VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 7 May, 2011: Once again, Israel threatens to raze wells, structures in Ramadin village

7 May, 2011 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Dozens Wounded By The Army in Silwan
IMEMC – Friday May 06, 2011 – 23:49, Palestinian medical sources in occupied East Jerusalem reported Friday that dozens of residents were injured after Israeli soldiers and policemen attacked a protest in Silwan, in occupied East Jerusalem. Two homes caught fire after soldiers fired teargas bombs into them.

Extremist Israelis Disrupt Talks for Palestinian Nonviolent Leader In Paris
IMEMC – Friday May 06, 2011 – 22:48, A group of extremist Israeli youths, members of the outlawed Kach Movement, tried to prevent Palestinian nonviolent resistance leader, Abdullah Abu Rahma, from speaking at a forum in Paris, by creating chaos, acting in a violent way and trying to physically attack him.

Ma’an News

Israeli forces evacuate Khirbet Umm Nir
5/7/2011 – HEBRON (Ma’an) — Israeli forces evicted around 110 Palestinians from a small village south of Hebron on Thursday, residents said. Usama Al-Habour told Ma’an that soldiers demolished 12 tents and barns from Khirbet Umm Nir, east of Yatta, for the third time in two months. The residents had been given a deadline….

Soldiers arrest Hamas leader at Jenin checkpoint
5/7/2011 – JENIN (Ma’an) — Israel’s army arrested a Hamas leader Saturday in the occupied West Bank, prisoners advocates said. Khaled Al-Haj, 45, was passing through a military checkpoint at the entrance of Araba when he was arrested, the Ahrar prisoners center said. Al-Haj served as a spokesman for Hamas, and he was recently….

Clashes reported in village near Nablus
5/7/2011 – NABLUS (Ma’an) — Clashes erupted in the northern West Bank late Saturday at a weekly rally against settlements. Residents of Iraq Burin, south of Nablus, suffered tear-gas inhalation as soldiers fired gas canisters and stun grenades. Palestinian official Ghasan Doghlas said soldiers deployed to prevent the march from reaching an area slated for confiscation….

Man shot dead in Ramallah refugee camp
5/8/2011 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — A man was shot dead Friday by unidentified gunmen in Al-Jalazun refugee camp in the central West Bank. The body of Muhammad Yahya Khawaldah, 30, was brought to the Palestine Medical Compound in Ramallah. Medics said the body was riddled with at least 10 bullets. Local sources told Ma’an….

UN chief urges Israel not to withhold tax revenue
5/7/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — UN chief Ban Ki-moon on Friday told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not to withhold the Palestinian Authority’s tax revenue over its reconciliation with Hamas. The UN secretary-general phoned the Israeli premier and urged him to “make decisive moves towards a historic agreement with the Palestinians,” a statement from….

Hamas: We will consult Fatah on resistance
5/8/2011 – CAIRO (Ma’an) — Hamas will decide whether or not to use violence to resist Israel in consensus with Palestinian factions, the movement’s leader told The Wall Street Journal.” How to manage the resistance, what’s the best way to achieve our goals, when to escalate and when to cease fire, now….

Campaign ‘to bring Nativity deportees home alive’
5/8/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) – A spokesman of the Palestinians deported to Europe in 2002 on Saturday urged Palestinian leaders and institutions to support a campaign “to bring Nativity Church deportees back home alive.”Jihad Ja’arah told Ma’an that he and other deportees support the national campaign, which is led by Kifah….

Prosecutor files amended indictment in Hariri probe
5/7/2011 – THE HAGUE (AFP) — The prosecutor of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon filed an amended indictment on Friday based on further evidence in the probe into the 2005 killing of former Lebanese premier Rafiq Hariri, the office of the prosecutor said. The findings of the tribunal have been the subject of wide speculation in Lebanon and….

Israel official: Hamas ‘weakness’ led to unity deal
5/8/2011 – TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma’an) — Israeli vice prime minister and minister of strategic affairs Moshe Ya’alon said Saturday that “If Israeli forces disengage from the West Bank, Israel will have a second Hamastan” the Israeli daily Maariv reported.”Hamas is an organization whose ideology is to establish an Islamic state extending from….

Hamas leader condemns ‘extra-judicial’ killings’
5/7/2011 – RAMALLAH (AFP) — Hamas leader Khalid Mash’al on Friday condemned “extrajudicial executions”, in the wake of the killing of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.” While we disapprove of the methods of Al-Qaeda, particularly actions directed against innocent civilians, we are opposed to the United States or any other party having recourse to extrajudicial executions….

DFLP officials discuss unity with Egypt FM
5/7/2011 – CAIRO (Ma’an) — Representatives of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine met Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Al-Arabi Thursday to discuss the formation of a Palestinian unity government. The meeting followed the signing of a reconciliation agreement between Hamas and Fatah in Cairo, ratified by Palestinian factions. Under the deal, factions agreed to….

36 killed in Syria ‘Day of Defiance’
5/8/2011 – DAMASCUS (AFP) — Syrian security forces shot dead at least 26 protesters as thousands rallied on a “Day of Defiance” against the Syrian regime, a rights group said, with authorities accusing “terrorists” of killing 10 security personnel. The violence came as the European Union agreed to impose sanctions on 13 Syrian officials involved in the regime….

4 killed in sectarian violence in Cairo
5/8/2011 – CAIRO (AFP) — Clashes between Muslims and Christians in the Egyptian capital Cairo on Saturday left four people dead and about 20 others injured, hospital and security officials said. The two groups clashed in the northwestern district of Imbaba after Muslims attacked the Coptic Saint Mena church to free a Christian woman they alleged was being….

Libyan tribal chiefs urge amnesty to all fighters
5/7/2011 – TRIPOLI, Libya (AFP) — Libya’s tribal chiefs urged a general amnesty for all fighters engaged in the oil-rich nation’s civil war, as Amnesty International said the regime’s siege of Misrata could be a war crime. Rebels, meanwhile, braced for a new ground assault by Moammar Gadhafi’s forces on….

Palestine Note

Gaza hosts first-ever marathon
Palestine Note 6 May 2011 – Al Jazeera- Around 1,500 people, including hundreds of school children, have taken part in the Gaza Strip’s first-ever marathon. (Please visit the site to view this media) Organised by UNRWA, the event has raised more than $1 million in sponsorship,…

More deaths on Syria’s ‘day of defiance’
Palestine Note 6 May 2011 – Al Jazeera – Activists claim that up to 30 people have been killed in Syria where thousands have taken to the streets for another day of anti-government rallies, dubbed a “day of defiance”. (Please visit the site to view this…

Palestinian youth: New movement, new borders
Palestine Note 6 May 2011 – Noura Erakat , Al Jazeera – Reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah may present the first victory of a nascent Palestinian youth movement, which earned its moniker, the March 15th movement, from the first day of its mass protests in the Occupied…

Factions Begin Groundwork for Political Unification
Palestine Note 6 May 2011 – Meshal calls for two-state solution, refuses to renounce violence The National – Now that the unity accord has been signed, Hamas, its new friends in Fatah and a dozen other Palestinian factions must begin laying the groundwork for political reunification….


