VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 3 March, 2011:

3 March, 2011 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Soldiers Break Into Eshil-Be’er Sheva Prison, Attack Detainees, Search Their Rooms

Soldiers Kidnap Four Children In East Jerusalem

Hamas Delegates Start A Tour To Discuss Shalit File

The Israeli Soldiers Inade Tulkarem To Eat Knafeh

Settlers Organize “Day Of Rage”

Israeli Forces Arrest Residents From Hebron

Israeli Police Detain Citizens From The al-Aqsa Mosque

Kirbeh Tana Demolished For The 6th Time By Israeli Bulldozers

Israeli Soldiers Abducted Two Palestinians In Jenin

February: Seven Palestinians Killed, 46 Injured By Army Fire In Gaza

Ma’an News Agency

Gaza banks strike after robbery, demand money back

Center: Al-Qassam detainee punished for talking to another inmate

Detainee appeals for medical treatment

Facebook activists: ‘Refugee revolution’ set for May

Red Cross urged to help prisoner with heart problems

Gaza fighters: Projectile fired at Israeli military tower

Right-wing Israelis, settlers rally in ‘day of rage’

Egypt releases 12 Palestinian detainees

Sole operating crossing opens for aid delivery to Gaza

NYC folk singer endorses boycott of Israel

Hamas: PA moving Gaza treasury to Ramallah

Mid-checkpoint duty, Israeli soldiers stop for local snack

Pope lifts blame from Jews for Christ’s death

In photos: US senator tours Nativity Church

Hamas: 2 affiliates detained by PA

Fayyad takes questions on Facebook

Police: Drug dealers detained in 2 raids

War crimes court set to probe 10-15 Libyan leaders

Libya jets hit rebel town, crimes against humanity probed

Arab League ‘studying’ Chavez Libya proposal

Mubarak ally quits as Egyptian PM

Rebel-held Libyan town braces for new attack

Jordan PM wins confidence vote

Mubarak ‘still in Egypt’, says prosecutor

Middle East violence hits education

Geithner: World can handle choked oil supplies

Cairo bourse closes indefinitely

Rage, fear and pain at Ajdabiya hospital in Libya

Gadhafi counts on planes, militias to survive


Israel to Sue Bedouin Residents of Demolished Village for Demolition Costs

Facing up to Jewish nationalism and racist violence

Bold Gestures Go a Long Way

Diplomat: I can no longer represent Israel

Report: Israel illegally interrogates, tortures children

Israel’s Al-Daraj Commission Illustrates Long-Standing Institutionalisation of Impunity and Unwillingness to Genuinely Investigate Alleged War Crimes

Seventh Annual Israeli Anti-Apartheid Week

The Arab Revolution and Anti-Imperialism

US students face jail time for disrupting Israeli official’s speech

Report: “Israel Kidnapped 80 Children in Jerusalem Since The Beginning of 2011”


Palestine Telegraph

Jewish Settlers desecrate Al-Nabi Younis mosque

Israeli army opens fire at south Gaza

Seven Palestinians arrested by Israeli army in WB

Israeli forces demolish water wells near Hebron

The National

Egypt’s PM Shafiq quits ahead of protest march

Israel PM may offer Palestinians ‘interim agreement’

Palestine Note

The PLO, Hamas & Fatah are not Palestine.

Jerusalem approves settler homes

Bowing to Opposition, Egypt Premier Resigns

Middle East Conflict and an Internet Tipping Point

PA: World must act on settler violence

A Historic Moment for Arab World

See? We Can Talk About BDS





Alternative Information Center

Israel Demolishes Nablus-Area Palestinian Village for Sixth Time

Israel to Sue Bedouin Residents of Demolished Village for Demolition Costs

SodaStream to Open Plant within Green Line, but Not Closing Settlement Operation

Palestine News Network

Palestinians Youths Write “Free Palestine” On Cash

Muhammad al-Za’tari: Innocent, Accused of Stabbing Settler, and Tortured for Five Months

Gaza’s Crossings Squeezed Shut

Lessons from the Tunisian and Egyptian Revolutions

Jerusalem Post

Weekend power outages narrowly avoided

More than 30 arrested in settlers’ ‘Day of Rage’

‘Mubarak to be questioned on corruption charges’

Senior Fatah officials demand Abbas sack Fayyad

Yishai criticizes Border Police violence at Gilad Farm

Gaza banks close in protest at Hamas cash seizure

Egypt’s prime minister quits after calls for purge

Badkhn Belt? Jewish humor was born in 1661, prof says

Iranian navy ships re-enter Egypt’s Suez Canal

Palestinian farmers hawk wares at Israel agricultural fair

Settlers block roads, train tracks on ‘Day of Rage’

