Stop Murdoch — Round Two

10 March 2011

Dear friends across the UK,

Murdoch’s friends in government have given him approval to buy out our media. Avaaz is launching an all out campaign to stop the Murdoch deal during the 10 day consultation period, with a national opinion poll, hard hitting ads and legal challenges. Small donations from 5,000 of us will make it happen:

Rupert Murdoch’s friends in government have given him approval to buy nearly half our private media. We have 10 days to challenge the deal.

Last week, Avaaz UK members flooded Parliament with 75,000 messages and phone calls, and joined with 400,000 Avaaz members around the world to stop Murdoch, making the evening news and major UK media. Our efforts have helped press the government to place conditions on Murdoch’s bid to control Britain’s largest commercial broadcaster as well as many of our biggest newspapers — now it’s time to up the pressure and stop Murdoch’s march to media domination.

Avaaz is launching an all-out campaign to stop the Murdoch deal during the government’s 10 day consultation period. If 5,000 of us chip in a few pounds each, we’ll have enough to:
• commission and publish an opinion poll definitively showing the British public’s rejection of the deal
• run large numbers of hard-hitting ads in local constituencies of MPs who could stop this deal
• hire a law firm to develop a legal challenge to the deal.
We can win this. The government is weakened following the forests and Libya fiascos and they don’t want another public humiliation. It all comes down to how hard we fight. Our democracy is worth it — click below to donate:

Rupert Murdoch has used his global media empire to push war in Iraq, elect George W Bush, and block global action on climate change. By trading favourable media coverage for political favours, and ruining the careers of politicians who oppose him, he has become a profound threat to democratic government in many countries.

Already, no British Prime Minister in the last 20 years has been elected without Murdoch’s blessing. If he gains complete control of BSkyB, his grip on British democracy will become almost untouchable. He’ll be able to use this additional power to try to destroy the BBC, his largest global competitor, and replace it with his signature trashy and corrupting style of media.

But if the coming days return a massive poll result opposing the government’s deal, see MPs constituencies covered with bus shelter ads that make selling out to Murdoch an issue of character and personal reputation, and if even more legal barriers are thrown in the way – we can save our democracy and stop this deal. Donate below to make it happen:

Democracy is only as good as the information citizens possess when they vote and hold politicians accountable. Rupert Murdoch’s brand of media corruption is a profound threat to our democracy, and noone will save it but us. For the next 10 days, let’s pull out all the stops.

With hope,

Alex, Ricken, Emma, Pascal, Graziela and all the Avaaz team


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