Deaths in Egypt’s sectarian clashes
AlJazeera 7 May 2011 – At least six dead as Muslims and Christians clash in neighbourhood near the capital.

Al-Qaeda denies role in Morocco cafe blast
AlJazeera 7 May 2011 – North African offshoot denies responsiblity for bomb blast at a cafe in the city of Marrakesh.

Violence and censorship fuel Tunisia tensions
AlJazeera 7 May 2011 – Journalists beaten during protests calling for a “new revolution” and online censorship makes a comeback.

Deadly robbery shakes Iraqi city
AlJazeera 7 May 2011 – Attackers make off with $3.4m in raid on currency traders in Baquba, highlighting rise in criminal activity.

Deaths reported as Syrian forces storm city
AlJazeera 7 May 2011 – Four women among six civilians killed in a tank-backed army raid on besieged coastal city of Baniyas, activist says.

US drone attack in Yemen ‘missed’ al-Awlaki
AlJazeera 7 May 2011 – Officials say raid targeted but failed to kill US-Yemeni religious leader, who is said to be linked to al-Qaeda.

Yemen youth call for withdrawal of GCC plan
AlJazeera 7 May 2011 – Groups leading protests to oust president Saleh call for an end to initiatives that ‘alienate’ the Yemeni people.

UN urges Israel to unfreeze Palestinian funds
AlJazeera 6 May 2011 – Israel blocked transfer of $105m in customs duties and other levies it collects on behalf of the Palestinian Authority.

Dubai tackles wildlife trafficking
AlJazeera 6 May 2011 – Dubai’s financial crisis has delayed plans to build a bigger facility for rescued animals.

Palestine News Network

Award Winning PNN Editor: I Hope We Will Have More Freedom of Speech
PNN – Ghassan Bannoura — PNN Exclusive — PNN Arabic Department News Editor, Hiba Lama was the only female journalist to hold the third possession in a competition organized by the Palestinian Journalists Union…

In Weak of Israel?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s Decision to Withhold Palestinian Taxes; EU Sends 85 Million EUR
PNN – Brussels — PNN – The approved 85 Million EUR package by the European Commission on Friday will be added to the 100 million EUR approved for the 2011 Palestinian Authority’s budget approved…

UN Chief Calls on Israel to Release Palestinian Taxes and Take Decisive Moves for Two-Stat Solution
PNN – New York — PNN — Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged Israel to not stop transferring tax revenues to the Palestinian Authority.Mr. Ban remarks came during a telephone conversation with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin…

Christian Peacemaker Teams
5/7/2011 – International Solidarity Movement – On Friday, May 6, the Israeli military declared the area of Amniyr, a Palestinian village south of Yatta, a closed military zone and chased away the families who own the land, after demolishing structures and trees on the land the day before. The demolitions at 5 a. m. on Thursday, May 5, when the military….

Relief Web

Ban calls on Israel to take ‘decisive moves’ towards two-state solution
Relief Web 6 May 2011 – Source: UN News Service Country: Israel , occupied Palestinian territory 6 May 2011 — Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon voiced hope today that Israel will make “decisive moves towards a historic agreement” with the Palestinians, telling the country’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that…

Palestine Telegraph

Israel to demolish electric line near Nablus
7 May 2011 – West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)-Israeli occupation authorities handed Saturday a notice to a village mayor for the removal and demolishing of an electric powerline that provides seven houses in Jaloud village, in the south-west of Nablus. Local sources confirmed that Israeli officials handed the military order to Abdallah Al-Haj Mohammed, the head of Jaloud village council, for the demolition of a…

Injuries reported in Silwan clashes
7 May 2011 – West Bank, (Pal Telegraph) Several cases of suffocation were reported yesterday as Israeli soldiers intensively fired tear gases at Palestinian residents during clashes took place in Silwan town, in the occupied east Jerusalem.

Israeli forces storm villages in WB
7 May 2011 – West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)- Israeli occupation forces invaded on Saturday the east part of Nablus city and Azzoun village, in the east of Qalqilya city, in the occupied West Bank.

The National

Give Palestinians their tax cash, Israel told
The National 7 May 2011 – Yuval Steinitz, the Israeli finance minister, said last week he would suspend payment of customs duties and other taxes it collects on behalf of the Palestinian Authority (PA), which amounts to more than $1 billion (Dh3.67bn) in annual revenues for the West Bank¬øs governing body.

Drone strike misses Al Qa’eda suspect
The National 7 May 2011 – The US drone attack in Yemen on Thursday was an attempt to kill Anwar Awlaki, an American-born militant suspected of involvement in multiple terrorist plots against the United States, but he eluded the missiles

Gaza militia ‘in grab for power’
The National 7 May 2011 – Palestinian leaders, political analysts and human rights groups in Gaza say the powerful Qassam Brigades have grown unwieldy, increasingly defiant of Hamas political leaders and brutally repressive towards public dissent.

Syrian tanks storm flashpoint city of Banias
The National 6 May 2011 – Heavy gunfire was heard in the port city’s south, where most of the protesters live, as President Bashar al Assad ignores growing international outcry over the government’s violent response to anti-regime demonstrations.

Activists say Syrian troops killed 25 protesters
The National 6 May 2011 – In response to Syria’s use of force, the European Union followed the United States, announcing it has agreed to impose targeted sanctions against 14 leading members of the Syrian regime, though not against President Bashar al Assad.

Forget the blockade, eat at Abu Hassira
The National 6 May 2011 – The family-owned restaurant in Gaza has managed has a loyal clientele spanning all political stripes and most income brackets, as well the handful of foreigners working in this Palestinian enclave.


Source: Hamas raised price for Shalit due to Barak’s irresponsible behavior
Ha’aretz – Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Ehud Barak blame each other for failing to manage the contacts with Hamas over the release of captured soldier Gilad Shalit.

Former Mossad chief: Israel air strike on Iran ‘stupidest thing I have ever heard’
Ha’aretz – In first public appearance since leaving post as Mossad chief, Meir Dagan warns of regional war if Iran is attacked; says fall of Assad regime would benefit Israel.

VIDEO / Captured footage shows bin Laden watching himself on TV
Ha’aretz – U.S. intelligence officials release videos seized from Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Report: CUNY to rescind decision withholding honor from Kushner over anti-Israel views
Ha’aretz – Following backlash, executive committee of CUNY board will nix earlier decision and grant honorary degree to playwright Tony Kushner, the New York Times reports.

Nuclear whistle-blower Vanunu requests revocation of citizenship
Ha’aretz – Mordechai Vanunu sends letter to Interior Minister Eli Yishai asking for his citizenship to be stripped based on new Citizenship Revocation Law.

On Israel’s Memorial Day, families of Carmel firefighters battle for recognition
Ha’aretz – Israel to mourn 22,867 fallen soldiers, including 37 prison guards and three police personnel who were killed in the Carmel Fire; also commemorated are 2,443 civilian victims of terror.

Photos by Mandate policeman who guarded Jewish fighters go on display
Ha’aretz – A picture album, on display for the first time in the Museum of Underground Prisoners in Jerusalem, dramatically documents the end of the British Mandate and the beginning of the War of Independence.

Airlines weigh legal action against Israel over tainted fuel crisis
Ha’aretz – Cost to airlines of last week’s canceled flights due to fuel contamination could reach tens of millions of dollars.

