Wikileaks Calls on Internet Activists to Mirror ‘Insurance File’

20 October, 2010 —

In a tweet ‘Now is a good time to mirror this WikiLeaks ‘insurance’ backup’, the whistle-blower organisation Wikileaks — which is currently the target of threats from the U.S. Pentagon after having leaked close to 100,000 ‘Afghanistan Diaries’ files — has within the last hour called on Internet, human rights and transparency activists to download and mirror an ‘Insurance File‘.

This file, which is encrypted, is widely believed to be an insurance for the organisation in the event that it comes under attack from the Pentagon, and is believed to contain material damaging to government secrecy and/or the entire Wikileaks site and archives.

The key to unlock the encrypted file would likely be published in the event that the organisation comes under attack, and the spread of the information it contains would not be censorable given that already the file has been downloaded — in one estimate over 100,000 times — around the world.

“Liberal Zionism,” by Miko Peled

19 October, 2010 — Miko Peled

Setting aside for a moment the argument of whether dividing historic Palestine into two states was ever a good idea, clearly forty years ago it was a viable solution. Today as liberal Zionist Jews and others call for this solution, it is a sad and pathetic sight.

In 1967, after the IDF completed the conquest of Palestine, great men like Dr. Nahum Goldman, Dr. Yishayahu Leibovitch, General Dr. Matti Peled and other prominent Jews called for the immediate establishment of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza. However, Jews in Israel, America and elsewhere around the world were basking in the messianic glow of the conquest of historic Israel, bewitched by the sounds of biblical names now made accessible. Names like Hebron and Bethlehem, Shilo and Bet El, all of which who were now within reach drove everyone, including secular liberal Jews to believe that there is a God and that he was really on their side.

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Sainsburys and the Occupation of Palestine

14 October, 2010

Throughout the onslaught on Gaza and even after the murders of the Convoy aid workers, Sainsbury’s have continued to trade with Israeli companies complicit in the occupation.

This petition was initiated by activists to put maximum pressure on the company. We will follow it with a hard-copy petition for use on stalls, at public meetings etc. In November we will seek a meeting with Sainsbury senior management and call for an end to their collaboration with Israel and the occupation.

The online petition is endorsed by War on Want, Scottish PSC, Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods, PSCNorth and Israeli Committee against House Demolitions (UK).

Actions against other Supermarket companies will follow.

Please sign the petition right away, and circulate it to all your lists.


Terry Gallogly
Boycott Israel Network

VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 19 October, 2010: Britain’s Welcome to War Criminals

19 October, 2010 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Netanyahu: “Demolition of Outposts Carries Political Implications”
IMEMC – 19 Oct 2010 – Tuesday October 19, 2010 – 17:35, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netenyahu, is still wary of razing six West Bank outposts waiting for demolition since 2004, while the High Court deliberates the case against the state.

Israeli Settlers Torch Olive Trees near Bethlehem
IMEMC – 19 Oct 2010 – Tuesday October 19, 2010 – 15:03, On Tuesday afternoon, Beitar Illit settlers torched a number of olive trees that belong to residents of the village of Husan.The settlement of Beitar Illit is located between the villages of Wadi Fukin, Nahalin and Husan, west of Bethlehem.

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Dutch police raided the offices of a company leasing cranes for building the West Bank Separation Fence and settlements

19 October, 2010 — Gush Shalom

Dutch police raided the offices of a company leasing cranes for building the West Bank Separation Fence and settlements. Company executives, including the Israeli Doron Livnat, may face trial for violating International Law. Dutch government warned the Riwal Company two years ago not to engage in construction in the Occupied Territories.

Gush Shalom: another warning sign of the abyss of international isolation into which the Government of Israel leads us

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