WikiLeaks Newslinks 17 May 2011

17 May 2011 —

WikiLeaks cables show oil a major focus of US diplomats
The communication, part of the cache of State Department cables that WikiLeaks passed to McClatchy Newspapers and other news organizations, is just one indication of how the US government over the years has maneuvered to influence the world’s oil and …

Security-minded trade measure kept diplomats on their toes, WikiLeaks reveals
Globe and Mail
According to WikiLeaks, the US embassy in Ottawa sent many cables about
Canada’s negative reaction to the lnternational Traffic in Arms Regulations
program. Here is a sampling of cables relating to ITAR, which prevents
certain “dual nationals” from …

Spotted on May 16, 2011
By Community Team A high-ranking Canadian official secretly promised the
Americans clandestine military support for the 2003 US-led invasion of
Iraq, according to a diplomatic memo leaked by the whistleblower website
WikiLeaks. On March 17, 2003, …

Can Mainstream Media Match WikiLeaks? Not Likely.
Huffington Post (blog)
Ever since WikiLeaks became a household word, traditional news media have
had every reason to try to replicate its technology for receiving leaked
documents, via the Internet, on an anonymous and secure basis. Traditional
media may be at war with …

New Wikileaks Revelations Shed Light On Arctic Oil ‘Carve Up’
Media Newswire (press release)
New revelations by the whistle-blowing website Wikileaks show how the
scramble for resources in the Arctic is sparking military tension in the
region th with NATO sources worried about the potential for armed conflict
between the alliance and Russia. …

Liberals feared too close ties with US: WikiLeaks
Aggressively “not the US” was their sense of what the Liberal messaging
might be if an election was called, US officials remark in diplomatic
cables released by WikiLeaks. That assessment came after an extended
diatribe by Michael Ignatieff’s chief of …

David Hunter: WikiLeaks probe uses old tactics to suppress data
Knoxville News Sentinel
By David Hunter Julian Assange, the computer geek who is the visible face
of the WikiLeaks website, is now under investigation by a federal grand
jury looking for “possible violations of federal criminal law involving,
but not necessarily limited to, …

Ottawa makes minor adjustments in wake of WikiLeaks scandal
It should come as no surprise that Canada could be vulnerable to a
WikiLeaks-style disclosure, and a Canadian government internal report has
come to the same conclusion. The report from the Department of Foreign
Affairs Industry and Trade (DFAIT) says …

Aftenposten-Wikileaks shows shallow understanding of US diplomats
Classified cables of US diplomats sent between February 2009 and January
2010, made available by Wikileaks and released in the Norwegian media
Aftenposten earlier this month, show how shallow and wanting the
understanding of the US diplomats in dealing …

Ex-Bulgarian Top Cop Tied with Murky Figures, Russian Intelligence – WikiLeaks
“Interior Minister Rumen Petkov is one of the most influential
personalities in the current government, and is almost certainly the one
who evokes the strongest feelings among Bulgarians,” the 2006 cable says.
“Petkov understands that Bulgaria must …

New US ambassador to Turkemnistan presents credentials after 5-year hiatus
Washington Post
Ties have come under strain, however, over Turkmenistan’s interference in
US student exchange programs and embarrassing revelations made in cables
leaked by the WikiLeaks website. Copyright 2011 The Associated Press. All
rights reserved. …

WikiLeaks and the Altantuya Murder
Asia Sentinel (blog)
… discussed whether now-Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak was involved in
the killing, according to diplomatic cables supplied to Asia Sentinel by
the WikiLeaks website, and theorized that the trial of her killers was
being deliberately delayed. …

Details Emerge of America’s Secret Oil War with Russia
The Atlantic Wire
But it’s all part of a bigger plan to keep access to oil out of Russia’s
paws, reports McClatchy’s Kevin G. Hall based on a recent release of
WikiLeaks cables. Gazprom, once a part of the Soviet Union’s gas ministry,
has been busy buying up oil and gas …

Wikileaks: Darrell does diplomacy
San Diego CityBEAT
Credit: Congressman Darrell Issa’s office As we predicted, Wikileaks’ slow
release of confidential State Department cables continues to reveal Rep.
Darrell Issa’s activities abroad. In the latest batches released over the
last two weeks, the Republican …

Information Laundering Website to challenge Wikileaks
The Spoof (satire)
Superinjunctions are set to be rendered completely redundant if a
controversial new website has its’ way. And if rumors are to be believed,
the prime sponsors behind the site are the British press! Journalists
working for major national titles such as …