Maccabi Tel Aviv to play Panathinaikos in Euroleague final
Ha’aretz – The Israeli basketball team pulls through with a victory in the semifinal against Real Madrid 82-63.

Al Qaida denies involvement in Morocco cafe attack
Ha’aretz – A Maghreb-based branch of the jihadist organization releases statement saying it was not behind last week’s attack where 16 people died; Organization says targeting ‘Jews and crusaders’ is one of their priorities.

Cannes film festival honors jailed Iran directors
Ha’aretz – Films by Jafar Panahi and Mohammad Rasoulof, both sentenced to twenty years in prison in December 2010, will be screened at this year’s Cannes film festival in honor of their ‘courage.’

Report: Gamal Mubarak suspected of profiting from gas deal with Israel
Ha’aretz – Egyptian newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm reports that son of the former Egypt president Hosni Mubarak is suspected of receiving five percent of the earnings from Egypt’s deal to export natural gas to Israel.

More questions in jet-fuel crisis
Ha’aretz – The source of the black sludge isn’t the only unknown factor in airport shutdown.

My flight was held up, do I get a refund?
Ha’aretz – If you were one of the 1,500 passengers affected by the jet-fuel crisis, you might like to know what your legal rights are regarding compensation.

Why the markets are like an epileptic brain
Ha’aretz – An Israeli study shows that the stock market’s behavior leading up to the 2008 financial crisis resembled the human brain during an epileptic seizure.

Hamas police break up pro-bin Laden rally in Gaza
Ha’aretz – Dozens of Salafists gather in Gaza City’s main square holding posters of slain al-Qaida leader and chanting ‘We warn you America, we warn you Europe’.

Hamas chief: We will coordinate all decisions regarding Israel with Fatah
Ha’aretz – In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Hamas leader defends his organization’s right to wage an armed struggle against Israel.

Jerusalem Post

The US goes after epicenter of al-Qaida’s online network
Jeruslalem Post 7 May 2011 – Analysis: Target of strike, Anwar al-Awlaki, providing lethal online advice to jihadis in West.

NY Hassidic paper ‘deletes’ Clinton from iconic photo
Jeruslalem Post 7 May 2011 – Brooklyn newspaper altered photograph of Obama and staffers watching raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound to remove all females.

German mayor takes heat for ‘Hamas’ European event
Jeruslalem Post 7 May 2011 – City-funded hall in Wuppertal to be used for “Palestinians in Europe” conference, at which Hamas fundraiser will speak, sparking criticism.

Beauty of Rosh Hanikra Islands belie complex reality
Jeruslalem Post 7 May 2011 – Pirates, illegal fishermen, offshore development taint otherwise idyllic nature reserve on Israel’s northern border.

Prison officers killed in Carmel fire recognized
Jeruslalem Post 7 May 2011 – Firefighters, however, will not be mentioned at official events on Remembrance Day; Yad Labanim opposes honoring firefighters.

Five dead, 23 wounded in Egyptian sectarian clashes
Jeruslalem Post 7 May 2011 – Salafists surround Coptic Church outside of Cairo demanding the release of a Christian woman who had converted to Islam.

Top US senators call on Obama to halt funding for PA
Jeruslalem Post 7 May 2011 – Israel rejects UN request to release withheld tax money; Days after Fatah-Hamas unity deal, EU transfers 85 million euros to Ramallah.

Syria army attacks Banias, raising sectarian tension
Jeruslalem Post 7 May 2011 – Assad’s forces shoot dead six civilians in port city; activists say civilian death count passes 800, a figure the regime disputes.

Livni: Settlement freeze could have stopped PA deal
Jeruslalem Post 7 May 2011 – Opposition leader to Channel 2: Israel needs PM who can persuade world not to allow a Palestinian state to be declared unilaterally at UN.

Dagan: Israeli airstrike on Iran nuclear plant ‘foolish’
Jeruslalem Post 7 May 2011 – Former Mossad chief warns attack on Iranian reactors would cause regional war in which missiles from Iran, Hezbollah would be fired.

US: Bin Laden compound was al-Qaida command center
Jeruslalem Post 7 May 2011 – US intel releases videos of bin Laden, most of them showing al-Qaida leader rehearsing videotape messages he distributed to his followers.

Hamas forces breaks up pro-bin Laden rally in Gaza
Jeruslalem Post 7 May 2011 – Dozens of Salafists gather in Gaza City’s main square holding up posters of bin Laden and chanting “We warn you America, we warn you Europe.”

‘Mubarak’s son stole profits from gas sales to Israel’
Jeruslalem Post 7 May 2011 – Egyptian newspaper reports Gamal Mubarak being investigated for allegedly pocketing five percent of revenues from gas deal with Israel.

Police added in Triangle region amid anarchy concerns
Jeruslalem Post 7 May 2011 – Move follows two “related” drive-by shootings and death of mother of two in crossfire in Arab area east of Netanya.

‘Civilian killings in Syrian demonstrations rise to 800’
Jeruslalem Post 7 May 2011 – Syrian rights group says 220 among those dead were killed in tank attack on Deraa; Clinton: “Assad must respond to the people’s call for change.”

‘Khamenei to Ahmadinejad: Accept intel chief or quit’
Jeruslalem Post 7 May 2011 – Tensions intensify after ayatollah reportedly gives ultimatum to Iranian president to reinstate Heydar Moslehi or resign.

Mashaal: ‘Hamas to consult factions on moves toward Israel’
Jeruslalem Post 7 May 2011 – Gaza authorities break up Salafist protest lamenting bin Laden’s death; Steinitz: Israel cannot accept ‘terrorist Palestinian gov’t.’

US mulls more sanctions against Syria in face of crackdown
Jeruslalem Post 7 May 2011 – US Secretary of State says “violence will not answer protesers’ call”; Syrian army storms Banias Sunni districts; 30 protesters killed across country in latest day of unrest; EU agrees to freeze Syrian assets.

Attempted US strike on Yemen’s Anwar Awlaki fails
Jeruslalem Post 7 May 2011 – After taking out Osama bin Laden, US forces say Awlaki now represents the gravest danger to the US and other Western nations.

US threatens new action unless Syria stops killings
Jeruslalem Post 6 May 2011 – 30 protesters killed as unrest continues; EU agrees to freeze Syrian assets; tanks are deployed in Homs, Damascus.

Hariri Tribunal prosecutor amends indictment
Jeruslalem Post 6 May 2011 – UN-backed court looking into 2005 killing of former Lebanese prime minister expands indictment to include “substantive new elements.”

‘Syrian forces kill 27 protesters as unrest continues’
Jeruslalem Post 6 May 2011 – 15 protesters, 5 security men killed in Homs; EU agrees to freeze assets, ban travel of Syrian leaders; tanks deployed in Homs, Damascus.

Egyptians denounce ‘normalization’ at embassy in Cairo
Jeruslalem Post 6 May 2011 – Demonstrators praise bombing of gas pipeline in Sinai, demand Egyptian government end all cooperation with Israel, open Gaza crossing.

