Saudi Arabia Mostly Mainstream Media Newslinks for 1 March 2011

1 March 2011 —

Could Saudi Arabia Be Next?
AOL News
With a wave of pro-democracy fervor sweeping the Middle East, could the region’s richest powerhouse, Saudi Arabia, be next to fall? Or perhaps the question should be: Can oil money buy stability? Weeks ago, the answer seemed to be “yes. …

Saudi Arabia: Shia arrest spooks stocks
Financial Times (blog)
The arrest of a prominent Shia cleric and the prospect of demonstrations in
Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil exporter, has spooked the local
Tadawul stock exchange. The Tadawul, the largest stock market in the Arab
world by capitalisation, …

Saudi Arabia’s subtle protests are serious
The Guardian
Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah (centre, seated) has splashed out $36bn in the
hope of heading off unrest. Photograph: Ho/Reuters With Tunisia’s Zine El
Abidine Ben Ali and Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak gone, Muammar Gaddafi teetering
on the brink in Libya and …

Market dips as Saudi Arabia sends tanks to Bahrain
Our aim is to give you a more focused, simplified experience. by Deborah
Hyde on Mar 01, 2011 at 13:32 A report that Saudi Arabia has sent tanks to
neighbouring Bahrain knocks UK shares and pushes oil and gold prices
higher. The Saudi Arabia stock …

Risk appetite withers as Saudi market tumbles 7%
Financial Times
US stock futures have lost early gains, while oil and gold have spiked
higher as traders are spooked by a 7 per cent fall in the Saudi Arabia
stock market on fears unrest may spread to the desert Kingdom. However,
global equities are still within 1 per …

Saudi stocks slump nearly 7%
By Robert Daniel, MarketWatch LONDON (MarketWatch) — Stocks in Saudi
Arabia tumbled nearly 7% Tuesday, extending their recent losses, as fears
escalated that political unrest will continue to spread across the Middle
East and North Africa. …

MP Urges Retaliatory Measures against S. Arabia for Fingerprinting Iranians
Fars News Agency
“Saudi Arabia has taken an awkward measure against the Islamic Republic of
Iran’s soccer players and the Iranian authorities and officials of the
foreign ministry should pursue the case,” Rapporteur of the parliament’s
National Security and Foreign …

Saudi students in the US ecstatic over announced education benefits
Arab News
Zainab Al-Soubai is a graduate student from the Eastern region of Saudi
Arabia, from Hasa. She first came to the US 11 years ago, when her husband
was doing his graduate studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
She is currently getting her …

Saudi authorities detain Shi’ite cleric over sermon
Jerusalem Post
By REUTERS JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia – Saudi authorities detained a Shi’ite
cleric in the Eastern Province after he called for a constitutional
monarchy and an end to corruption and discrimination, human rights
activists said on Tuesday. …

The mood in Saudi Arabia
PRI’s The World
By Laura Lynch The wave of protest sweeping across Middle East and northern
Africa has so far not inspired similar widespread demonstrations in Saudi
Arabia. But that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been wave of open calls for
change in the oil-rich Kingdom. …

OFWs voice disappointment at cancellation of VP visit
Arab News
By ABDUL HANNAN TAGO | ARAB NEWS RIYADH: Filipino workers in Saudi Arabia
on Monday expressed severe disappointment after hearing that Philippine
Vice President Jejomar Binay had canceled a planned visit to the Kingdom.
Instead, the Philippine leader …

(Update) Local stocks end up; Saudi assures stable oil supply
Philippine Star
MANILA (Xinhua) –The Philippine market ended higher Tuesday on back of
gains in the US equities and Saudi Arabia’s assurance that it will step in
to avert any possible shortfall in oil supply. The bellwether Philippine
Stock Exchange index gained 0.46 …

Saudis may let press cover terror trials
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, Feb. 28 (UPI) — Saudi Arabia may allow press
coverage of terrorism trials for the first time, the country’s justice
minister said Monday. Mohammad Al Essa made the statement at a government
conference on justice and the media in …

Arrest of Would-Be Bush Assassin Not Luckbr /
Carolina Biological Supply called the FBI to report that Khalid Ali-M
Aldawsari, a 20-year-old college student from Saudi Arabia, had tried to
buy large quantities of concentrated phenol, which can be used to make a
high explosive. …

Saudi Arabia: Free Cleric Who Backs Change | Human Rights Watch
By Human Rights Watch
(Munich) – Saudi authorities should immediately release a Shia cleric
apparently arrested on February 27, 2011, for calling for a constitutional
monarchy and equal rights for Shia in his Friday sermon, Human Rights Watch
said today.

