Egypt Mostly Mainstream Newslinks for 1 March, 2011

1 March, 2011 —

Egypt bans Mubarak from travel, freezes assets
Washington Post
Investors sit by a soldier guarding the entrance to Egypt’s stock exchange market in Cairo ahead of the scheduled reopening Tuesday. (Nasser Nasser) By Steve Hendrix and James V. Grimaldi CAIRO – Egypt’s top prosecutor on Monday barred former president …

Egypt Delays Expected Reopening of Stock Market
ABC News
AP By TAREK EL-TABLAWY AP Business Writer AP Egyptian soldiers guards
Egypt’s Stock Exchange Market, which has been closed for over a month,…
Egyptian officials have again delayed the restart of the country’s stock
exchange, a move that brokers said …

Alleged Egypt-style plotters charged
The Zimbabwe Guardian
AUTHORITIES in Zimbabwe have charged 45 people who were allegedly plotting
an Egypt-style revolt in Zimbabwe. Treason is an offence that carries the
death penalty in Zimbabwe. The group of academics, activists and trade
unionists were arrested after …

Assuaging Israel’s Egypt Anxiety
Wall Street Journal
By ANDRE ACIMAN One of the jokes circulating during the first outbursts of
protest in Egypt came from Israel: “Dear Egyptian rioters, please don’t
damage the pyramids. We will not rebuild. Thank you.” The joke spoke to
Jewish attitudes toward the land …

Egypt: Habib al-Adly to face criminal charges
Bikya Masr
CAIRO: Egypt’s former Minister of Interior, Habib al-Adly, is facing
charges of killing demonstrators and intentionally causing lawlessness and
vandalism during the Egyptian uprising which began on January 25. Judicial
sources told local newspapers …

Morning Business Round-up: Egypt exchange stays closed
BBC News
Here’s our daily business round-up: Middle East events provided the main
story as Egypt again delayed the start of share trading. Its stock market
was expected to reopen on Tuesday morning but that has been put back until
Sunday 6 March. …

Egypt legal body orders Palm Hills deal scrapped
CA), Egypt’s second biggest listed developer, was illegal and ordered it be
scrapped. “The contract signed between the New Urban Communities Authority
and Palm Hills violated the auctions law because it was signed by direct
order,” the body said in a …

Egypt agrees dates for referendum, polls: activist
Reuters Africa
By Marwa Awad CAIRO (Reuters) – Egypt’s military leaders will hold a
referendum on constitutional change on March 19, a parliamentary election
in June and a presidential poll six weeks later, a youth activist said on
Monday after meeting them. …

Nile treaty set for ratification
KAMPALA — Egypt is set to lose its veto power on rights to Nile waters
after Burundi signed a deal paving the way for the ratification of a new
treaty on the great river, an official said on Tuesday. “After Burundi
signed (Monday), now the agreement …

Tour Company Returns to Egypt
Fox News
The revolution in Egypt has just happened, but already a well-established
tour packager for Egyptian vacations, Florida-based Sunny Land Tours, is
sending customers back to the country on regular package itineraries. The
thought of visiting the scene …

MIDDLE EAST: Egyptian volunteers among first humanitarian responders
Returnees from Libya at Salloum land Port, the main border crossing point
between Egypt and Libya. CAIRO, 1 March 2011 (IRIN) – Egyptian charities
and international organizations have stepped up efforts to deliver aid to
people affected by the growing …

Egypt’s Eastern H1 net income dips 37.4 pct -bourse
CAIRO, March 1 (Reuters) – Egypt’s cigarette monopoly Eastern Company
(EAST.CA) said on Tuesday its July-December net income fell 37.4 percent
year-on-year to 253.5 million Egyptian pounds ($43 million). The firm
posted net income of 405.1 million …

RPT—Carlyle says still looking at Middle East deals
Rubenstein said on Tuesday Carlyle has a team in Egypt and is waiting to
see what happens in the economy. Carlyle does not have any portfolio
investments in the country, he said. “We’re not rushing out of Egypt, but
today is probably not the day to …

The ‘Israel First’ Myth
Wall Street Journal
By JAMES TARANTO In the past few weeks, we’ve seen revolutions in Egypt and
Tunisia, a brutal and continuing attempt to put down a rebellion in Libya,
and varying degrees of unrest, sometimes violent, in Algeria, Bahrain,
Djibouti, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, …

Egypt should help oust Qaddafi
Arab News
One of his closest aides, his cousin Ahmed Gadhaf Al-Dam has defected to
Egypt where he denounced his boss’ “grave violations of human rights and
international laws.” His former head of protocol Nour Al Masmari is
appearing on satellite TV channels …

Egypt’s crude stake in Libya’s unrest
Business Spectator
Egypt’s military-led regime has been quietly backing opposition forces in
Libya to facilitate the ouster of Libyan leader Muammer Gaddafi, according
to information STRATFOR has collected from a variety of sources in the
region. …

