VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 8 October, 2010: Israel’s Arab Citizens Are Not a Negotiating Chip

8 October, 2010 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Settler Leader Claims His vehicle Accidentally Rammed Into Two Palestinian Children
IMEMC – 8 Oct 2010 – Saturday October 09, 2010 – 02:14, Israeli sources reported that a well-known extremist settler leader, head of the so-called City of David group, stated that his vehicle accidentally rammed into two Palestinian children in East Jerusalem.

Arab Summit Supports Palestinian Decision To Halt Talks With Israel
IMEMC – 8 Oct 2010 – Friday October 08, 2010 – 23:31, The Arab Summit held its meeting in Libya on Friday and decided to support the Palestinian decision to halt talks with Israel until it stops all of its settlement activities in the occupied West Bank and in occupied East Jerusalem.

Israeli settler hits two Palestinian children with his car in Jerusalem
IMEMC – 8 Oct 2010 – Friday October 08, 2010 – 18:50, An Israeli settler hit two Palestinian children with his car causing Friday afternoon in Silwan neighbourhood of Jerusalem.

One wounded in anti-wall protest in Ni’lin
IMEMC – 8 Oct 2010 – Friday October 08, 2010 – 18:12, Hundreds of villagers from Ni’lin near the West Bank city of Ramallah, took to the streets in a protest against the construction of the wall on their land.

Two Journalists Wounded In The Weekly Non-violent Protest In Bil’in
IMEMC – 8 Oct 2010 – Friday October 08, 2010 – 15:27, Two journalists were wounded and dozens suffered effects of tear gas inhalation during the weekly nonviolent demonstration in the village of Bil’in on Friday.

A Palestinian woman died due to settler attack of two weeks ago in Silwan
IMEMC – 8 Oct 2010 – Friday October 08, 2010 – 12:37, Friday morning a women in her fifties, Hania Odeh, died from a stress induced heart attack sustained two weeks ago in Jerusalem.

Israeli army closed commercial crossing points leading to Gaza Strip
IMEMC – 8 Oct 2010 – Friday October 08, 2010 – 11:38, On Friday Israeli imposed a two day closure on the commercial crossings into the Gaza Strip

U.S Grants Israel Incentives Package In Return For Freeze Extension
IMEMC – 8 Oct 2010 – Friday October 08, 2010 – 10:50, Israeli Ambassador in Washington, Michael Oren, confirmed that the United States granted Israel further guarantees and incentives in return for renewing the freeze on settlement activities for two or three more months.

PCHR Weekly Report: Construction resumes in 350 settlements; one killed, two wounded this week
IMEMC – 8 Oct 2010 – Friday October 08, 2010 – 09:46, In its Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories for the week of 30 September — 06 October 2010, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights found that Israeli forces killed a worker in Jerusalem, wounded a child, wounded a worker in Gaza, and resumed (or began) construction in 350 illegal settlements in the West Bank.

Report: “Two Palestinians Killed, Ten Wounded During Israeli Invasion In Hebron”
IMEMC – 8 Oct 2010 – Friday October 08, 2010 – 08:46, Palestinian medical sources in the southern West Bank city of Hebron reported Friday morning that two Palestinians were killed and ten others were wounded after the army invaded the city, surrounded a house of a resistance fighter and fired mortars at it.

Ma’an News

2 Al-Qassam leaders killed in Hebron raid
10/8/2010 – HEBRON (Ma’an) — Two leaders of Hamas’ military wing, the Al-Qassam Brigades, were killed overnight Friday in Hebron during an Israeli army raid in the Jabal Johar village’s Abu Sneineh neighborhood, witnesses told Ma’an. The two killed were identified as Nashat Al-Karmi, a senior military commander and Maamoun Al-Natsha….

Locals report Palestinian shot by settler in Hebron
10/8/2010 – HEBRON (Ma’an) — Two Palestinians were injured near Hebron Friday, witnesses said. Locals reported that an Israeli resident of an illegal settlement north of Hebron fired live ammunition at Ibrahim Muhammad Sharif Basal. In a separate incident, Salem Nabil Abu Quedar was injured when he was hit in the face by a sound grenade….

Woman dies of heart attack sustained in Silwan shooting
10/8/2010 – JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — A Palestinian woman in her fifties died on Friday of a heart attack sustained two weeks ago following the Silwan shooting in East Jerusalem. Haniyeh Auda suffered a heart attack when an Israeli settler guard opened fire at her son-in-law Samer Sarhan, who was mortally wounded by the shooting. Auda was….

Video shows settler leader run over Palestinian children
10/9/2010 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — An Israeli car ran down two Palestinian children on a road in the Silwan neighborhood of East Jerusalem on Friday. A video of the incident from the Al Jazeera news network shows an Israeli-plated car swerve towards the children, one of whom is thrown over the windscreen. The car then drives…. Related: YouTube video

West Bank protests mark olive harvest
10/9/2010 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Israeli forces detained two Palestinian teenagers picking olives near Hebron on Friday as weekly anti-wall protests across the West Bank marked the start of the olive harvesting season. Witnesses said Jehad Jamal Al-Amla, 17, and Iyad Jamil Al-‘Amla, 18, were detained while picking olives in Beit Ula west of….

Sha’ath: Abbas will resign
10/8/2010 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Palestinian negotiations team member Nabil Sha’ah said Thursday evening that President Mahmoud Abbas will resign from his post, rebuffing days of speculation as the leader arrives in Libya for an emergency Arab League session. Sha’ath told Ma’an that the president said he would “not backtrack…. Related: Source: Abbas hints at resigning if talks fail

Demonstrations in Gaza over Hebron killings
10/9/2010 – GAZA (Ma’an) — Hamas supporters demonstrated across Gaza against the killing of two leaders of the movement’s armed wing in Hebron by Israeli forces on Friday. After noon prayers, hundreds of Hamas leaders and affiliates took to the streets, calling on the Al-Qassam Brigades and other armed groups to respond to the….