Jim Rogers: “Saudi Arabia Is Lying About Being Able To Increase …
By Tyler Durden
Jim Rogers joins Zero Hedge in being highly skeptical about just how
credible Saudi’s call for a 1MM + boost in its oil supply is: “Saudi Arabia
has been lying about the reserves for decades. Saudi Arabia the last two
times said they …

OPEC Sources: Saudi Arabia, Worried About Strife, Will Let Oil …
By Conrad de Aenlle
Saudi Arabia won’t take significant steps to bring down the price of crude
oil until Brent, the grade traded most on the open market, reaches.

The Arab democratic revolution and Saudi Arabia — War in Context
By News Source
A group of Saudi intellectuals have published an open letter calling for
national reform. We are witnessing, along with the rest of the Saudi
population, the receding of Saudi Arabia’s prominent regional role; the
deterioration of the …

Hot Links: Big Trouble in Saudi Arabia The Reformed Broker
By Joshua M Brown
Big trouble in Saudi Arabia this morning, rumors of a rebellion and stocks
down 7.4%. (beyondbrics). The new hotness for traders is to just buy the
first day of the month. (TBP). This is so gangsta – when you run into a
snag in your …

BRIAN WILLIAMS: If Saudi Arabia Falls, It Could Cause A Global …
By Steven Loeb
“We better hope Saudi Arabia is not on the list for the next round of let’s
By Kevin
“There are no Saudi Arabian tanks in Bahrain,” Bahrain’s information
ministry said in a statement, adding that tanks identified in news reports
as crossing the border Monday evening were Bahraini tanks returning from
Kuwait, …

LIBYA: Saudi Arabia helps stabilize U.S. oil prices | Babylon …
By Efrain Hernandez
Los Angeles Times columnist Tom Petruno reports U.S. oil prices stabilized
Monday for a third day after Saudi Arabia said it was making up for lost
Libyan crude production. For a quick update try The Times’ Money & Company
blog… Jim Rogers: “Saudi Arabia Is Lying …
By Robert Wenzel
“Saudi Arabia has been lying about the reserves for decades. Saudi Arabia
the last two times said they are going to increase production and they
couldn’t increase production. Don’t fall for that. The reason oil is going
up is the world …

Is Saudi Arabia About To Pump An Extra 3.5 Million Barrels Per Day …
By Joe Weisenthal
It looks like Saudi Arabia has about 3.5 million more barrels to pump. In
fact, if you’re looking for a bear case on oil this is part of it. Quotas
go out the window when you’re trying to feed your angry peasants. …

Jim Rogers Blog: Saudi Arabia Has Been Lying About Oil Reserves
By Admin
Saudi Arabia Has Been Lying About Oil Reserves. “Saudi Arabia has been
lying about their reserves for decades” – in Bloomberg Related: iPath S&P
GSCI Crude Oil Total Return (NYSE:OIL) , United States Oil Fund LP (ETF)

Market rumour: Riots in Saudi Arabia | ForexLive
Saudi stocks down sharply, around 5%. Meanwhile, reports Saudi Arabia
sending tanks to Bahrain.

Saudi Arabia: Free cleric who backs change – Bikya Masr
By Bikya Masr Staff
The arrest comes amid mounting pressure for political reform in Saudi
Arabia as pro-democracy demonstrations sweep through the Middle East. A
total of close to 2000 Saudis have put their names to three separate
petitions calling for a …

Can Saudi Arabia be next? | Jews for Justice for Palestinians
By richardkuper
After showing how Saudi Arabia is rotten-ripe for change, Madawi A-Rashid
concludes: Yes, Egypt was key to the coming change, but when Saudis rise
they will change the face of the Arab world and its relations with the West

Yes, It Could Happen Here – by Madawi Al-Rasheed | Foreign Policy
Saudi Arabia is ripe for change. Despite its image as a fabulously wealthy
realm with a quiescent, apolitical population, it has similar economic,
demographic, social, and political conditions as those prevailing in its
neighboring Arab …

Arab uprisings: Is Saudi Arabia next? – The Week
King Abdullah is showering his people with cash and releasing political
prisoners to stave off protests. What if it doesn’t work?

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