Egypt’s youth present demands to military
Bikya Masr
CAIRO: An 8-hour meeting between Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed
Forces, which is currently administering the country, and the Coalition of
Youth Movements took place Sunday. Following the meeting, the military
council announced Parliamentary …

EBRD May Be Able to Invest 1 Billion Euros in Egypt, Morocco
By Aoife White and Agnes Lovasz – Mon Feb 28 18:27:01 GMT 2011 The European
Bank for Reconstruction and Development may be able to invest as much as 1
billion euros ($1.4 billion) in Egypt and Morocco, according to the bank’s
president, Thomas Mirow. …

Keep your eye on the ball, America
The MIT Tech
By Rachel Bandler The governments of Egypt and Tunisia have toppled like
dominoes, accompanied by immense protests in Libya, Bahrain, Algeria,
Jordan, and Yemen. Cries for freedom, revolution, and reform have been
transformed into global slogans. …

Sarawak To Bear Costs Of Sending Student Back To Egypt
KUCHING, March 1 (Bernama) — Sarawak will bear all the costs to send back
67 students from the state to Egypt, Minister in the Chief Minister’s
Office (Muslim Affairs) Datuk Daud Abdul Rahman said. The state government
would decide tomorrow on their …

Saudi King sacks Egypt envoy after media criticism
Emirates 24/7
King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia sacked his ambassador to Egypt
following a bitter attack by local newspapers over his rude remarks to a
Saudi woman stranded in Cairo early this month. The official Saudi Press
Agency (SPA) said King …

Egypt Will Honour All Trade & Contract Agreements
KUALA LUMPUR, March 1 (Bernama) — Egypt’s Ministry of Trade and Industry
(MTI) has assured that all agreements, whether trade-related or contracted
with local and international parties, will be respected and honoured
diligently by the private and …

Egypt: time to reconsider
Sydney Morning Herald
The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Smartraveller site states
Australians should “reconsider the need to travel” to Egypt. I would like
to know what the danger would be at the end of March and early April. The
tour companies at this stage …

Egypt could ban Muslim Brotherhood: Israel
Times of India
The Brotherhood, which has renounced violence, is Egypt’s largest and
best-organized opposition group. It was banned during the rule of recently
ousted President Hosni Mubarak. But it has been implicitly recognized by
Egypt’s ruling generals, …

Egypt’s ex-FM, Moussa, declares intention to run for President
Afrique en Ligue
Cairo, Egypt – Former Egyptian Foreign Minister, Amr Moussa, has officially
announced his intention to run for President. Addressing the Egyptian media
Monday, the outgoing Arab League Secretary General said a new Egyptian Arab
League chief would take …’s-ex-fm,-moussa,-declares-intention-to-run-for-president-201103013253.html

Bafana refuse delay in CAN qualifier against Egypt
BBC News
South Africa have refused to postpone next month’s 2012 Africa Cup of
Nations qualifier against Egypt. The Pharaohs had asked for another date
after the political crisis that has rocked the North African country
recently. …

UN political chief pledges continued support for transition in Egypt
UN News Centre
28 February 2011 – The United Nations stands ready to support Egypt’s
political transition, the United Nation’s top political official has said,
noting the world body understands that the process must be led by
Egyptians. “The UN fully respects and …

Egypt bans exporting gold
Bikya Masr
CAIRO: Egypt’s Minister of Trade and Industry, Samir Sayyad, banned the
export of gold in any form on Sunday and noted in a press statement that
the ban will remain effective until June 30. He attributed the reasons
behind the ban to the exceptional …

Egypt’s AUC to launch revolution courses
Bikya Masr
CAIRO: The American University in Cairo (AUC) today announced the launch of
educational initiatives for the Spring 2011 semester that provide the
University community with opportunities to explore the historical events
that took place in Egypt in …

Will slow and steady win the race?
Foreign Policy
Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has declared that it will form a political party
— it has settled on a name (Freedom and Justice) and asked one of its
leaders (Sa`d al-Katatni) to oversee the effort. Since its founding more
than eight decades ago, …

Rights group: Palestinians stranded in Egypt must be allowed back into Gaza
Palestinian Centre for Human Rights calls on PA President Mahmoud Abbas to
take ‘serious action’ and urge Egypt to grant Palestinians freedom of
movement. A rights group Monday highlighted the plight of thousands of
Palestinians who are unable to …

Uprooted Palestinians: EGYPT… BEWARE
By nahida the Exiled Palestinian
Uri Avnery is worried: Egypt will change our lives; After Galloway, Ken
O’Keefe under fire at HTT (Hasbara think thank). The STL tide has changed:
“Enough is enough” “Do you think we’re that stupid?” On “Socialist
Worker’s wake up! …

EGYPT: Attorney general bans Mubarak and family from traveling …
By Jeffrey Fleishman
The Egyptian attorney general has forbidden former President Hosni Mubarak
and his family from leaving the country, the state newspaper Al Ahram
reported. The travel ban includes Mubarak, his wife, his two sons and their
wives, …

Egypt freezes Mubarak’s assets | Mubarak Family
By News Desk
Egypt has reportedly banned Hosni Mubarak and his family from traveling and
frozen their assets, including money transfers, real estate, stocks and
bonds in companies and banks.