Brother of killed leader says Israel offered exile
10/9/2010 – TULKAREM (Ma’an) —A Hamas militant killed Friday by Israeli forces in Hebron refused an offer by Israeli authorities to be exiled for five years, his brother said. Bashar Na’em Al-Karmi said the proposal was made to his brother Nashat one month ago, but that Nashat refused because he “did not give….

Army investigator testifies in Rachel Corrie trial
10/9/2010 – HAIFA (Ma’an) — The military official charged with investigating Rachel Corrie’s killing in Gaza testified Friday that he had not been to the site of the killing because he thought it was dangerous, the Rachel Corrie Foundation said. Cindy and Craig Corrie have filed a civil suit against the State of Israel…. Related: Israeli soldiers to testify behind screen in Corrie Case

Israel closes Gaza crossings for weekend
10/8/2010 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli authorities closed down the two goods crossings into Gaza for the Israeli weekend, a Palestinian Authority crossings officials told Ma’an on Friday. Raed Fattouh said the closure was “usual” and that crossings would be reopened for the transfer of goods on Sunday. On Thursday, Israel allowed 160….

Fayyad: Killing Palestinians will not lead to peace
10/9/2010 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Ramallah-based Prime Minister Salam Fayyad said the assassinations of two Palestinians by Israeli forces in the West Bank on Friday undermined the Palestinian Authority, and would not lead to peace. Fayyad condemned the killings in Hebron “whatever the excuses or names were,” and said the killing of Palestinians by Israeli soldiers….

Fatah armed wing promises response to Hebron killings
10/9/2010 – GAZA (Ma’an) — Fatah’s armed wing the Al-Aqsa Brigades said Friday that their response to the killings of two Palestinians in Hebron was “only a matter of time.” During a raid in the West Bank city, Israeli forces killed two leaders of Hamas’ armed wing the Al-Qassam Brigades, Nashat Al-Karmi, a….

Arab ministers back Abbas
10/9/2010 – SIRTE, Libya (Ma’an) — Arab foreign ministers said Friday they support President Mahmoud Abbas’ decision to withdraw from talks unless Israel stops building settlements in the West Bank, The Associated Press said. At an emergency meeting in Sirte, Libya, ministers said they would give the US one month to resolve the crisis in….

Hamas denies collaborator reports
10/9/2010 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Hamas’ military wing on Friday denied media reports that the group uncovered a senior member sharing intelligence with Israel. An Egyptian newspaper said Thursday that the Al-Qassam Brigades discovered an affiliate was supplying intelligence to help Israel locate captured soldier Gilad Shalit. The Israeli news site Ynet said Friday….

Fatah: Assassinations aim to destroy talks
10/9/2010 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — A senior Fatah official said Friday that assassinations by Israeli forces in the West Bank were provocative attempts by Israel to destroy peace talks. Fatah Revolutionary Council member Jamal Nazzal said the killing of two Hamas militants by Israeli forces in the West Bank on Friday was an attempt to drag….

Columbia University opens Palestine Studies Center
10/8/2010 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Columbia University in New York inaugurated the Center for Palestine Studies on Thursday, officially launching its first year of public programming with a screening of Palestinian director Michel Khleifi’s Zindeeq, the university said. Founded in January 2010, the center is the first devoted to the study of Palestine and….

Source: Abbas hints at resigning if talks fail
10/8/2010 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — President Mahmoud may submit his resignation after meeting with Arab leaders for an emergency Arab League session in Sirtre, Libya, a source told Ma’an on Friday. The source said Abbas hinted at resigning from his post if peace talks with Israel failed during a meeting of the Palestinian National…. Related: Sha’ath: Abbas will resign

Gaza leaders say airstrikes aimed at thwarting talks
10/8/2010 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Several Gaza leaders believe Israel’s recent increase in aerial strikes against the Gaza Strip aim at derailing both peace and Palestinian unity talks, and to prompt a response from factions. Political analyst Ibrahim Abrash said Israel’s surge in military activity had three goals: “To rid the….

Al-Qassam vows revenge over Hebron killings
10/8/2010 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Hamas’ military wing the Al-Qassam Brigades vowed Friday that it would respond to the killing of two senior commanders during an Israeli raid in Hebron. Al-Qassam Brigades spokesman Abu Ubaidah said the militia would “reply in a suitable way to such a crime,” to the killing of Nashat Al-Karmi, a….

PA Crime Scene Technicians begin 2nd round training
10/8/2010 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The Palestinian Authority police’s Crime Scene Technicians began its second round of training for 36 Criminal Investigation Department officers, a EUPOL COPPS statement issued Friday read. After three weeks of theory on processing of crime scenes, collection and handling of forensic evidence, the second cycle of training is concentrating….

PA police, ICHR hold human rights workshop
10/8/2010 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Palestinian Authority police and the Independent Committee for Human Rights held the third in a series of workshops on human rights, a EUPOL COPPS statement issued Friday read. The statement said EUPOL COPPS facilitated the workshop between ICHR and the police’s committee for investigations into human rights, which was….

Hamas tells PA to ‘unleash West Bank resistance’
10/8/2010 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Hamas has called on the Palestinian Authority to “unleash the resistance in the West Bank” by releasing political prisoners from jail and ending security coordination with Israel, a spokesman said. Sami Abu Zuhri said “Israel’s continued offenses and invasions in Hebron come within the context of escalating Israeli….

