VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 1 March, 2011: Israel To Legalize Settlement Outpost

1 March, 2011 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Palestinian Man Injured by Israeli airstrike in Gaza
IMEMC – Tuesday March 01, 2011 – 18:33, A twenty two year old man was injured by an Israeli airstrike in the southern part of Gaza in Khan Younis, in the midst of an Israeli incursion in the area.

Hamas Prevent Unity Rally in Gaza
IMEMC – Tuesday March 01, 2011 – 17:50, Hamas security forces dispersed a rally in the Gaza Strip, on Monday. The rally had been intended to call for an end to political division within the Palestinian political world.

Al-Quds Brigades to Employ “New Tactics”
IMEMC – Tuesday March 01, 2011 – 17:36, Ma’an News Agency are reporting, on Tuesday, that the al-Quds Brigade, the armed wing of Islamic Jihad, are preparing “new tactics” to use against the Israeli military.

Six Children Arrested in Silwan Clashes
IMEMC – Tuesday March 01, 2011 – 17:19, Israeli ‘undercover’ forces arrested six Palestinian children, on Monday, during violent confrontations in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Silwan, local sources informed.

Another Palestinian Child Run Over in Hebron
IMEMC – Tuesday March 01, 2011 – 16:26, An Israeli settler hit a Palestinian boy with his car in Hebron, on Monday evening, Ma’an News Agency reported.

Israel To Legalize Settlement Outposts
IMEMC – Tuesday March 01, 2011 – 13:52, Israel has announced plans to legalize a total of 96 settlement outposts.

Man Killed By Israeli Army in Gaza
IMEMC – Tuesday March 01, 2011 – 12:47, The Israeli army killed a man who entered the 300m ‘buffer zone’ in Gaza on Monday.

Settlers Attack Homes, Property In Hebron
IMEMC – Tuesday March 01, 2011 – 12:21, A group of armed fundamentalist Israeli settlers attacked, on Tuesday at dawn, several Palestinian neighborhoods in the southern West Bank city of Hebron.

Settlers Set Fire To House in Huwara Village
IMEMC – Tuesday March 01, 2011 – 11:53, A group of extremist settlers set fire to a Palestinian home near Nablus, Monday night, Palestinian media sources reported.

Report: “Israel To Carry Out Specified Attacks Against Gaza”
IMEMC – Tuesday March 01, 2011 – 11:43, The Israeli Radio reported, Monday, that the Israeli Army intends to carry out specified and targeted attacks against certain areas in the Gaza Strip without conducting a direct confrontation or ground invasions at the current stage.

Ma’an News

Report: Israel to legalize tens of outposts
3/1/2011 – TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma’an) — Israel is moving to “immediately dismantle all illegal settlement outposts built on privately-owned Palestinian land,” Israeli media reported Tuesday citing army officials. The Israeli daily Haaretz reported that the decision would legalize other outposts, which were determined to be on “state lands.” The announcement came hours after Israeli troops…. Related: Israeli rights group lauds decision to dismantle 3 outposts

Second settler hit and run injures Hebron boy
3/1/2011 – HEBRON (Ma’an) — An Israeli settler knocked down a Palestinian boy with his car on Monday evening, driving away and leaving the child in the street, residents of Hebron’s Old City told Ma’an. The incident occurred outside the Ibrahimi Mosque, also known as the Cave of the Patriarchs, in the….

Israel shuts down Palestinian event in Jerusalem
3/1/2011 – JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Israeli police and intelligence agents forcibly shut down two events in East Jerusalem on Tuesday morning, citing “security reasons” for the clampdown. Armed police and border guards prevented guests from entering a conference on”Defending Palestinian Rights in Jerusalem” at the Capitol Hotel on Salah Addin Street in Jerusalem, organizers said….

Gaza man injured in clashes near border
3/1/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — A 22-year-old Gaza man was injured Tuesday, Gaza medics told Ma’an, and transported to hospital from east of Khan Younis after what witnesses said was an exchange of fire between Israeli forces and resistance fighters. Witnesses reported a clash near the Israeli military base of Kissufim, east….

Detainee’s father dies without seeing son
3/1/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The father of a Palestinian prisoner held in Israel died Tuesday without seeing his son for three years, a detainees’ society said. Khader Al-Dahnoun, 62, had not seen his son Saed Dahnoun since Israeli forces detained him in 2008, the center said. Saed Dahnoun is serving a seven-year sentence in….

Settlers plan ‘Day of Rage’ in West Bank
3/1/2011 – HAVAT GILAD OUTPOST (AFP) — Angry Israeli settlers said on Tuesday they were planning a ‘Day of Rage’ later this week over Israeli police action during the demolition of a caravan in a settlement outpost. Plans were taking shape after police and settlers clashed during an early-morning operation on Monday to remove a caravan….

Hebron women march for unity
3/1/2011 – HEBRON (Ma’an) — Palestinian women’s committees held a rally in Hebron on Tuesday to demand national unity. Dozens of women from Palestinian unions and organizations marched in the West Bank city, calling for elections and an end to the internal division, organizers said….

5 children detained from Silwan
3/1/2011 – Jerusalem (Ma’an) — Israeli forces on Monday detained five children in the Al-Ein Al-Fawqa area of Silwan in occupied East Jerusalem, locals said. Witnesses described the forces as “undercover” saying they entered the neighborhood in unmarked cars and wearing civilian clothes. Three of the children taken from the neighborhood were identified as Fahmi Al-Haymouni….

Gadhafi forces detain Palestinian students
3/1/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Libyan forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi detained Palestinian students Monday in Misurata, officials said. Reports from informed sources said Gadhafi’s forces detained Palestinians studying at a military college in the northwestern city after they refused to join the pro-regime forces. Palestinian military intelligence director Nidhal Abu Dukhan told Ma….

Israeli rights group lauds decision to dismantle 3 outposts
3/1/2011 – JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Israeli human rights group Yesh Din called Israel’s decision to dismantle three settlement outposts a “much-overdue and elementary decision,” in a statement released Tuesday, hours after the government announced the news. The government decision also allowed for the legalization under Israeli law of tens of other illegal outposts. Those…. Related: Report: Israel to legalize tens of outposts

Single Gaza crossing opens
3/1/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli officials opened one terminal for imports into Gaza on Tuesday, and crossings authorities told Palestinian liaison officers to expect 190 truckloads of goods. Raed Fattouh said he was informed that Israel cleared 190 truckloads of commercial and humanitarian goods for entry. Permitted to enter were 13 truckloads are cement….

Hamas govt urges children not to study Holocaust
3/1/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Gaza government officials on Tuesday urged school children to leave classrooms if human rights lessons included information about the Holocaust. The Hamas-led government said it would do everything it could to prevent children being taught about the Holocaust in UNRWA schools in the Gaza Strip. It accused the UN agency….

Gaza man returns home from Egyptian prison
3/1/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — A Palestinian man detained in Egypt for eighteen months returned home to the southern Gaza city of Khan Younis on Monday, after an early release from prison. Palestinian sources in Gaza identified the man as Nabil Mansour Al-Basheety, 38, and confirmed that he was the ninth Palestinian to be released….