The Guardian

‘Terrorist Nelson Mandela’ portrayal in film by Peter Kosminsky
The Guardian 7 May 2011 – Peter Kosminsky, who made the controversial Israel-Palestine drama The Promise, is to make a film about Nelson Mandela’s early life in South Africa Peter Kosminsky, the British writer and director who made The Promise , a controversial…

The photographs that never were – video
The Guardian 6 May 2011 – Livedraw: Patrick Blower creates the photgraphs that didn’t happen this week Patrick Blower


[uruknet.info] Video: Pentagon releases new Osama bin Laden footage
Uruknet May 7, 2011 – The US has released five video clips of Osama bin Laden that it says was taken from the Pakistani compound where the leader of al-Qaeda was reportedly killed last week. The videos mainly show him rehearsing taped remarks, but there is also video showing him watching news coverage of himself on TV. Al Jazeera’s…

[uruknet.info] Deaths in Egypt’s sectarian clashes
Uruknet 07 May 2011 – At least six people have been killed and 75 others wounded in clashes between Muslims and Christians in the Egyptian capital Cairo, hospital and security officials said. Saturday’s clashes erupted after a group of Muslims attacked the Coptic Saint Mena church in the northwestern district of Imbaba to free a Christian woman they alleged…

[uruknet.info] The Cairo Agreement and Palestinian statehood
Uruknet May 7, 2011 – After protests calling for the removal of dictatorial regimes broke out across the Arab world, Palestinians echoed them with their own protests. However, they were not calling for the removal of any government but rather they wanted the two largest Palestinian factions, Hamas and Fatah, which had been in a state of conflict since…

[uruknet.info] Former Mossad chief: Israel air strike on Iran ‘stupidest thing I have ever heard’
Uruknet May 7, 2011 – Former Mossad chief Meir Dagan referred to the possibility a future Israeli Air Force attack on Iranian nuclear facilities as “the stupidest thing I have ever heard” during a conference held at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem on Friday. Dagan’s presentation during a senior faculty conference was his first public appearance since leaving his…

[uruknet.info] Italy To Provide Weapons To Libyan Rebels Within Days
Uruknet May 7, 2011 – A SENIOR Libyan opposition figure said yesterday that Italy has agreed to send weapons to the under-equipped rebel forces, in an apparent serious breach of the United Nations arms embargo. If confirmed by Rome, the weapons shipments are likely to cause consternation at the UN where China and Russia have already expressed doubts about…

[uruknet.info] Israeli government quietly funds KKK-like organizations
Uruknet May 7, 2011 – The LHVH (“Preventing assimilation in the Holy Land”) organization made a lot of headlines in recent months, much due to the very active MK Tzippi Hotovely (Likud). It is hyperactive in preventing “miscegenation marriages” and preventing the pure daughters of Israel from soiling themselves in contact with non-Jews. It is also rather quick to…

[uruknet.info] The weight of nationalism in Nabi Saleh
Uruknet May 7, 2011 – Getting to Nabi Saleh is not easy. The army closes all entrances very early on a Friday, the day which has seen demonstrations taking place for the past two years. This forces Israeli and international activists that wish to join the unarmed and largely nonviolent demonstrations to park kilometres away and hike through valleys…

[uruknet.info] U.S. tries to assassinate U.S. citizen Anwar al-Awlaki
Uruknet May 7, 2011 – That Barack Obama has continued the essence of the Bush/Cheney Terrorism architecture was once a provocative proposition but is now so self-evident that few dispute it (watch here as arch-neoconservative David Frum — Richard Perle’s co-author for the supreme 2004 neocon treatise — waxes admiringly about Obama’s Terrorism and foreign policies in the Muslim…

[uruknet.info] Deaths reported as Syrian forces storm city
Uruknet May 7, 2011 – Syrian security forces have conducted a raid on Baniyas, a hub of anti-government protests, amid demands by opponents of Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president, that he offer elections to end the crisis. A Syrian rights campaigner told the AFP news agency that security forces killed four women who were among about 150 people demonstrating…

[uruknet.info] Saudi Arabia stops Libyan rebel from visiting Qatar
Uruknet May 7, 2011 – The acting foreign minister of Libya’s rebel government has canceled a visit to key ally Qatar after failing to get approval from Saudi Arabia to fly over its airspace. Cairo airport officials say Ali al-Issaoui and three other officials from the rebels’ National Transitional Council waited for 20 hours at the airport before flying…

[uruknet.info] Libyan rebels pass on Turkey’s revised road map
Uruknet May 6, 2011 – Turkey’s expanded road map for a cease-fire and transition in Libya was rejected by a Libyan opposition spokesperson following a meeting Thursday of the Libya Contact Group in Rome. Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoƒülu said after the meeting, however, that there was a “certain agreement” on the road map, and that a plan announced…

[uruknet.info] In wake of Bin Laden killing: US targets American citizen in Yemen
Uruknet May 7, 2011 – Barely five days after the commando raid that killed Osama bin Laden, the US launched a Predator drone strike aimed at assassinating an American citizen in Yemen. The May 5 drone attack, which took place in Yemen’s Shabwa province, was planned as a targeted assassination of Anwar al-Awlaki, a New Mexico-born Islamic cleric with…

[uruknet.info] Hamas: We will consult Fatah on resistance
Uruknet May 7, 2011 – Hamas will decide whether or not to use violence to resist Israel in consensus with Palestinian factions, the movement’s leader told The Wall Street Journal. “How to manage the resistance, what’s the best way to achieve our goals, when to escalate and when to cease fire, now we have to agree on all those…

[uruknet.info] Statehood Declaration or Anti-apartheid Struggle?
Uruknet May 6, 2011 – The business of seeking UN membership is once again heating up-with a fury. While the PA threatens this diplomatic move, the Obama administration, in desperation, announces a new initiative to end what it portrays as a merely diplomatic stalemate. (Obama’s speech, it is rumored, may be a vision that includes Palestine-Israel peace in the…

[uruknet.info] “The Greatest Purveyor of Violence in the World Today”
Uruknet May 7, 2011 —The greatest threat to Libyan sovereignty and independence is the United States of America. Nothing else comes close. Gaddafi hasn’t been targeted because he’s a tyrant, but because he sits on an ocean of petroleum. That’s what this is all about, right? If Libya’s main source of wealth was car parts or coconuts, there never…

[uruknet.info] Iraq snapshot – May 6, 2011
Uruknet May 6, 2011. Chaos and violence continue, the protests continue in Iraq, Nouri makes some nominations, and more. Protest continue in Iraq. They’ve been taking place every Friday in Iraq since February. Today is Situation Friday. The Great Iraqi Revolution reports, “Tahrir [Square], Baghdad reflects an amazing community — one watches and listens to a young man, a…

[uruknet.info] Israeli Prime Minister’s Military Attache Stayed Home for Fear of Arrest in Britain
Uruknet May 6, 2011 – Bibi Netanyahu’s military attache, Maj. Gen. Yochanan Locker, decided not to join the prime minister on his visit to Britain because there is an arrest warrant waiting for him there. Locker is one of the infamous Cast Lead Dirty 200 (number 182 on the list), suspected of possible war crimes during Israel’s Operation Cast…