First rain of season falls in northern West Bank
10/8/2010 – QALQILIYA (Ma’an) — The first heavy rain of the season fell in the northern West Bank on Friday. Residents and children in Qalqiliya and Tulkarem celebrated the rainfall after a long, hot and dry summer. Palestinian police urged residents to drive carefully, warning that heavy rainfall after a long drought could cause slippery roads….

Palestine Note

Israel’s persecution of Ameer Makhoul
Palestine Note 8 Oct 2010 – At any time, from 7,000 – 12,000 or more Palestinians are politically persecuted and imprisoned, including young children. The Addameer Prisoners’ Support and Human Rights Association explains that for over 43 years under military occupation, over…

‘Dying to win’: Newt Gingrich’s ‘terrorism’
Palestine Note 8 Oct 2010 – On September 30, within the time frame of a few hours, an accused man reportedly confessed to terrorism charges in Germany, the terrorism threat level was raised in Sweden, and former US Speaker of the House…

Arab League supports suspension of talks, gives US one month
Palestine Note 8 Oct 2010 – Washington – Ministers of the Arab League have reportedly backed Abbas’ decision to halt talks with Israel, following Israel’s refusal to extend the settlement freeze at a meeting in Libya. The League also added that it…

Arab League drafts alternatives to stalled talks
Palestine Note 8 Oct 2010 – Washington – Diplomats have claimed that Arab leaders are considering proposing that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas participate in indirect negotiations in an effort to prevent a complete collapse of the peace efforts, Haaretz reported Friday….

Columbia University inaugurates Palestine Studies Center
Palestine Note 8 Oct 2010 – Washington – New York’s Columbia University opened the center for Palestinian Studies on Thursday, officially launching its first year of public programming with a screening of Palestinian director Michel Khleifi’s Zindeeq, Ma’an News Agency reported Thursday….

French court bans veils in public
Palestine Note 8 Oct 2010 – Washington – The highest court in France has passed a law banning full-face veils in public, with the exception of mosques, Al Jazeera reported Thursday. The ban prohibits anyone from covering their face in public, from…

WATCH: French-Israeli filmmaker investigates Rachel Corrie’s death
Palestine Note 8 Oct 2010 – Washington – Rachel Corrie was an American activist with the International Solidarity Movement. In 2003, she traveled to Israel to act as a human shield, preventing Israeli destruction of Palestinian homes and property. In Rafah, she…

NYT: US believes Arab League won’t kill talks
Palestine Note 8 Oct 2010 – Washington – According to the New York Times, the Obama administration believes it has convinced the Arab League not to let current Israeli-Palestinian negotiations end after they convene in Libya later this Friday. However, the US…

Two Hamas militants killed in shootout
Palestine Note 8 Oct 2010 – Washington – Two Hamas militants, Mamun Natashe and Nasat al-Karmi, were shot dead in an Israeli military-led overnight raid in the West Bank city of Hebron, the BBC reported Friday. According to Israeli Defense Minister Ehud…

Settler activist accidentally hits Palestinian children with car
Palestine Note 8 Oct 2010 – Washington – Right-wing settler activist and director of the non-profit Elad David Be’eri hit two Palestinian children with his car after they threw rocks at him in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan on Friday. One…

Abbas prepares to suspend talks
Palestine Note 8 Oct 2010 – With no compromise on settlements in sight, talks are set to collapse soon. Washington – Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is preparing his case to the Arab League for a suspension of peace talks with Israel if…


Arab League backs Abbas over talks
AlJazeera 8 Oct 2010 – Foreign ministers in Libya support Palestinian president’s stance to end talks unless Israel stops settlement building.

Settler drives into Palestinian boys
AlJazeera 8 Oct 2010 – Director of settler organisation hits two children after they hurled stones at his vehicle in East Jerusalem.

Israel orders stealth fighter jets
AlJazeera 8 Oct 2010 – Up to 20 radar-evading Joint Strike Fighter jets worth $2.75bn to be delivered by US firm from 2015 through 2017.

Palestinian Center for Human Rights

Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (30 September — 06 October 2010)
Palestinian Center for Human Rights

Jerusalem Post

Arab League supports Abbas’s decision to halt talks
Jeruslalem Post 8 Oct 2010 – Foreign Ministers meeting in Libya back PA president’s decision to stop negotiations as long as Israeli building in West Bank settlements continue; express hope the US will continue to pressure J’lem to renew construction freeze.

Fayyad slams IDF’s killing of two Hamas terrorists
Jeruslalem Post 8 Oct 2010 – Hamas vows revenge for IDF Hebron attack; 2 terrorists killed were previously imprisoned in Israel; Barak lauds IDF over successful operation.

Moussa: We seek alternatives to current peace process
Jeruslalem Post 8 Oct 2010 – Arab League head says leaders meeting in Libya do not plan on telling Abbas what to do in peace talks; blames Israel’s “negative” stance for impasse.

Hamas swears revenge for IDF attack that killed two members
Jeruslalem Post 8 Oct 2010 – Terrorist killed by IDF had previously been imprisoned in Israel; Hamas spokesman derides Palestinian Authority and peace talks; Barak lauds IDF over successful operation.

‘Senior Hamas operative in W.Bank killed by IDF in Hebron’
Jeruslalem Post 8 Oct 2010 – Soldiers besiege suspects, storm structures with heavy weapons, killing 2 and arresting several others alleged to be members of Hamas terror cell; Palestinian sources claim one of the dead was senior terrorist leader in W.Bank.

IDF raids terror suspects homes in Hebron, kills 2
Jeruslalem Post 8 Oct 2010 – Soldiers besiege suspects, storm structures with heavy weapons, killing 2 and arresting several others alleged to be members of Hamas terror cell.

‘Rebuilding Dead Sea hotels will cost double the estimate’
Jeruslalem Post 8 Oct 2010 – Israel Hotel Association releases a new study as possibilities are investigated s a solution for rising water levels in the southern part of the sea.

