Tunisia Mostly Mainstream Newslinks for 19 February, 2011

19 February, 2011 — creative-i.info

Tunisian grants general amnesty
Washington Post
By BOUAZZA BEN BOUAZZA AP TUNIS, Tunisia — Tunisia’s transitional
government approved a general amnesty of the country’s political prisoners
Friday, the prime minister said, in a move likely to free those convicted
under tough anti-terrorism laws. …

Tunisian government discusses ex-leader’s health
Washington Post
AP TUNIS, Tunisia — Members of Tunisia’s transitional government say the
health of their deposed president is not a concern for the interim
leadership. At a meeting Friday, the Cabinet briefly discussed reports that
ex-President Zine El Abidine Ben …

TUNISIA: Polish priest slain amid rising Islamic militancy
Los Angeles Times
A Polish Catholic priest was found dead with his throat slit in a convent
garage near Tunis, the Tunisian news agency TAP reported Friday. The agency
cited a Tunisian Interior Ministry statement that blamed the killing on
“fascist elements. …

Violence Erupts at Jordan Protest
New York Times
Antigovernment protests, though rare for Jordan, have become routine on
Fridays in the weeks since popular uprisings swept over Tunisia, Egypt and
other parts of the region, but this was the first time that one ended in
confrontation. …

Libya protests: ‘Terror and bribery are blunt tools now’
The Guardian
When Libya’s two neighbours erupted – Tunisia to the west and Egypt to
the east – speculation grew whether a similar uprising was possible in
Gaddafi’s Libya. Then we began to hear about a date, 17 February, when
Libyans planned to take to the streets. …

ANCYL dismisses Mbeki’s Tunisia prophecy
Johannesburg – The ANC Youth League on Friday dismissed predictions by
political analyst Moeletsi Mbeki that South Africa is heading for
Tunisia-like protests in 2020, aimed at toppling the ANC government. “If
there will be any revolt in South Africa, …

Unrest in the Middle East and North Africa – country by country
CNN (blog)
Muhammad Bouazizi’s self-immolation prompted anti-government protests that
toppled regimes in Tunisia and Egypt. Here are the latest developments,
including the roots of the unrest, as well as a look at previous events in
affected countries. …

Dalai Lama in Mumbai hails peaceful protests in Egypt, Tunisia
He said recent popular uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia followed the
tradition of non-violent protest practiced during British rule by Mahatma
Gandhi, India’s father of the nation. The exiled Tibetan leader said the
principles advocated by Gandhi had …

The Arab revolution has just begun
Jamaica Observer
What happened in Tunisia and Egypt in the past few weeks is nothing less
than a Magnitude 8 social and political earthquake whose after-shocks are
still rocking the countries of the Arab world and beyond. A week after
Hosni Mubarak accepted the …

Egypt, Tunisia ban in Uganda
Accra Daily Mail (blog)
The other banned English words or phrases are: “Tunisia”,
“Mubarak”, “dictator”, “teargas”, “army”, “police”,
“gun”, “Ben Ali” and “UPDF”. Several words from Uganda’s local
languages are listed too. At his final election rally on Wednesday, …

G20 should back Tunisia, Egypt transitions -Sarkozy
Reuters Africa
PARIS Feb 18 (Reuters) – Group of 20 finance ministers meeting in Paris
should offer their support to Tunisia and Egypt as they move towards
democracy, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said on Friday. “In the shorter
term, France will ask you to be …

Why the revolts in Egypt and Tunisia are just the beginning
Egypt and Tunisia are just the beginning. “I HATE TO be chauvinistic
about this, but Egyptians are the Americans of the Middle East,” says
Egyptian dissident Mahmoud Salem, who blogs under the moniker Sandmonkey,
and whose activism in the midst of the …

Austria’s OMV doubles Tunisia production in oil field takeover
Monsters and Critics.com
Vienna – Austrian energy group OMV doubled its production in Tunisia by
taking over oil and gas assets of US firm Pioneer for 839 million dollars
on Friday, the company said. The closing of the deal comes just six weeks
after president Zine el-Abidine …

Leaders of Egypt, Tunisia set up Facebook pages
The leaders of Egypt and Tunisia have set up Facebook pages, an apparent
attempt to target the youth of their countries. An Egyptian anti-government
demonstrator sleeps on the pavement under spray paint that reads
“Al-Jazeera” and “Facebook” at Cairo’s …

Sarkozy urges G20 ministers to embrace change in Tunisia, Egypt
International Business Times
Nicholas Sarkozy is urging G20 finance ministers gathering in Paris to
offer their support for the transitional governments in Egypt and Tunisia
as they gradually move toward democray. Subscribe to The Economic Monitor
to get the day’s most relevant …

