NATO Newslinks 29 May 2011: Video: NATO accused over child deaths

29 May 2011 —

Los Angeles Times
Relatives mourn for Afghan children allegedly killed in a NATO airstrike in Helmand province. (EPA / May 29, 2011)
By Laura King Los Angeles Times A new dispute over civilian deaths erupted Sunday when Afghan officials claimed an errant NATO airstrike …,0,2353624.story

Afghans, NATO investigate airstrike that reportedly killed 12 children
Kabul, Afghanistan (CNN) — An investigation was underway Sunday into
allegations that a coalition airstrike in southern Afghanistan killed a
dozen children and two women, Afghan and NATO officials said. The civilians
were reportedly killed Saturday …

Afghan government investigating attack on police, NATO commanders
Monsters and
Governor Abdul Jabar Taqwa and German General Markus Kneip, the top NATO
official in northern region, were also injured when a bomber detonated his
explosives inside a government building in Taleqan, the provincial capital
for Takhar. …

Russia’s turnabout on Libya arouses doubts, welcome
Russia, which had criticized the NATO-led air strikes on Libyan leader
Muammar Gaddafi’s forces, surprisingly toughened its stance on Libya during
the just wrapped-up G8 summit held in France’s seaside resort of Deauville.
The summit from Thursday to …

Nato must send clear message of support to revolutions in Middle East and …
Sofia Echo
The revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa are rebellions against
corruption and a cry for democracy, and Nato must send a clear message of
support to the people in those countries, Bulgaria’s Foreign Minister
Nikolai Mladenov told the Nato …

Mideast digest
Warplanes pound Gadhafi compound • NATO warplanes struck Moammar
Gadhafi’s compound in Tripoli, as the new rebel administration says
countries that promised financial aid have not come through. Nearly two
dozen Libyan soldiers fled their country in two …

PNS Mehran Base Attack: Terrorist were using walkie talkies of NATO forces
The Nation, Pakistan
The walkie talkies used by the terrorist are used by the NATO forces in
Afghanistan. According to the ongoing investigations in the attack on the
Pakistan Naval Base Mehran in Karachi, the terrorists were using the LXT
303 walkie talkies made by an …

Nato set to close key naval headquarters at Northwood, Hertfordshire
A major Nato command centre in Britain faces the axe in a series of
cutbacks by the organisation, The Sunday Telegraph has learned. By Patrick
Hennessy, Political Editor 9:00PM BST 28 May 2011 Senior sources said the
naval headquarters at Northwood in …

Video: NATO accused over child deaths
Gamut News
Afghan officials say a NATO air strike was to blame for the deaths of
children and adults in Helmand province.. This World News video “NATO
accused over child deaths” is copyright by Reuters News and brought to
you by Gamut News. …

Russian general cites NATO missile threat
The NATO missiles will be able to launch “disarming or even decapitation
strikes,” he warned. In November, President Dmitry Medvedev announced plans
to combine existing air defense and missile defense networks, early-warning
systems and airspace …

Civilian casualties alleged in Afghanistan
Washington Post
By Sayed Salahuddin, KABUL – At least three dozen Afghan police and
civilians have been killed in two separate airstrikes by the NATO-led force
in Afghanistan, Afghan officials said Sunday. A NATO military spokesman in
Kabul said the coalition was …

Why not talk of ceasefire?
Why would Gen Sir David Richards, the chief of the defence staff, call for
Nato to bomb infrastructure in Tripoli? Above all, why has Barack Obama
used his European tour this week to abandon his public caution and make it
clear that regime change is …

Afghans say NATO air strike kills 12 children, two women
Jerusalem Post
By REUTERS LASHKAR GAH, Afghanistan – An air strike called in by NATO-led
troops in southern Afghanistan killed 12 children and two women, Afghan
officials said on Sunday, one of the worst civilian death tolls by foreign
forces in months. …

35 NATO-Afghan top-level troops killed, more than 80 injured in Takhar matryr …
The Nation, Pakistan
… at about 4:40pm local time, aiming at the provincial governor office
where a meeting headed by Abdul Jabar Taqwa, the provincial governor of
Takhar province, was in progress with the a number high-ranking figures of
the puppets and NATO invaders. …

Kabul gold rush: western billions bear fruit in luxury property boom for …
In Kabul, a series of luxury apartment blocks and even a skyscraper are
planned for those who have made fortunes in the gold rush bought by Nato
forces. Twin 26-storey towers are scheduled to begin construction next
month and at least eight other …

Obama: “I will talk to Papandreou over name issue again”
Ivanov stressed Republic of Macedonia was the only country in the world to
have additional condition for UN accession, as well as the only country to
have additional condition for NATO membership and EU integration, saying
this condition is irrational …