Security and Defense: Nuclear worming
Jeruslalem Post 7 Oct 2010 – Is Israel behind the latest Stuxnet cyber-attack on Iran?

Along the tense Gaza frontier
Jeruslalem Post 7 Oct 2010 – On a rare foray into the border area, the army gives our reporter its side of the story.

International Solidarity Movement

Israeli soldiers to testify behind screen in Corrie Case
10/8/2010 – International Solidarity Movement – 5 October 2010 – Rachel Corrie Foundation – Extraordinary state secrecy motion is granted – Haifa, Israel— The Haifa District Court on Thursday granted a government request to allow soldiers to testify behind a screen in the lawsuit filed by Rachel Corrie’s family against the State of Israel for her unlawful killing in Rafah, Gaza…. Related: Army investigator testifies in Rachel Corrie trial

VIDEO – A perfect day ruined
10/8/2010 – International Solidarity Movement – by Stella – It was a beautiful morning but as usual too hot. We went with Mahmud’s family to harvest their olives. 7 of us rode with Mahmoud on his tractor as it jumped up and down the street filled with un-repaired potholes. Once we arrived at the family’s olive trees, Mahmud….


Netanyahu: Israel protects the rights of all citizens, Jews and non-Jews
Ha’aretz – Speaking at the memorial for rightist leader Rehavam Ze’evi assassinated in 2001, PM stresses Jewish People’s deep connection to the land of Israel.

Barak drafts alternative loyalty oath, based on ‘liberal spirit’ of Israel
Ha’aretz – Labor ministers angered by Netanyahu’s support of right-wing minister’s proposal, which would require non-Jews seeking citizenship to pledge allegiance to ‘Jewish and democratic state’.

Israel promises to look into ways to ease travel for Palestinian athletes
Ha’aretz – IOC President Rogge, who was visiting Israel this week, invited Israeli and Palestinian sports officials to meet at IOC headquarters Switzerland to discuss travel restrictions on Palestinian athletes.

Declining Palestinian Christian population fears its churches are turning into museums
Ha’aretz – Today, Christians make up just 1 percent of the mainly Muslim population of the Palestinian territories; in 1920, they were a tenth of the population of Palestine.

In wake of back-to-back murders, Netanyahu vows not to let Lod turn into ‘Wild West’
Ha’aretz – Two people were shot dead in the last week in the central city; both of the victims, a man and a woman, were Arabs who were shot to death on…

Loyalty oath proves Israel is racist, say Israeli Arab leaders
Ha’aretz – Higher Arab Monitoring Committee sending letter to all parties involved in peacemaking to ensure that controversial amendment not fall between the cracks.

Brother-in law of Lod murder victim arrested for allegedly ordering hit
Ha’aretz – Two murders in Lod this week prompt Netanyahu, Yishai and Aharonovitch to visit the city to participate in emergency meeting regarding its souring crime rates.

Child killed and another hurt when car drives onto sidewalk in Jerusalem
Ha’aretz – An initial investigation revealed that the driver had lost control of her car and rolled over the sidewalk after her own vehicle was hit from behind. After hitting the children,…

Negev school kicks out two Bedouin students, citing new enrollment policy
Ha’aretz – On September 1, hours after she had returned from her first day of school in Omer, the school called Wajdan Abu Alian’s parents to ask them not to bring her…

Imam from Nazareth suspected of supporting terror groups
Ha’aretz – Police arrest Sheikh Nazem Abu Salim, head of famous Nazareth mosque; court issues gag order on details of investigation.

Arab League endorses Palestinian decision to halt peace talks
Ha’aretz – League leaders, meeting in Libya, voice hope that U.S. will continue to exert pressure on Israel to freeze settlement construction.

Diplomats: Arabs want return to indirect Mideast talks
Ha’aretz – Indirect talks better than total breakdown of negotiations, diplomats say as Arab League leaders meet in Libya to draft alternatives to stalled talks.

Abbas to Mitchell: I will resign if settlement construction continues
Ha’aretz – Palestinian sources say Abbas’s resignation will mean dismantling the PA and transferring authority in the West Bank back to Israel.

Germany FM: Iran ready to resume talks about nuclear program
Ha’aretz – Big powers hope the imposition of tougher UN, U.S. and European sanctions on Iran, the world’s fifth-largest oil exporter, will persuade it to enter serious negotiations., Militants were part of…

3 hurt in second IAF strike on Gaza in 24 hours, Palestinians say
Ha’aretz – Gaza eyewitnesses say vehicle hit by one missile launched from Israeli aircraft; strike comes hours after IAF hit Hamas targets in the coastal enclave.

Two Palestinians killed in bloody Israeli raid
8 Oct 2010 – London, October 8, (Pal Telegraph) – Two leaders of Hamas’ military wing, the Al-Qassam Brigades, were killed overnight Friday in Hebron during an Israeli army raid in the Jabal Johar village, witnesses told Ma’an. The two killed were identified as Nashat Al-Karmi and Maamoun Al-Natsha. Witnesses told Ma’an earlier they believed one of the killed was an important factional leader…

For Gaza: JAZZA FESTIVAL 12th/13th October 201
8 Oct 2010 – London, October 8, (Pal Telegraph) -JAZZA FESTIVAL 12th/13th October 2010 *2 Nights of Award Winning Jazz, Folk and World Music* The Queen of Palestinian hip hop Shadia Mansour has joined the JAZZA Festival line up @ the Scala in Kings Cross. The event marks the official launch of the much anticipated Gilad Atzmon/Robert Wyatt/Ros Stephen’s new album ‘For the Ghost’s…


Settler Attacks on Wheels
Uruknet October 8, 2010 – A well-known leader of an Israeli settlement in Jerusalem, who generally works to get rid of Palestinians by expanding his settlement onto Palestinian land, took his actions a step – or a step on the accelerator – further this morning. Gruesome photos emerged of the Israeli settler leader driving over Palestinian boys demonstrating in Silwan….