The Spirit of Egypt in Madison | Mother Jones
By Andy Kroll
Egypt is a presence here in all sorts of obvious ways, as well as ways
harder to put your finger on. The walls of the capital, to take one
example, offer regular reminders of Egypt’s feat. I saw, for instance,
multiple copies of that …

Bishop Kevin Farrell: Egypt’s Coptic Christians
By + Kevin Farrell
Egypt’s revolution may have brought about a significant change in
Christian- Muslim relations in that country where of the 80 million
population some 10 percent are Christians. The overwhelming numbers are
Coptics who date their founding …

Jason Erb: Egypt: The Power of the Military vs. the Power of the …
By Jason Erb
In the past month Egypt witnessed a change of leadership within the
existing regime, not regime change. Egypt has been, and still is, a
military regime with a civilian layer of politicians who administer the
day-to-day affairs of the …

Egypt market reopening delayed – again | beyondbrics | News and …
By Barney Jopson
Even as Egypt searches for a new political order, violent upheaval in
oil-rich Libya is causing greater unease among regional investors. Gulf
equities fell on Monday with Dubai’s financial market closing down 3.8 per
cent, bringing its …

Cindy Jacobs Makes Urgent Prayer Call for Egypt
By Cindy Jacobs
This is a follow up report to the urgent prayer requests that we made for
Egypt. I have been receiving numerous reports from our friends and prayer
generals in the Arabic speaking world. It is.

“ Egypt Air in dire straights – Vanguard (Nigeria)
This development is coming on the heels of a dramatic loss of transit
traffic via Cairo and traffic into Egypt’s main city of Cairo and others,
in particular resort towns at the Red Sea and along the River Nile. …

UN backs Egypt transition – Bikya Masr
By Bikya Masr Staff
The United Nations stands ready to support Egypt’s political transition,
the United Nation’s top political official has said, noting the world body
understands that the process must be led by Egyptians. …

OpenMesh to Protect Against Egypt-style Internet Blackouts …
By Max Eddy
In the past two months, the world has on multiple occasions seen
governments preventing their populaces from accessing the Internet during
times of existential political crisis. It’s not hard to characterize the
Egyptian and Libyan use …

Egypt: ITUC calls on the Higher Military Council to respect trade …
By dsalaborblogmoderator
The ITUC (International Trade Union Confederation) has expressed deep
concern over statements attributed to the new Minister of Manpower in
Egypt, Ismail Fahmy, that “the issue of trade union rights is kept on
hold until such a time …

MOBYLIVES “ Banned books unbanned in Tunisia and Egypt
By Jason Bennett
Living up to the ideals of the popular democratic revolutions that sparked
region-wide protests and demands for greater political freedom, the people
of Tunisia and Egypt are exercising and enjoying their right to a free
press. …

Egypt bans Mubarak from travel, freezes assets – Washington Post …
By Top Stories – Google News
Egypt bans Mubarak from travel, freezes assets. Washington Post Investors
sit by a soldier guarding the entrance to Egypt’s stock exchange market in
Cairo ahead of the scheduled reopening Tuesday. (Nasser Nasser) By Steve
Hendrix and …

Egypt issues travel ban on ousted president Hosni Mubarak
The interim government of Egypt has issued a travel ban on former president
Hosni Mubarak and his family through the office of the public prosecutor.

Reporter’s Notebook: Egypt’s Tahrir Square by day and night | News …
By (Mitchell Hartman)
Tahrir Square, in the center of downtown Cairo, is now the heart of Egypt’s
revolution. And like Paris’s Bastille and Beijing’s Tiananmen, it’s become
a talisman and rallying cry for people’s revolutions from the Middle East,
to, well, …

Harold Meyerson – Workers toppled a dictator in Egypt, but might …
Republicans fear that letting our workers exercise their rights undermines
the GOP regime.

Fear grows in Israel over backlash from Egypt – Los Angeles Times
Israel’s so-called cold peace with Egypt is looking colder by the day.Early
Tuesday, Egypt reportedly permitted two Iranian warships to enter the Suez
Canal …

And is Egypt Israel? Asharq Alawsat Newspaper (English)
This was a scene that makes one wonder: is Egypt like Israel [in the eyes
of Hezbollah]? For if Shehab is innocent, as Hezbollah asserts – and
remember the …

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