Libya Newslinks 5 June 2011

5 June 2011 —

British Foreign Secretary Visits Libyan Rebels
Voice of America
Photo: AP British Foreign Secretary William Hague has arrived in Libya for talks with opposition leaders in the rebel stronghold, Benghazi. Hague is one of the highest-ranking foreign officials to visit the rebel-held territory. …

US writer among journalists missing in Libya
The Associated Press
An email from a friend in Libya convinced VanDyke that dispatches from that country’s war would make a perfect epilogue. Now VanDyke has been missing for nearly three months. His mother, Sharon, said the 31-year-old decided he had to be there when the …

LIBYA/QATAR: Alleged rape victim Eman Obeidy reportedly beaten, deported back …
Los Angeles Times
Alleged Libyan rape victim Eman Obeidy grabbed the world’s attention and became a symbol of the uprising against embattled Libyan leader Moammar Kadafi when she stormed into a Tripoli hotel in late March, telling a group of journalists having breakfast …

‘Sign of the apocalypse’: Kucinich’s strong GOP support on Libya
The Hill
That was the case Friday as the House debated how to respond, belatedly, to President Obama’s military intervention in Libya. Kucinich’s resolution, which would mandate an immediate withdrawal of US forces absent congressional authorization, …

Vienna talks: Oil ministers to tackle burning issues
Arab News
As of late Friday, it was still unclear who would represent Libya. And making the decision would definitely not be an easy one – for it would have political connotations too. With Shokri Ghanem — the energy face of Libya switching sides by defecting …

House Roll Call: How they voted on Libya resolution
Washington Post
By AP, The 268-145 roll call Friday by which the House adopted a resolution declaring that the president shall not deploy, establish or maintain the presence of units and members of the United States Armed Forces on the ground in Libya, and for other …

Libya: President Obama Do The Right Thing And Call President Zuma
Black Star News
The United States Congress voted for a measure introduced by Speaker John Boehner rebuking President Barack Obama for the US role in the Libyan war. The US continued participation is in defiance of the War Powers Act, which requires Congressional …

House Passes John Boehner’s Modest Libya Resolution, Defeats …
ABC News’ John R. Parkinson (@JRPabcDC) reports: In a bipartisan vote, the House of Representatives approved a resolution declaring that “the President has failed to provide Congress with a compelling rationale based upon United States …

President Obama blasted for role in Libya
By David A. Fahrenthold
President Obama blasted for role in Libya, WASHINGTON – The House on Friday rebuked President Barack Obama for failing ”to provide Congress with a compelling rationale” for the military campaign in Libya, but it stopped short of …

House Rebukes Obama’s Handling Of Libya | TPMDC
By Benjy Sarlin
The House issued a rebuke to President Obama over his handling of the Libya conflict, passing a Republican resolution with bipartisan support demanding he justify US intervention and provide Congress with more information.

Congress rebukes Obama on Libya | Psychology Today
By Arthur Dobrin
Congress rebukes Obama on LIbya. Who is right? By Arthur Dobrin…

Congress Debates the Libya War | Cato @ Liberty
By Christopher Preble
Whereas the Kucinich resolution would have compelled the Obama administration to withdraw from all military operations in Libya within the next 15 days, Boehner’s resolution bars the administration from deploying ground troops, …

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