Zoabi: “exposing Israel’s racism has now become easier”
Uruknet October 8, 2010 – The Arab member in the Israeli Knesset, Haneen Zoabi, has called upon what she called “democratic Jews” to oppose the Israeli citizenship law amendment bill because it is “non-democratic and illegitimate nature”. Reacting to Tel Aviv’s intention to adopt the “Israeli citizenship law” amendment bill which requires non-Jews who want to hold Israeli citizenship to…

Jewish settlers torch Palestinian cultivated fields
Uruknet October 8, 2010 – Jewish settlers on Thursday afternoon set fire to large areas of Palestinian owned land in the village of Hawwara to the south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus, according to local sources. The sources said that a number of extremist settlers from the near-by Yitzhar settlement set fire to cultivated fields at the…

Video: Palestinians caught in border trouble
Uruknet October 8, 2010 – For the people of Gaza, living and working close to Israel’s border can be life-threatening. According to the UN, since the end of Israel’s attack on Gaza in January 2009, 25 civilians have been killed and another 146 injured for being too close to the border. Al Jazeera’s Bernard Smith reports from the town of…

A Long History of America’s Dark Side
Uruknet October 8, 2010 – There is a dark — seldom acknowledged — thread that runs through U.S. military doctrine, dating back to the early days of the Republic. This military tradition has explicitly defended the selective use of terror, whether in suppressing Native American resistance on the frontiers in the 19th Century or in protecting U.S. interests abroad in…

Israel’s Persecution of Ameer Makhoul
Uruknet October 8, 2010 – At any time, from 7,000 – 12,000 or more Palestinians are politically persecuted and imprisoned, including young children. The Addameer Prisoners’ Support and Human Rights Association explains that for over 43 years under military occupation, over 650,000 Palestinians have been illegally detained for wanting freedom on their own land in their own country, what Israel…

Video shows settler leader run over Palestinian children
Uruknet October 8, 2010 – An Israeli settler deliberately ran down two Palestinian children on a road in the Silwan neighborhood of East Jerusalem on Friday, witnesses said. A video of the incident from the Al Jazeera news network shows an Israeli-plated car swerve towards the children, one of whom is thrown over the windscreen. The car then drives off…

Eleven Palestinians Wounded In Several Israeli Military Attacks In Gaza
Uruknet October 8, 2010 – Palestinian medical sources reported that eleven Palestinians were wounded Thursday in Gaza after the Israeli army conducted several aerial attacks, and attempted to assassinate a resistance fighter. Damage was reported to several homes. The army fired a missile at a vehicle driven by a senior fighter of the Palestine Eagles Brigades, an armed group formed…

Palestinians killed in Israeli raidDeaths reported after overnight military operation in West Bank town of Hebron.
Uruknet October 8, 2010 – At least two Palestinians have been killed in an Israeli military operation in the West Bank city of Hebron. The deaths occurred following an early morning raid on Friday on a house in the Old City of Hebron, Al Jazeera’s Nour Odeh, reporting from the West Bank city of Ramallah, confirmed. “Eyewitnesses have confirmed two…

Assassinating the resistance: PFLP fighters survive attack
Uruknet October 7, 2010 – Today, the Israeli military attempted a targeted killing of three “militants” (freedom fighters) from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. The main target was apparently Ahmad al-Ashkar. The Israeli military hasbara spokeswoman said, “The organization was planning attacks against Israel in the coming days.” Does anyone really believe that these three PFLP members…

Palestinian children betrayed by aid agencies
Uruknet October 7, 2010 – Children develop a keen sense of injustice at an early age. This is experienced by exasperated carers all over the world as protestations, ad nauseam, of unfairness: “but she has a bigger piece; why can’t I go too?” Strategies employed, with limited success, include distracting the little people with alternate entertainment or treats, and fooling…

WAFA – Palestine News Agency

Khalidi Discusses Zionist Israeli Narrative in Memory of Edward Said
WAFA – WASHINGTON, October 8, 2010 (WAFA)- The Edward Said Professor of Arab Studies at Columbia University, Dr. Rashid Khalidi, gave a lecture on the memory of Edward Said, at the Palestine Center,

HRW Demands Israel Grant Status Long Denied to Dahmash Village
WAFA – JERUSALEM, October 8, 2010 (WAFA)- The Israeli government should grant legal status to a 60-year-old village with a population of about 600 Palestinian-Israeli citizens, Human Rights Watch said

Daily Star

Iran showing greater readiness to talk – Germany
Daily Star 8 Oct 2010 BERLIN: Iran is showing increased readiness to resume talks about its disputed nuclear program but has not indicated any willingness to make compromises yet, German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said on Friday.