Students protest to overthrow school principal
3/1/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — A hundred students of the Hussan School for boys protested against their district superintendent Abdullah Shakarneh and the school principal last week, demanding respect for students and a change in administration. The protest broke out following a visit by Shakarneh to the school. At the time students said he insulted students…. Related: Family: UN teacher injured student at school

Family: UN teacher injured student at school
3/1/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) – A pupil at a UN-run school in the Gaza Strip was beaten by his teacher, his family said. Marwan Fisal, 10, was seriously injured in his eye after a teacher beat him with a stick, his parents said. Marwan’s parents said he was beaten on his back and…. Related: Students protest to overthrow school principal

Palestinians in Libya get safe passage to Egypt
3/1/2011 – CAIRO (Ma’an) — The Palestinian ambassador to Cairo advised Monday that Palestinians in Libya who want to leave the country to contact the embassy to coordinate their exit. Barakat Al-Farra issued a statement saying officials were doing their best to ensure that all those Palestinians in the country were able to receive services ensuring….

Israel says West must treat Iran like Libya
3/1/2011 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday called on the West to impose on Iran the same tough measures it is putting in place against Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.” If the international community is applying special pressure on Libya and warning its leader and soldiers against violating civil rights, the same warning must….

Palestinian Airlines staff accused of corruption
3/1/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The general director of Palestinian Airlines has revealed the company was engaged in extensive financial corruption. Based in Egypt and owned by the Palestinian Authority, the three-plane fleet operates out of the El-Arish Airport south of Gaza in Egypt, and offers once a week flights to Amman. It also offers charter….

PA sets March consumer fuel prices
3/1/2011 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — The Palestinian Authority Ministry of Finance and Petroleum Authority announced the latest consumer fuel and gas prices effective in the West Bank for March 2011. The prices, which will take effect on Tuesday, were set at follows: — 1 liter of diesel: 6. 30 shekels— 1 liter of benzene (95 octane): 6….

Rage against regimes spreads across Mideast
3/1/2011 – TRIPOLI, Libya (AFP) — Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi insisted his people loved him but was slammed as “delusional” as the United States slapped a record-breaking $30 billion in sanctions on his brutal regime. US and European leaders weighed the use of NATO air power to impose a no-fly zone over Libya and stop Gadhafi from using….

Israel, US behind Arab revolts: Yemen president
3/1/2011 – SANAA, Yemen (AFP) — Yemen’s President Ali Abdullah Saleh, facing street protests calling for his ouster, on Tuesday accused Israel and the United States of fomenting anti-regime revolts rattling the Arab world….

World turns screws on ‘delusional’ Gadhafi
3/1/2011 – TRIPOLI, Libya (AFP) — The West heaped pressure on Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi on Tuesday after loyalists tried to retake a key city near the capital following a show of defiance by the veteran leader the US dubbed “delusional.” Washington said it had blocked around $30 billion in Libyan assets, the largest amount ever frozen….

US: Libya no-fly zone would require bombing raids
3/1/2011 – WASHINGTON (AFP) — Enforcing a no-fly zone over Libya would first require bombing the north African nation’s air defense systems, top US commander General James Mattis warned on Tuesday. A no-fly zone would require removing “the air defense capability first,” Mattis, the head of Central Command, told a Senate hearing.” It would be a….

Saudi shares dive 6.8% on Mideast unrest fears
3/1/2011 – RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AFP) — Saudi shares dived 6. 8 percent to a 20-month low on Tuesday amid panic sell-off by investors concerned over unrest that has hit several Arab countries, traders and analysts said. The Tadawul All-Shares Index shed about 403 points to close at 5,538. 72 points, the lowest level since mid-July 2009….

Palestine Note

Palestinian women footballers tackle taboos
Palestine Note 1 Mar 2011 – AFP – The stadium was packed to the rafters with raucous fans, mostly female, who had turned out to watched the first-ever public encounter in the Palestinian women’s football league. They came in their thousands, many…

Militants have ‘new tactics’ to face Israeli forces
Palestine Note 1 Mar 2011 – Ma’an – The Al-Quds Brigades have “new tactics” they are ready to deploy against Israeli military action in the Gaza Strip, a spokesman for Islamic Jihad’s armed wing told Ma’an on Monday. Militant groups will focus…

Who Should the Palestinians Be Revolting Against?
Palestine Note 1 Mar 2011 – “Freedom is contagious,” someone replied after I made a comment about the ineffectiveness of all the Arab reformers who want to do their revolution in a month. Yes, freedom is contagious. It’s that we-can-really-be-free feeling started…

Rediscovered, Ancient Color Is Reclaiming Israeli Interest
Palestine Note 1 Mar 2011 – New York Times – One of the mysteries that scholars have puzzled over for centuries is the exact shade of blue represented by “tekhelet,” which the Bible mentions as the color of ceremonial robes donned by…

Hundreds march in Beirut against sectarian political system
Palestine Note 1 Mar 2011 – Los Angeles Times – Hundreds of people braving torrential rains and wind marched in the Lebanese capital Sunday to call for an end to the country’s sectarian political system. Throngs of protesters, some holding signs saying…

Egypt’s cultural artifacts are casualties of political unrest
Palestine Note 1 Mar 2011 – Deutsche Welle – While Nefertiti sits with her head held high on Berlin’s Museum Island, archaeologists are besieged with worry over the cultural riches in her home country. Graves have been plundered; artifacts were found smashed…

Who Should Palestinians Revolt Against?
Palestine Note 1 Mar 2011 – Activist Ghassan Yonis argues it should be Fatah Ghassan Yonis – “Freedom is contagious,” someone replied after I made a comment about the ineffectiveness of all the Arab reformers who want to do their revolution in…

Mixed Arab-Jewish cities in Israel: not separate and not equal
Palestine Note 1 Mar 2011 – Issa Edward Boursheh, +972 – The Central Bureau of Statistics defines the following cities as mixed cities in Israel: Acre (27.2% Palestinian-Israelis), Lid/Lod (24.4%), Ramleh/Ramla (22.5%), Haifa (10%), Jaffa (31.2%), Nazareth-Illit/Upper Nazareth (14.5%) and Ma’alot-Tarshiha (22.1%)….

