Gaza Freedom Flotilla: URGENT MESSAGE – Bring our heroes home!

1 June, 2010 — Viva Palestina

This is an urgent request asking you all to call The Foreign & Commonwealth Office in London on Tel: 020 7008 1500 and to provide the 16 names as listed below as missing.

Demand that a safe passage for these innocent people is immediately made.

Demand that they are all treated fairly and are all provided with medical assistance.

Demand that the FCO are provided with proof by the Israeli government that these people are all safe and demand their whereabouts now!

Demand that all the passengers are all receiving British Consulate attention and are able to contact their families to let them know that they are safe and well!

1. Kevin Ovenden
2. Nicola Enchmarch
3. Nader Daher
4. Hassan Ghani
5. Alex Phillips
6. Ashan Shamrak

7. Sarah Colbourne

8. Alex Harrison 9. Ismail Patel 10. Sidique Hajee 11. Ibrahim Musaji 12. Peter Viner
13. Mohammed Bayyat

Nur Choudhary

15. Mr Baboo Adam Zanjharwala
16. Tauqir Sharif

If you know of any person who was travelling on the Turkish Humanitarian ship ‘Mavi Marmara that was viciously assaulted in the early hours of yesterday morning. Please contact me URGENTLY!

Alice Howard
Viva Palestina UK
Tel: +447889726777
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Viva Palestina, helping to make the positive steps in breaking the siege of Gaza!

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