Information Clearing House Newsletter 8 March, 2011: Why is Hillary Clinton Not Defending the Rights of Saudi Protesters?

8 March, 2011 — Information Clearing House

Top 14 Justifications For An Invasion Of Libya
By End Of The American Dream
For decades the U.S. has looked upon the suffering of millions of Africans with indifference but now they are trying to convince us that it is a “moral imperative” that we intervene in the civil war in Libya.

The Battle for Zawiyah
Vide Report By Sky News
Report by Alex Crawford — The people of Zawiyah are fighting for their lives. We have seen with our own eyes Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s forces firing on peaceful protesters.

No-fly Zone a “Gateway Drug” to War
By Michael Tomasky
Once the U.S. has committed itself to using limited military force to depose a foreign regime, the pressure to “stay the course” becomes irresistible.

Why is Hillary Not Defending the Rights of Saudi Protesters?
By Eric Blair
This prohibition of popular dissent proves beyond a shadow of doubt that Saudi Arabia is indeed the most tyrannical authoritarian regime in the Arab world. Yet, U.S. Administration officials have been strangely silent about supporting the people’s uprising there.

How Many Afghan Children Can We Kill Before It Makes The News?
The number of Afghan boys gathering firewood killed by a March 1 U.S./NATO helicopter attack in Kunar Province: Nine. The number of stories about the killing of the nine children on ABC, CBS or NBC morning or evening news shows (as of March 6): Two.

Don’t Forget Bradley Manning
By Duncan Campbell
Tomorrow morning, Private First Class Bradley Manning will be required to stand naked for the daily roll call in the US marine base in Quantico, Virginia, where he is being held on multiple charges, including “aiding the enemy”, for his alleged role in the release of tens of thousands of US security files to WikiLeaks.

Inhumanity at Quantico
By Scott Horton
The brig commander at Quantico should consider carefully whether it is really wise to deal with a young whistleblower by using watered-down versions of the tools of tyrannical oppression with which regimes like Mubarak, Ben Ali, and Qaddafi are so closely associated.

America’s Much Abused Moral Authority
By Morris Davis
The United States cannot stand up for justice and the rule of law when it sits idly on its own record of torture.

More than 50 people killed in south Sudan clashes :
Philip Aguer, spokesman for the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), said on Monday that militia forces loyal to the rebel leader George Athor clashed with military forces, killing 56 peopleScores dead in south Sudan clashes

Somali official: American militant reported killed: –
Somalia’s defense minister said Tuesday that intelligence reports indicate that an American from Alabama who joined a dangerous militant group may have been killed during an anti-insurgent offensive.

At least 25 killed in Pakistan bomb attack:
Many of those hurt were trapped for hours by debris and shrapnel after the blast reduced the station building to rubble, with rescue workers heaving stones and metal away to rescue survivors.

US attack kills 9 people in Pakistan :
Officials say the airstrike, which fired two missiles into a house in Pashtun tribal region, targeted South Waziristan agency near Afghanistan’s border

11 Taliban killed in southern Afghanistan:
Afghan and NATO-led occupation forces killed eleven Taliban insurgents in different operations in Afghanistan’s southern province of Helmand, officials said on Tuesday.

Majority Want U.S. Troops Out Of Afghanistan Within A Year:
On the same day that Defense Secretary Robert Gates said that America would continue to have a military presence in Afghanistan beyond 2014, a new poll finds that the majority of Americans want all U.S. troops withdrawn within one year.

Private contractors at record in Afghan war: report:
The number of private security personnel working for the US military in Afghanistan rose to 18,919 at the end of last year, the highest level used in any conflict by the United States, a congressional report said.

Six killed in separate Iraq attacks: –
Six people were killed in separate attacks in northern and western Iraq on Tuesday, according to security officials.

Iraq shuts opposition party offices:
Leaders of the Iraqi Nation Party and the Iraqi Communist Party told The New York Times dozens of armed officers came to their offices Sunday, two days after they helped lead nationwide demonstrations for better services.