From fear to fury: how the Arab world found its voice
Palestine Note 1 Mar 2011 – The Guardian – It was early morning on Friday 11 February and the streets of central Cairo were throbbing with adrenaline and fear. Long-haired American professor Mark LeVine and Shung, founder of the Egyptian extreme metal…

The art of protesting
Palestine Note 1 Mar 2011 – The Guardian – With uprisings sweeping across the Middle East , it seemed a good time to visit an exhibition on The Right to Protest at Jerusalem’s Museum on the Seam . It includes works by artists from…

Banned books return to shelves in Egypt and Tunisia
Palestine Note 1 Mar 2011 – Guardian – A number of highly political titles censored by the regime of ousted Tunisian president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali are now returning to the country’s bookshop shelves. La Regente de Carthage by Nicolas Beau and…

Fatah sets new standards for cabinet selection
Palestine Note 1 Mar 2011 – Ma’an – Fatah’s Central Committee announced Sunday standards for the selection of cabinet ministers, as re-appointed Prime Minister Salam Fayyad continues consultations ahead of the new cabinet’s formation. The standards did not reference reported moves to…

Egyptian stock exchange reopening delayed
Palestine Note 1 Mar 2011 – BBC News – Trading had been expected to resume on Tuesday, but the exchange is now due to reopen on Sunday, 6 March. The exchange has been closed for more than a month in the wake…

Wipro Sounds Caution on Middle East Unrest
Palestine Note 1 Mar 2011 – The Wall Street Journal – Wipro Technologies, the global IT business of India’s Wipro Ltd., warned that the political unrest in the Middle East could nip the rebound in global demand for outsourcing technology services, casting…

Will Palestinians topple governments if rivalry continues?
Palestine Note 1 Mar 2011 – Ma’an – With announcements of renewed unity efforts coming to naught once again, Palestinians see their dreams of dignity and independence crumbling into factional rivalry and have become increasingly resolute in their efforts to end division…

Report: Israel to legalize tens of outposts
Palestine Note 1 Mar 2011 – Ma’an – Israel is moving to “immediately dismantle all illegal settlement outposts built on privately-owned Palestinian land,” Israeli media reported Tuesday citing army officials. The Israeli daily Haaretz reported that the decision would legalize other outposts,…

Settlers plan ‘Day of Rage’ in West Bank
Palestine Note 1 Mar 2011 – Ma’an – Angry Israeli settlers said on Tuesday they were planning a ‘Day of Rage’ later this week over Israeli police action during the demolition of a caravan in a settlement outpost. Plans were taking shape…

Future Cloudy As Palestinians Dissolve Peace Team
Palestine Note 1 Mar 2011 – NPR – As popular uprisings continue to spread across the Middle East, Palestinian leaders have made a number of moves aimed at appeasing would-be protesters in the West Bank. Among those is the dismantling of their…

Netanyahu Warns on Settlements
Palestine Note 1 Mar 2011 – New York Times – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu berated leaders of his conservative-leaning Likud Party on Monday after they pressed him for more settlement construction, telling them that Israel was under international pressure and operating in…

Treaty denying Egypt Nile veto set for ratification
Palestine Note 1 Mar 2011 – Al Arabiya – Burundi has signed a deal on the sharing of Nile waters, paving the way for the ratification of the accord, which will strip Egypt of its veto power on rights to the river,…

With Mideast revolts, ‘its cool to be Arab’
Palestine Note 1 Mar 2011 – Al Arabiya – The popular revolts shaking the Arab world have injected a sense of pride in peoples across the region often labelled as ‘terrorists’ or ‘backwards’ and for long subjected to repressive regimes. “For the…

Democracy is no panacea
Palestine Note 1 Mar 2011 – Lev Grinberg, Al Jazeera – The Egyptian people have every reason to be proud. They have provided the world with a shining example of how to overthrow a dictator within three weeks with hardly any violence…

Jewish settlers protest home demolitions in West Bank
Palestine Note 1 Mar 2011 – Reuters- Israeli police on Monday arrested at least 20 right-wing demonstrators after they tried to block roads in Jerusalem to protest against demolitions of homes at a West Bank settler outpost earlier in the day. A…

Israel might seek interim Palestinian peace deal
Palestine Note 1 Mar 2011 – Reuters – Israel is considering pursuing an interim peace agreement with the Palestinians, a senior official said on Tuesday, signaling the government might abandon efforts to secure a single, comprehensive accord. The official, who declined to…

Can Data Predict Political Revolutions?
Palestine Note 1 Mar 2011 – Richard Florida, The Atlantic – First Tunisia, then Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Algeria, and Morocco seemingly spontaneously combusted from the bottom up. Last weekend there were online calls for mass protests in Beijing, Shanghai, and other major…

Egypt military sets short timetable for democracy
Palestine Note 1 Mar 2011 – Reuters – The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, running the Arab world’s most populous nation since the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak on February 11, is sticking to a short timetable to open a new chapter…

Calls mount for constitutional monarchy in Jordan
Palestine Note 1 Mar 2011 – Arabiya – Calls for a constitutional monarchy in Jordan are growing as the government tries to clinch a vote confidence, while the Islamist opposition plans a pro-reform demonstration on Friday. Nationalists and independent Islamists have formed…

Is Egypt’s Military Turning Against the Revolution?
Palestine Note 1 Mar 2011 – Eric Trager, The Atlantic – The bands of thugs that had roamed these streets barely three weeks earlier were only a memory on Friday, replaced by roving face-painters, souvenir salesmen, and food vendors. Tahrir Square had…

It’s not a Revolution yet
Palestine Note 1 Mar 2011 – Although commentators have been quick to call the January 25th movement a “revolution,” democracy activists are painfully aware that their struggle has only just begun. What will make the movement a true revolution, and not merely…

Tunisia legalises Islamist group Ennahda
Palestine Note 1 Mar 2011 – BBC News – Tunisia’s interim government has legalised Ennahda, the moderate Islamist group banned under former President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali. The move paves the way for Ennahda to form a political party to stand in…

Arab states seek London PR facelift
Palestine Note 1 Mar 2011 – BBC News – Over the past two months, as unrest spread across the Middle East, from Tunisia to Bahrain, many Western journalists were discreetly contacted by PR agencies acting for Arab leaders trying desperately to stem…

Burying Pan-Arabism
Palestine Note 1 Mar 2011 – Leon Hadar, The National Interest – The uprisings in the Arab World have generated two competing narratives in Washington. The first has the making of a Middle Eastern End-of-History prototype: The Arab embrace of liberal democracy…

Amr Moussa to contest Egyptian poll
Palestine Note 28 Feb 2011 – Al Jazeera – Arab League chief Amr Moussa, a popular career diplomat, has confirmed that he plans to run in Egypt’s presidential election expected later this year. Moussa, a former foreign minister, declared his candidacy on…


Jordan protesters demand change
AlJazeera 1 Mar 2011 – Pro-democracy activists demand that king establishes constitutional monarchy in country.

Clashes as Iran protests continue
AlJazeera 1 Mar 2011 – Witnesses report security forces using teargas against demonstrators gathered in central Tehran.

Yemen leader blames protests on US
AlJazeera 1 Mar 2011 – President Saleh accuses US and Israel of destabilising his country and Arab world as fresh protests hit capital Sanaa.

Palestinian Center for Human Rights

Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (17 — 23 February 2011)
Palestinian Center for Human Rights

Jerusalem Post

Hamas forcibly disperses Gaza protest — witnesses
Jeruslalem Post 1 Mar 2011 – Eyewitnesses said that the policemen then used force to disperse the protesters, some of whom were taken into custody.

Barak: We have to act against illegal building
Jeruslalem Post 1 Mar 2011 – PM says special committee to be led by defense minister which will consolidate gov’t position on unauthorized outposts.