US raps Egypt’s resumption of direct flights to Iran
Daily Star 8 Oct 2010 WASHINGTON: The United States on Thursday criticized an agreement between Egypt and Iran to resume direct flights between their capitals. “We’re aware of the reports that they’ve signed a memorandum of understanding to resume direct flights,”…

HRW tells Egypt to stop shooting migrants
Daily Star 8 Oct 2010 CAIRO: Human Rights Watch urged Egypt on Friday to stop shooting foreign migrants who try to cross into Israel, as the Arab country began chairing the United Nations’ refugee agency. The New York-based rights group said…

Iran MP: Russian image tarnished over missile deal
Daily Star 8 Oct 2010 TEHRAN: Russia’s image as a “powerful country” that can resist US pressure will take a beating following its decision to stop the delivery of S-300 missiles to Tehran, an influential Iranian lawmaker said on Friday. “This…

UN presses Sudan on safety after abduction
Daily Star 8 Oct 2010 AL-FASHER, Sudan: United Nations ambassadors pressed the Sudanese authorities to do more to ensure the safety of aid workers and peacekeepers in Darfur on Friday after gunmen abducted a UN staffer. The 15 Security Council envoys,…

The Guardian

Arab League urges US to call halt on Israeli settlements
The Guardian 8 Oct 2010 – Committee has backed the decision of Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, to suspend peace talks with Israel Arab foreign ministers have given the US another month to persuade Israel to halt settlement activity in the occupied territories…

Gaza flotilla attack: calls for international criminal court to step in
The Guardian 8 Oct 2010 – Turkish victims ask international criminal court to pursue Israeli gunmen over raid on ship The international criminal court is being urged to prosecute members of the Israeli defence force for the raid on a Gaza-bound aid…

Relief Web

Identical letters dated 1 October 2010 from the Permanent Observer of Palestine to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General and the President of the Security Council (A/ES-10/502—S/2010/505)
Relief Web 8 Oct 2010 – Source: UN General Assembly, UN Security Council

OPT: Protection of Civilians Weekly Report, 29 Sept-5 Oct 2010
Relief Web 8 Oct 2010 – Source: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

Relief Web 8 Oct 2010 – Source: OCHA

Inter Press Service

MIDEAST: Arabic Comes to Jewish Schools
IPS “As a democracy Israel aspires to complete equality of all its citizens,” said Dr. Shlomo Alon, head of the education ministry’s Arabic and Islam education division as he launched a programme at the beginning of the new school year to make classes in Arabic compulsory in all Jewish public schools….

Stop The Wall

8th Week against the Apartheid Wall, November 9 — 16 2010
Stop The Wall – [

YNet News

Shalits stage protest outside Barak’s TA home
YNet News – Captive soldier’s family, supporters block roads adjacent to defense minister’s….

US cautions Egypt against doing business with Iran
YNet News – State Department regrets Cairo’s renewed flight agreement with Tehran; urges all….

Arab League backs Abbas on freeze demand
YNet News – Arab states say direct peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians are not advancing and will discuss alternatives in the coming weeks, a spokesman for Palestinian …….

Diplomats: Arabs want return to indirect talks
YNet News – Diplomats participating in the Arab League summit in Libya say some Arab countries are proposing that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas return to indirect negotiations …….

Settler leader runs over stone-throwers
YNet News – A leader of Jewish settlers in the Palestinian village of Silwan ran over two Arab teens who were throwing stones at his car, Al-Jazeera reported Friday. The station …….

Palestinians: Man injured by rubber bullet
YNet News – Palestinian sources reported Friday that clashes between protestors and security forces in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh had left one man wounded. The man was …….

IDF kills 2 Hamas members in Hebron
YNet News – IDF forces operating in the West Bank city of Hebron Friday killed two Palestinian terrorists, believed to be affiliated with Hamas’ Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades. …….

Palestinian Information Center

People of Tulkarem bid Karmi farewell
PIC 8 Oct 2010 – Hundreds of residents of the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem participated in the funeral of martyr Nash’at al-Karmi, the Qassam commander who was murdered by the IOF at dawn Friday.

Jewish settler runs over three Palestinian children in Jerusalem
PIC 8 Oct 2010 – Three Palestinian children were wounded Friday in the Silwan suburb of Jerusalem when a Jewish settler deliberately ran then over.

Palestinian armed factions vow to avenge murder of two fighters in Hebron
PIC 8 Oct 2010 – Palestinian resistance factions have vowed to avenge the murderous killing on Friday of two resistance fighters..

Thousands participate in the funeral of Natshe in al-Kahlil
PIC 8 Oct 2010 – Thousands of Palestinians participated in the funeral of Ma’moun al-Natshe, while preperations for transferring the body of Nash’at al-Karmi to his hometown of Tulkarem are underway.

Angry youth clash with IOF after retrieving the bodies of the martyrs
PIC 8 Oct 2010 – Dozens of local citizens in al-khalil braved the heavy IOF military presence at mount Jouhar and managed to retrieve the bodies of Nasha’t al-Karmia and Ma’moun al-Natshe around 10 am.

Two Qassam commanders killed in al-Khalil
PIC 8 Oct 2010 – Two Qassam commanders were killd on Friday by the Israeli occupation forces in the southern West Bank city of al-Khalil and ten others were arrested, according to PIC correspondent.

Israeli occupation airstrikes on Gaza result in 11 casualties
PIC 8 Oct 2010 – The number of casualties resulting from Israeli occupation airstrikes on different parts of the Gaza Strip rose to 11 people, one of them a resistance commander affiliated with Palestine Eagles.

Jewish settlers torch Palestinian cultivated fields
PIC 8 Oct 2010 – Jewish settlers on Thursday afternoon set fire to large areas of Palestinian owned land in the village of Hawwara to the south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus, according to local sources.

Israeli settlers’ attacks on mosques on the rise
PIC 8 Oct 2010 – The international Tadamun foundation for human rights has warned that the IOF troops and the Israeli settlers’ attacks on Palestinian mosques have increased rapidly this year..

Zahhar: Fatah agreed on Hamas’s vision on PLO, election committee
PIC 8 Oct 2010 – Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahhar, member of Hamas’s political bureau, has disclosed Thursday that there was agreement between Hamas and Fatah Movements on most of the security issues..

New York Times

Arab League Offers Reprieve on Mideast Peace Talks
New York Times 8 Oct 2010 – Hours before the Arab League convened in Libya to discuss the fate of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, Israeli forces killed two senior Hamas militants in the West Bank city of Hebron.