At least 3 killed as Ivorian clashes continue:
Cote d’Ivoire faces the spectre of a renewed civil war as the crisis over the disputed presidential election deepens.

Report: Gadhafi forces regain ground in rebel-held Libya towns:
Libyan opposition forces lost some ground on Tuesday during deadly clashes in a number of towns, as forces loyal to leader Muammer Gaddafi moved to recapture rebel-run areas, the broadcaster Al Jazeera reported.

Libyan forces strike back at rebels:
Opposition fighters ask for help to fend off fierce counterattacks by Gaddafi loyalists aiming to retake lost towns.

Rebels set demands for Gaddafi exit:
Head of Libyan opposition says Gaddafi ‘will not be pursued’ if he quits within 72 hours and stops bombing countrymen.

Libyan government denies negotiations with rebels:
The Libyan National Council, an opposition network, claimed it had been approached by a government representative with an offer to negotiate the terms of Libyan leader Moamer Gaddafi’s departure, Council spokesperson Moustafa Abduljalil said earlier.

Gaddafi regime invites EU to monitor Libya crisis:
Some diplomats keen to undertake evaluation mission, but others see it as ploy to weaken demands that Gaddafi step down

NATO launches 24-hour air surveillance of Libya:
Obama says U.S., NATO still mulling military options, warns Gadhafi-loyalists will be ‘held accountable’ if violence continues; Gates: Military action would need international backing.

U.K., France draft resolution to impose ‘no-fly zone’ over Libya:
A British diplomat at the U.N. stressed Monday that the resolution is being prepared as a contingency in case it is needed, but no decision has been made to introduce it at the U.N. Security Council.

Libya unrest: Nato military strength in the Mediterranean:
As the alliance considers establishing a no-fly zone over Libya, we look at Nato military capability in the area, and what they might be up against …

3 dead as jail joins Yemen protests:
Three reported dead and dozens more injured after police clash with prisoners protesting against Yemeni president.

Gunmen assassinate opposition leader in south Yemen:
Unidentified gunmen assassinated a prominent member of the Yemeni opposition coalition in the country ‘s southeast province of Shabwa on Monday, a local police source told Xinhua.

Protests in Yemen spread despite police live gunfire:
Hundreds of Special Forces affiliates held a demonstration demanding higher wages in Hudeidah province, 220 kilometres west of the capital. Many of the protesters in Hudeibah were dressed in military uniforms.

Tens of thousands Shias continue anti-govt. rally in Yemen:
The minority, which has recently joined nationwide anti-government demonstrations, has for long complained about efforts by the Yemeni leadership and neighboring Saudi Arabia to socially, economically, and religiously marginalize the community.

Yemen’s president plays the trusted al-Qaida card:
President Salih has blamed unrest on Islamic terrorists. There’s no evidence, but it looks like the west has taken the bait

Bahrain to spend $5.32 bln on homes in face of protests:
Housing in the kingdom is available, especially for poorer people, for low prices with payments over a long period, which Alawi announced has now been extended from 25 to 30 years, according to BNA.

Kuwait police block square amid protest calls:
Police barricaded a main square in Kuwait’s capital Tuesday before planned protests for greater political freedoms that could bring another Gulf state into the surge for reforms around the Arab world.

Saudi Arabia is losing its fear:
There’s no doubt the kingdom is ripe for revolution, and any security forces violence at Friday’s protests could ignite the fuse.

Saudi Arabia’s `Day of Rage’ Lures Record Bets on $200 Oil: Chart of Day:
Options traders are betting more than ever that crude oil is heading to $200 a barrel as some websites call for a “Day of Rage” in Saudi Arabia and anti- government protests spread in the Middle East and North Africa.

Police and Soldiers block Protests in Djibouti:
Two weeks ago thousands turned out for an anti-government demonstration but they were denied permission for another rally on Friday and security forces roamed the streets to prevent any demonstrations.

