Egypt Mostly Mainstream Newslinks for 19 February, 2011

19 February, 2011 —

After the carrot, Egypt’s rulers show the stick
By Sarah Mikhail and Tom Perry CAIRO (Reuters) – Egypt’s new military
rulers, after promising to deliver civilian rule in six months, have warned
workers using their new-found freedom to protest about pay and conditions
that strikes must stop. …

EGYPT: Iranian warships to pass through Suez for first time since Islamic …
Los Angeles Times
Two Iranian warships are expected to pass through Egypt’s Suez Canal for
the first time since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, Iranian state TV reported
Saturday. The report said that authorities in Egypt, which is still in a
state of transition after the …

Message to Egypt From Qaeda’s No. 2
New York Times
By THE NEW YORK TIMES WASHINGTON — Al Qaeda’s Egyptian-born second in
command, Ayman al-Zawahri, attacked secular rule in Egypt in an audio
lecture released Friday, but the message appeared to have been recorded
before President Hosni Mubarak stepped …

Egypt reopens Rafah crossing
19 (Xinhuanet) — Thousands of Palestinians stranded in Egypt are returning
to the Gaza Strip. The Rafah border crossing reopened on Friday evening for
the first time, since the resignation of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Gen. Cartwright: Egypt-like protests will spread
Washington Post
James Cartwright told an economic club Friday that protests like the ones
that brought down leaders in Egypt and Tunisia will continue to spread as
long as authoritarian regimes don’t meet the needs of their people. “While
we are urging restraint, …

Muslim Brotherhood Speaks Out On Egypt
Egypt’s popular Islamist group the Muslim Brotherhood says it will not take
a dominant role in the formation of Egypt’s next government. But many in
the US are curious about what the Brotherhood believes. Host Michel Martin
speaks with Essam el-Errian …

What did U.S. Know Prior to Egypt Protests?
Fox News
This comes in the background of presidential study directive 11 that we’ve
confirmed, basically was an interagency task force to assess the political
reform possibilities, the protest possibilities throughout the Middle East
and including Egypt. …

Egypt’s Last Pharaoh? The Rise and Fall of Hosni Mubarak
By the time he finally resigned Friday, Muhammad Hosni Sayyid Mubarak had
ruled Egypt longer than anyone since Muhammad Ali Pasha, the Albanian-born
viceroy of the Ottoman Empire credited with bringing Egypt into the modern
age. …,28804,2045328_2045338_2048689,00.html

How a New Swiss Law Can Help Egypt Get Its Money Back
Now it plans to send it back to Egypt, where it can be used to do good.
Swiss authorities explained in a statement that the swift action on
Mubarak’s wealth — and just how much of his reported multi-billion dollar
fortune is deposited in Switzerland …,28804,2045328_2045333_2049395,00.html

Egypt Through the Lens of Iran’s 1979 Revolution
Iran’s future was as unknowable then as Egypt’s future is now. Comparisons
between Iran and Egypt abound and the guessing goes on as to what number
Egypt’s needle truly points on the Iranian time scale: 1979, or 2009 —
the year the Green movement took …,28804,2045328_2045338_2048791,00.html

Dana Gas Says Egypt Operations Were ‘Uninterrupted’ by Turmoil
By Zainab Fattah – Sat Feb 19 10:14:57 GMT 2011 Dana Gas PJSC, a fuel
producer with most of its output coming from Egypt, said production levels
were sustained during the weeks of protest in Egypt and after the toppling
of former President Hosni

Egypt?s Christians Uneasy About Future
Fox News
By David Lee Miller AP CAIRO, Egypt – There is hope and fear at St.
George’s Coptic Church in a northern neighborhood of Cairo. Just down the
block from a mosque about 150 Coptic Christians attended Mass. The Church’s
regional leader, Pope Ava Marcos …

Travel Agency Marketing “History in the Making” Egypt Cruise
Fox News
An online cruise agency is marketing a theme cruise for those who want to
see “history in the making” in Egypt. The idea for the “Freedom Evolution”
cruise on the 294-passenger Azamara Quest came from customers,
President Anthony Hamawy …

In Yemen, government loyalists harden their attacks on protesters
Washington Post
From Tunisia to Iran, Bahrain to Egypt anti-government demonstrators are
taking to the streets with varying degrees of success. (Feb. 18) By
Sudarsan Raghavan SANAA, YEMEN – Anti-government protesters clashed with
loyalists of President Ali Abdullah …

Egypt’s largest factory strikes despite warning
CAIRO — Workers at Egypt’s largest factory will remain on strike, an
independent labour group said on Saturday, in defiance of warnings by the
ruling military junta that it will no longer tolerate protests. Around
15000 workers from the Misr Spinning …

