David Harvey, "'Introduction' to A Companion to Marx's Capital"

7 October, 2010

My aim is to get you to read a book by Karl Marx called Capital, Volume I, and to read it on Marx’s own terms. . . . Mostly, though, I want you to come away with your own reading of Capital. There is, and can be, no ultimate and definitive reading precisely because the world perpetually changes. — David Harvey

This is the fourteen page Introduction from Harvey’s book, A Companion to Marx’s Capital in PDF format.

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US is devil in Afghanistan– writer – RT

7 October, 2010 — RT

It can be said that the US plays a devil’s role in Afghanistan, said journalist and author Ann Jones.

’I think you could say that in a way, because we are supporting an administration that is not only corrupt but, of course, as fundamentalist in many ways as the Taliban, not just the executive branch and the cabinet, but parliament as well,’ she said. ‘They are all controlled by former Mujahideen, Islamic extremists that the Bush administration put in power.’

’So, we are on the one hand talking about spreading democracy and equal rights for women and all of those nice things and on the other hand, in many ways there is not a dime’s worth of difference between the government we are supporting and the Taliban we are fighting against,’ Jones added.

‘Now, of course, we keep talking about having negotiations. Karzai wanted to negotiate for years and the US opposed it, but now it seems to be supporting it as a way out, but you can be sure that if these negotiations go forward with the Taliban and the Karzai government, it is Afghan women and minorities who are going to suffer in the long run,’ Jones maintains.

Ann Jones observed that it is mainly war contractors who benefit from this war.

’A lot of money is being made of the war – the armament suppliers, the contractors who are supposedly providing security for the people who supposedly are developing the country,’ she said. ‘There are many reports of the US paying the Taliban so the Taliban would shoot at their convoys so that they can supply their troops, so they can go out and battle against the Taliban.’

The Protest Movement. Financial Fraud in Iceland By Rady Ananda

7 October, 2010 — Global Research

As proceedings begin against Iceland’s former Prime Minister, Geir Haarde, for the banking crisis of 2008, at least two thousand Icelanders took to the streets in two days of protest this weekend.

Iceland joins over a dozen other nations protesting economic measures taken out on the public while banks and large corporations receive bailouts. Class war is on, and it’s gone global.

Mass protests were also held in Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Italy, France, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Serbia, Romania, Poland, and the U.S., according to reports from several sources. Folks around the world reject corrupt banking practices and bailouts, while social services are cut and tens of millions have been forced into joblessness and homelessness.

Dori Sigurdsson, an Icelandic blogger, reports that when Parliament returned from recess on October 1st, they were met by a loud, angry crowd who tossed eggs, bread, dairy products and keys at them. People slept outside the Parliament building the night before its return session. He’s posted videos and several images.


Dori notes, “because of the lack of help from the Government for the public, many are now losing their houses and cars.” In a nation of only 317,000, 12 percent (or 40,000) have lost or are about to lose their homes, he says. Icelanders condemn the injustice of large companies and their CEOs having had their debts forgiven by government, while theirs are not.


Three other officials were charged with “misconduct in the lead up to, during and following the banking crisis,” reports Ice News. Parliament voted to prosecute only Haarde for negligence, under a 100-year-old law that has never before been used.


Icelanders are also angry that only the former PM is being charged. One commenter on the Ice News article noted, “Is this not a total betrayal of the people?”  And criminal, to reasonable minds.


Eggs hit Prime Minister, Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir, who rode into power as most beloved political leader with a 75% approval rating. She was installed in January 2009 after a coalition of Social Democrats and Left-Greens formed to replace the Independence Party-led coalition government, headed by Haarde, which was terminated.  Should other nations terminate their corrupt governments?



The Guardian notes widespread protest across Europe “amid growing fury at austerity measures being imposed… Disruption in more than a dozen countries this week included a national strike in Spain and a cement truck driven into the Irish parliament’s gates.”  Press TV also reported on protests planned in several nations last week. (See cement truck video here.)


Even in the USthousands recently protested in Washington , D.C. for jobs instead of wars. ANSWER Coalition’s Brian Becker told reporters that the US spends a billion dollars every two days for its military invasions. That’s much lower than the trillion dollars a year that Robert Higgs of the Independent Institute calculates. We do know that Congress spends 58 percent of its discretionary budget on the military.


