Bahrain Newslinks 6 June 2011

6 June 2011 —

Bahraini medics were called on to treat dozens of wounded protesters in the …
Bahrain, where the United States Navy’s Fifth Fleet anchors, is a small, predominantly Shiite country governed by a Sunni royal family. Since the beginning of the turmoil in Bahrain, about 30 people have been killed, according to figures from the …

As F1 returns to Bahrain, footballers languish in jail
CNN International
By James Montague, CNN Sayed Mohamed Adnan (number 16), Alaa Hubail (30)
and Mohamed Hubail (29) line up for Bahrain vs. Iraq in January 2009. (CNN)
— Alaa Hubail was once considered a national hero. The 28-year-old striker
had been instrumental in …

Bahrain Formula 1 Now a Racing Certainty?
Wall Street Journal (blog)
By Tim Falconer German Formula One driver Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull
Racing steers his car during the Grand Prix of Bahrain in 2010. Less than a
week after Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa lifted a two-month state
of emergency, the tiny island …

‘Day of Rage’ promised for Bahrain GP
Fox Sports
A burned car seen on a barricaded street in the village of Karzakkan,
Bahrain. Source: AP Serious questions were raised Sunday night about the
credibility of the vote that restored the controversial Bahrain Grand Prix
to the Formula One calendar, …

Bahraini doctors on trial over role in protests
AP , 06.06.11, 05:38 AM EDT MANAMA, Bahrain — Dozens of doctors and nurses
who treated injured anti-government protesters during the months of unrest
in Bahrain are on trial just days after the Gulf kingdom lifted emergency
rule. …

BAHRAIN: Unions fight discrimination, firings even after martial law lifted
Los Angeles Times
Bahrain’s monarchy lifted its martial law June 1, but human rights
activists and union leaders say they continue to struggle with workplace
discrimination in the gulf state as those who protest are targeted and
fired for being traitors. …

Webber’s worry over move to bring back Bahrain GP
Brisbane Times
“I’ll be highly surprised if the Bahrain Grand Prix goes ahead this year”
… Mark Webber. Red Bull driver Mark Webber says he’s deeply uncomfortable
with the decision to reinstate the Bahrain Grand Prix to this year’s world
championship calendar, …

Trying to rein in the Arab Spring
Most obviously, of course, there was Saudi Arabia’s de facto military
intervention in protest-ridden Bahrain in mid-March. While this might have
been portrayed as a member of the Saudi-led, six-state Gulf Cooperation
Council helping out a weaker member …

Bahrain plans to hike oil output — official
Kuwait News Agency
By Mohammad Al-Enezi and Jamil Al-Mahari (with photos) MANAMA, June 6
(KUNA) — Bahrain is seeking to upgrade capacity of the national oil
refinery from 267000 barrels per day to approximately 400000 bp at a
projected cost of USD six billion, …

Bahrain police clash with Shi’ite religious marchers
Jerusalem Post
By REUTERS MANAMA – Bahraini police clashed with Shi’ite marchers in a
religious festival late on Sunday, less than a week after the Gulf kingdom
repealed an emergency law that quashed weeks of protests. Residents and
leading Shi’ite opposition group …

Iraq blocks aid convoy to Bahrain
Press TV
Iraqi coast guards have blocked a convoy that was headed to crisis-hit
Bahrain carrying humanitarian aid for the anti-regime protesters in the
tiny Persian Gulf nation. Iraq’s National Committee for the Support of
People in Bahrain organized the …

UN admits receiving untrue reports about Bahrain
Khaleej Times
MANAMA — A top UN official admitted on Saturday that the information it
received about the human rights situation in Bahrain during the recent
unrest was not true. “Certain information which we received about the
developments in Bahrain is untrue,” UN …

Scramble for non-Muslim mercenaries
Sydney Morning Herald
Even before the start of the revolt in Bahrain in February, the
principality’s rulers had been quietly stacking their security forces with
foreigners – chiefly Pakistanis, but Jordanians, Iraqis and Yemenis too.
Still it came as a surprise when, …

Social spending: GCC hopes spending boost will calm unrest
Kipp Report
Oil-rich Oman and Bahrain are planning massive boosts in state spending
aimed at calming popular unrest, officials said on Sunday. But analysts
said measures intended to buy public support may fail because grievances
are deeper than financial worries …

Salons facing crisis
Gulf Daily News
More than 70 representatives of salon owners, who met at the Bahrain
Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) yesterday, also called on the
Social Development Ministry to stop Bahraini women from running a salon
business from their homes. …
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Bahrain: Violations of the Rights of the Child worse than ever + PIC
Children became victims of Bahraini regime excessive use of force to
crackdown peaceful protests, as it neglected their safety during the attack
on the Pearl Roundabout on 17th Feb 2011 at 3 am without warning with tear
gas, rubber and live bullets and …