[uruknet.info] Dozens Wounded By Israeli Army in Silwan
Uruknet May 6, 2011 – alestinian medical sources in occupied East Jerusalem reported Friday that dozens of residents were injured after Israeli soldiers and policemen attacked a protest in Silwan, in occupied East Jerusalem. Two homes caught fire after soldiers fired teargas bombs into them. Jawad Siyam, head of the Wadi Hilwa Information center, reported that the protest started…

[uruknet.info] Dozens Wounded By The Army in Silwan
Uruknet May 6, 2011 – alestinian medical sources in occupied East Jerusalem reported Friday that dozens of residents were injured after Israeli soldiers and policemen attacked a protest in Silwan, in occupied East Jerusalem. Two homes caught fire after soldiers fired teargas bombs into them. Jawad Siyam, head of the Wadi Hilwa Information center, reported that the protest started…

[uruknet.info] Filling in the Gaping Holes in WikiLeaks’ Guantanamo Detainee Files
Uruknet May 6, 2011 – Imagine that the more than 700 Guantanamo files released two weeks ago by WikiLeaks contained information explaining how interrogators obtained “intelligence” from “war on terror” detainees captured or sold to US forces after 9/11, such as this firsthand account: “On a couple of occasions, I entered interview rooms to find a detainee chained hand…

[uruknet.info] After Bin Laden – will Gaddafi be next?
Uruknet May 6, 2011 – … Evidently, when Barack Obama said that Gaddafi must go, he expected that the latter would obsequiously follow his order. But no such luck. “The Obama administration imagined that a taste of the lash would put Gaddafi in his place,” writes US columnist Steve Chapman. “Either he would stop his attacks, or he would be…

[uruknet.info] Statement of Principles and Call for International Trade Union Support for BDS
Uruknet May 6, 2011 – In commemoration of the first of May – a day of workers struggle and international solidarity – the first Palestinian trade union conference for boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel (BDS) was held in Ramallah on 30 April 2011, organized by almost the entirety of the Palestinian trade union movement, including federations, professional unions,…

[uruknet.info] Palestinian factions pushed together by regional events
Uruknet May 6, 2011 – Much uncertainty still surrounds the outcome of yesterday’s signing in Cairo of a reconciliation accord between Palestinian factions. However, there is no question that the arrangement was facilitated by the dramatic recent developments in the Arab world. The regional constraints faced by the main Palestinian organisations, Fatah and Hamas, are likely to reframe the…

[uruknet.info] Amid Iranian power struggle and arrests for sorcery, a thwarted Iranian channel to the U.S.?
Uruknet May 6, 2011 – …But now come a series of reports about Ahmadinejad’s trusted adviser and chief of staff Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei. The reports say associates of Mashaei have been arrested in recent days on charges of sorcery — and not in the metaphorical sense. Ahmadinejad and Mashaei—who are related through the marriage of their children—have a close…

[uruknet.info] Ahmadinejad allies charged with sorcery
Uruknet May 6, 2011 – Close allies of Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, have been accused of using supernatural powers to further his policies amid an increasingly bitter power struggle between him and the country’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Several people said to be close to the president and his chief of staff, Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei, have been arrested…

[uruknet.info] Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (28 April – 04 May 2011)
Uruknet May 6, 2011 – Israeli violations of international law and humanitarian law in the OPT continued during the reporting period (28 April – 04 May 2011): Shooting: During the reporting period, IOF wounded seven civilians, including five children and a woman, in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Three of the children were wounded in Bil’ein village,…

Daily Star

At least five dead in Egyptian sectarian clash
Daily Star 8 May 2011 The strife represents another challenge to Egypt’s military rulers who are trying to restore law and order after President Hosni Mubarak was forced to step down in a popular uprising in February.

Libyan forces destroy Misrata fuel tanks: rebels
Daily Star 7 May 2011 The bombardment of the western city came as artillery rounds fired by forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi fell in Tunisia in an escalation of fighting near the border with rebels trying to end Gaddafi’s rule of…

Bellemare submits new indictment, U.N. warns of tensions
Daily Star 7 May 2011 U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon warned Friday of rising political tensions in Lebanon over the international court probing the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, after the court’s prosecutor submitted an updated indictment in the case.

Libya planes destroy Misrata fuel tanks: rebels
Daily Star 7 May 2011 Libyan government forces bombed large fuel storage tanks in the contested western city of Misrata, destroying the tanks and sparking a huge fire, rebels said Saturday.

March 8 renews attack on March 14 over Syria unrest
Daily Star 7 May 2011 Hezbollah accused the March 14 coalition Saturday of instigating chaos in Syria and Lebanon over the past six years. Meanwhile, Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri’s top aide warned there would be repercussions on wagering on instability in…

Libyan shells fall in Tunisia in renewed fighting
Daily Star 7 May 2011 Schools were evacuated and residents scurried for safety in the Tunisian frontier town of Dehiba, which has been hit repeatedly by stray shells in recent weeks as the Libyan rivals fight for control of a nearby…

Libya tribal meeting calls for general amnesty
Daily Star 7 May 2011 Libyan tribal leaders meeting in Tripoli Friday called for a general amnesty law for those who have fought in Libya’s ongoing civil war, a statement said.

Syrian tanks enter coastal town in new crackdown
Daily Star 7 May 2011 Troops entered a key oil-industry city on Syria’s Mediterranean coast Saturday, taking up position in a hilltop Crusader castle and cutting off power and phone lines. An activist said three women protesting the crackdown were shot…

US drone in Yemen missed al Qaeda’s al-Awlaki-report
Daily Star 6 May 2011 The U.S. drone aircraft attack that killed two midlevel al Qaeda militants in Yemen on Thursday was targeting the leader of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, a U.S.-born radical known for encouraging attacks on the…

Gadhafi regime hits out over rebel war chest
Daily Star 6 May 2011 Meanwhile, rebels were bracing for a ground assault by Gadhafi forces on the besieged western port city of Misrata as NATO warplanes struck regime targets further to the west.

U.S. warns Syria to halt violence against protesters
Daily Star 6 May 2011 The United States and its international partners will take “additional steps” against the Syrian government unless it stops killing its people, the White House said on Friday.

Two wounded Syrians flee to Lebanon
Daily Star 6 May 2011 Two badly injured Syrians cross into Lebanon and receive medical treatment as Syrian forces step up a crackdown against anti-regime protests.

UN chief warns political tension growing in Lebanon
Daily Star 6 May 2011 The UN secretary general warned in a report Friday of rising political tensions in Lebanon over the country’s special tribunal and its probe of the 2005 killing of former prime minister Rafik Hariri.

Prosecutor files new indictment in Hariri probe
Daily Star 6 May 2011 The Lebanon tribunal, the world’s first international court with jurisdiction over the crime of terrorism, was set up to try those accused over the 2005 bombing that killed Hariri and 22 others.

U.N. says swift Lebanon Cabinet needed
Daily Star 6 May 2011 Following a meeting with Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, U.N. Special Coordinator Michael Williams urged Lebanon to form its new government sooner rather than later.

YNet News

‘Hamas signed unity pact from position of weakness’
YNet News, 7 May 2011 – Minister for Strategic Affairs Moshe Ya’alon says reconciliation agreement….

What’s in store for bin Laden’s hideout?
YNet News, 7 May 2011 – While hundreds of reporters, curious neighbors continue to gather around estate….

