO, Project on Transitional
Democracies, National Endowment for Democracy and its International Forum
for Democratic …

NATO checks report of Afghan civilian deaths (Reuters)
By Yahoo! News: World News
Reuters – NATO said on Saturday it was investigating whether shots fired by
its troops in southern Afghanistan had killed two women and a child
traveling in car.

NATO Future Raises Questions: U.S. And Europe Rethink Role Of Cold …
WASHINGTON — Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is heading to a
meeting of NATO ministers in Estonia at a time when the 61-year-old
organization is …

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