21 October, 2010 — MEDIA LENS: Correcting for the distorted vision of the corporate media


Where They Have Holes In Their Souls

We bask in a certain reflected glory from the newspapers we read. To “take” The Times is to be far more intellectual, far more highbrow, than someone who takes the Mail. To read the Mail is to be far more responsible than someone who gawks in the Mirror. A Guardian reader is highbrow with a human face: intellectual, aware, like other “broadsheet” readers, but with a much greater commitment to making the world a better, fairer place. Independent readers share the same commitment, perhaps a little less earnestly.

Because we locate some of our identity in what we read – some sense of who we are as intelligent, caring people – we may react with rage when the newspapers we take are criticised. To suggest that “my” newspaper is biased and superficial can seem to imply the same of “me” and “my” beliefs about the world.

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Julian Assange: How A Whistleblower Should Leak Information (Full Transcript)

21 October, 2010 —

assange-2.jpgAdvice on whistleblowing by Wikileaks Editor-in-chief Julian Assange (photo). The video can be found at the end of the transcript.

You have secret information that the world needs to know. Here are some simple things that you need to know.

Blowing the Whistle – A Guide

Over the last four years, as editor of WikiLeaks I have dealt with thousands of confidential sources. We have never lost a source. None of our sources has been exposed or come to harm.

During that process, I’ve learned a lot, and I want to convey what I’ve learnt, to people that are considering blowing the whistle, who are considering getting information out, either directly to the public or through the press.

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How Labour is (Part of) the Problem in Building the Left


15 October, 2010 Toronto — Left Streamed

Lecture by: Professor Frances Fox Piven, CUNY Graduate Center.

A leading scholar and political activist, Frances Fox Piven was recently president of the American Sociological Association and is former Vice-President of the American Political Science Association. Her most recent book is Keeping Down the Black Vote (2009).

Other books include:

Moderated by John Myles, Professor of Sociology, University of Toronto.

Probe: IDF brass may have ignored risk of Gaza war civilian deaths Former Givati commander probed for ordering air strike on civilians despite warnings By Amos Harel

22 October, 2010 — Haaretz and Anshel Pfeffer

Senior army officers are under investigation for authorizing an air strike in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead that killed 21 members of the same family despite possibly receiving warnings from subordinates that there could be civilians in the area.

One of those involved in authorizing the strike was then-Givati Brigade commander Col. Ilan Malka.


Col. Ilan Malka. Twenty-one people were killed in the air strike. Photo by: Eliahu Ben Igal / Jini

A security source told Haaretz that the Military Police probe into the incident turned out to be particularly complex, and added that this is “explosive and highly sensitive material,” which casts a shadow on senior figures in the military. If a decision is made to bring charges against those involved, the source said, there will be deliberations on the broader question of the rules of engagement during the operation. The rules of engagement had been described by officers who participated in Cast Lead as both excessive and overly lenient.

A decision on whether or not to charge officers has not yet been made.

The incident occurred on January 5, 2009, in the neighborhood of Zeitun in Gaza City. At the time, Givati units were on a mission in the neighborhood and identified the home of the Samouni family as a location of armed Palestinian militants.

An air strike was twice called in over a short period of time. Twenty-one people were killed, among them women and children, and 19 were injured.

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British passengers of Gaza flotilla seek to testify in Israeli probe By Danna Harman

21 October, 2010 — Haaretz

33 flotilla passengers from the U.K. ask to testify in person after Turkel panel requests only basic information.

PARIS – Most of the 33 British passengers on May’s aid flotilla to Gaza have asked to give oral testimony to Turkel committee investigating the botched IDF raid on the ships, a lawyer acting on their behalf said yesterday. The group say they are resisting what they see as efforts by the commission to belittle their evidence by having them submit only very basic information about their experiences.

According to Daniel Machover, who is representing 29 of the passengers, the Foreign Ministry approached the British Foreign Office last Thursday and gave them a four day deadline, over the weekend, to gather very basic information on the passengers to be passed on to the commission. Machover said the passengers see the rushed request as a “calculated snub … not a genuine effort to welcome their evidence.”

The passengers requested to give oral evidence to the commission – but only on several conditions that they laid out in a letter to the commission this week.