U.S. Believes Arab States Won’t Scuttle Mideast Talks
New York Times 8 Oct 2010 РNo Israeli decision is expected soon on extending a settlement freeze — the Palestinian condition for renewed talks — despite a package of incentives.


AT-TUWANI: After a long struggle, At-Tuwani on the grid.
Christian Peacemaker Teams – Palestine –

Goldwater: Israel lobby is way too powerful, it could send us to war, and money’s at the root of it
Mondoweiss – The Rick Sanchez moment is turning out to be a great one. Sanchez has laid down his body for a good cause, an important discussion about Jewish power. Even Jeffrey Goldberg is on the defensive about the Israel lobby now, under the shrewd offices of Andrew…

‘Notes from the suicide watch’
Mondoweiss – From journalist Yossi Gurvitz’s blog, a photo from the Sheikh Jarrah protests. My title is his title. Israelis are alive to their society’s moral spiral. I ask you: Why isn’t there a demonstration in Washington against the illegal colonies, led by Michael Walzer and Jeffrey Goldberg,…

Could Israel survive without Harvard?
Mondoweiss – A friend sent along this report from a strictly off the record event at Harvard that promptly was reported openly in the Israeli media. The email which got directed to my Spam was titled: “CONGRATULATIONS.” The reference was to my winning a spot in a…

The Israel National Library uses Kafka
Mondoweiss – When I was in Israel, Haaretz ran a big piece on a Franz Kafka literary estate , lately found in bank vaults in the country, over which various parties are contending, including the German literary archives. The piece included the usual stinking use of Kafka as a…

There are two transformative Jewish communities in the world
Mondoweiss – The other day Weiss responded to a piece in Commentary by Daniel Gordis that said that if Iran got the bomb, Israel would cease to represent a transformation of Jewish history. Weiss said America represents that transformation. One of the more substantive comments was from Wondering…

Misc 2

Israeli Troops Kill 2 Palestinians in Al-Khalil
Al-Manar 8 Oct 2010 – Israeli occupation forces shot dead two Palestinians in the West Bank city of Al-Khalil. According to witnesses, they were shot when occupation troops stormed into the eastern part of the city, known as H2. Palestinian sources said the two men were Hamas members, and according to…

Robin Yassin-Kassab — Hope, and How Not to Visit Palestine
Palestine Think Tank 8 Oct 2010 – Alberto (Arce) said this: “It is not my job to tell the Palestinians what to do. It’s my job to support the Palestinians and to witness what’s happening to them. The Palestinians have suffered so much from the actions of foreigners, and foreigners have no right…

Sands of Sorrow (1950) The Plight of the Palestinian Refugees
Palestine Think Tank 7 Oct 2010 – This film is an absolutely extraordinary documentary. It shows the refugee camps and the cities in Palestine and Jordan where refugees had fled, including cave dwellings, convents and tents to house them. Yes. Already in 1950, it was referred to as a “seemingly endless plight”. And…

US given month for Mid-East talks
BBC 8 Oct 2010 – Arab League ministers give the US the one month to rescue deadlocked direct talks between Israel and Palestinians.

Palestinians hit by settler car
BBC 8 Oct 2010 – Two stone-throwing Palestinian boys are injured after being hit by a car driven by a Jewish settler leader in East Jerusalem.

Israel kills Hamas men in Hebron
BBC 8 Oct 2010 – Israeli forces shoot dead two Hamas militants during a raid in the West Bank city of Hebron, Israeli and Palestinian officials say.

Loyalty oath splits Israeli press
BBC 8 Oct 2010 – Proposals to introduce a law compelling non-Jews seeking Israeli citizenship to swear allegiance to Israel as a ”Jewish and democratic state” have generated a lively debate in Israeli papers.

Israeli Police Given Protection for Killing
Antiwar.com 7 Oct 2010 – SHUAFAT, Occupied East Jerusalem — A peaceful morning is interrupted by the sounds of an Israeli helicopter circling overhead — often a sign of trouble on the ground. Later Sunday the news broke: a Palestinian man was shot dead in the village of Issawiya by Israeli…

Israel’s Persecution of Ameer Makhoul
Sabbah report 8 Oct 2010 – Sharon earlier, and Netanyahu today, share like-minded views; namely, that “relations with the Palestinians (are) a zero-sum game” in which Israel intends to gain at their expense, including its own Arab citizens. Both leaders spurn concessions, Sharon once saying, “This is our land, and we’ll settle…

Leaked letter reveals Obama’s contempt for international law
Sabbah report 8 Oct 2010 – We are all in trouble if the US president takes leave of his senses and jettisons integrity. The most powerful man in the world then becomes the most dangerous. I’m sure someone has reminded Mr Obama that Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention makes it…

Nothing Has Changed Since the Yom Kippur War
Sabbah report 8 Oct 2010 – Nothing has changed in 37 years. It’s the same arrogant hubris, the same obstinate resistance to any prospect of an agreement, the same failure to recognize that only peace will save us from another defense minister who sinks into an existential depression while warning of an…

The reality of Israel
Sabbah report 8 Oct 2010 – Israelis, often thoroughly absorbed in their collective sanctimony and self-righteousness, seem never to stop repeating the eternal mantra that the Jews are a “light unto the nations” and Israel is “the only democracy in the Middle East”. This week, several events occurring in Israel and the…


