No positive evidence supporting accusations against Ameer Makhoul By Rela Mazali

11 October, 2010 — The Only Democracy?

makhoul.jpgOn May 8th, Jewish Peace News posted news of the arrest or, more precisely, abduction, of human rights defender Ameer Makhoul, “Director of Ittijah – The Union of Arab Community-Based Associations – … in the dead of night, while he and his family slept in their home in Haifa.” The arrest of this “Israeli citizen [and] … high-profile activist … [was] placed under a gag order … Israeli reporters, news outlets and even blogs” were forbidden from writing about it. On June 20th, JPN followed up with a letter from Makhoul, composed after he “had spent 3 weeks in prison without access to even pen and paper, not to speak of lawyers, family visits, due process, humane and legal conditions.”

Makhoul has been in prison for five months now. Amnesty International has described his imprisonment as: “pure harassment designed to hinder his human rights work.” His trial is viewed by many as “a message to Palestinian citizens of Israel … formulated by extreme right wing parties in the current Israeli government” that have targeted Makhoul as “a legal, legitimate, and effective voice of a politically disadvantaged group – Israel’s Palestinian Arab citizens.” This, I might add, is the same government that is now poised to demand that applicants for citizenship (predominantly Palestinian ones) take an oath of loyalty to the “Jewish and democratic” state.

Click here for further background and details on Makhoul’s abduction, detention incommunicado, and on what the Committee for the Defense of Ameer Makhoul describes as his “tortuous interrogation” – deprived of sleep and crucial medical care.

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Music and Tones Rise for Gaza By Lauren Booth

9 October 2010 — Pal Telegraph

Until now, it’ been a real source of pride amongst Israel’s support network that big name musicians have felt ‘safe’ to appear at Zionist fund raisers. Even whilst Israel commits ever more stomach churning war crimes in Palestine and -as we saw in May with the attack on the Freedom Flotilla – in international waters.

Appearing at events to raise issues related to justice in Palestine was seen as a sure fire way of artists being branded anti semitic- leading to (so artists were lead to believe) falls in record sales and trouble s booking tour venues.

But, as Gilad Atzmon has aptly named his latest CD ‘ the tide has changed.’
The Palestine issue is now ‘hot’ and for the first time, this coming week, a music festival featuring forty world class musicians and bands is taking place in London to send this message far and wide.

JAZZA Festival is at the SCALA, London on 12th/13th October, marks the official launch not only of the much anticipated Robert Wyatt/Atzmon/Ros Stephen album. It brings together for the first time artists from the worlds of jazza, funk, folk and hip hop – for Palestine.

The line up has something for every music fan; artists include Northumberland folk stars The Unthanks sisters, Palestinian hip-hop Stormtrap and DJ Eren, virtuoso oud-playerNizar Al-Issa and singer-songwriters Rory McCloud and Sarah Gillespie

The Palestine Chronicle is pleased to announce that the Queen of Palestinian hip hop Shadia Mansour has just announced that she has joined the JAZZA Festival line up making this the must have ticket of the musical calendar.
As a response to the ongoing humanitarian disaster in Palestine, this group of artists from all areas of music have come together to raise awareness, support and funds for the people of Gaza.

JAZZA Festival – Music For the People of Palestine.

To book tickets follow links here:

Come and show your solidarity with the Palestinian people under siege in Gaza

LINE UP – Tuesday 12th October 2010

Nizar Al-Issa, Sarah Gillepsie Quartet, The Unthanks Sisters.

Robert Wyatt/Atmon/Stephen Album launch ‘For The Ghosts Within’ with the Orient House Ensemble , Sigamos Strings & Cleveland Watkiss – vocals. PLUS SPECIAL GUEST SHADIA MANSOUR

Wednesday 13th October 2010

Stormtrap and DJ Eren, Rory McCloud

Robert Wyatt/Atmon/Stephen Album launch ‘For The Ghosts Within’ with the Orient House Ensemble , Sigamos Strings & Cleveland Watkiss – vocals.PLUS SPECIAL GUEST SHADIA MANSOUR

Jazza All-Stars featuring Peter King, Seb Rochford, Alex Garnett, Oren Marshall & Gilad Atzmon

Lauren Booth
Journalist and Broadcaster

Ecuador: The Day the President Disappeared

11 October, 2010 — The Real News Network

Ecuadorian filmmaker/journalist Oscar Leon presents Ecuador: Failed Coup or Institutional Crisis Pt. 2/2 • Part 1 Here

When the news of an attempted coup d’état was released to the world, many immediately began to point fingers and look for the conspiracy. After all, the President was attacked by the police and being held in the police hospital surrounded by officers for up to ten hours.

On the morning of September 30th, Ecuador woke up in shock. The police were on an armed strike claiming the newly enacted Public Service Law had reduced their salaries and benefits. This act of defiance by the police force angered many people, given that thieves took full advantage of the strike to loot businesses, and merchants were left defenseless in all the cities in the country.

The international community immediately closed ranks behind the regime of President Rafael Correa, and so did the Ecuadorian military command. The military eventually forcefully entered the hospital to free Correa.

A whole country was kidnapped by the police. For one day, the traditional roles of political crisis were inverted and it was the police burning tires in the streets and throwing rocks against the government while some civilian groups defended the regime.

Who is behind this? Who stands to gain from what happened? Is there an international force trying to take down a Government? Was a whole country being held hostage by a group of police officers?