Rami Levy coughs up money for Nof Zion
Jeruslalem Post 1 Mar 2011 – Threatened boycott of Bank Leumi by settlers was called off on Tuesday after the bank accepted a new financing offer.

Rightists plan ‘Day of Rage’ over Gilad Farm violence
Jeruslalem Post 1 Mar 2011 – Extremist activists smash Palestinian car windows, throw Molotov cocktail into a home, roll burning tires into 2 West Bank villages.

Center Field: Shabbat + humous = a new Zionist vision
Jeruslalem Post 1 Mar 2011 – Schaefer was a Brown University student from S. California who survived 3 years in an IDF combat unit only to be killed by a drunk driver.

Clinton warns of Iranian efforts to fill ME power vacuum
Jeruslalem Post 1 Mar 2011 – US sec. of state says Obama needs to maintain aid and involvement in region to keep Tehran from succeeding, says “there’s an opportunity for Israel” in the changed landscape.

Jehan Sadat: Egypt-Israel peace treaty not in danger at all
Jeruslalem Post 1 Mar 2011 – In interview, widow of Anwar Sadat tells Israelis: “Everything will be fine,” says vision in Egypt is one of “more freedom and democracy.”

Iran says fuel not removed at Bushehr nuclear site
Jeruslalem Post 1 Mar 2011 – Statement contradicts earlier reports from Iran’s ambassador to the IAEA; move signals a further possible delay in the plant’s operation.

Palestinians vow to foil Holocaust lessons in UNRWA schools
Jeruslalem Post 1 Mar 2011 – Fatah officials also express opposition to teaching “enemy’s false claims and lies”; Hamas says UNRWA plan would be a “cultural crime.”

PM mulling new initiative on Palestinian statehood
Jeruslalem Post 1 Mar 2011 – PA’s refusal to negotiate, as well as world pressure and regional changes, spurred Netanyahu to consider new plan.

Anti-tank missile defense system stops attack on IDF tank
Jeruslalem Post 1 Mar 2011 – “Trophy” system is activated for the first time during an IDF operation; force identifies and kills the Gazan gunman.

17 indicted for protest against Gilad Farms demolition
Jeruslalem Post 1 Mar 2011 – Protesters try to block roads in J’lem, attack police officers; following Gilad Farm clashes, Barak says disturbances damage rule of law.

Iranian forces fire teargas, clash with protesters
Jeruslalem Post 1 Mar 2011 – Security forces in Tehran try to disperse demonstrators demanding the release of 2 opposition leaders; Iranian FM on whereabouts of the leaders: “Judicial authorities will handle the issue.”

Pete Seeger joins Palestinian boycott movement
Jeruslalem Post 1 Mar 2011 – American folk music legend reportedly tells Israeli organizations: “I support the BDS movement as much as I can.”

Yemen president blames Israel for Arab world unrest
Jeruslalem Post 1 Mar 2011 – Saleh says, “There is an operations rooms in Tel Aviv with the aim of destabilizing the Arab world” and is being run by the White House.

Barak: We can’t let citizens take law into their own hands
Jeruslalem Post 1 Mar 2011 – Following clashes with settlers at Gilad Farm outpost, defense minister says disturbances damage rule of law.

Police chief: We must show restraint in West Bank
Jeruslalem Post 1 Mar 2011 – Dudi Cohen says police are trying to avoid an escalation in violence following clashes with settlers at Gilad Farm; Palestinian cars in Hebron damaged in ‘price tag’ attack.

Iran: 2012 Olympics logo ‘racist,’ resembles word ‘Zion’
Jeruslalem Post 1 Mar 2011 – Tehran warns it may boycott London event, calls on other countries, Islamic nations, to react “to jeopardize Olympic games in the world.”

Hebron: Palestinian cars damaged in ‘price tag’ attack
Jeruslalem Post 1 Mar 2011 – Right-wing activists allegedly smash windshields of Palestinian vehicles in act of revenge for violence used at Gilad Farm evacuation.

‘How can an intelligent people only see the short term?’
Jeruslalem Post 28 Feb 2011 – In candid, highly critical interview, Luxembourg’s FM Jean Asselborn presents window into European Left’s thinking on Israel.

Ha’aretz Defense page

Mideast Quartet due in Israel in bid to restart peace talks
Ha’aretz – Netanyahu refuses to send Israeli representatives to Quartet meeting in Brussels Wednesday, where they will meet with the Palestinians, so Quartet officials to come to Israel in compromise.

IDF armor-defense system foils attack on tank for first time
Ha’aretz – The Me’il Ruach (Windbreaker) system, marketed abroad under the name Trophy, successfully stopped an antitank missile fired from Gaza.

Netanyahu: World pressure on Libya must also be directed at Iran
Ha’aretz – PM calls for strong international action against Libya and Iran regimes, says world must send message to Libyan people that would be heard in Iran.

Egypt turmoil cuts African migration to Israel
Ha’aretz – The amount of asylum-seekers crossing the largely unfenced Sinai border was reduced by half since protests to oust former Egyptian President Mubarak began.

Jerusalem court indicts 17 pro-settlement protesters
Ha’aretz – Seventeen charged for attacking police, damaging police vehicles in protests against IDF demolitions in the unauthorized Havat Gilad outpost; seven of those indicted are minors.

Deputy FM warns Islamist regimes could take over Arab world
Ha’aretz – Danny Ayalon warns that the anti-government uprisings in Arab countries could follow model of ‘Hamas in Gaza’ and ‘Hezbollah in Lebanon.’

Yemen president: Unrest in Arab world is pro-Zionist conspiracy
Ha’aretz – While addressing a group at Sanaa University, Ali Abdullah Saleh said the control center for destabilizing Arab world is in Tel Aviv; embattled president also slamed Obama for meddling in affairs of Arab countries.

Settlers attack West Bank villages following outpost demolitions
Ha’aretz – Police and Palestinians say settlers threw petrol bomb into a house, damaged several cars in West Bank.

Ha’aretz National page

Hundreds protest price increases, burn Netanyahu effigy
Ha’aretz – Social workers and their allies demonstrate at a conference of the government trade office in Haifa to protest increases in the cost of living.

Court rules 1997 murder of famous actress was perpetrated by her boyfriend
Ha’aretz – Jerusalem family court rules that Anat Elimelech, whose body was found laying next to her boyfriend, was indeed killed by him; Police originally believed incident to be suicide.

Top rabbi demands dialogue before West Bank outposts are demolished
Ha’aretz – Rabbi Chaim Drukman sends message to Netanyahu conveying concern over clashes between settlers and police that took place after security demolished West Bank outpost of Havat Gilad.

Authorities identify bodies of two missing Israelis in rubble of New Zealand earthquake
Ha’aretz – Bodies of three Israelis have been identified so far in rubble of Christchurch quake, which struck last week; Three other Israelis have yet to make contact with their families since the quake.

Police clash with rightists protesting in Jerusalem over West Bank outpost demolition
Ha’aretz – Eight settlers were arrested during violent clashes earlier Monday when security forces arrived at the Havat Gilad outpost to raze several illegal structures.