Inter Press Service

LIBYA: Thousands of Foreign Labourers Trapped in Turmoil

EGYPT: Mubarak Regime ‘Provoked’ Attacks on Christians

PCHR Submit Memorandum on Domestic Investigations to UN Committee of Experts

The Guardian

Letters: Antisemitism and criticism of Israel


WATCH LIVE: UN Security Council vote on settlement resolution
18 Feb 2011
Jerusalem prosecutor reduces charges for suspect in racially-motivated killing

2 killed as light aircraft crashes near northern Israel airfield

Rightists launch ‘day of rage’ over West Bank outpost demolition

New York-based testimony for Olmert trial to be closed to public

Radical Muslim leader released from jail to house arrest

Relief Web

2010 Socio-Economic and Food Security Survey West Bank and Gaza Strip, occupied Palestinian territory

OPT: Gaza banks protest being forced to hand over cash

Unpicking the Bilateral Aid Review

YNet News

Egypt’s prime minister quits after calls for purge

‘Arabs will protest like Egypt over social workers’ strike’

Iranian navy ships re-enter Egypt’s Suez Canal

Abbas: We won’t accept interim peace deal

Settler protest stirs havoc nationwide

Palestinian boy claims police beat him

A peek into settlers’ war room

Gaza banks shut down after armed robbery


17 years after Hebron massacre: city center paralyzed

B’Tselem to authorities: Deploy to protect Palestinians

Daily Star

Egypt’s military appoints new PM after Mubarak ally quits

Palestinian Information Center

Speaker Dweik meets with officials from Russia’s foreign ministry

Acquitted Palestinian businessman tortured in PA prison

Mandela: IOA holds Palestinian woman in cell with homicide convicts

Qabaha: Boosted Fatah reconciliation calls a media maneuver

Askalan prisoners complain of being shackled during visits

Chamber of commerce warns of economic crisis in Gaza after Al-Mintar closure

Barak: Army to remain on alert at Egypt borders

Ufree calls on empowered Egyptian army to follow court orders

Jordan summons Israeli ambassador over provocative Eldad statements

IOF detains 7 Palestinians including crippled man, 90 in Al-Khalil in February

Los Angeles Times

Key lawmakers back no-fly zone over Libya as Obama hesitates

Egyptian prime minister resigns; demonstrations for reform still planned

New York Times

U.S. Says Lost Former Agent May Be Imprisoned in Asia

Bowing to Opposition, Egypt Premier Resigns

Terror Quiets Libyan Capital as Rebels Battle in the East

The Lede: March 3 Updates on Libya’s Revolt and Mideast Protests

Obama Tells Qaddafi to Quit and Authorizes Refugee Airlifts

Opinionator: From Lebanon, With Pessimism and Hope

Return To Sender: Israeli activists say, ‘we won’t be ‘the US aircraft carrier in the Middle East”


Help MECA bring attention to children under threat of deportation from Israel

Settlers rampage

Report: Israeli company recruits mercenaries to support Gadhafi

The beat goes on: Egypt’s Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq resigns

Jewish Voice for Peace

Tell U.S. Consulate to let Omar Barghouti be heard

NJ Jewish News on the Rabbi’s Letter in support of mosque

Young, Jewish, and Proud’s Eitan Isaacson in Zeek

Remarks at J Street’s BDS panel

Jewish Telegraph Agency on BDS debate at J Street Conference

Gisha response to closing of Karni Crossing: Gaza’s Crossings Squeezed Shut


Missing ex-FBI agent ‘is alive’

Egypt’s prime minister steps down

Gaza banks close doors in protest

Jerusalem approves settler homes

Oman’s non-revolution


International schizophrenia
Suhail Khalilieh, Ma’an News Agency 3/3/2011
Lessons from the Egyptian revolution
Mustafa Barghouti, Al-Ahram Weekly 2/3/2011
Will the Palestinians keep silent?
Alaa Tartir, Ma’an News Agency 3/1/2011
Is entertaining dictators worse than normalizing apartheid?
Electronic Intifada – 3 Mar 2011
Mubarak regime source of sectarian unrest
Electronic Intifada – 3 Mar 2011
Casualties mount as battle for Libya continues
Electronic Intifada – 3 Mar 2011
Facing up to Jewish nationalism and racist violence
Electronic Intifada – 3 Mar 2011
Arabs Challenge Israeli Hasbara
Palestinian Chronicle – 3 Mar 2011
Roots of the Arab Revolts; Premature Celebrations
Palestinian Chronicle – 3 Mar 2011

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