NATO’s commander for north Afghanistan survived Takhar blast
KABUL May 28 (Reuters) – The top commander of foreign troops in north
Afghanistan was in the compound of the governor of Takhar province when a
huge blast killed two top Afghan police officers, but he survived the
attack, a NATO spokesman said. …

NATO destroys more ammunition storage depots of Gaddafi regime
Kuwait News Agency
BRUSSELS, May 29 (KUNA) — NATO warplanes destroyed one vehicle storage
facility in Tirpoli and one command and control node near Tripoli, during
the past 24 hours. A NATO update Sunday said that one ammunition storage
facility near Sirte, …

Agenzia Giornalistica Italia
(AGI) Kabul – Twelve children and two women are amongst the civilians
killed in an air raid by Nato forces in the southern Helmand province, said
provincial governor Daud Ahmadi. The incident took place in the Naw Zad
district after a Taliban group …

‘US ashamed to admit Afghan war defeat’
Press TV
Press TV: US and NATO forces have been in Afghanistan for almost a decade.
Why haven’t they been able to instill security to Afghanistan yet? Brann:
Well, the first question that arises is security for whom? Because if you
start with the idea that they …

NATO Investigates Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan
The Mark
by The Mark Newsroom Tensions between NATO and Afghan officials heighten as
the Afghanis claim a NATO airstrike hit two civilian homes. A statement on
the Canadian Union of Pos… Move seen as symbolic of Egypt’s new pol…
The Canucks are favoured to …

Taliban Suicide Bomber Wounds Top German NATO Commander
Weasel Zippers
Please turn the American forces loose and let them do whatever is necessary
to make the Taliban tremble at even the thought of Americans. Then let’s
leave this country, and never set foot on it’s soil again. Even the Mongols
found these people largely …

NATO strikes command center at Gaddafi compound
NATO airstrikes struck a command and control center at Muammar Gaddafi’s
compound in Tripoli on Saturday, as the newly created rebel administration
warned it was fast running out of money because countries that promised
financial aid have not come …,7340,L-4075012,00.html

Day 70 Of Libyan War: 8444 NATO Air Missions, 3229 Combat Flights
Center for Research on Globalization
A total of 8444 sorties, including 3229 strike sorties, have been
conducted, since the beginning of the NATO led operation on 31 March 2011.
These figures do not include the sorties conducted from March 19 to March
31st “A total of 21 ships under NATO …

Harper wants ‘reasonable’ Libya mission extension
A three-star Canadian general is currently leading NATO’s efforts in Libya
to protect civilians from forces loyal to strongman Moamer Kadhafi, and
Canadian troops are participating in the NATO-led operation. A popular
uprising against Kadhafi that …

Nation must step up in Arab Spring
The Australian
NEWS of NATO’s escalated bombing campaign in Libya is a stark reminder the
Middle East is in a state of turmoil. A historic and paradigm shift in the
balance of power is under way. Regimes that have been in place for decades
have either been swept …

Encircling Russia with US Bases
NATO has 28 member states, including 10 former Soviet Republics and Warsaw
Pact countries. Prospective new candidates include Georgia, Ukraine, and
potentially others later to more tightly encircle Russia and China. At the
same time, the Middle East …

CHP calls on Turkish government to help Libyan refugees
Hurriyet Daily News
“The NATO operation in which Turkey is also involved necessitates the
control of Libya’s sea borders and the protection of civilians. Just like
other NATO member countries’ governments involved in the operation, the AKP
government has a responsibility …

Two Royal Marines killed in Helmand, Afghanistan
The injured included Gen Markus Kneip, Nato’s commander for northern
Afghanistan, and Abdul Jabar Taqwa, governor of Takhar province, in whose
compound the attack took place. The Taliban claimed responsibility. Two
more Nato soldiers were killed in …

Gadhafi Forces Try To Break Rebel Line Near Misrata
KIRO Seattle
The official believed the strikes were NATO attacks. Morning strikes in
Tripoli are rare. NATO confirmed one of the attacks — a press officer said
the strike on Bab bin Ghashir was timed to minimize civilian casualties.
NATO said it targeted a vehicle …

Power cuts increase hardship in Libyan rebel mountains
Reuters UK
Some Gaddafi positions are near the electricity stations themselves,
possibly to dissuade NATO from bombing for fear of damaging the power
supply. “Because of the power cuts, we can’t pump the water,” said Abu
Bakr, a senior rebel in Arrujban. …

NATO Launches Rare Daytime Airstrike On Tripoli
By The Huffington Post News Editors
TRIPOLI (Reuters) – NATO staged a rare daytime air strike on Tripoli on
Saturday after a fifth straight night of attacks, adding to military and
diplomatic pressure on Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to quit after 41 years
of power. …