Palestine Telegraph

Settlers attack homes, uproot olive trees in Bethlehem
1 Mar 2011 – West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)- A number of Jewish settlers accompanied by Israeli military forces started uprooting 25 olive trees near the Fureidis mount in the east of Bethlehem and attacked civilian houses. Local sources said that dozens of settlers carrying machine guns stormed yesterday night agricultural lands belong to Ahmed Al-Wahesh and uprooted hundreds of olive trees before their withdrawing…

Israeli bulldozers invade south Gaza, no casualities
1 Mar 2011 – Gaza Strip, (Pal Telegraph)-Israeli military troops and bulldozers advanced Tuesday morning about 200 meters into the town of Al-Qarara in Khan Younis city, southern Gaza Strip and started razing operations to the agricultural lands in the area.

Israeli army captures 5 Palestinians in WB
1 Mar 2011 – West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)-Israeli occupation forces detained Tuesday at morning five Palestinians following multiple raid operations across the West Bank.

Settlers burn Palestinian home in Nablus, two injured
1 Mar 2011 – West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)-One resident and his wife were injured Monday evening as Jewish settlers set fire to their home in the village of Hawara, southern Nablus.


Israel Issues Eviction Orders to 600 Palestinian Bedouins in Jerusalem Area
Uruknet March 1, 2011 – Hathem Abdel Qader, responsible for Jerusalem in the Fatah movement, warned yesterday of an Israeli plan to deport some 600 Palestinian Bedouin residents of the Wadi Abu Hindi area, located between the settlements of Maale Adumim and Keder, south-east of Jerusalem. Abdel Qader noted that the Israeli military issued evacuation orders to tens of Bedouin…

Yemen leader blames protests on US
Uruknet March 1, 2011 – Yemen’s president has hit out at Israel and the US, accusing them of destabilising his country and the Arab world as protesters demanding his ouster press ahead with demonstrations. Ali Abdullah Saleh’s comments on Tuesday marked his harshest public criticism yet of the US, a key ally with which his government is battling al-Qaeda pockets…

Gaza Protesters Prepare for March 15
Uruknet March 1, 2011 – – A look at the Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings that succeeded in ousting long- entrenched dictators confirms a universal truth: it is the youth who are leading the way in forcing reform in the Middle East. In the Occupied Palestinian Territories, particularly the troubled Gaza Strip, youth are a potential ticking time bomb. Palestinian youth…

Folk music legend Pete Seeger endorses boycott of Israel
Uruknet February 28, 2011 Folk music legend Pete Seeger has come out in support of the growing Palestinian movement for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel as a program for justice for Palestinians and a route to peace in the Middle East. Seeger, 92, participated in last November’s online virtual rally “With Earth and Each Other,” sponsored by the…

Protest Tuesdays in Iran
Uruknet February 28, 2011 – …It is obvious that the anti-dictatorial movement of the Iranian people is against the house arrest of Mousavi and Karroubi and protests those house arrests; however, in a country where thousands of freedom-seeking youths and political and social activists are in chains in dungeons, and where groups after groups of innocent people are hanged for…

Israel as NATO Member?
Uruknet February 28, 2011 – Cosmetics heir Ronald Lauder, Reagan’s ambassador to Austria who heads the World Jewish Congress, recently demanded that Israel be admitted to membership in NATO. This proposal has been raised over the past decade in academic and in political circles but the rapidly changing situation in the Arab world, and in the Middle East, gives it…

Israeli Public Inquiry: Shehadeh Assassination Justified
Uruknet February 28, 2011 – In 2002, after a smaller bomb failed to murder Salah Shehadeh, then Hamas military commander in Gaza, the IAF dropped a 2,000 pound bomb on a residential apartment building killing him and his entire family: 13 civilians in all along with tens of seriously wounded…It’s also important to note that at the time of the…

Settlers fire-bomb Palestinian home in Nablus
Uruknet February 28, 2011 – Settlers set fire to a Palestinian home on Monday, injuring two children, and attacked Palestinian cars around Nablus, officials said. Settlers threw Molotov cocktails at homes in Huwara village, setting fire to the home of Rabi Taha As-Sebty, said Palestinian Authority settlement affairs official Ghassan Doughlas. Palestinian firefighters controlled the blaze, but two children who…

The National

Police in Egypt try to recover from reputation for abuse
The National 2 Mar 2011 – Brutalised themselves by their superiors, the security forces in Egypt were brutal to the country’s people, through enforced bribes, beatings and false charges. Now, since the overthrow of President Mubarak, they are facing up to a new environment.

Saleh says Israel and US are behind protests rocking Yemen
The National 2 Mar 2011 – Ali Addullah Saleh claims ‘there is an operations room in Tel Aviv that is controlled by the White House,’ and accuses the US and European Union ambassadors to Yemen of orchestrating protests with opposition leaders.

Illegal Jewish settlers plan ‘day of rage’ after homes demolished
The National 2 Mar 2011 – Plans for demonstrations come after Israelis from Hebron firebombed homes belonging to Palestinians and vandalised cars and stores

Alternative Information Center

The Land Acknowledges el-Araqib and Knows its People
Alternative Information Center – El Araqib was the last village I visited before my arrest. El-Araqib is not just a village, but the very heart of a nation and a people.

Settlers Attack Palestinians, Property in “Price Tag” Reactions to Outpost Demolition
Alternative Information Center – At around noon on Monday (28/2), around 50 settlers from the Karnei Shomron settlement to the east of the Qalqilya district gathered on the main road near the settlement and attacked Palestinian passersby with stones.

Palestinian May Succeed in Purchasing Part of East Jerusalem Settlement
Alternative Information Center – The Nof Zion settlement project in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabel al-Mukaber may be forced to accept the bid of Palestinian American real estate mogul Bashar Masri to buy the remainder of holdings.

Daily Star

U.S. sees civil war in Libya unless Gadhafi goes
Daily Star 1 Mar 2011 AMMAN: Calls for a constitutional monarchy in Jordan were growing Tuesday ahead of a parliamentary vote of confidence on the new government, as the Islamist opposition called a pro-reform protest for Friday. Nationalists and independent Islamists…

Calls grow for constitutional monarchy in Jordan
Daily Star 1 Mar 2011 AMMAN: Calls for a constitutional monarchy in Jordan were growing Tuesday ahead of a parliamentary vote of confidence on the new government, as the Islamist opposition called a pro-reform protest for Friday. Nationalists and independent Islamists…

Israeli settlers plan ‘Day of Rage’ over outpost removal
Daily Star 1 Mar 2011 HAVAT GILAD OUTPOST, Occupied West Bank: Angry Jewish settlers said Tuesday they were planning a ‘Day of Rage’ later this week over Israeli police action during the demolition of a caravan in a settlement outpost.