Bahraini Regime Tightens Security Arrangements
(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – Bahrain’s Al-Wafaq Society has issued a
statement, announcing its deep concern over the intensification of security
arrangements in this Persian Gulf state by the Bahraini regime, while
pointing out that obstruction of …

Aid vessel to Bahrain blocked by Iraqi coast guards
Press TV
Since the beginning of Bahrain revolution back in March, Iraqis have shown
their support for Bahrainis with demonstrations. But this time they used a
different method: Iraq’s National Committee for the Support of People in
Bahrain decided to dispatch …

Bahrain Grand Prix back on the F1 calendar despite civil unrest …
By Noah Joseph
The start to this year’s Formula 1 championship was delayed when civil
unrest in the Gulf kingdom of Bahrain forced the cancellation of the

Bahrain is back in 2011 F1 calendar, India is now last race
By Danny Tan
The 2011 Bahrain GP has been reinstated and will take place on October 30,
FIA’s World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) announced on Friday. In the original
F1 calendar, that date was scheduled for the first ever Indian GP, which
will now be …

F1: Bahrain GP To Return To Calendar In 2011, Kick Off 2012 Season …
The Paris-based body said the decision to reschedule Bahrain to October 30
this year “reflects the spirit of reconciliation” in the troubled Kingdom,
following months of civil unrest. “The World Motor Sport Council feels that

Bahrain not the only flashpoint for Formula 1 teams : James Allen …
By James Allen
There has not been any reaction yet from the Formula 1 teams to Friday’s
FIA World Council announcements on the Bahrain Grand Prix being reinstated.
It is likely that they will discuss the developments at the start of next
week and may …

Mosley: Costly mistake to hold Bahrain GP |
By Editor
Jun.6 (PVM & GMM) Former FIA president Max Mosley has strongly condemned
the decision to go ahead and race in Baharain in the aftermath of

F1: Bahrain Grand Prix back on – India Grand Prix now in December
By CarsUK
The FIA’s World Motor Sport Council has reinstated the Bahrain Grand Prix
on 30th October, moving the Indian Grand Prix to December.

The real problem over F1 in Bahrain “
By joesaward
The real problem with F1 going to Bahrain is that it exposes the sport as
lacking any central guidance and policy. The sports administrators want one
thing; the commercial people want another, the teams have one agenda, the
media may …

So Bahrain dictatorship also oppresses Sunnis? | SHOAH
By admin
US media wanted so bad to promote the notion that opposition in Bahrain is
purely sectarian–very much like the notions spread in vulgar Saudi media.
This may be the first one that argues otherwise. “Emergency law was
lifted Wednesday in …

Religion and Politics in Bahrain: The Most Dangerous Men in Bahrain
By Justin Gengler
Writing more than three decades ago in 1980, Fuad Khuri offers in his
classic Tribe and State in Bahrain the following remarks, coming near the
conclusion of the section on “Organized Protests and Rebellions” (p. 217):

Bahrain to try medics over anti-government protests |
By marketmaker
MANAMA, Bahrain (AP) — Thousands of anti-government demonstrators cut off
Bahrain’s financial center and drove back police trying to push them from
the capital’s central square – shaking the tiny island kingdom Sunday with
the most …

Bahrain Police Crushed Shiite Opposition Protests | Cubadebate …
By Cubadebate
Bahrain police fired tear gas and plastic bullets against Shiites opponents
that marched on the Pearl Square, two days after the lifting of the state
of emergency in the kingdom. Security forces repeated the repression of
last March, …

Arabic Network For Human Rights Informations “ Bahrain: Tomorrow …
By ebrahim
ANHRI has condemned today the ongoing martial courts against Bahraini
activists upon their expression of opinion though the emergency law,
according to which these martial courts were held, is lifted. The martial
court will review …

EA WorldView – Home – Yemen, Syria, Bahrain (and Beyond) LiveBlog …
By Scott Lucas
And even in Bahrain, where the monarchy appears to have put down mass
protest, the evidence of opposition is still emerging. A series of videos
offered testimony yesterday, with security forces dispersing gatherings
during the day and …

Official: Bahrain Grand Prix back on the F1 calendar despite civil …
By admin
The decision to bring Bahrain back into the fold despite the country’s use
of lethal force against its own protesting civilians is sure to raise more
than a few eyebrows, and the backlash could potentially force the FIA to
reverse its …

Media Lens Message Board: FIA approves return of Bahrain Grand …
FIA approves return of Bahrain Grand Prix to : Formula 1 calendar : :
Friday, 3 June 2011 15:31 UK : : Mixed reaction to new Bahrain Grand Prix :
date : : The Bahrain Grand Prix will return to the : Formula 1 calendar on
30 October. …

Bahrain police clash with Shi’ite religious marchers | Reuters
MANAMA (Reuters) – Bahraini police clashed with Shi’ite marchers in a
religious festival late on Sunday, less than a week after the Gulf kingdom
repealed an …

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