ColdType May 2011 Issue

17 May 2011 — Cold Type


Inside this month’s 80-page issue

– f5.6 should be right, Greg Marinovich & Joao Silva; Surprise, surpise! Iraq war was about oil, Ray McGovern; The strange death of multiculturalism, Trevor Grundy; More humanitarian regime change, Alan Maas; Bug Affairs, Hugh Pennington; A tale of two hospitals, Barry Lando; War reporting: Ours and theirs, Simon Liem; The Abu Ghraib pictures you haven’t seen, Nick Turse; the shrinking of New Orleans, Bill Berkowitz; Cowards and crack dealers, David Michael Green; Palestine unity and the new Middle East, Ramzy Baroud; Osama Bin Lynched, David Swanson; Where is your democracy?, Kathy Kelly; Why facts no longer matter, Danny Schechter; Need boots on the ground? Call Mr Transom, Philip Kraske; Harper can’t beat the BS-detector, Michael Keefer; Traveling along the highway of death, John W. Whitehead; Hurwitt’s Eye, Mark Hurwitt; Humanitarian intervention, again!, William Blum; Where have all the graveyards gone?, Adam Hochschild; Marching for Anzac in the 51st State, John Pilger

PLUS – Five must-read essays from our archives

Diesel-Driven Bee Slums and Impotent Turkeys, by Chip Ward
Conspiracy: The Downing Street Diaries, by David Edwards
Why the Media gets the War Wrong, by Michael Schwartz
Suicide Kool-Aid, by John S. Hatch
Off the Rails, by Paul Williams

Enjoy! (and if you don’t, let me know why)

Tony Sutton, Editor –

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