New at Strategic Culture Foundation 30 April – 5 May 2011

7 May 2011 — Strategic Cutlture Foundation

America again needs Osama

06.05.2011 | 00:00 | Leonid IVASHOV
Osama bin Laden conscientiously accomplished the task set and, once September 11th 2001 was over, earned peace and quiet that he was promised by his US bosses. But 10 years went by, and the masters of America decided they needed him again, this time clearly for the last time. Had it not been for the hurriedly masterminded murder of the “terrorist No. 1”, the mass media throughout the world would have focused on the United States and NATO, which loom up behind the merciless killing of Gaddafi’s son and grandchildren…

Portraying Libya: the «Free Media» and the «Common Vision»

05.05.2011 | 00:00 | Sergei SHASHKOV
The media have long evolved into a kind of auxiliary warfare, and, in terms of their impact, now almost rank with weapons of mass destruction… The corresponding techniques are being permanently refined. The contrast between the former information campaigns — those which paralleled the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia in 1999 and preceded the «democratization» of Iraq in 2003 – and the current one around Libya highlights the impressive progress made by media technologies along with the striking buildup of cynicism over the relatively short period of time…

Made-for-TV counter-terrorism operations

04.05.2011 | 12:01 | Wayne MADSEN (USA)
Now, after the alleged killing of Bin Laden in Abbottabad, the U.S. has announced it seized several “Al Qaeda” computers detailing planned terrorist attacks around the world. It would appear that Bin Laden, after more than mere rumors of his prior death, was resurrected from the grave for purposes only known to the upper echelons of the Obama White House and America’s military-industrial-intelligence complex…

Obama Killed Osama

03.05.2011 | 14:46 | Dmitriy SEDOV
Killing the leader of the world’s largest terrorist network instead of seizing him looks like a cover-up, considering that a whole army of experts challenge the view that bin Laden was the mastermind behind the September 11 attack and that the synchronism between the operation and Obama’s re-election is hardly a coincidence… No doubt, the killing of bin Laden (regardless of under what circumstances he was killed and even whether he was indeed the person killed) was an intelligent way to open Obama’s presidential campaign. Luckily for the candidate, the public in the country forever scarred by September 11 is sure to be impressed by the symbolic episode.

Assassinations of Country Leaders and the International Law: Precedent To Be Set in Libya?

03.05.2011 | 09:34 | Alexander MEZYAEV
The NATO aggression against Libya makes the world re-examine a number of themes from the realm of the international law, especially in the light of the obviously existing plan to kill the country’s defiant leader M. Gadhafi… In September 2010, the UN voted against Libya’s plan to put investigations of country leader assassinations on the UN General Assembly’s agenda…

The intriguing death of Osama bin Laden

03.05.2011 | 00:00 | Melkulangara BHADRAKUMAR
Think of the irony of it. Osama bin Laden was finally tracked down not in the lawless wilds of Afghanistan but in the teeming Pakistani city of Abbottabad, which is hardly 50 kilometers away as the crow flies from the headquarters of the military establishment in Rawalpindi… Equally, the regimes in Syria and Iran will come under immense pressure from the US in the coming months…

The Agony of Libya: What can be done (II)

02.05.2011 | 11:28 | Najmuddin A. SHAIKH
Both China and Russia made it clear, one in relatively mild terms and the other more stridently that they were against the use of force in Libya as soon as the military action started… In a commentary on the 20th April, the English language “China Daily” said that “the situation is turning into a humanitarian disaster with far reaching consequences”…

Libya Faces Attacks Against Civilian Infrastructures and Tough Information Warfare

02.05.2011 | 11:15 | Leonid SAVIN
NATO’s initial plan for the offensive against Libya evidently collapsed, and the alliance had to switch to the tactic it employed in Yugoslavia, hammering the whole range of the country’s infrastructures and putting the entire civilian population under pressure rather then limiting the attacks to armed forces involved in combat…

Muammar Gaddafi appeals to Russia

01.05.2011 | 00:01 | Leonid IVASHOV
The military actions between Libyans are going on only on the screens of Western and Russian TV channels. The rest of the time, in pauses between NATO’s bombings the situation is quiet in Libya. Gaddafi has banned the troops to attack the cities and settlements to avoid new victims among the population and new destructions… Gaddafi does not allow his troops to shoot down NATO planes to prevent the escalation of military actions and aggravation of political psychosis in the West. Gaddafi has invented unexpected and efficient responsive measures: after every NATO’s bombardment he “encourages” every new arrival of African refugees to Italy and France…

US and NATO in Libya: International Banditry Turned Legitimate Strategy

01.05.2011 | 00:00 | Nil NIKANDROV
Details of the coming overland operation to be launched by NATO in Libya have been leaked to the public recently… The plan spanning a period of four months following the initial deployment phase and applying to all of Libya’s territory includes the seizure of the country’s seaports and aerodromes. They will be used to deliver humanitarian aid, presuming that foreign troops and armoured vehicles should count as such. In other words, Libya is about to be dragged into a full-scale war on the ground and in the air. For NATO humanists, the international banditry has become a legitimate strategy.

Domestic Plutocracy, Global Punishment

30.04.2011 | 14:42 | David KERANS (USA)
Over the last decade a wide variety of indications have testified to the cresting of the half-century long hegemony of the US in world affairs. US envoys no longer dictate to foreign leaders as easily as they did in the second half of the 20th century, instructing them on how to line up on votes in the United Nations, compelling them to favor Western business interests inside their countries, directing their repression of left wing political movements, etc. The shrinkage of US political power is apparent on every continent…

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