U.S. Soldiers mentor Djiboutian Army rapid reaction forces:
“Our mission here is to mentor the Djiboutian military as they prepare for upcoming missions. We’re trying to help them so they are capable of preventing conflict, establishing regional stability, and protecting coalition interests here,” said Staff Sgt. Travis Elder, an infantry squad leader with the 137th, who is a sheriff’s deputy in his hometown located near Topeka, Kan.

Egypt’s ambassador promises big change in policy towards Gaza:
“We deal with Gaza as a strategic depth” for Egypt, Othman said, promising that the situation there will “change to the better and best.”

Egypt humanitarian delegation enters Gaza:
We’ve arrived in Al Arish to a good welcome. But we did have to pass through about 12 checkpoints and the army tried to persuade us not to come. But now the people here are promising to accompany the convoy to Gaza.

Britain to upgrade status of Palestinian delegation to ‘mission’:
Ahead of Palestinian President Abbas’ visit to London, British Foreign Secretary William Hague says ‘we want to see an urgent return to negotiations, based on clear parameters including 1967 borders.’

Israel may ask U.S. for $20 billion more in security aid, Barak says:
Defense Minister tells Wall Street Journal that Israel must be on guard considering the unrest sweeping the Arab world, adding increased aid could help make Israel a ‘stabilizer in such a turbulent region’

War criminal:
Kissinger asks Obama to release spy for Israel:
In a letter obtained by The Associated Press, Kissinger wrote to Obama, “I believe justice would be served by commuting” Jonathan Pollard’s life sentence.

In case you missed it:
The Trials of Henry Kissinger: The Making Of A War Criminal: Video:
“A fascinating, bombshell documentary that should shame Americans, regardless of whether or not ultimate blame finally lies with Kissinger. Should be required viewing for civics classes and would-be public servants alike.”

Inside An Egyptian Torture Center:
With Mubarak out of power, Egyptians turned today on the brutal State Security Services he used to cement his reign. – This is basically like if Americans were given free reign at the FBI’s HQ!5777531/inside-an-egyptian-torture-center/gallery/1

Obama Breaks Promise: Gitmo Tribunals to Resume:
Military tribunals will resume for detainees in Guantanamo, despite President Obama’s campaign promise to close the facility. The trials were suspended on Obama’s first day in office, but after 16 months of review, the president has done little to change the policy instated by President Bush. The announcement was expected, but many on the left are still outraged by it.

Kucinich: Gates will have ‘blot’ on record for Manning detainment:
“There will be consequences under the law for Secretary Gates for continuing to be complicit in the way this soldier is being treated.”

Despite openness pledge, President Obama pursues leakers:
The Obama administration, which famously pledged to be the most transparent in American history, is pursuing an unexpectedly aggressive legal offensive against federal workers who leak secret information to expose wrongdoing

Special US prison units fill with Muslims: –
US federal prisons for the past three years have housed special units filled disproportionately with Muslim inmates whose every communication with the outside world is strictly monitored.

“No Way Out” of Debt Trap, Gross Says:
U.S. Living Standards Doomed to Fall: In U.S., states across the country face a collective $125 billion shortfall for fiscal 2012, while Congress is facing a budget gap nearly 10 times that size.

Broke Town, U.S.A.: Is this America’s future?:
Cities across America are facing dire financial distress. Meredith Whitney, a banking analyst turned independent adviser who correctly predicted the banking meltdown, has issued an Armageddon-like prediction of mass municipal defaults.

Will California Fall Into ‘The Black Hole’?:
California only has a short amount of time to fix its troubled economy, with an $84 billion budget and $24 billion deficit, or else it will deteriorate to the point of no return, Sean Egan, founding partner and president of Egan-Jones Rating Company, told CNBC on Monday.

Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered Since The U.S. Invaded Iraq “1,421,933″

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,757

Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 2,356

Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

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