Barry Commoner: The systems we depend on are upside down

25 June 2019 — Climate & Capitalism

Ecosocialist Notebook

An Ecosocialist classic

Decades ago, he showed that environmental, energy and economic crises had a common cause: a system that demands increased profits at all costs

Martin Empson, a frequent C&C contributor, regularly reviews new and old books on his blog, Resolute Reader. Recently, he reviewed Barry Commoner’s 1971 classic The Closing Circle, calling it “an important contribution to our understanding of the struggle we need.” He says he wishes he had read it years ago.

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Don’t Despair Because Of The Climate Collapse. Use It As A Motivator For Revolution

5 June 2019 — Revolution Dispatch

To confront the climate crisis, we all need to reassess how we view our place in life. As we head for a future where the water levels could be raised seven feet by 2100, where large parts of the planet will become uninhabitable because of how hot they’ll be, and where fascism and violence proliferate as a consequence of this catastrophe, people are trying to find ways to accept the reality before us and find inner healing. As a scientific report came out this week showing that climate feedback loops, refugee influxes, and armed conflicts over resources will perhaps result in “the end of human global civilization as we know it” by 2050, this shift in consciousness is essential for our sanity and our survival.

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David Swanson: We Can’t Save the Climate Without Ending War

22 May 2019 — Dandelion Salad

David Swanson: We Can't Save the Climate Without Ending War

Screenshot by Dandelion Salad via Flickr Watch the video below

by David Swanson
Writer, Dandelion Salad
World Beyond War

“War and preparations for war are not just the pit into which trillions of dollars that could be used to prevent environmental damage are dumped, but also a major direct cause of that environmental damage.

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Exposing the Dirty Business Behind the Designer Label By Michelle Chen

19 May 2019 — Truthout

Fashion is the world’s second-most polluting industry after the oil industry

Even before it gets worn once, that new T-shirt you bought is already dirtier than you can imagine. It’s soaked through with toxic waste, factory smog and plastic debris—all of which is likely just a few spin cycles away from an incinerator, or maybe a landfill halfway around the world. Our obsession with style rivals our hunger for oil, making fashion the world’s second-most polluting industry after the oil industry.

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The Limits of Green Energy Under Capitalism by David Klein

19 May 2019 — TruthOut

Renewable energy is expanding rapidly all around the world. The energy capacity of newly installed solar projects in 2017, for instance, exceeded the combined increases from coal, gas and nuclear plants. During the past eight years alone, global investment in renewables was $2.2 trillion, and optimism has soared along with investments.

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The ReCommonsEurope Manifesto: A Left-Wing Initiative in Europe

19 May 2019 — London Green Left

Written by Eric Toussaint and first published at CADTM

While the campaign for the European elections on 26 May (on the 23 May in the UK) draws very little interest outside of the UK, the initiative launched by ReCommonsEurope with its ‘Manifesto for a new popular internationalism in Europe’ is on to a promising start.

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Embracing industrial policy and economic planning is essential to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and environmental damage. By Kevin Cashman

17 May 2019 — Economic Questions


One of Margaret Thatcher’s often-used slogans was TINA, or “there is no alternative.” There is no alternative, she meant, to the neoliberalism that became dominant in the 1970s and 1980s. After a coup led to the demise of the Soviet Union in 1991, this idea led to even more smug declarations of victory for the neoliberal order as well as the popularization of Francis Fukuyama’s articulation of the “end of history.”

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Extinction Rebellion and the Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism

11 May 2019 — News from Nowhere

This is part 4 of a series of articles entitled ‘Astroturfing the way for the Fourth Industrial Revolution’.

Here are the links to the other parts:

0) Introduction: Some Inconvenient Truths about Extinction Rebellion and the Climate Mobilisation movement
1) Dr Gail Marie Bradbrook: Compassionate Revolutionary… for hire?
2) Political Charities and the Brave New World of Professional Activism
3) Green Gail and the Technocratic Industrialists: Citizens Online’s Digitopian Nightmare

Exactly a month on from the beginning of Extinction Rebellion’s demonstrations in London, the British Parliament has approved Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s motion to declare a national ‘climate emergency’ – being one of the group’s three demands. This comes two days after pro-Corbyn campaign group Momentum declared its ‘union’ with Extinction Rebellion in the Guardian [1]. The rallying of the climate movement under the Labour party is an entirely predictable affair. And already we have cardboard cut-out [2] ex-Labour leader Ed Miliband declaring that “Politics needs to be on a war footing to deal with this enemy.”

An open letter to Extinction Rebellion

15 May 2019 — Red Pepper

“The fight for climate justice is the fight of our lives, and we need to do it right.” By grassroots collective Wretched of The Earth.

This letter was collaboratively written with dozens of aligned groups. As the weeks of action called by Extinction Rebellion were coming to an end, our groups came together to reflect on the narrative, strategies, tactics and demands of a reinvigorated climate movement in the UK. In this letter we articulate a foundational set of principles and demands that are rooted in justice and which we feel are crucial for the whole movement to consider as we continue constructing a response to the ‘climate emergency’.
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A Climate Emergency Manifesto to avert climate catastrophe

16 May 2019 — MROnline

We only have one planet. Let’s save it. Now!

Originally published: GUE/NGL (European United Left/ Nordic Green Left ) (April 2019)


Cover of the Climate Emergency ManifestoThe latest IPCC Special Report (October 2018) is our last alarm bell for stopping mass human and environmental destruction caused by human-induced climate change. Its findings were alarming-rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes before the year 2030 are what is required if we are to have any chance of staying well below 1.5° global warming. The failure of governments to adequately deal with this man-made crisis is already impacting millions of lives, and the most vulnerable worldwide are always hit the hardest. Short-sighted market logic has delayed an adequate response for way too long. We need unprecedented political will to achieve an ecologically just Europe, where we accept our full climate responsibility and where our climate is not sacrificed for the profit of the few.

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Fossil Capitalism, Ecosocialism, and the Anthropocene Crisis

14 May 2019 — Climate & Capitalism

National Gallery of Canada

Ian Angus speaking in Ottawa following a tour of the National Gallery of Canada exhibit on the Anthropocene

From September 2018 through February 2019, the National Gallery of Canada featured a special exhibition of photographs and videos by Edward Burtynsky, Jennifer Baichwal and Nicholas de Pencier, titled Anthropocene. It was justly described as “a spectacular and compelling visual experience inviting reflection upon the environmental and ethical issues surrounding our exploitation of Earth’s resources.”

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