Hungary: Israeli flag set on fire during protest
YNet News, 7 May 2011 – Some 3,000 public sector employees protest against government cutbacks in….

Mashaal: Violent resistance by consensus
YNet News, 7 May 2011 – Head of Hamas politburo says in Wall Street Journal interview that nature of….

Report: US drone missed al-Qaeda leader in Yemen
YNet News, 7 May 2011 – Less than a week after killing of bin Laden, US launches three missiles at….

EU to transfer funds to PA
YNet News, 6 May 2011 – Foreign policy chief says $124 million transfer meant to pay workers’ salaries….

Suspected collaborator shot dead in West Bank
YNet News, 6 May 2011 – Palestinian sources say masked gunmen shot man thought to be working for Israeli….

Police: 2 caught smuggling 4.5 kilos of cocaine
YNet News, 6 May 2011 – Officers stake out airport, arrest two men in their twenties upon return from….

Syrian forces kill 30 protesters
YNet News, 6 May 2011 – EU to impose sanctions on Syrian officials seen as responsible for deaths of 580….

Protest at Cairo embassy calls for intifada
YNet News, 6 May 2011 – Hundreds rally at Israeli embassy to call for annulment of peace, Jews to….

Firefighters to be recognized as Israel’s fallen
YNet News, 6 May 2011 – Names of three firefighters killed in Carmel blaze to be read out at Memorial….

Palestinian Information Center

IOF troops arrest two teens in WB village
PIC – Israeli occupation forces (IOF) arrested two Palestinian teenagers in Azun village, to the east of Qalqilia city, after storming the village and breaking into a number of its houses.

Sit-in outside PA jail to demand release of political detainees
PIC – Palestinian families of political detainees staged a sit-in on Saturday morning outside Al-Juneid military prison in Nablus city.

Gaza ministry calls for release of West Bank political prisoners
PIC – The ministry of prisoner affairs in Gaza called Saturday for the release of all ex-prisoners and resistance fighters from the Palestinian Authority prisons in the West Bank.

Once again, Israel threatens to raze wells, structures in Ramadin village
PIC – Israeli civil servants escorted by Israeli troops stormed Ramadin village in Wadi Attina area and handed its residents military orders to demolish nine artesian wells and a number of barns and homes.

Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike for 2nd day in some Israeli jails
PIC – The ministry of prisoners’ affairs in Gaza said the Palestinian prisoners in some Israeli jails went on hunger strike for the second consecutive day on Saturday.

Conferees in Gaza urge Arabs to save O. Jerusalem
PIC – Political and academic figures called on the Arab nations to pay attention to Jerusalem and help its people to stay steadfast in the face of Israel’s Judaization and fait accompli policies.

Political detainees in PA prison start gradual hunger strike
PIC – Political detainees in the PA Junaid prison in Nablus started on Saturday a gradual hunger strike and refused to be served breakfast, sources inside the prison said.

Israeli minister calls for re-occupying West Bank
PIC – An Israeli minister has called on his government to re-occupy the West Bank in the event the Palestinians declared their state unilaterally without coordination with Israel.

Palestinian conference sees heavy turnout in Germany
PIC – The 9th Palestinians in Europe Conference commenced in Wuppertal city of Germany on Saturday morning.

Haneyya: Gaza reconstruction kicked off, security chaos finished
PIC – Ismail Haneyya has confirmed that the reconstruction of what Israel destroyed during aggression has already begun, and that the page has been turned on the “security chaos” once and for all.

Mishaal: reconciliation requirements must be implemented immediately
PIC – 06/05/2011 – 05:39 PM

Occupation security men raid Mosque and arrest two worshipers in Jerusalem
PIC – 06/05/2011 – 06:09 PM

IOF troops arrest Islamic Jihad leader Bassam al-Saadi and four others
PIC – 06/05/2011 – 06:53 PM

IOF troops arrest Hamas leader Majed Hasan
PIC – 06/05/2011 – 07:32 PM

Occupation gives notice to 50 Palestinian families to leave Jerusalem
PIC – 06/05/2011 – 09:17 PM

Jerusalemite youths wounded in Silwan confrontations
PIC – 07/05/2011 – 06:48 AM

Salame, Ghunaim urge Shalit captors to insist on demands
PIC – 07/05/2011 – 07:13 AM

Israel confiscates Al-Khalil village
PIC – 07/05/2011 – 07:41 AM

Mishaal meets with Egyptian elites in Cairo
PIC – 07/05/2011 – 08:16 AM

Arab marches marking Nakba to head to Palestine borders
PIC – 07/05/2011 – 09:32 AM

WAFA – Palestine News Agency

Israeli Military Demolishes, then Evacuates Village of Amniyr

Jalloud Council Told to Remove Power Lines

Israel Arrests Palestinians in West Bank

EU says 85 million euros fund to PA is part of an already agreed on aid package

Newspapers Review: Events in Syria Featured in Dailies

West Bank Weekly Anti-Fence Protests Celebrate Reconciliation

UNRWA Announces Results of 2011 Refugees’ Photo Competition

EU Heeds Fayyad’s Appeal, Approves Additional 85 million euros for PA

Media Breathes Again in Gaza

Intifada Palestine

Noam Chomsky: My Reaction to Osama bin Laden’s Death
Intifada-Palestine: 7 May 2011 – “We might ask ourselves how we would be reacting if Iraqi commandos landed at George W. Bush’s compound, assassinated him, and dumped his body in the Atlantic”. By: Noam Chomsky/ Guenica Magazine It’s increasingly clear that the operation was a planned… more

Intifada-Palestine: 7 May 2011 – By: JONATHAN COOK Nazareth. Israeli officials have expressed alarm at a succession of moves by the interim Egyptian government that they fear signal an impending crisis in relations with Cairo. The widening rift was underscored yesterday when leaders of the rival… more

Intifada-Palestine: 7 May 2011 – The Archbishop of Canterbury is at the centre of a row after he criticised the United States for shooting dead the unarmed Osama bin Laden. By Tim Ross, Steven Swinford, James Kirkup and Caroline Gammell Dr Rowan Williams, spiritual head of… more

Intifada-Palestine: 6 May 2011 – Thousands of Egyptian protesters have gathered outside the Israeli embassy in the capital, calling for an end to Cairo’s relations with Tel Aviv. Several hundred angry protesters also gathered in Cairo’s historic Liberation Square following the Friday Prayers. Protesters voiced their… more

Los Angeles Times

Young men of Misurata feel the rush of war
LA Times 6 May 2011 – The Libyan rebel fighters are living as if in an action movie, dismayed when their friends are killed but getting a kick out of wielding weapons and explosives. They moved through the night with names like “the Birds.” The fight was primal, about survival from…

Egypt’s new foreign policy moves test old alliances
LA Times 7 May 2011 – Cairo is reaching out to Iran and the militant group Hamas, a new agenda that angers Israel and will pose a challenge to U.S. ties as it threatens to upend the balance of power in the Middle East. Egypt’s new government has embarked on adventurous…

U.S.-born cleric was target of Yemen drone strike
LA Times 6 May 2011 – The special operations mission targeted Anwar Awlaki, a cleric suspected of involvement in terrorist plots. He escaped but two other terrorist suspects were killed. A U.S. drone attack in Yemen was an attempt to kill Anwar Awlaki, an American-born militant suspected of involvement in multiple…

Tens of thousands protest across Syria
LA Times 6 May 2011 – Despite a security crackdown, demonstrators hold a ‘day of defiance’ against President Bashar Assad in a dozen cities after Friday prayers. Witnesses, online videos and tweets report gunfire by government forces. Demonstrations spread to numerous Syrian cities Friday, with thousands braving a security crackdown in…

New York Times

Libya Strikes Fuel Supply in City Held by Rebels
New York Times 7 May 2011 – An attack has threatened Misurata’s energy stores, but it’s unclear how much was lost.