Information Clearing House Newsletter 11 October, 2010: S&P: 60% of Countries Will Be Bankrupt Within 50 Years

11 October, 2010 — Information Clearing House

In the Crosshairs of US Drones
By Kamal Hyder
Residents live under a constant fear of being hit as dozens of unmanned drones buzz the skies over North and South Waziristan. The drones frighten children and women who sometimes become the victims, especially if the intended targets are anywhere close to their homes.

Welcome to a new theocracy
The Jewish Republic of Israel

By Gideon Levy
From now on, we will be living in a new, officially approved, ethnocratic, theocratic, nationalistic and racist country. Anyone who thinks it doesn’t affect him is mistaken.

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Free Gaza’s investigation has shown the following….

11 October, 2010 — Free Gaza

Regarding the attack on the flotilla, below is what we have found out. In addition, we are providing a link to the attack on the Irene from the ‘most moral army in the world.’

Please distribute to your lists and, if in the US, write to your representatives asking them why we Americans support murder on the high seas. Greta Berlin

  • The military units are “Shayetet 13” (the navy commando unit).
  • The helicopters that were used to drop them on the ship (according to the media and to the army spokesperson as well) are from The IAF’s Black Hawk squadron. All the helicopters of the IAF, including the Black Hawk squadron, were given to Israel as part of the US military aid.
  • The new black hawks given to Israel in 2002 (of the Lima model) are most likely the ones that were used in the attack on the Maramara.
  • Almost all of the weapons used by the IDF are US made, and it is 100% clear that some was used to kill the passengers on the Mavi Marmara.

Tell Me Again, Who Made The Desert Bloom? By Lawrence of Cyberia

19 March 2010 —

In December 1945 and January 1946, the British Mandate authorities carried out an extensive survey of Palestine, in support of the work of the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine. The results were published in the Survey of Palestine, which has been scanned and made available online by Palestine Remembered; all 1300 pages can be read here. One of the subjects investigated in the Survey of Palestine is land use; specifically, which crops were Palestine’s leading agricultural products at the end of the British Mandate, and whose farms were producing them.

So, according to the Survey of Palestine, who really made the barley fields of Beersheba bloom?

beersheba-01.jpgThe British government survey found that in 1944-45 Palestine’s farmers produced approximately 210,000 tons of grain. About 193,400 tons of that grain were cultivated on Palestinian farms; about 16,600 tons were cultivated on Jewish farms.

See the precise numbers, from a scan of the relevant page of the Survey of Palestinehere.

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Video: Settler Attacks on Wheels By Yousef

8 October, 2010 — Jerusalem Fund

settler-car.jpgA well-known leader of an Israeli settlement in Jerusalem, who generally works to get rid of Palestinians by expanding his settlement onto Palestinian land, took his actions a step – or a step on the accelerator – further this morning. Gruesome photos emerged of the Israeli settler leader driving over Palestinian boys demonstrating in Silwan. The images, to the right, courtesy of AFP, show the boys being run over and flung into the air. We rarely get images of these types of settler attacks, but because of the heavy media presence in East Jerusalem covering the weekly protests against de-Arabization, these shots were captured. While images from other attacks like this one aren’t as readily available, you can imagine just how horrifying they can be. Here is the tough to watch video…

Recently, I wrote about our analysis of settler violence relating to arson after a mosque was targeted earlier this week. Since then, there have been additional acts of arson, but vehicular attacks by settlers against Palestinian civilians are also not rare occurrences. In the 18 month period we analyzed, we coded 37 instances of vehicular assault – an average of approximately 2 per month. About 40% of these instances take place in or around Hebron, another 16% occur in the Bethlehem governorate, with the reaming attacks being divided more evenly among other areas.

At 9am on July 7th, 2010, for example, a settler in Bethlehem ran over 3 Palestinian civilians causing injuries to all, including one Palestinian civilian who sustained serious injuries.

At 6pm on June 15th, 2010, a settler near the settlement of Kiryat Arba in Hebron’s old city ran over a 10-year old Palestinian child. The child sustained serious injuries and had to be evacuated immediately to a hospital for treatment.

A week prior, at 11:30am on June 7th, an Israeli settler ran over a Palestinian civilian near the village of Marj al Ghazal in the Jericho governorate. The victim sustained serious injuries and had to be evacuated to a hospital.

And only a week before that, at 8:30pm on May 31st, an Israeli settler ran over a 59 year-old man and his wife near Beit Ummar, a village in the governorate of Hebron. The attack injured the man and killed his wife, who did not survive the injuries she sustained.

I could go on, but I think you get the point. Another day, another settler attack, maybe two. The phenomenon of settler violence continues to be a significant risk to Palestinian civilians throughout the West Bank, and while you may not hear much about it elsewhere, we will continue to do our part to put forward information about settler violence based on the data we continue to collect.

VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 10 October, 2010: Israeli Settler Runs over Palestinian Kids, Escapes

10 October, 2010 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Lieberman To European Counterparts: “Go And Solve Your Problems First”
IMEMC – 10 Oct 2010 – Monday October 11, 2010 – 04:07, Israeli Foreign Minister of the fundamentalist right-wing Yisrael Beiteinu party, told his French and Spanish counterparts that Europe should first solve its own problems before trying to complain about Israeli policies.

Israeli army arrests 8 peace activists during non-violent protest in Beit Ummar
IMEMC – 10 Oct 2010 – Saturday October 09, 2010 – 16:43, Israeli military forces, along with undercover units, arrested 8 participants in a weekly non-violent protest, including four international activists, in Beit Ummar village near Hebron on Saturday.

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