Al Jazeera’s Lara Logan failure
Bikya Masr
It seems very few media observers noticed, but Al Jazeera English did not
report on the brutal attack against CBS correspondent Lara Logan in Egypt
last week. Shocking, yes, but the truth. Sure, there was a brief mention on
their blog, but there was no …

Egyptian Archeological Sites Were Looted, Antiquities Minister Says
New York Times (blog)
By KATE TAYLOR Important archeological sites in Egypt were looted during
the antigovernment protests, Egypt’s antiquities minister, Zahi Hawass,
wrote on his blog on Thursday. The announcement contradicted earlier
statements by Mr. Hawass that Egypt’s …

Egypt: Workers strike for wage raises, rights
The Militant
BY SETH GALINSKY After the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s
military command is attempting to end protest actions and assert its
control over the country. While demonstrators who had camped out at Tahrir
Square in Cairo have left, …

Egypt revolution unfinished, Qaradawi tells Tahrir masses
Christian Science Monitor
“Don’t let anyone steal this revolution from you – those hypocrites who
will put on a new face that suits them,” he said, speaking to at least
200000 who gathered for Friday prayers in Tahrir Square, the epicenter of
Egypt’s uprising. …

P&G Resumes Egypt Operations
ABC News
AP By DAN SEWELL AP Business Writer Consumer products maker Procter &
Gamble Co. has resumed normal operations in Egypt in the aftermath of the
fall of the country’s longtime leader. Cincinnati-based spokeswoman Robyn
Schroeder says both P&G plants …

Prison guards accused of killing dozens of jail inmates in Egypt
It could also give a sign of how far the new Egypt is ready to reform a
security state embedded after 60 years of dictatorship. Up to 400
protesters are still thought to be detained by the army, some of whom were
tortured, according to international …

Hilary Clinton calls on Egypt to hunt down Lara Logan’s attackers
Daily Mail
‘Obviously the safety and well-being of journalists has been a concern
throughout this entire situation in Egypt,’ he said. ‘This entire process
has been of paramount importance to us. ‘We have engaged with the Egyptian
government and in multiple cases …

Egypt’s Pursuit of the Corrupt: Justice or a Witch Hunt?
More than 1000 cases of corruption, lodged with the government in recent
years but largely ignored, will now be opened, according to Gawdat al-Malt,
the director of Egypt’s Central Auditing Organization. The breadth of
potential exposés is staggering, …,28804,2045328_2045333_2052113,00.html

Can an Egypt-style Revolution Take Place in Pakistan?
A thrill rushes through Imran Khan’s voice at the mere mention of Egypt.
The former Pakistani cricket legend-turned-politician is pleased for Hosni
Mubarak’s former subjects, but he’s even more keen for similar scenes to
play out in his own country. …,28804,2045328_2045333_2049747,00.html

Recent uprising in Cairo ‘not an Islamic Revolution’: Egypt expert
Calling Egypt as the key to the Middle East, Professor Emmert urged the US
to help the country in preventing itself from being dominated by radical
Islamic forces. “The revolution in Egypt is an uprising of the middle class
against a brutal dictator …

Egypt’s costly connections
Ahram Online
EFG-Hermes, Egypt’s and one of the region’s largest investment banks,
revealed in a note issued earlier this week that Gamal Mubarak, the younger
son of Hosni Mubarak, is a shareholder in the company EFG-Hermes with
assets of $8 billion in 2010. …

How Attractive Is Egypt To Foreign Investors?
The Business Insider
Let’s use Egypt as an example, since last week I looked at India. Think
about the recent political uprising there: how will this affect the
country’s current and future governance principles? It can be seen that,
over the years, corporate governance …

Egypt’s banks to reopen on Sunday
Ahram Online
Banks in Egypt will reopen tomorrow, 20 February, announced the Central
Bank of Egypt, stating the decision was made to satisfy customer needs and
avoid additional setbacks to the Egyptian economy. Banks closed after
police disappeared from the streets …

Violence Continues Across Arab World, As Egypt Celebrates
The only country not wearing black is Egypt, which today holds a victory
march celebrating the February 11 overthrow of former President Hosni
Mubarak. Mohammed Hosn is one of many Egyptians gathering in Cairo’s Tahrir
Square to mark the event. …

Nine airlines cancel Egypt flights
Reuters Africa
CAIRO (Reuters) – Nine airlines have cancelled Saturday flights to and from
Egypt’s capital, Cairo airport officials said, after weeks of unrest that
prompted foreign embassy travel warnings and a spate of cancellations.
Eleven airlines had already …