Al Qaeda cell in London: WikiLeaks
Zee News
Classified documents on extremist detainees at Guantanamo Bay that were
made public by the whistleblowing website say the “London Boys” were
trained by Al Qaeda’s top bomb expert at the camp in Somalian capital
Mogadishu, The Sun reported. …

Does China Have an Eye on the Arctic?
TIME (blog)
Last week, WikiLeaks published a new round of diplomatic cables in concert
with an annual meeting of the Arctic Council in Nuuk, Greenland. Written
between 2007 and 2010, the cables highlight the lingering sense of global
insecurity over who owns what …

Leaked US cable makes much of tiny nation’s oil
The Seattle Times
A cache of State Department cables that WikiLeaks passed to McClatchy
Newspapers and other news organizations is filled with information about
the energy industry that can’t help but surprise. By McClatchy Newspapers
No comments have been posted to …

Central American journalism forum covers everything from organized crime to …
Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas (blog)
Other sessions throughout the week will include discussions on WikiLeaks
and citizens’ right to information, covering high-risk stories, and
photojournalism ethics, and film viewings, such as of the documentary “El
Cielo Abierto,” or “Clear Skies,” …

Jean Chretien and Iraq: Yet more proof the Liberals stood for nothing
National Post (blog)
WikiLeaks shows that Chretien was full of it when he took a principled
stand on the Iraq war. WikiLeaks has revealed more lies about the Iraq war,
this time from the Canadian government. According to CBC News: [E]ven as
[former prime minister Jean] …

His Jewish Problem
Tablet Magazine
Israel Shamir is a slippery Holocaust-doubter whose anti-Semitic,
anti-Israel views are—in the age of WikiLeaks—finding a new audience.
Part 1 of 2. By Will Yakowicz | May 16, 2011 7:00 AM | Print | Email |
Share Outside my window in Moscow …

Cable: Canada secretly backed Iraq war
OTTAWA, May 16 (UPI) — Canada secretly offered to back the US invasion of
Iraq while staying publicly aloof, a cable exposed by WikiLeaks shows. On
March 17, 2003, two days before the attack began, then-Prime Minister Jean
Chretien told Parliament …

US calls on its Nato partners to help resist cyber-attacks
The Guardian
But WikiLeaks, though responsible for the biggest security breach in US
history, is not mentioned and was not raised by any of the speakers at the
launch of the report, including secretary of state Hillary Clinton.
Instead, she spoke of a need for …

US proposes international computer security standards
Computer Business Review
Recently, the US government was angered by the Wikileaks scandal. This is
the first such proposal from the US. It calls for a secure and free
environment in the online world, however it does not mention Wikileaks
anywhere. …

India Visa Fraud
Little India
Publicly leaked Wikileaks cables from the US Consulate in Chennai suggest
that fraudulent visa applications in India are on the rise, especially from
Gujarat, Punjab and Andhra Pradesh. The India Biannual Fraud Update, dated,
Oc. 13, 2009, …

Leaks raise questions over power projects
Calgary Herald
WikiLeaks cables released over the past few weeks show the Alberta
government promised senior US government officials as far back as 2003 that
there would be abundant electricity exports available from Alberta, but
that limited power line transmission …

U.S. feared return to militarism by Noriega cronies under former president
Newsroom Panama
WikiLeaks revelations which have provoked a crisis in the present
administration, have now spotlighted US, concerns about the possible
resurgence of militarism under the previous president. During the
administration of Martín Torrijos, officials with …

Do We Risk Armed Conflict Over Arctic Oil Drilling?
Gas 2.0
Now I am not a fan of Julian Assage or Wikileaks, but even my eyebrows went
up reading some of the diplomatic cables between Russia, the United States,
and other countries bordering the Artic circle. After all, the Artic is
thought to hold some of the …

More damning evidence
Daily Pioneer
This was followed by the publication of official documents by WikiLeaks
that showed how intelligence personnel at the Guantanamo Bay detention
centre were instructed to consider any connection with the ISI as an
indication of terrorist activity. …

Annual Economy Report
Macedonia Information Centre
Pangalos went public for the first time since the criticism aired by one of
the most prominent Greek columnists about the secrecy of his positions and
two months since the publication of the of WikiLeaks document. In the
WikiLeaks document, …
See all stories on this topic:

