Saudi Arabia Mostly Mainstream Media Newslinks for 3 March 2011

3 March 2011 —

Saudi Arabia Must Keep Pumping Oil to Buy Stability: Peter Coy
By Peter Coy March 3 (Bloomberg) — It’s been more than a week since youthful Saudi Arabian demonstrators bucked the regional trend and cheered their ruler, celebrating his return to the kingdom from medical treatment abroad. Saudi Arabia remains …

Gasoline Slips on Speculation Saudi Arabia Increasing Shipments
By Barbara Powell – Thu Mar 03 14:49:30 GMT 2011 Gasoline slipped from
yesterday’s 30-month high as Brent crude in London declined on indications
that Saudi Arabia will ship more oil to Europe to compensate for lower
production from Libya. …

Mubarak not in Saudi Arabia, still in Sharm el-Sheikh: official
RIYADH, March 3 (Xinhua) — A senior Egyptian diplomat denied a report
claimed that former President Hosni Mubarak is now in Saudi Arabia for a
medical treatment, local daily Arab News reported on Thursday. Nabeel
Baker, spokesman for the Egyptian …

Maid faces beheading in Saudi Arabia for murdering the boss she said tried to …
Daily Mail
By Daily Mail Reporter An Indonesian maid faces being beheaded in Saudi
Arabia after murdering the employer she claimed had tried to rape her.
Darsem binti Dawud Tawar had pleaded self-defence when she went on trial
accused of the fatal attack on her …

Dubai Stocks Extends Drop on Concern Mideast Unrest May Spread
By Zahra Hankir March 3 (Bloomberg) — Dubai’s benchmark stock index
declined for a second day to the lowest intraday level in seven years on
concern political unrest in the region may spread to Saudi Arabia and after
Libyan warplanes bombed rebels. …

Saudi Arabia’s terrorist generation
Berkshire Eagle
Saudi Arabia, while nominally an American ally, has like many of America’s
Middle Eastern allies been a thorn in the nation’s side. With the nation’s
great wealth concentrated among a few, a generation of young Saudis with
little hope for the future …
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Protesters urge Saudi Arabia to release Jordanian prisoners
Trend News Agency
Citizens from as far south as Maan gathered in front of the Saudi embassy
in Amman on Wednesday to urge the release of Jordanians detained in Saudi
Arabia, The Jordan Times reported. Among the protesters were relatives of
Mahmoud Fazayah from Maan, …

A Crash in Saudi Arabia, Arrogant Eurocrats and a Look at the Markets Part 1
Seeking Alpha
Stock market traders in Saudi Arabia got a bit of a wake-up call yesterday.
Their stock market evidently sees something it doesn’t like. Why the market
is all of a sudden more worried than it was previously about the challenge
to the established …

Battle for Bahrain: who will win – Iran or USA?
“Market Leader” – news and previews making you rich.
Bahrain is a small island state between Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Its
population slightly exceeds 1 million people, more than 700.000 of which
are Shiite Muslims. There rest is Sunnite Muslims. The latter have been in
power so far. …

UPDATE: Saudi Charters Ships To Bring Crude To Med Amid Unrest-Shipbrokers
Last week, Saudi AramcoAramco’s chief executive officer Khaled Al Falih
said Saudi Arabia has stepped in to meet all incremental needs by customers
for crude oil amid an exports shortfall caused by political unrest in
Libya. Most of Libyan oil exports …

LPossible Saudi unrest and oil prices worry National Bank of Abu Dhabi forum
Gold Seek
Concern over the possible spreading of unrest to the Eastern Province of
Saudi Arabia, with days of protest now slated for 11th and 20th March
dominated discussions at the 3rd Annual Financial Markets Forum held at The
Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi today, …

Saudi Arabia: Denial of fair trial (press release)
In this regard, particular importance needs to be given to the migrant
workers employed in Saudi Arabia. This issue is well-illustrated in the
case of the a 17-year-old Sri Lankan girl who went for employment in Saudi
Arabia and who faced charges for …