Nato says destroyed Gaddafi compound guard towers – News – Mail …
Nato aircraft destroyed the guard towers at Muammar Gaddafi’s compound in
Tripoli, then staged a daytime strike on the city, a Nato official has

NATO Planes Hit Gaddafi’s Tripoli Compound – The Daily Beast
NATO planes, led by British RAF aircraft, dropped bombs on Libyan leader
Col. Muammar Gaddafi’s Tripoli compound Saturday. While the compound is

Afghan official: NATO airstrike kills 14 | The Associated Press …
By The Associated Press
A NATO airstrike targeting insurgents inadvertently hit two civilian homes
in the volatile southwestern Helmand province, killing 14 women and
children, an Afghan government official said Sunday.

NATO convoy attacked in Afghanistan | Citizens for Legitimate …
By legitgov
NATO convoy attacked in Afghanistan 28 May 2011 Militants have targeted a
convoy of NATO vehicles in the eastern Afghan province of Kunar, Afghan
officials say. Sources said militants rammed an explosives-laden car into
NATO military …

Anatomy of a Murder: How NATO Killed Qaddafi Family Members | War …
By davidswanson
On 22 May 2011, I had the opportunity to visit the residence of the Qaddafi
family, bombed to smithereens by NATO. For a leader, the house seemed small
in comparison, say, to the former Clinton family home in Chappaqua or the
Obama …

The Jawa Report: Taliban Bomber Infiltrates Afghan-NATO Meeting …
By Stable Hand
KABUL, Afghanistan — A Taliban suicide bomber infiltrated a heavily
guarded governor’s compound in northern Afghanistan where top NATO and
Afghan officials were meeting, killing several people there, including the
highly regarded …

NATO airstrike in Afghanistan kills 12 kids | Defence / Terrorism
By Shilpa
London, May 29: At least 12 children, some under two years, and two women
have been killed in a NATO airstrike in Afghanistan, Sky News reported.

Suicide bomber strikes at NATO leaders – Silobreaker
Changes tactics after bombing Tripoli for five straight nights Tripoli:
Nato carried out a rare daytime air strike on Tripoli Saturday after a
fifth straight night of attacks, adding to military and diplomatic pressure
on Libyan leader …

Suicide bomber strikes at top NATO, Afghan leaders | Home “ Other …
A suicide bomber wearing a police uniform blew himself up inside a heavily
guarded compound yesterday as top Afghan and international officials left a
meeting, killing two senior Afghan police commanders and wounding the
German general …

NATO airstrike in Afghanistan kills 12 kids News
By Staff
London, May 29 (IANS) At least 12 children, some under two years, and two
women have been killed in a NATO airstrike in Afghanistan, Sky News
reported. The incident took place in Nawzad district in Helmand province
late Saturday. …

How NATO Killed Qaddafi Family Members | My Catbird Seat
By Debbie
All my mother could say in astonishment was, “They killed the babies,
they killed his grandbabies.” by Cynthia McKinney.

Afghan Official: NATO Airstrike Kills 14 |
By marketmaker
Afghan officials said a coalition airstrike hit the election convoy of an
Afghan parliamentary candidate, wounding him and killing as many as 10
campaign aides, but the NATO coalition said only insurgents were killed.

NATO commander survives Afghan suicide attack –
By Agence France-Presse
NATO’s military commander for northern Afghanistan, German general Markus
Kneip, survived a suicide attack at the Takhar provincial governor’s office
Saturday, a NATO spokesman said.

Nato ‘kills 14 Afghan civilians’ | Stock Market News – Business …
By Editor – BBC World News
29 May 2011 Last updated at 04:32 ET A group of people brought the bodies

NATO air strike kills 16 civilians in south Afghanistan | U.S. …
By admin
A NATO air strike has killed 16 and wounded another six civilians in the
southern Afghan province of Helmand, an employee of the provincial
governor’s press service who preferred to stay anonymous told RIA Novosti
on Sunday. … | Nato intensifies attacks
TRIPOLI: Nato aircraft destroyed the guard towers at Muammar Qadhafi’s
compound in Tripoli, a Nato official said on Saturday, then staged a rare
daytime air strike on the Libyan capital, stepping up pressure on him to
quit. …

NATO: A Feast of Blood – English
Tripoli sustained 22 to 25 bombings last night, rattling and breaking
windows and glass. I did wonder too if any of the politicians who had
authorized this …

NATO Helicopters Fire on Pakistani Troops Alex Jones’ Infowars …
Pakistani officials say NATO helicopters crossed into Pakistan and fired on
troops, wounding two soldiers in an incident that drew a strong protest
from the …

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