The staying power of sub-Saharan strongmen
Globe and Mail
While the world was watching the triumph of the street revolutions in Egypt
and Tunisia, a much smaller revolution was struggling to be born in the
African nation of Gabon. The protesters who took to the streets of Gabon,
inspired by the dramatic …

OMV closes acquisition of Pioneer’s subsidiaries in Tunisia
The transaction was aligned with the Tunisian government, according to OMV.
OMV has paid USD 800 mn as purchase price plus USD 39.3 mn as working
capital which has been adjusted for USD 37.0 mn of dividends distributed
to, and USD 10.6 mn of capital …

‘I Love Tunisia’ campaign eyes tourism revival
By Houda Trabelsi for Magharebia in Tunis – 18/02/11 In a move to boost
Tunisia’s post-revolution economy and encourage foreigners and expats to
visit the country, the tourism ministry just unveiled a unique online
campaign. The “I Love Tunisia” …

After Cheering On Arab Uprisings, EU Is Less Enthusiastic About Wave Of Migrants
Tunisian immigrants who arrived on the island of Lampedusa wait to board a
boat serving as temporary accommodation on February 17. By Rikard Jozwiak
BRUSSELS — Following the political upheaval in Tunisia, thousands of North
African migrants have …

OMV Finalizes Large USD800M Tunisian E&P Assets Buy
Wall Street Journal
VI) said Friday it has closed the acquisition of all Tunisian exploration
and production assets of US oil and gas company Pioneer Natural Ressources
Co. (PXD), thereby doubling its daily production in the North-African
country. …

Egypt protesters mark Mubarak’s fall, call for more reforms
Washington Post
Inspired by demonstrations in Tunisia and Egypt, protesters are taking to
the streets in Bahrain, Iran and Yemen. Anti-government protests are
spreading rapidly through the Middle East and North Africa. Use this map to
keep up with all of the …

Turkey’s Foreign Minister Due to Tunisia
Journal of Turkish Weekly
Ahmet Davutoglu said he would visit Tunisia on Monday as incidents in the
Middle East began from Tunisia. “If there is a robust transition in
Tunisia, it will have a positive impact on other countries,” Davutoglu told
reporters in New Delhi, India. …

Unionists in Tunisia: ‘Beast still breathing’
The Militant
BY CINDY JAQUITH “The revolution isn’t over yet,” Abdelaziz Bouazi, a
member of the teachers union in the Tunisian city of Kasserine, told
London’s Guardian newspaper. “The regime’s head has been cut off, but the
beast is still breathing. …

Moroccans mobilize online for anti-government protest, but government itself …
The Canadian Press
Moroccan authorities, though, are giving it all an official shrug, despite
a wave of popular uprisings that have swept other Arab nations and unseated
dictators in Egypt and Tunisia. Morocco — like Tunisia and Egypt, a
magnet for tourists and a strong …

Council of Europe mission to Tunisia
Minister Ahmet Davuto?lu, Chairman of the Committee of Ministers and
Minister for Foreign Affairs of Turkey, together with the Secretary
General, Thorbjørn Jagland, will visit Tunisia on Monday 21 February, to
explore with the Tunisian authorities, …

You say you want a revolution?
Winnipeg Free Press
Take the revolution that started in Tunisia, then led to the fall of the
government in Egypt and now is sweeping through the Arab world. The
Europeans and the Americans were at first a little scared of it, but then
they thought it was just dandy …

Michael Wahid Hanna: Egypt revolt needed Tunisian catalyst
Providence Journal
And in the end, it comes back to Tunisia and the absolutely stunning
developments that have emerged there this winter. The Egyptian uprising and
ouster of Mubarak cannot be understood without its Tunisian forerunner. …

Food for thought
News & Observer
Some of the frustration bubbling over in Egypt and Tunisia is caused by the
high price of wheat. The average citizen of Egypt exists on $2 a day, and
even modest increases in food prices can be a great hardship. It is
projected that the world …

Man dies after setting himself on fire in Senegal
The Associated Press
This self-immolation comes on the heels of similar protests in Tunisia,
Egypt, Algeria and Senegal’s neighbor to the north, Mauritania. Tunisia’s
mutiny that ousted President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was touched off by a
struggling 26-year-old …

Around the Water Cooler: Unrest spreading to other countries
Morgan Hill Times
Mary Anne Groen: “The ‘Egypt Effect’ is already spreading to countries such
as Iran, Yemen, Jordan, Tunisia and Algeria so I think the next logical
question is ‘will it be lasting and will it produce peaceful, democratic
governments? …

The power of one
Ottawa Citizen
17, 2010 would end in the death of the 26-year-old Tunisian street trader,
provoking protests that would topple his country’s president, unseat
President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and ignite a firestorm of anger across the
Arab world from Tunisia to …