Top Shia Cleric Messages Egyptian, Saudi Arabia Muftis
Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi, Iranian senior jurisprudent in a message
addressed Egyptian and Saudi Arabia grand muftis wondering over their
stance towards the recent uprisings and protesters. Part of the message
runs, “One of the important issues …

The Collapse of the Old Oil Order: How the Petroleum Age Will End
Iranian output plunged to two million barrels per day and, even three
decades later, has made it back to only slightly more than four million
barrels per day, even though the country possesses the world’s second
largest oil reserves after Saudi Arabia. …

Turkish defense minister meets OIC SG
Trend News Agency
Turkish Defense Minister Vecdi Gonul, who is on a formal visit to Saudi
Arabia, on Thursday paid a visit to Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, Secretary-General
of Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) headquartered in Jeddah,
Anadolu News Agency reported. …

Saudi credit default swaps worst this year
London: Credit-default swaps on Saudi Arabia are the worst performing
sovereign contracts this year, even though the kingdom has no debt to
insure, as investors hedge the risk of political turmoil in the world’s
biggest oil supplier. …

Washington’s War and Middle East Policy Racket
Auburn Journal
Today an aging king Abdulla returned home to the Saudi Kingdom now
surrounded by freedom movements threatening almost every authoritarian
regime in the Middle East. The government of Saudi Arabia is basically a
family dynasty and the law requires that …

Saudi Arabia | King Abdullah | Protests
By Caryle Murphy
Three separate petitions and calls for protests in Saudi Arabia represent a
small but growing slice of Saudi public that is discontent with King
Abdullah’s absolute monarchy.

Daily Kos: Saudi Arabia Background
By (Richard Lyon)
So far there have not been the sort of public demonstrations and protests
in Saudi Arabia that have occurred in a number of other countries in the
region. Activities of Saudis who are attempting to organize such protests
have been …

The Challenge of Change in Saudi Arabia: A Conversation with …
Scarcely two months after a young Tunisian street vendor, responding to
heavy- handed police action, set himself on fire in protest, launching days
and weeks of tumult from the Atlantic Ocean to the Arabian Sea, the
anti-government …

By Cullen Roche
And that someone is the people of Saudi Arabia…

Saudi Arabia’s Billion Dollar Question—Can Oil Money Buy P …
By Cal Mendelsohn
Some of the frustrations that led to the undoing of former Tunisian
President Ben Ali and former Egyptian President Mubarak could have an even
more drastic impact in Saudi Arabia’s comparatively affluent society.

Lippman Looks at Saudi Affairs | Crossroads Arabia
By John Burgess
The Saudi-US Relations Information Service (SUSRIS), interviews Tom
Lippman, author of Inside the Mirage: America’s Fragile Partnership with
Saudi Arabia . I .

Saudi Arabia: early stirrings of revolt? | 1913 Intel
By Matt
Since his return to Saudi Arabia last week, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz
has been peppered with petitions demanding that the royal family share
power with.

gay persons of color: One man’s gay, Saudi experience
By gay person of color
For an idea of what it might be like to be a gay male living in Saudi
Arabia, check out the interview published at Gay Middle East, in which one
Saudi explains some of the monumental challenges involved in simply being
who he is. …

Somalia online: Maid faces beheading in Saudi Arabia for murdering …
By abdikarim Buh
An Indonesian maid faces being beheaded in Saudi Arabia after murdering the
employer she claimed had tried to rape her. Darsem binti Dawud Tawar had
pleaded self-defence when she went on trial accused of the fatal attack on
her Yemeni …

Saudi Arabia’s move to keep oil flowing brings crude prices down …
Crude oil prices pulled back from highs not seen since 2008 as leaders from
Saudi Arabia to the White House offered fresh assurances that the world
wouldn’t …

Saudi Arabia sends tanks to riot-hit Bahrain – paper
Saudi Arabia has sent dozens of tanks to Bahrain, where anti-government
protests continue for about two weeks, Egypt’s Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper
said on …

Mubarak said to be hospitalized in Saudi Arabia
State-owned Egyptian paper contradicts earlier statement from army; report
says former president in Tabuk receiving chemotherapy.

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