Strategic Culture Foundation 2-8 October, 2010: US Dollar vs. Yuan / Elections in Brazil / Kashmir as a Great Game Pawn? / Europe / Ecuador / US Right

8 October, 2010 — Strategic Culture Foundation

US Dollar vs. Yuan: Reasons Behind the Conflict

08.10.2010 | 17:42 | SALITZKI Alexander
Debates between the US and China over the valuation of the yuan are currently gathering momentum. A new campaign of pressure on Beijing is initiated by the US Congress which proposed a bill authorizing the government to slap duties on China’s imports based on the view that the yuan is grossly undervalued. The lower chamber approved the legislation…

Elections in Brazil and the US Intelligence Community

07.10.2010 | 20:14 | NIKANDROV Nil
…For the latter, the way is to suppress any socialist initiatives across the continent, to abstain from joining regional integration projects unless they are patronized by the US, to oppose the populists’ efforts aimed at forming a Latin American defensive bloc, and to impede the escalating Chinese economic expansion…

Kashmir as a Great Game Pawn?

06.10.2010 | 13:10 | MAHAPATRA Aurobinda (India)
For the past few weeks Kashmir has ascended to the circle of international politics more vigorously. It has acquired new dimensions on the eve of Obama visit to India in November. The scenario has become so assorted and complicated it has become almost impossible to sift facts from fictions. Whilst the international politics of South Asia takes its zigzag course the fact remains that the Kashmir issue has once again acquired the centre stage in the perimeters of foreign policy making of India, Pakistan, the US and China…

Collapse of the Alliance for European Integration

05.10.2010 | 12:11 | LUPU Marian (Moldova)
I hope the political forces will prevail in Moldova which are fully aware of the importance of healthy, pragmatic, and mutually beneficial relations with Russia and of the fact that such relations would be optimal from the standpoint of our own national interests. As for the Alliance for European Integration, it is practically dead…

Ecuador Coup Attempt Engineered by the CIA

03.10.2010 | 23:25 | NIKANDROV Nil
The success of the operation which led to the ouster of president Manuel Zelaya in Honduras inspired the US hawks to put similar schemes to works elsewhere in Latin America, Washington’s eventual goal being to isolate Hugo Chavez and remove his allies from power across the region. The US Administration reckoned that Ecuador was the easiest target on its political hit list. The subversive activity targeting president Correa is coordinated by Heather Hodges who was appointed as the US ambassador to Ecuador in August, 2008…

State Sabotage and the US Right: More to Come?

02.10.2010 | 17:44 | KERANS David (USA)
The Republicans’ resurgence in Washington is real, and will affect domestic and foreign policy, whether they unseat President Obama in 2012 or not.The Republicans’ exploitation of this resurgence, however, will surely diverge from their promises. In place of the promised efficiencies of outsourcing,the Iraq experience generated colossal waste, perhaps 20 % of the first $85 billion allocated for reconstruction. Already in 2005 watchdog organization Transparency International warned that the reconstruction of Iraq threatened to become “the biggest corruption scandal in history”. For, to the American right, corruption is no longer a function of opportunism, where a few people find a way to enrich themselves. To so many leaders of the right and the business class, corruption has become programmatic, a corollary to their disdain for the state…

Obama Continues Most of Bush’s Wiretap Policies

8 October, 2010 — The Real News Network

Shayana Kadidal: Government refuses to disclose possible wiretapping of civil rights lawyers

Shayana Kadidal is senior managing attorney of the Guantánamo Global Justice Initiative at the Center for Constitutional Rights in New York City. He is a graduate of the Yale Law School and a former law clerk to Judge Kermit Lipez of the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit. In his eight years at the Center, he has worked on a number of significant cases in the wake of 9/11, including the Center’s challenges to the detention of prisoners at Guantánamo Bay (among them torture victim Mohammed al Qahtani and former CIA ghost detainee Majid Khan), which have twice reached the Supreme Court (with a third case to be heard in March 2010), and several cases arising out of the post-9/11 domestic immigration sweeps. He is also counsel in CCR’s legal challenges to the “material support” statute (to be argued at the Supreme Court in February 2010), to the low rates of black firefighter hiring in New York City, and to the NSA’s warrantless surveillance program.


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VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 8 October, 2010: Israel’s Arab Citizens Are Not a Negotiating Chip

8 October, 2010 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Settler Leader Claims His vehicle Accidentally Rammed Into Two Palestinian Children
IMEMC – 8 Oct 2010 – Saturday October 09, 2010 – 02:14, Israeli sources reported that a well-known extremist settler leader, head of the so-called City of David group, stated that his vehicle accidentally rammed into two Palestinian children in East Jerusalem.

Arab Summit Supports Palestinian Decision To Halt Talks With Israel
IMEMC – 8 Oct 2010 – Friday October 08, 2010 – 23:31, The Arab Summit held its meeting in Libya on Friday and decided to support the Palestinian decision to halt talks with Israel until it stops all of its settlement activities in the occupied West Bank and in occupied East Jerusalem.

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