Egypt, Wisconsin, and the Future of Our Democracy
Huffington Post (blog)
Paul Ryan, blurted out that Madison in recent days looked like Egypt.
Realizing that made the protesters sound like the good guys, he tried to
backtrack with something incoherent about meaning the violent protests
there, but given that the only …

Libya Follows Egypt’s Lead, Starts Shutting Off Internet Services
By Alexia Tsotsis
Both the BBC and the AFP are reporting that Muammar Gaddafi’s government in
Libya has began to block user access to Facebook in the country’s capital
of Tripoli and are shutting down access to Internet connections in the rest
of the …

‘Mazal Tov, Egypt’! by Ezzedine Choukri Fishere | The Middle East …
First, Egypt’s revolution has been about Egyptian affairs only, with almost
no reference to foreign policy. No one was chanting death to the US or to
Israel. The dominant themes were related to freedom, social justice and
dignity. …

Belmont Club “ “Egypt in America”
By Richard Fernandez
Actually, in a way this is exactly the opposite of the protests in Egypt.
The Egyptians are protesting for a change in the government, while the
protesters in Wisconsin are protesting that the government remains the
same. …

World Blog – Al-Qaida message on Egypt, belatedly
By Kari Huus
A top al-Qaida figure—who is also a native son of Egypt—appeared in a
videotaped statement released Friday warning that his home country had
“deviated from Islam” and warned that democracy “means that sovereignty is
to the desires of …

Sen. Bob Casey: Why a Post-Mubarak Egypt Matters to the U.S.
By Sen. Bob Casey
Egyptians will face considerable challenges in the months and years to come
as they work to perfect their democratic experiment. If asked, we should
stand ready to help — not in the name of charity, but in the name of U.S.

Coptic Leaders Express Optimism about Egypt’s Future …
By Christian Today
Leaders of Egypt’s Coptic Church have spoken positively about the prospects
for the country following the downfall of President Hosni Mubarak.

A Gay voice from Egypt’s Tahrir Square – Bikya Masr
By Bikya Masr Staff
Although homosexuality is not strictly illegal in Egypt, of the 52 men
arrested on the Queen Boat, 50 were charged with “habitual debauchery”
and “obscene behavior” under Article 9c of Law No. 10 of 1961 on the
Combat of Prostitution. …

Egypt Military Bans Strikes – The Daily Beast
One week after the fall of President Hosni Mubarak, thousands of Egyptians
gathered in Tahrir Square to celebrate the end of his 30-year rule and push

Schools Matter: Our Egypt
By Jim Horn
Our Egypt. Wherever brothers and sister join together to rebuke repression,
social injustice, and the abuse of power, the spirit of Cairo lives. Today
it breathes strongly in Wisconsin, sending a fresh air into Michigan and
Ohio, …

What Egypt can learn from Ukraine “ Cheap Talk
By Roger Myerson
If the new leadership in Egypt wants to maintain a political system in
which national leaders are protected from serious competition from below,
then they may be expected to craft a similar constitution that allows a
President or Prime …

Egypt’s Next Crisis: The Economy
The country is teetering on the edge of sustainability.

EGYPT: Military says strikes hurting economy, won’t be tolerated …
By Carol Williams
Strikes by Egyptian public workers are prolonging the nation’s instability
and threatening its economic future, the ruling military council said
Friday as it warned that steps would be taken to halt the disruptions.

Student perspectives: Egypt unrest “ Know
By stilessm
The world was watching as protests erupted in Egypt. But for these three UT
students with close connections to the country, it was more personal.

Ahmed Samir Boxes in New York but Focuses on Egypt –
A man who walked away from the Egyptian national boxing team and settled in
New York watches events unfold in his homeland.

Rep. Baldwin: ‘Similarities’ – Though Limited – Between Egypt and …
ABC News’ Rick Klein reports: The juxtaposition of worldwide events has
brought Egyptian imagery to Wisconsin this week. Some protesters have gone
so far as to attack the Badger State’s governor as “Hosni Walker” — a
reference that …

Egypt study abroad universitys Cairo American University in Cairo …
Universities halt Egypt study abroad programs, some college students wary
of studying abroad there.

Jon B. Alterman – Mubarak is out, but Egypt’s status quo stays
The return of the uniforms to power does not inspire great optimism.

Egypt – Topix Tracker – Topix
Articles, photos, and discussions about Egypt from the top news sites on
the web . Continually tracked and updated.

Egypt’s post-revolution celebration continues, political planning …
Egyptians carried their party into a second day as they sang, danced and
cheered in ecstasy over the fall of former President Hosni Mubarak.

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