Terrorists attack civilians in Missuratah

3 May 2011 — RT

Foreign Al-Qaida forces occupied Misurata according to refugees fleeing the city, Russia Today reports

Reporter : These refugees ran away from Musrata which is badly suffering of the difficult conditions there because of the constant battles between the Libyans forces and the armed gangs there.

Lady1: “the condition in Musrata is tragic and no one can possibly live there, I could never ever go back and live there in my life once again because of all the panic and things we experienced there. Of course, when that false-revolution that the gangs started there, we couldn’t do anything but run away out of the city!”

Reporter: And here we met and spoke to some of the women here that described the battles that happened in this city and the armed groups that do it.

Lady2: “ and they say the Libyan troops …we stayed for a period of time without seeing the Libyan army but these people are not even Libyan… we saw people from Afghanistan – their beards and their faces and blood show, people from Tunisia, Egyptians and Algerians these are Alqaeda groups – and then some guys from Musrata joined them of course.

Lady in the back: “They stared killing our children , breaking into our houses and kicking us out of our houses and …”

Reporter: Miserable conditions in Musrata could only be explained by the people who escaped the city.

Lady3: Well, I want to talk about the children there in Musrata, raping, and attacking people using weapons to break into houses.. and raping girls in front of their parents and families .. and killing innocent children..and killing innocent soldiers…

Reporter: Abdulhakim Amer, escaped Musrata with his family and left his father stuck there, and he just asked us to let him send a message to his father though RT channel , hopefully he is watching him on TV , that he is OK and safe.

Reporter: Musrata city is still hurt and all people are hoping that safeness comes back to the city and all the Libya.

Finally, this is how some of the refugees describe the threats and harassments they were exposed to there.

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