Iran forces fire tear gas, clash with protesters, gunshots heard
Daily Star 1 Mar 2011 TEHRAN: Iranian security forces fired tear gas and clashed with anti-government protesters demonstrating against the treatment of opposition leaders, pro-reform websites reported Tuesday. Thousands of demonstrators poured into the streets of Tehran and other cities, chanting…

Three more Tunisian ministers resign, destabilizing Cabinet
Daily Star 1 Mar 2011 TUNIS: Three more Tunisian ministers resigned Tuesday, leaving the caretaker government which took over power after the president was overthrown teetering on the brink of collapse. The new resignations meant that in the space of 72…

Oman security forces use tanks to disperse protesters
Daily Star 1 Mar 2011 SOHAR, Oman: Tanks dispersed demonstrators blocking the port in the industrial city of Sohar and the coast road to Muscat Tuesday as protests were also reported elsewhere in Oman, journalists and witnesses said. The operation went…

Huge demonstration in Sanaa as Saleh blames unrest on U.S. and Israel
Daily Star 1 Mar 2011 SANAA: Huge crowds poured onto the streets of the Yemeni capital Sanaa Tuesday in what the opposition hailed as the biggest protest yet against President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s three-decade rule. The veteran leader, whose supporters staged…

The Guardian

Israeli settlers hit back after army demolishes their West Bank homes
The Guardian 1 Mar 2011 – Call for a ‘day of rage’ as hardliners attack Palestinian villages and block roads in Jerusalem Hardline Israeli settlers have called for a “day of rage” on Thursday in protest at the army’s demolition of an…

From the archive, 26 February 1972: Bonn paid $5M jet ransom
The Guardian 1 Mar 2011 – Originally published in the Guardian 26 February 1972 BONN, FEBRUARY 25 West Germany paid a ransom of $5 millions in cash for the release of the Lufthansa jumbo jet and its crew which were hijacked to…

Relief Web

Strong as iron: UNRWA tackles anaemia in Lebanon
Relief Web 1 Mar 2011 – Source: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East

American Friends of UNRWA Launches Adopt a School in Gaza MultiMedia Campaign
Relief Web 1 Mar 2011 – Source: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East

Lebanon: Minister of Labour signs the decree implementing the Labour Law amendments for Palestine Refugees
Relief Web 1 Mar 2011 – Source: International Labour Organization, UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East

Bilateral Aid Review results: Country summaries
Relief Web 1 Mar 2011 – Source: Department for International Development

Inter Press Service

Pro-Peace Jewish Lobby Group Urges Obama to Seize Moment
IPS J Street, the Washington-based “Pro-Israel, Pro-Peace” advocacy group, drew a large crowd to its annual conference this year despite criticism over its controversial calls for the Barack Obama administration not to veto a U.N. Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlement construction in the West Bank.

Stop The Wall

Biweekly Repression Update
Stop The Wall – This update contains exerts from testimony gathered by STW from a Bil’in resident shot with live ammunition during the February 18 demonstration. Over this period, one person was seriously injured and others were also hurt during weekly demonstrations. The number of arrests sky rocketed, with a total of 29 people, predominately youth, were arrested by Occupation forces.

YNet News

Yemeni president says US and Israel behind unrest
YNet News – Speaking to students and academics at Saana University, Saleh says ‘there is an….

Iran forces fire teargas, clash with protesters
YNet News – Websites report security forces, people in civilian clothing confront….

J’lem protests: Indictments filed against 17 rightists
YNet News – Rightists who protested against Havat Gilad razing charged with disturbing the….

Palestinians try to create ‘Facebook revolution’
YNet News – Success of Facebook in recent revolution in Egypt leads Palestinians to seek own….

Missile fired at IDF tank thwarted by new shield
YNet News – Terrorists fire RPG at IDF tank near Khan Younis; new Trophy system prevents….

Barak: Settlers’ anti-razing protest a ‘provocation’
YNet News – Defense minister comments on soldier’s refusal to return to army after his Havat….

Hebron awaits visitor surge
YNet News – Local authorities welcome gov’t initiative to send Israeli diplomats, school….

Benayahu: I entered UK with pseudonym
YNet News – IDF Spokesperson tells Defense News magazine he assumed false name to avoid….

Lieberman: Assad’s only goal is to stay in power
YNet News – Foreign minister says willing to enter into negotiations with Syria, but….

Egypt’s Moussa says running for president; adopts harsher tone on Israel
YNet News – Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa announced on Tuesday that he was running for president of Egypt in elections scheduled for this year. In an interview with …….

Iran auctions leader’s Peugeot for $2.5 mln
YNet News – A 1977 Peugeot sedan belonging to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was sold for $2.5 million on Tuesday in a charity auction, Iranian media reported. …….

IDF celebrates Armored Corps history: Trophy system successful
YNet News – IDF feels like it has crossed the Rubicon in the anti-tank missile battle with the operational success of the ‘Trophy’: Senior IDF sources expressed immense satisfaction …….

IDF Personnel chief calls out gov’t over reservists’ plight
YNet News – They often serve more than 100 days in the military reserves and their employees aren’t pleased. The reserve regiment commanders, the “heart and brains of the army” …….

Palestinian Information Center

Questions I would want to ask Sa’eb Ereikat
PIC 1 Mar 2011 – PA negotiator Saeb Ereikat recently submitted his resignation in what is widely considered a tacit admission of responsibility for the scandalous Jazeera revelations..

Hamas: PLO reforms the key to reconciliation
PIC 1 Mar 2011 – The Gaza-governing Hamas party has more closely defined what will score Palestinian reconciliation after several media motivated shots at unity by the rival Fatah party in the West Bank.

Palestinian youth wounded in IOF shelling
PIC 1 Mar 2011 – A Palestinian young man was wounded on Tuesday in Israeli army shelling at a group of people east of Khan Younis, south of the Gaza Strip, medical sources announced.

Nazzal attends Erbakan funeral
PIC 1 Mar 2011 – Political bureau member of Hamas Mohammed Nazzal attended the funeral procession of Necmettin Erbakan, the former Turkish premier and Saadet party leader, in Istanbul on Tuesday.

Mishaal meets Russian envoy to Mideast
PIC 1 Mar 2011 – Hamas politburo chief Khalid Mishaal met Monday evening in Damascus with Russian envoy to the Middle East and North Africa Sergei Vershinin.

Israel allocates $24m to judaize eastern Jerusalem
PIC 1 Mar 2011 – The Israeli controlled municipality of Jerusalem announced that it was allocating around 24 million dollars to “develop and re-organize eastern suburbs of Jerusalem”.

Seven Palestinians killed by Israel last month
PIC 1 Mar 2011 – Six Palestinian citizens were killed by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) in the Gaza Strip and another one was killed by extremist Jewish settlers in occupied Jerusalem last month.

Ministry of culture slams UNRWA for teaching Holocaust
PIC 1 Mar 2011 – The Palestinian ministry of culture deplored the UNRWA for its blatant insistence on teaching children in its schools about the Holocaust.

Press sources: Israel sent African mercenaries to fight alongside Gadhafi
PIC 1 Mar 2011 – Hebrew media sources revealed that Israel hired African mercenaries through one of its security companies to fight alongside Muammar Al-Gadhafi’s military brigades.