Many economists note that unemployment in the US is two to three times higher than what the Labor Dept. reports. In July, economists put the number at 28 percent, compared to the 9.5 percent rate reported by the feds. For September, the Christian Science Monitor showed unemployment at 16.7 percent, while the feds reported 9.6 percent.


In the US where 95% of the public rejected both Wall Street bailouts (under Bush and under Obama), we learned that banksters then rewarded themselves with million dollar bonuses. The boldness of their depravity is sure to have its rebound effect. Is it time to terminate this government, too?


The Guardian also reported that a “UN agency has warned of growing social unrest because of a long ‘labour market recession’ that could last until 2015.”  2015!


Thank goodness mortgage squatters are growing in number in the US. This is even before it was discovered that “foreclosure mills” fabricated documents to seize peoples’ homes. Some of those mills do not even hold legal title, Ellen Brown reports


In Iceland, the Guardian noted, “Birgitta Jónsdóttir, one of three MPs to join the protesters, said: ‘There is a realisation that the IMF is going to wipe out our middle classes.’” That’s true of every nation sucked into the greed of banksters, the US included.


Protesters are out again right now, Monday night, Dori told me (6 pm Eastern, 10 pm Iceland time).


“The protest is still on, and it is peaceful – but with lots of noise that can be heard in the Parliament building.”


7 October, 2010 MEDIA LENS: Correcting for the distorted vision of the corporate media

Following Israel’s capture of the West Bank in 1967, along with other territories including East Jerusalem, Israel has built and expanded Jewish settlements on occupied Palestinian land. The settlers enjoy the benefits of a separate, and far superior, civilian infrastructure to nearby Palestinian communities, and they are protected at great expense by the Israeli military. Under international law, the settlements are illegal. But despite private agreements with the US to rein in growth, Israel has continued the non-stop expansion of its illegal settlements. While the public stance of the United States is that it does not recognise “the international legitimacy” of the settlements, Washington has in practice provided decades-long support for Israeli policy.

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Information Clearing House Newsletter 6 October, 2010: America's Deepening Moral Crisis

6 October, 2010 — Information Clearing House

Birth of the National Security State
By Philip Giraldi
Three elements are necessary for the creation of a National Security State. First, there must be a narrative that can be sold to the public justifying the transformation. Second, a system of laws and regulations must be created that enable the state to act with impunity and also to protect the government from challenges to its authority. Third, technology must be harnessed to enable the state to surreptitiously monitor and control the activities of its citizens.

The American Propaganda Machine
By Eric L. Wattree
Americans tend to believe that American lives are more valuable than the lives of other people. When Americans are killed we never stop talking about it. It, literally, goes down in the history books. But when we kill innocent women and children in other countries we simply say, “Oops, sorry ’bout that,” then expect the people to forget about it.

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Statewatch News Online, 6 October 2010 (18/10): France-Roma controversy

Home page: http://www.statewatch.org/
e-mail: office@statewatch.org

  1. EU: Council: France-Roma controversy – proposing the targeting of “mobile (itinerant) criminal groups”: “itinerant”=travellers=Roma
  2. EU-LIBYA: EU signs up to ‘unclear’ migration pact with Libya
  3. EU-PNR: Mandates: Council of the European Union
  4. EU: Council of the European Union: “State of play”: exploitation of children
  5. EU-USA: SWIFT-TFTP agreement: Question to European Commission
  6. EU: Frontex launches first expulsion charter
  7. European Federation of Journalists warn on data retention Directive
  8. EU: Justice and Home Affairs Council, 7-8 October, 2010, Luxembourg
  9. Netherlands: Analysis of a draft coalition agreement: Proposals for revision of EU migration law and international law
  10. EU-ACTA: European Parliament: MEPs call on the Commission to present final ACTA text
  11. European Ombudsman: Alleged refusal to grant access to terrorism related document
  12. BELGIUM: Policing of ‘noborder camp’ in Brussels violates basic civil rights
  13. IRELAND: Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL): Know your rights
  14. EU-FRANCE-ROMA: Amnesty slams Commission’s Roma response
  15. EU: Cyber attacks: European Commission
  16. UK: Police surveillance of Muslims set up with ‘no regard for law’
  17. NETHERLANDS: Dutch coalition to target burqas, Muslim immigration

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Greetings from J7: The July 7th Truth Campaign

Over five years on from the events of 7th July 2005 and, finally, the inquests into 52 of the deaths that occurred that day are about to commence in earnest. In a preliminary Inquest hearing on 23 June 2010 the coroner, Lady Justice Hallett, stated that she would accept submissions suggesting questions and lines of inquiry for the Inquest to consider.