The Jawa Report: Tunisia: Catholic Priest Found With Throat Slit
By Stable Hand
February 18, 2011. Tunisia: Catholic Priest Found With Throat Slit.
Protesters demanding a brothel be shut down were interrupted & dispersed by
police shooting into the air. It has not been confirmed if gov agreed to
close it down. …

Tunisia: Jihadists murder Catholic priest — Winds Of Jihad By …
By sheikyermami
TUNIS (Reuters) – A Polish priest was murdered in the Tunisian capital
Friday, state media cited the Interior Ministry as saying, the latest sign
of rising religious tension since last month’s revolution. …

Report: Polish priest killed in Tunisia | DAILYSPORTS NEWS TRENDS
By Admin1
TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) — Tunisia’s official TAP news agency says a Catholic
priest from Poland has been killed and his body had multiple stab wounds
and his.

Report: Polish priest killed in Tunisia | The Associated Press …
By The Associated Press
Tunisia’s official TAP news agency says a Catholic priest from Poland has
been killed and his body had multiple stab wounds and his throat was slit.
The report cites the Tunis archbishopric as saying 34-year-old Marek Marius
Rybinski …

Tunisia’s ex-leader Ben Ali hospitalised ‘in coma’ Asharq Alawsat …
TUNIS (AFP) – Ousted Tunisian president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali suffered
a stroke and was “in a coma” in a Saudi hospital, a family friend said
Thursday, as more details of corruption under his rule came to light. …

Road show of support to Tunisia in Germany
By Tunisiaonlinenews.com
“Road Show Tunisia” is a show of support to Tunisia that will be held as
of next March 13 in 10 German cities by the Tunisian-German Chamber of
Commerce and Industry CTAIC, the latter said on Friday. The show, aimed to
introduce new …

Polish priest murdered in Tunisia
18 February 2011 Tunisia: Police disperse Islamist rally against brothel
Key players now Tunisian police have dispersed dozens of Islamists
demanding Polish priest murdered in Tunisia.

VIDEO: Fleeing unrest in Tunisia | Foreign Affairs
By Siraaj Cassiem
Tunisians face a tough journey in their hunt for safer shores. CNN’s Neil
Curry reports.

Da Mihi Animas: Prayer need: Salesian Missionary Priest Killed in …
By Padre Steve
“Marek was extremely efficient and through his contacts with the Polish
Missions Office where he had worked previous to his arrival in Tunisia. He
was able to help to finance various projects for the good of the school,”
Fr Essery told …

By lbriotti
Tunis – The government of Mohamed Gannouchi has approved an amnesty for all
political prisoners in Tunisia. As a show of goodwill to the country’s
political .

TUNISIA: Polish priest slain amid rising Islamic militancy
By Los Angeles Times
Tunisia has been the scene of economic, social and political unrest for
months, and religious militancy has been on the rise since the Jan. 14
ouster of the North African nation’s longtime leader, Zine el Abidine ben
Ali. …

Islamism Emerging from the Shadows in Tunisia › The Yankee Sage …
By Chris van Avery
Related posts:Christian=Racist In the Minds of Some Pew: Playing Religious
Trivial Pursuit And Calling It “Research” Daily News Roundup.

Land and People: Update on Tunisia from L&P’s correspondent …
By Rami Zurayk
Update on Tunisia from L&P’s correspondent: discovering freedom-a la
decouverte de la liberte. I hope you can read french because this update
from Tunisia by Land and People’s corespondent and dear friend is extremely
important. …

Tunisia: Catholic Priest Found With Throat Slit “ 2012 …
By admin
Tunisia’s interior ministry said it believed the killing was the work of a
“ group of fascist extremists” , judging by the way it was carried out.
Shouldn’t that be Islamofacists ? Not good, not good at all. RIP sir. …

More thoughts on revolutions #Egypt #Tunisia #Bahrain #Iran #Libya
By Kate Carruthers
More thoughts on revolutions #Egypt #Tunisia #Bahrain #Iran #Libya.
February 19th, 2011 · No Comments · ideas · Tweet. THESE are the times
that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in
this crisis, …

Polish priest found dead in Tunisia with throat slit; government …
Polish priest found dead in Tunisia with throat slit; government blames ‘
extremists’ – Al Jazeera.

Tunisia: Predictably Disastrous Handling by Brussels | The Foundry …
In late 2009, Heritage invited security experts and Washington-based
policymakers to “game” a fictional scenario of its own whereby Tunisia
was hit with a …

Extra: Inspired by Tunisia – 60 Minutes – CBS News
60 Minutes on CBS News: Extra: Inspired by Tunisia – Wael Ghonim tells
Harry Smith that he and other Egyptians were inspired by the uprising in

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