Reader’s Forum
What was the outcome of these talks, we the public are curious to known or
should we wait for WikiLeaks? We the people of Bharat are not stupid or
foolish to believe that we can live amicably with a religion that has
stemmed out of the tip of a sword …

Congress Considers Endless War, Worldwide
The New American
Could WikiLeaks be deemed a “supporter” for releasing information about
US government war crimes? Could the American military swoop into England
and detain WikiLeaks’ leader, Julian Assange, indefinitely? What about
journalists who object to the …

Northern railway plans, one long-gone, one approaching
Alaska Dispatch
Last week, the Yukon News reported that diplomatic cables released to the
public by WikiLeaks showed US and Canadian federal officials were very
skeptical of the idea to connect Alaska to Canada by rail, in a plan known
as “Rails to Resources. …

US flexes muscle in the Black Sea
Asia Times Online
… drawn attention to the nature of his mission to Iraq when he joked at
the press conference with Zebari that he hoped the letter he delivered to
Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki from President Dmitry Medvedev wouldn’t “find
itself at WikiLeaks”. …

How to survive with an e-reader at college
ZDNet (blog)
If you are working on something current such as my own dissertation — an
empirical analysis of the 2010 Wikileaks diplomatic cables release — even
journal articles are lacking in content, let alone books which can often
only provide theory on past …

Sony Breach Shows Amazon Cloud’s Hacker Appeal
3, 2008, cable exposed by Wikileaks. The hackers “used at least three
separate systems at the unnamed ISP in multiple network intrusions and have
exfiltrated data via these systems,” according to the cable. In some
cases, hackers hide their tracks …

War News Updates: Wikileaks: Canada Secretly Backed Iraq War
By War News Updates Editor
OTTAWA, May 16 (UPI) — Canada secretly offered to back the U.S. invasion
of Iraq while staying publicly aloof, a cable exposed by WikiLeaks shows.
On March 17, 2003, two days before the attack began, then-Prime Minister
Jean Chretien …

Canada offered to aid Iraq invasion: WikiLeaks | Veterans Today
By Veterans Today
The classified U.S. document obtained from WikiLeaks shows senior Canadian
officials met that same day with high-ranking American and British
diplomats at Foreign Affairs headquarters in Ottawa. The confidential note,
written by a U.S. …

WESTON: Canada offered to aid Iraq invasion: WikiLeaks – Yahoo! News
By janfromthebruce
WESTON: Canada offered to aid Iraq invasion: WikiLeaks – Yahoo! NewsThe
same day Canada publicly refused to join the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of
Iraq, a high- ranking Canadian official was secretly promising the
Americans clandestine …

WikiLeaks cables show oil a major focus of US diplomats – College …
By Kevin G. Hall • McClatchy Newspapers
WASHINGTON — In 2006, three years after the Russian government had
charged Mikhail Khodorkovsky — then the country’s wealthiest businessman
— with fraud and moved to break up his Yukos oil company, U.S. diplomats
had had enough.

Media Lens Message Board: Wikileaks Reveals US Wanted to Keep …
Media Lens Message Board [ Post a Response | Media Lens Message Board ].
Wikileaks Reveals US Wanted to Keep Russia Out of Libyan Oil. Posted by
pete f on May 16, 2011, 2:29 pm …

Myanmar President announces clemency program for prisoners …
By Elmassy
Myanmar announced a long-expected clemency program for prisoners on Monday,
but its terms are limited and its scope is unclear. State television and

Wikileaks Community PLC Capitalized at Euro250K – Cryptome
Page 1. Crown copyright. 2011. Companies House. Page 2. Crown copyright.
2011. Companies House. Page 3. Crown copyright. 2011. Companies House. Page
4. Crown copyright. 2011. Companies House. Page 5. Crown copyright. 2011.

Wall Street Journal launches WikiLeaks rival – Yahoo! News
A former WikiLeaks spokesman, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, has also launched a
… The Wall Street Journal is looking to give WikiLeaks some competition.
The … …

How WikiLeaks Gags Its Own Staff – Slashdot
robbyyy writes “The New Statesman has just revealed the extent of the legal
eccentricity and paranoia that exists at the WikiLeaks organization.

WikiLeaks gags staff, threatens leakers with $20 million penalty …
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange requires WikiLeaks staff to sign a
confidentiality agreement that claims the organization’s collection of
leaked documents …

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