J7 decided to seize the opportunity presented by Lady Justice Hallett’s generous offer to accept submissions suggesting lines of inquiry to the 7 July Inquest process. The J7 submissions were sent to Martin Smith, the Solicitor to the Inquests on 23 July 2010, and subsequently to the Counsels for the bereaved and survivors.

Our submissions detail suggested lines of inquiry and questions which we believe should be proposed and considered by the Coroner in the process of the Inquests relating to 7 July 2005.

Today J7 have published our submissions so that the general public can be aware of at least some of the many unanswered questions that still exist about the events of 7/7.  Our submissions were prepared in response to the publication by the 7 July Inquests of a Provisional Index of Factual Issues. Copies of the Provisional Index of Factual Issues, along with J7’s Submissions to the 7 July Inquests can be downloaded using the links below:

J7 Submissions to the 7 July Inquests

julyseventh.co.uk/J7-Inquest-Submission/index.html www.scribd.com/my_document_collections/2658993


– J7: The July 7th Truth Campaign was established shortly after the events of 7th July 2005, when it transpired that the unfolding story was giving rise to more questions than answers.

– J7’s ongoing research efforts have twice forced the government to amend the official Home Office narrative which, on one occasion, required the then Home Secretary, Dr John Reid, to stand before parliament and announce a major factual inaccuracy to the house.

– J7 do not accept that the Inquests into 52 of the 56 deaths should stand in place of Inquests into the four men accused of  perpetrating the events of 7/7.

– J7 are dismayed that the families of the accused have been refused the legal aid that would have allowed them to be represented at the current round of Inquests.

– J7 fully expect that the Inquests into the four accused should be opened and conducted publicly once the Inquests into the 52 have been completed.

– J7 are concerned that some witnesses called at the Inquests may have already been presented with the Metropolitan Police site reports from each of the four locations. We have requested that any witnesses called to give testimony at the Inquests are asked to state for the public record whether they have viewed and/or read the Metropolitan Police reports as it is highly unusual that witnesses called to give evidence in any case would be privy to such reports. J7 are deeply concerned about the impact and effects that having access to these reports prior to giving their testimonies will have on their recollections of events and the witness testimonies that will be given to the Inquests.

– In November 2005, after repeated refusals by the government to hold an independent public inquiry into 7/7, and given the paucity of evidence presented to support the official narrative of events, J7 established its People’s Investigation Forum to coordinate our ongoing research efforts and track the progress of the many Freedom of Information requests we have issued in order to try and uncover the truth.

– Over 3,200 people have signed our petition calling on the government and police to release the evidence they claim to have. J7 supports all calls for an independent public inquiry, and are the only organisation calling for a public inquiry who specifically stipulate that any inquiry should be held outside of the remit of the Inquiries Act 2005 that subjects all public inquiries to full government control.

– The fruits of J7’s research, along with articles by respected writers, academics and researchers are published on our main web site at http://www.julyseventh.co.uk.

In solidarity, for truth and justice, J7: The July 7th Truth Campaign — J7: The July 7th Truth Campaign

Web:   julyseventh.co.uk
Petition: www.petitiononline.com/j7truth
Facebook: www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=116996339581
Forum: z13.invisionfree.com/julyseventh
MySpace: myspace.com/j7truth
Email: julyseventh@fastmail.net

VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 6 October, 2010: “Jewish State” loyalty oath to become Israeli law

6 October, 2010 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Israeli settlers looted olive trees in Nablus
IMEMC – 6 Oct 2010 – Wednesday October 06, 2010 – 16:46, On Wednesday afternoon,Israeli settlers cut down dozens of olive trees and looted the harvested fruits from villages of Yanoun and al-Hawara near the city of Nablus.

Israeli Army Intensified Its Military Operations In Hebron
IMEMC – 6 Oct 2010 – Wednesday October 06, 2010 – 12:42, On Wendesday, the Israeli army intensified its military operations in Hebron, in the southern West Bank

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