Home set ablaze amid Jewish racial riots near Nablus
PIC 1 Mar 2011 – Hundreds of Jewish rioters continue violent racial attacks against Palestinians near the entrance of the villages of Hawara and Burin southeast of Nablus.

Los Angeles Times

Yemen’s embattled president lashes out at U.S., Israel
LA Times 1 Mar 2011 – Ali Abdullah Saleh, a longtime ally of the U.S., says anti-government protests in his capital are being ‘run by the White House.’ In neighboring Oman, protests continue for a fourth day. Turning on a longtime ally, embattled Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh delivered a fiery…

Hillary Clinton says U.S. is trying to avoid perception of an oil grab in Libya
LA Times 1 Mar 2011 – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tells the House Foreign Affairs Committee that the U.S. has been cautious about sending the military because it wants to avoid perceptions that it has a plan to ‘invade for oil.’ Also, Washington wants to respect the Libyan insurgency’s desire…

New York Times

Reports Say Iran Uses Tear Gas to Disperse Protesters
New York Times 1 Mar 2011 – Police in Tehran arrested several people as protesters demanded the release of opposition leaders in the biggest clashes in Tehran in more than two weeks, witnesses said.

Fleeing Migrant Workers Pile Up at Libya’s Borders
New York Times 1 Mar 2011 – Around 110,000 people have fled Libya’s fighting for neighboring Egypt and Tunisia, the United Nations refugee agency said.


Can Americans really find no ‘niche’ for Al Jazeera?!
Mondoweiss – This morning, NPR’s Morning Edition did a program on Al Jazeera, focusing on Arab governmental efforts to keep Arabs from watching the channel by blocking its signal by various means. Reporter Deborah Amos chronicles the disruptive efforts and the cat-and-mouse game between the network and Arab…

There’s work to do
Mondoweiss – Gallup says Americans favor Israelis over Palestinians by record numbers, 63-17. Here’s the poll, with lots of graphs. Support for Palestinians is highest among American liberals, with 30 percent sympathy. The numbers are 80 percent of Republicans for Israel, and 57 percent of Dems and Independents….

Palestinians face ‘price tag’ revenge from furious settlers
Mondoweiss – A Palestinian woman displays damage caused by settlers after a gas bomb was thrown into her house in the West Bank village of Hiwwara near Nablus. (Photo: Abed Omar Qusini/Reuters ) ‘Price tag’ — Settlers burn Palestinian home in Nablus NABLUS (Ma’an) 28 Feb — Israeli forces…

Palestinian LGBT group: Israeli fantasies about being ‘democratic’ are absurd & the belief they are rescuing us is pathetic
Mondoweiss – PSAs produced by Palestinian Queers for BDS Three Palestinian LGBT organizations have released statements responding to the the New York LGBT Community Center’s decision to cancel a “Party to End Apartheid” under pressure from donors. You can learn more about Michael Lucas (referenced in the first…

Dershowitz rides shotgun for student attacking Palestinian scholar and his wife in California
Mondoweiss – Bassam Frangieh is an Arabic scholar and translator who teaches at a California college, Claremont McKenna. I imagine that his life is framed by the Nakba; his family was extirpated from Jaffa in 1948; they owned orange groves; he was born in a refugee camp. In…

Children in East Jerusalem Get Short Stick of the Occupation
Palestine Monitor – Over the past six months, if you were following Palestinian and Israeli news, hardly a day would go by without reading a report that more children were detained in East Jerusalem. Now, various reports are coming out that confirm these impressions: children of East Jerusalem are…

Subscriber Plugin Problems
Tikun Olam – 600 of my readers subscribe to this blog via two plugins I use. They receive e-mail notices of new posts I write. I’ve just had the terribly unwelcome news that 388 of those subscribers have been wiped out through some act of God I don’t understand….

Bahrain protests demand political change
WSWS – Anti-government protests are continuing in the Persian Gulf kingdom of Bahrain. Demonstrators blockaded the National Assembly, Bahrain’s rubber-stamp parliament, on Monday. Crowds of thousands are still occupying Pearl Square, the focus for demonstrators in the capital city, Manama.

Misc 2

BNC thanks CUT Brazil for their public statement in “Solidarity with the Palestinian people”
Global BDS 1 Mar 2011 – Artur Henrique da Silva Santos – National President CUT Quintino Severo – General Secretary Jo?£o Antonio Felicio – International Relations Secretary Dear comrades of the CUT Brazil, As the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions National Committee (BNC), a wide coalition of Palestinian political parties, civil…

Tehran police break up protests
BBC 1 Mar 2011 – Iran security forces fire tear gas to break up demonstrations by opposition supporters in the capital Tehran.

Thousands back on Yemen streets
BBC 1 Mar 2011 – Tens of thousands return to the streets of Sanaa, as Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh blames the US and Israel for ongoing unrest.

IOC dismisses ‘racist’ logo claim
BBC 1 Mar 2011 – IOC president Jacques Rogge dismisses Iran’s suggestion that the London 2012 logo is ‘racist’.

(en) Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle confront the desperate escalation of the settler colonialist naZionism
A-infos 1 Mar 2011 – The more the shrinking of support and international objection for Israeli settler colonialism the more reckless is the Israeli rilling right. It is expressed in new laws, and onslaught against Palestinian citizens of Israel. The harassment of the Bedouins with focus on Al Arakib. The onslaught…

(en) Ireland, Radio Solidarity – WSM* Inside Egypt: An Interview with Mohamed Abdelfattah
A-infos 1 Mar 2011 – This is the first of a series of interviews with Egyptians speaking directly of their experiences within the revolution and ongoing struggles. I hope to cover some themes not covered by the traditonal/mainstream press, and allow space for Eygptians themselves to talk about aspects of the…


We saw the Arab revolutions coming
Wadah Khanfar, Al Jazeera3/1/2011
Al Jazeera’s director general asks why, when Al Jazeera saw the uprisings coming, the West did not.
On February 11, the day Hosni Mubarak stepped down as president of Egypt, Al Jazeera faced a welcome dilemma: Scenes of elation were playing out not just in Cairo but throughout the region, and even with our vast network of journalists, we found it difficult to be everywhere at once. From North Africa to the Arabian Peninsula, Arabs were celebrating the reclamation of their self-confidence, dignity and hope.
The popular revolutions now sweeping the region are long overdue. Yet in some ways, they could not have come before now. These are uprisings whose sons and daughters are well educated and idealistic enough to envision a better future, yet realistic enough to work for it without falling into despair. These revolutions are led by the Internet generation, for whom equality of voice and influence is the norm. Their leaders’ influence is the product of their own effort, determination and skill, unconstrained by rigid ideologies and extremism.
It is now clear to all that the modern, post-colonial Arab state has failed miserably, even in what it believed it was best at: Maintaining security and stability. Over the decades, Arab interior ministers and police chiefs devoted enormous resources and expertise to monitoring and spying on their own people. Yet now, the security machineries in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya have disintegrated in short order, while the rest of the authoritarian and repressive regimes in the region can see the writing on the wall.
These revolutions have exposed not just the failure of traditional politicians but also the moral, political and economic bankruptcy of the old Arab elites…. more.. e-mail