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Gilad Atzmon: Jews, Jazz & Socialism

22 October, 2010 — Gilad Atzmon – Writings

How would you feel about a Radio show specialising in Aryan classical music? How would you feel about a radio show that features mainly, or only Aryan composers and performers?

I guess that I know the answer: you would feel disturbed, and you may even want to protest.

However, Mike Gerber, a writer for the ‘Jewish Socialist Magazine’ and a member of the ‘Jewish Socialist Group’ has a very similar agenda — he is about to launch a ‘Jews only’ jazz radio show.

Here is an extract from his press release, which he circulated this morning:

“I’m Mike Gerber, author of the book ‘Jazz Jews’, as a result of which I’ve been asked to host a regular Jazz Jews show on the internet station UK Jazz Radio.

“My Jazz Jews show will feature: Jewish/jazz fusions of every kind; rootsy Jewish music such as klezmer; Israeli jazz; and there will also be a focus on Jewish Great American Songbook composers. I will play tracks by some of the many Jewish musicians who have contributed to jazz more generally…”

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VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 21 October, 2010: Rate Of Israeli Settlement Construction Quadrupled In Last Month

21 October, 2010 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

The Changing Character Of East Jerusalem Is An Obstacle To Peace
IMEMC – 22 Oct 2010 – Friday October 22, 2010 – 05:53, The possibility of a viable two-state solution being eroded by settlement expansion, Palestinian home demolitions and deportations

Turkish Government Denies Direct Support to Gaza Flotilla
IMEMC – 22 Oct 2010 – Thursday October 21, 2010 – 17:19, The Israeli government reported Thursday that documents found in one of the laptops confiscated by the Israeli Defense Forces suggest that the flotilla organizers received assistance from the Turkish government — a claim that the Turkish government vehemently denies.

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Gilad Atzmon And The OHE: 10th Anniversary Extravaganza

21 October, 2010

Thursday 18 November 2010
7:30pm @ the Artsdepot, London Jazz Festival


Hello Everybody

You do not want to miss this one.

This is our Orient House Ensemble mini jazz festival.

We will celebrate ten years of the Orient House Ensemble, with a special three set performance. featuring special guests Asaf Sirkis, Guillermo Rozenthuler, Tali Atzmon, Romanno Viazaani and the Sigamos Quartet. Materials from our early albums, will be followed by our acclaimed In Loving Memory of America tribute to Charlie Parker. We will also play some materials from our new collaboration album with Robert Wyatt and Ros Stephen For The Ghost Within. We will conclude with new music from the band’s new release The Tide Has Changed.

To read a Guardian 4 stars review of The Tide Has Changed, click here
To read a Guardian 5 stars review of For The Ghosts Within, click here

To book online

Fascism in the Jewish state? By Uri Misgav

20 October, 2010 — Ynet News

Ynetnews special: Experts divided on whether nationalistic trends in Israel tantamount to fascism Uri Misgav

On October 10th, 2010 Israel’s government decided to obligate non-Jewish naturalized citizens to pledge allegiance to a Jewish, democratic state. The debate was not fierce, with 22 ministers endorsing the proposal and only eight voting against it.

It’s difficult to rule whether the decision, in and of itself, is fateful. Many Israelis supported it or remained indifferent to it, while many of its critics felt that it’s mostly foolish. The law’s power mostly had to do with the disturbing sense that for the first time it entrenched, in an official manner, potent forces that have been flooding our public and political discourse in the past year.

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3 Jews showed this video last night at NYU, challenging Zionism by Philip Weiss

20 October, 2010 — Mondoweiss

Three years ago a Palestinian friend sauntered down Broadway and said, I have only one goal in life, I want to end Zionism. I was shocked that a person would say something like that, I thought he must be a violent revolutionary. Well a lot has changed, and last night I went to an event at NYU where three Jews sat at the front of the room and said their goal is to end Zionism inside Jewish life and thought. The biggest battle field is still between powerful American Jews’ ears; and I know these young people are the vanguard and the Zionist brand is over. Theodor Herzl died in 1904 running from one European court to another, the Nakba happened in 1948, they dropped white phosphorus on the refugees in Gaza in 2008. I don’t see why a young Jew would embrace the brand if he saw what I saw at NYU last night.

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