As Syria Steps Up Efforts to Crush Unrest, Dissidents Report Attack on a City
New York Times 7 May 2011 – Troops backed by tanks stormed Baniyas, a city on Syria’s Mediterranean coast, on Saturday besieging neighborhoods and cutting electricity and phone lines.

Face That Screamed War’s Pain Looks Back, 6 Hard Years Later
New York Times 7 May 2011 – At 5 years old, photographs of Samar Hassan, screaming and splattered in blood, illuminated the horror of civilian casualties in Iraq.

Land Mines Descend on Misurata’s Port, Endangering Libyan City’s Supply Route
New York Times 7 May 2011 – Forces loyal to Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi scattered land mines on the city’s port, threatening once more to close the only route for evacuation and supplies.

A Scattering of Protests Honoring Bin Laden
New York Times 7 May 2011 – About 200 demonstrators gathered outside the United States Embassy Friday to protest manifestations of what they called American hostility to Muslims.

Al Qaeda Confirms Bin Laden’s Death
New York Times 7 May 2011 – Al Qaeda released a statement on militant Web sites Friday confirming the death of Osama bin Laden, news agencies reported.


Washington funnels confiscated Libyan assets to “rebel” leadership
WSWS – The illegality of the Obama administration’s moves to use Libya’s national wealth to keep the so-called rebel leadership afloat underscores the colonial character of the US-NATO war to oust Muammar Gaddafi.

Petition launched in support of Tony Kushner at CUNY
Jewish Voice for Peace –

Jewish groups unite to call for open debate at CUNY, US campuses
Jewish Voice for Peace –

‘Geronimo EKIA’– as Indian wars continue in Palestine
Mondoweiss – When U.S. military officials chose the code name Geronimo for Osama Bin Laden— and then bulletined his death as Geronimo EKIA (Enemy Killed in Action)— they unwittingly cast a harsh historical light on the United States, its ally Israel, and both states’ deplorable treatment of their…

Obama’s to-do list: Free Pollard in May so he can travel safely to Israel in June
Mondoweiss – Yesterday Weiss had breakfast in Berkeley with Jeff Blankfort, who laid out the following scenario. Weiss’s notes. I generally do not make predictions. Though I do have a check from a former CIA guy for $10 because I said there would be no attack on Iran….

From Tahrir Square to Palestine
Palestine Monitor – Demonstrators in Cairo call for a free Palestine. – News / 2nd-col-1st-article , International solidarity , Right to entry , Gaza , Palestinian unity

Former Mossad chief says ‘Atlantic Magazine’ Iran scenario is stupidest idea he ever heard
Mondoweiss – Last fall the Atlantic Magazine ran a piece titled The Point of No Return, stating that an Israeli attack on Iran was a likely scenario. It was written by Jeffrey Goldberg, who once served in the Israeli military, and was a transparent effort to pressure the…

‘FT’ architect says Israeli intolerance has ‘spoilt’ Jerusalem
Mondoweiss – Changing discourse. Financial Times architecture columnist Edwin Heathcote on the “best and worst” cities in the world to live in, today’s paper. Thanks to Irma: Jerusalem I know, I know — beautiful, holy, history lingers in its every shady corner. Yet the treatment of Arabs as…

Israelis violently break up unity rally on occupied land
Mondoweiss – From the Palestine Project: Hebron: Three members of the Beit Ommar National Committee against the Wall and Settlements were injured this afternoon in a demonstration near the Israeli Karmei Tsur settlement. Yousef Abu Marya, age 36, (holding up his right arm in photo above) had his…

Hamas’ Meshal Offers New Pragmatism, Renounces Violence (For Now)
Tikun Olam – Khaled Meshal discusses Palestinian unity agreement and Hamas approach toward resisting Occupation (David Degner/WSJ) In an interview with the Wall Street Journal , Hamas’ Khaled Meshal offered a newly pragmatic, consensus-driven Hamas approach to its Fatah collaborators and to Israel. Of course, the proof is in the…

CUNY Trustee Chair Confirms Kushner to Receive Honorary Degree
Tikun Olam – Benno Schmidt: CUNY board to do right thing (finally) by Kushner The NY Times reports as of an hour ago, that Dr. Benno Schmidt, chair of the CUNY board of trustees, is moving to reinstate Tony Kushner’s honorary degree. In the story, Schmidt acknowledges that a…

Wiesenfeld Calls Kushner ‘Kapo,’ ‘Jewish Anti-Semite’
Tikun Olam – UPDATE : The NY Times reports that Dr. Benno Schmidt, chair of the CUNY board of trustees, is moving to reinstate Tony Kushner’s honorary degree. In the story, Schmidt acknowledges that a wrong was done to Kushner, that the board made a “mistake of principle,” and that…

Misc 2

Three Injured in Demonstration near Karmei Tsur
Palestine Solidarity Project 7 May 2011 – Three Popular Committee members were injured in a demonstration near Karmei Tsur on the afternoon of Saturday, May 7th. A small group of international and Israeli solidarity activists had gathered in Beit Ommar to join village residents in a nonviolent protest organized by the Popular Committee….

Egyptian court postpones hearing of lawsuit against Olmert
Middle East Monitor 6 May 2011 – The Compensations Department of Cairo North Court has postponed the hearing of a lawsuit filed against former Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, and the head of Israeli television, to June 27th.The lawsuit has been filed by families of Egyptian prisoners of war killed by the Israeli…

Palestinian youth form coalition to protect reconciliation agreement
Middle East Monitor 6 May 2011 – A Palestinian youth group has launched a campaign aimed at protecting the Palestinian national reconciliation agreement signed in Cairo on Wednesday, May 4th, during a ceremony attended by all Palestinian factions. The campaign organizers have said that they decided to form the ‘Coalition for the Protection…

The weight of Jewish nationalism in Nabi Saleh
Joseph Dana 7 May 2011 – Palestinians suffer from Tear Gas in Nabi Saleh. Photo: Joseph Dana Getting to Nabi Saleh is not easy. The army closes all entrances very early on a Friday, the day which has seen demonstrations taking place for the past two years. This forces Israeli and international…

Ehud Barak acknowledges the impact of BDS
Joseph Dana 7 May 2011 – In an interview yesterday with the liberal daily Haaretz (Hebrew), Defense Minister Ehud Barak acknowledged the impact of theBoycott,DivestmentandSanction(BDS) movement on Israel and theunsustainablenatureof Israeli Occupation. Barak believes that a UN declaration of Palestinian statehood without a prior Israeli political initiative will paint Israel into a…

Syrian tanks ‘enter protest city’
BBC 7 May 2011 – Troops and tanks are reported to have moved into the Syrian city of Baniyas, a centre of anti-government protests, with reports of six people killed.