Obama’s Letter, Netanyahu’s Rejection, and Media’s Non-response
MediaLens, Information Clearing House10/7/2010
Deathly Silence
Following Israel’s capture of the West Bank in 1967, along with other territories including East Jerusalem, Israel has built and expanded Jewish settlements on occupied Palestinian land. The settlers enjoy the benefits of a separate, and far superior, civilian infrastructure to nearby Palestinian communities, and they are protected at great expense by the Israeli military. Under international law, the settlements are illegal. But despite private agreements with the US to rein in growth, Israel has continued the non-stop expansion of its illegal settlements. While the public stance of the United States is that it does not recognise “the international legitimacy” of the settlements, Washington has in practice provided decades-long support for Israeli policy.
Earlier this week, independent journalist Jonathan Cook reported facts that blow a hole through the standard deceit that the United States is an “honest broker” for peace in the Middle East.1 As Cook explains, details were leaked of a letter sent by US President Barack Obama to Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister:
“Obama made a series of extraordinarily generous offers to Israel, many of them at the expense of the Palestinians, in return for a single minor concession from Netanyahu: a two-month extension of the partial freeze on settlement growth.”
The previous 10-month freeze on settlement growth in the West Bank, which has just ended, has not so far been renewed by Israel. This obduracy threatens to bring the negotiations to an abrupt halt. This was the deadlock that Obama’s letter was supposedly designed to break.
Netanyahu reportedly declined the US offer, while Washington denies that a letter was ever sent. But according to the Israeli media, US officials in Washington are “incensed” by Netanyahu’s rejection. — See also: Source and Makovsky: Dear Prime Minister: U.S. Efforts to Keep the Peace Process on Track more.. e-mail

Gaza Olive harvest begins in the Beit Hanoun buffer zone while strawberry picker in Beit Lahiya is shot by Israeli Snipers
International Solidarity Movement10/9/2010
“This tree is blessed for usand our grandfathers and ancestors have taken care of this tree forgenerations. I grew up with an olive tree in our back yard and itrepresents the peaceful life we had always lived on these lands. Now ourolive groves are bulldozed and farm workers are shot at so we are herein solidarity with farmers whose lives are made impossible by theIsraeli siege and occupation.”
This is how much it meant to Mohammed el Massry, a 20 year old student in Al Azhar University to enter a high risk area to help farmers begin the olive harvest and help maintain land that used to be the breadbasket of the Palestinian economy. In what turned out to be a beautiful day’s climbing, picking and bagging of black and green olives, Mohammed joined other members of the Beit Hanoun ‘Local Initiative’ group accompanied by 4 International Solidarity Movement activists to help farmer Abzel Al Baseony begin the Olive harvest 300 metres from the Erez border wall with Israel.
Beginning early on Tuesday morning, farm workers, Palestinian and international activists marched with flags, buckets, step ladders and hessian bags ready for a morning’s work picking olives, accompanied by the cameras of Arabic and international media. Around the unilaterally imposed Israeli buffer zone — a 300 metre wide belt of land along the Israeli border, farm workers have been picked off by snipers and shelling as a matter of course, often over a kilometer beyond the designated area. A month ago near to where we were picking the olives Grandfather Ibrahim Abu Sayed, his 17 year-old grandson and friend were mutilated and killed by Israeli tank shelling despite being twice as far from the border as we were.
Khalil Nasir, coordinator of the Local Initiative group sees farmers as the first line of resistance: “We’re here today to offer some support for the farmers who have continued the resistance to the occupation everyday of their lives, not letting go of these lands so near to the Israeli wall….” more.. e-mail

Israel’s Arab Citizens Are Not a Negotiating Chip
Jonathan Cook, Antiwar.com10/4/2010
Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, has insisted from the launch of the current peace talks that the Palestinians set no preconditions, while making his own precondition the centerpiece of negotiations. Netanyahu has said talks are futile unless the Palestinians and their leader, Mahmoud Abbas, first recognize Israel as a Jewish state. “I recognized the Palestinians’ right to self-definition, so they must do the same for the Jewish people,” he told American Jewish leaders recently.
Netanyahu, of the right-wing Likud Party, is not the first Israeli leader to make such a requirement of the Palestinians. His predecessor, Tzipi Livni, the leader of the centrist opposition, wanted the same recognition. Barak, the defense minister and head of the supposedly left-wing Labor Party, also supports this position. The consensus on this matter, however, masks a reluctance by Israeli politicians to clarify what exactly is being expected of the Palestinians and why recognition is so important.
Netanyahu clearly does not simply want the fact of Israel’s existence acknowledged. That is in no doubt, and, anyway, the Israeli state has been recognized by the Palestinian leadership since the late 1980s. It is recognition of the state’s Jewishness, not its existence, that matters. Debate on this subject focuses on Israel’s desire to stifle the threat of a right of return for millions of Palestinian refugees. Though doubtless a consideration, that explanation hardly suffices. It is clear to everyone that the refugees are one of the main issues to be settled in the negotiations. Should all other obstacles to Palestinian statehood be removed, it is almost certain the United States and international community would work to make that particular mountain a molehill.
More likely, the demand for recognition is directed chiefly at another party: the fifth of Israel’s population who are Palestinian — the remnants of the Palestinian people who stayed on their land during the great dispossession of 1948, the nakba, and eventually gained Israeli citizenship…. more.. e-mail

In south Lebanon, tourism develops despite threat of war
Electronic Intifada: 8 Oct 2010 – KHIAM, Lebanon (IPS) – The contours of a modern medieval castle stretch along the Wazzani River delineating Lebanon’s border with Israel. A few meters away from the United Nations-mandated Blue Line, on Lebanon’s first line of fire with Israel, a tourism project at an estimated cost of 20 million dollars is slowly taking shape.more

Book review: “A Wall in Palestine”
Electronic Intifada: 8 Oct 2010 – The conflict in Palestine has become so all-consuming that even objects are central to the struggle. French journalist Ren?© Backmann’s A Wall in Palestine illustrates this fact.more

More material available from Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel – www.vtjp.org
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