Murdered Jerusalem man subjected to racism even in death
Jillian Kestler-D’Amours, Electronic Intifada2/25/2011
All Hussain Hassan Rwidy wanted was to bury his son.
“They took me to see the investigator who worked on the case. He called me inside [his office], alone, and asked me, ‘Are you strong?'” I said to him, ‘I want my son,'” Rwidy told The Electronic Intifada.
“He said directly to me, ‘Your son died …'” Rwidy paused, then continued. “‘Your son died, and there are two people arrested.'”
Twenty-four-year-old Hussam Rwidy was killed in the early morning hours of Friday, 11 February, on Hillel Street in West Jerusalem as he and a friend, Murad Khader Joulani, were walking to their car to drive home from work.
According to the Rwidy family, who live in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Kufr Akab, everything began when a group of extremist Israeli Jews heard Hussam and Murad speaking Arabic to each other, and shouted “Death to the Arabs.”
“My son started to walk [away],” said Hussam’s father, from a mourning tent set up to remember Hussam in the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan, where the family is originally from, last Saturday.
“They came from behind with a knife and jumped on him. After they cut his throat, four more people came and started to beat them with punches and kicks,” he explained.
While Hussam died of his injuries when he reached the hospital, Joulani survived the attack with a deep knife wound visible on the back of his neck…. more.. e-mail

A second chance in the Arab world
Rami G. Khouri, Daily Star2/26/2011
Sometimes in life you are given a second chance to get something right, after getting it wrong the first time. The perception I get from discussions in Washington with independent analysts and people in and close to the Obama administration, is that the United States remains caught and wavering between two approaches: One is to forge ahead with a bold new policy that responds to the historic changes now rippling through the Middle East. The other is to broadly maintain established old patterns of American policy, especially vis-?†-vis Arab autocrats and the Arab-Israeli conflict.
The American government has responded rather cautiously to the extraordinary revolt now taking place across many Arab countries, expressing generic but not passionate support for those who demand freedom and democracy, and mildly criticizing Arab governments that use force to put down their homegrown rebellions. (Compare American support for today’s Arab freedom-seekers to Washington’s passionate support for Soviet dissidents in the 1970s, for example).
Privately, it turns out, the United States has spoken to Arab leaders more forthrightly about some of their behavior — corruption, for instance. President Barack Obama is said to be much more supportive of freedom-seeking Arab citizens than it appears when we hear American officials speaking in public.
The logical response one would expect from the United States — an exuberantly romantic country when it comes to promoting freedom and democracy — is to come out forcefully in favor of Arab governance systems that reflect the principle of the consent of the governed. Washington would stand comfortably and naturally with Tunisians, Egyptians, Bahrainis, Yemenis, Jordanians, Libyans and others who brave beatings, imprisonment and bullets to achieve their rights, proclaiming in Arabic the moral and functional equivalent of that great American cry, “Give me liberty, or give me death.” more.. e-mail

In whose name does Dutch FM Rosenthal speak?
Electronic Intifada: 1 Mar 2011 – Dutch Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal claims to oppose decisions taken by governments without balanced, negotiated political processes. But if this were really true, he would understand the need to bring Israeli officials and military officers responsible for such crimes to the International Criminal Court in The Hague instead of defending Israel’s actions in The Jerusalem Post .more

Palestinians call for unity protest on 15 March
Electronic Intifada: 1 Mar 2011 – GAZA CITY, occupied Gaza Strip (IPS) – A look at the Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings that succeeded in ousting long-entrenched dictators confirms a universal truth: it is the youth who are leading the way in forcing reform in the Middle East.more

Children in East Jerusalem Get Short Stick of the Occupation
Palestine Monitor: 1 Mar 2011 – Over the past six months, if you were following Palestinian and Israeli news, hardly a day would go by without reading a report that more children were detained in East Jerusalem. Now, various reports are coming out that confirm these impressions: children of East Jerusalem are being injured and arrested at an alarmingly high rate. The Association of Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) found that twice the number of children arrested in 2009 in the entire West Bank was arrested in 2010 in East Jerusalem alone. A total of 1,267 Palestinian minors were investigated on criminal charges of stone throwing according to police statistics. The pattern continues: Today, 1 March 2011, Maan News reports that another five children were detained in Silwan by “undercover” forces. Furthermore, the Wadi Hilweh Information Center , a crucial hub of updates on the situation in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan, reported that in January…more

Gaddafi Burning the House Down
Palestine Chronicle: 1 Mar 2011 – By Shafiq Morton — Cape Town My visit to Libya in the late 1990’s was as Kafka-esque as the life and times of its then Brother Leader, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. It was in the era of the Lockerbie bombing sanctions, and getting to Libya was no camel ride. I’d been invited to attend a media conference in a country that had no independent media, no opposition leader alive within its borders and no freedom of speech. But that was only the beginning. Libyan airspace was closed, so we’d been forced to fly to Frankfurt. From there we had to catch a connecting flight to Malta, and from Malta we’d landed on a Tunisian airfield somewhere near the Libyan border. From Tunisia we would travel by bus to Tripoli. In the early hours of the morning surly Tunisian customs officers confiscated the books of Dr Hassan al-Makki, a Sudanese scholar, who…more

A Revolution in Rhetoric: The Word as Dynamo in the Arab World
Palestine Chronicle: 1 Mar 2011 – By Khalil Elayan In looks a man may be a shade, a specter, and yet be master of speech so crowned with beauty that people gaze at him with pleasure. Courteous, sure of himself, he can command assemblies, and when he comes to town, the crowds gather. –from The Odyssey The words in the above epigraph are spoken by Odysseus to the son of Prince Alkinoos of Skheria Island, a place that knows no war, no blight, no suffering. Odysseus has experienced ten years of war, eight years of abduction by immortals, and the loss of his entire fleet, including all his men. Ironically, he has known only war. All of his tangible honor (time’) is lost; there is nothing to show for his twenty year absence from home. All he has are his words. So, when the prince’s son insults Odysseus because he will not partake in their Olympic…more

Concerns over Rising Violence in West Bank
Palestine Chronicle: 1 Mar 2011 – By IRIN — The West Bank Violence between Palestinians and Israeli settlers in the West Bank appears to be worsening, say UN agencies, NGOs, and the Israeli and Palestinian communities living there. An increased number of Palestinian civilians have been injured and had property or land damaged in incidents involving Israeli settlers living in the West Bank since the start of 2011, reports the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). Meanwhile, a systematic lack of law enforcement against settlers by Israeli authorities is being reported by Israeli and Palestinian NGOs and Palestinian victims. Israeli NGO Yesh-Din says nine out 10 investigations of Israeli attacks against Palestinians are closed, with no indictment served, according to a 16 February data sheet on its monitoring of police investigations of a variety of offences. However, only a fraction of the actual number of incidents are reported, says Yesh Din, as many…more

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