Egypt groups hold first meeting
BBC 7 May 2011 – More than 2,000 political activists meet in Egypt to try to create a unified, secular movement to press for deeper democratic reforms ahead of an election scheduled for September.

Row at the top
BBC 7 May 2011 – Mahmoud Ahmadinejad takes on Iran’s clerics

Changing times
BBC 6 May 2011 – Arab Spring poses challenges for Israeli leader

Israel’s Future
Sabbah report 7 May 2011 – Ending the occupation doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t mean upending the Jewish State itself. Democracy in Palestine/Israel and the realization of full human and political rights there for Palestinians means the end of Jewish privilege in my birth country.

As a Holocaust Survivor, AIPAC Does Not Speak For Me
Sabbah report 7 May 2011 – Members of Congress will converge to hail AIPAC and Israel. It helps to keep the Middle East in a perpetual state of war. AIPAC pretends to speak for all Jews, but it certainly does not speak for me or other members of the Jewish community in…


Government quietly funds KKK-like organizations
Yossi Gurvitz, +972 Magazine5/7/2011
The government funds an ultra-racist organization, which campaigns against “miscegenation” and assimilation
The LHVH (“Preventing assimilation in the Holy Land”) organization made a lot of headlines in recent months, much due to the very active MK Tzippi Hotovely (Likud). It is hyperactive in preventing “miscegenation marriages” and preventing the pure daughters of Israel from soiling themselves in contact with non-Jews. It is also rather quick to support the lynching of non-Jews (Hebrew), even if the lynching has nothing to do with assimilation/”miscegenation”.
In this weekend’s Haaretz supplement, Uri Blau and Shay Greenberg show (Hebrew) that LHVH, which is an admittedly Kahanist organization, receives indirect funding from the government. It is funded by the Khemla association, which in turn receives funds from the Welfare Ministry.
Originally, note Blau and Greenberg, Khemla was in fact a welfare association, but in 2002 it amended its goals and added two new articles: “Aiding girls from broken homes who are facing the danger of forced conversion (i.e., assimilation; U.B. and S.G.) and falling into a life of crime, by rehabilitating them in an apartment and by providing them with sociological and psychological help to re-enter Jewish society”; the other was “Aiding the hill people [i.e., extreme settlers — YZG] in Judea, Samaria and Gaza”.
The leaders of Khemla are prominent Kahanists. One of them, Levi Hazan, spent six months in prison — a rather severe sentence when it comes to Jewish terrorists — for his part in an attack on a Palestinian bus, which wounded six. Others of Khemla’s leaders were held in administrative detention, which is rather unusual for Jews…. more.. e-mail


The rights of Israel
Joseph Massad, Al Jazeera5/6/2011
Israel’s “lawfare” against the Palestinian people is rooted in a ficticious narrative of having a “right” to exist.
The Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, now entering their twentieth year had been hailed from the start as historic, having inaugurated a “peace process” that would resolve what is commonly referred to as the “Palestinian-Israeli conflict”. For the Palestinians and the international community, represented by the United Nations and the myriad resolutions its Security Council and General Assembly issued since 1948, what was to be negotiated were the colonisation of land, the occupation of territory and population, and the laws that stipulate ethnic and religious discrimination in Israel, which, among other things, bar Palestinian refugees from returning to their land and confiscate their property. In their struggle against these Israeli practises, Palestinian leaders, whether in Israel, the Occupied Territories, or the diaspora, have always invoked these rights based on international law and UN resolutions, which Israel has consistently refused to implement or abide by since 1948. Thus for the Palestinians, armed by the UN and international law, the negotiations were precisely aimed to end colonisation, occupation, and discrimination.
On the other hand, one of the strongest and persistent arguments that the Zionist movement and Israel have deployed since 1948 in defence of the establishment of Israel and its subsequent policies is the invocation of the rights of Israel, which are not based on international law or UN resolutions. This is a crucial distinction to be made between the Palestinian and Israeli claims to possession of “rights.” While the Palestinians invoke rights that are internationally recognised, Israel invokes rights that are solely recognised at the national level by the Israeli state itself. For Zionism, this was a novel mode of argumentation as, in deploying it, Israel invokes not only juridical principles but also moral ones. more.. e-mail

Tony Kushner and the changing discourse on Israel in the US
Jerry Haber, +972 Magazine5/7/2011
Acclaimed playwright was denied an honorary degrees from CUNY due to his views on Israel, but the decision generated a fierce backlash
Tony Kushner believes that Israel engaged in ethnic cleansing at the founding of the state. He is an advisory board member of Jewish Voice for Peace, which has shown solidarity with the Global Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions, a movement that has been painted by its critics as aiming to destroy the State of Israel. JVP has endorsed a partial BDS campaign, focusing on the settlements. Kushner says that he opposes BDS, but he supports (and has gathered support for) the Israeli artist boycott of the settlement Ariel, together with other distinguished artists in this country. This partial boycott is taboo in the organized Jewish community and is not endorsed by the liberal Zionist group, J Street.
Because of Kushner’s views, Jeffrey Wiesenfeld, a CUNY trustee, who views himself as moderate on Israel, willing to support honorary degrees to moderate critics of Israel, opposed awarding Kushner an honorary degree. The other trustees, not wishing to engage in controversy, and probably looking at their watches, voted to table (in the US, that means to postpone) a decision on Kushner, effectively denying him the award this year.
The only people who have rallied so far to Wiesenfeld’s support have been hardline rightwingers like Jonathan Tobin of Commentary and Andrea Levin of CAMERA. Liberal hawks like Jeffrey Goldberg have blasted Wiesenfeld, and former New York mayor Ed Koch, who once was liberal, has called upon Wiesenfeld to resign from the Board of Trustees. And the New York Times has, in effect, started a campaign on behalf of Mr. Kushner. more.. e-mail

In Gaza, hope that words of unity will become real
Electronic Intifada: 6 May 2011 – Rami Almeghari The Electronic Intifada Gaza City Palestinians in Gaza poured into the streets of Gaza City on Wednesday to celebrate the signing of a national reconciliation agreement in Cairo that same day. But amidst the high hope was trepidation that unity aspirations would not be realized on the ground.more

Bin Laden and the Palestinians
Electronic Intifada: 6 May 2011 – Ghada Karmi The Electronic Intifada Killing Osama Bin Laden might have been sweet revenge and given a boost to President Obama’s re-election chances. But the US’ disregard for the consequences its actions have recalls the Palestinian example to mind.more

From Tahrir Square to Palestine
Palestine Monitor: 7 May 2011 – Demonstrators in Cairo call for a free Palestine. – News / 2nd-col-1st-article , International solidarity , Right to entry , Gaza , Palestinian unitymore

The European Union must support the Palestinian reconciliation
Palestine Monitor: 6 May 2011 – The ECCP calls upon the EU to firmly support the inalienable right of the Palestinian people to self-determination, and its fundamental rights as enshrined by the UN Charter and UN relevant resolutions. – Press release / 4th-col-1st-article , International solidaritymore

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