Wikileaks Newslinks 7 June 2011

7 June 2011 —

WikiLeaks: 500 Baloch and Sindhi separatists in Afghanistan
The Express Tribune
PHOTO: AFP A WikiLeaks cable reveals that the Afghan government admitted to hosting about 500 Baloch and Sindhi separatists in a camp in Kandahar. According to the cable, the Afghan Interior Minister Hanif Atmar claimed there is a refugee camp in …

China still supplying N-reactors to Pak: WikiLeaks
Times of India
NEW DELHI: China has ‘grandfathered’ its supply of two more nuclear
reactors to Pakistan to an earlier 1986 agreement with Islamabad but a
newly released WikiLeaks cable shows that as late as 2006, Beijing assured
US that reports about supplying more …

WikiLeaks’ cable on Siachen dispute
Pakistan Observer
WikiLeaks’ recently released cable, classified by former Deputy Chief of
Mission Geoff Pyatt in 2006, stated that the failure to reach a solution on
Siachen dispute was the result of Indian army’s resistance, which did not
like to lose strategic …

WikiLeaks: US Pressure for Irish troops and gardai help in Afghanistan
Belfast Telegraph
Confidential documents, obtained by the Irish Independent from the
whistleblowing website WikiLeaks, reveal the extent of the pressure placed
on Irish officials by the US Embassy in Dublin. Despite the negative
reaction from several Irish contacts, …

Yo Adrian! Lamo on Wikileaks and Cablegate
SYS-CON Media (press release) (blog)
And he then went on to become one of the important figures in the
Wikileaks/Cablegate case last year, when he divulged the name of Private
Manning to the feds as the leaker. At the time, his decision was vilified
in the hacking community, with threats …

WikiLeaks: Ireland no exception in post-9/11 watchfulness
Belfast Telegraph
By Shane Phelan In the aftermath of 9/11, US diplomats worldwide were
tasked with taking a heightened interest in the activities of Muslim
communities in the countries where they were stationed. The Republic of
Ireland was no exception, as can be seen …

WikiLeaks: Minister feared spies at helm of Russian energy giant
The Wikileaks cables show that Britain believed the Russian gas giant
Gazprom was being run by former Russian intelligence service chiefs, to
further Russian influence. 2008 between the UK’s then secretary of state
for business, John Hutton, …

WikiLeaks: Golding strategically introduced casino gambling
Go Jamaica
In cables obtained by The Gleaner through Wikileaks, US embassy officials
noted that the decision to introduce casino gaming was fraught with
political danger, given the influence of the Church in Jamaica. Embassy
officials said it must have been a …

UK running out of oil and gas, WikiLeaks reveals
London, June 7 (ANI): The United Kingdom could be forced to rely on
overseas countries for more than two thirds of its oil and gas supplies due
to a “severe” decline in energy production in the North Sea, US
diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks have …

Saudi Arabian women banned from driving because of fatwa against gender ‘mixing’
Washington Post (blog)
… al-Sharif in her driving video (Screengrab from YouTube) The ban
against women driving in Saudi Arabia dates all the way back to a 1991
fatwa issued by the late grand mufti against gender “mixing,” according
to embassy cables released by WikiLeaks. …

We are too “squeamish” about leaks, says Wikileaks founder Assange
Shiny Shiny
By ShinyJess on June 6, 2011 Comments (0) The Wikileaks founder, who is
still fighting extradition over alleged sex attacks, spoke to audiences at
the Hay literary festival, where he accused the audience of having “a
rather annoying middle-class …

India failed to provide information for listing militants as terrorist
The cables obtained by Dawn through WikiLeaks quote a Chinese official as
saying that China “is very serious” about its commitments to the United
Nations Security Council Resolution 1267, but without adequate information
on “these three individuals”, …

Judge Gives DOJ Reprieve In WikiLeaks Document Dispute
The BLT: Blog of Legal Times (blog)
The Justice Department was unable Friday to meet a court-imposed deadline
to provide guidance to lawyers involved in Guantánamo Bay detainee
litigation over how the attorneys can access and use publicly available
WikiLeaks documents. …

WikiLeaks: North American ‘Integration’ Strategy
Fox News
The cable, released through the WikiLeaks website and apparently written
Jan. 28, 2005, discusses some of the obstacles surrounding the merger of
the economies of Canada, the United States and Mexico in a fashion similar
to the European Union. …

NATO Threatens Anonymous; Kicks Off Weekend-Long Hackathon
The draft details Anonymous’ involvement with both Wikileaks and HBGary
along with with a rundown of recent hacktivist activity in the Middle East
and Africa. [T]he Rapporteur believes that even if one is in favour of
transparency, military and …

Raymond Heard: Hold Page One for the Suits in Foggy Bottom!
Huffington Post
They were written by American diplomats, whose cables back to Foggy Bottom
from the capital have just been exposed by WikiLeaks. These WikiLeaks, to
quote a friend who was at the pinnacle of Grit power and, yes, arrogance,
expose the weakness in …

The UN Declares Internet Access a Human Right
The Atlantic Wire
La Rue’s mention of reach and anonymity celebrates Twitter and Facebook
role in Egypt as much as it validates WikiLeaks in the United States. The
Electronic Freedom Foundation says that the UN’s support for anonymous
expression and the protection it …

WikiLeaks: Irish govt thought Tony Blair ‘too soft’ with Sinn Fein
Irish Central
A leaked cable reveals that a senior Irish official expressed concern that
Tony Blair was “too soft” with Sinn Fein to a senior US diplomat, according
to the Belfast Telegraph. The cable is dated June 1, 2005 — only weeks
after Blair secured his third …—thought—Tony-Blair-too-soft-with-Sinn-Fein-123215433.html

The Social Media/First Amendment Face Off
Wikileaks founder Juilan Assange summed up the value of Facebook to
investigators. He said that on Facebook, authorities can find “the world’s
most comprehensive database about people, their relationships, their names,
their addresses, their locations, …

Loyalties 100pc with the King…
Gulf Daily News
Enraged is how I felt when I read about the WikiLeaks report in the GDN on
Al Wefaq leaders’ “secret dealings”. What else are we going to find out
about you? What you have done is more than one can bear! The opposition
leaders have made the lives of …

Abi Ramia says his FPM “feared Hezbollah’s ideology” before 2006 MoU
In response to a report published in Al-Jumhuriya newspaper quoting a
WikiLeaks cable in which he speaks against Hezbollah during a meeting with
a US official on 11 May 2007, Abi Ramia confirmed the meeting, but said
that he “explained to the official …

Nigeria: Keep Governments Open
I have borrowed the title of this piece from the slogan of WikiLeaks, the
internet whistleblower that has been shaking the world with truths long
hidden from the public. Needless to say, sinners whose sins have been
exposed have been the only ones …

Henry VIII’s Love Letters To Anne Boleyn Go Online
Coventry Telegraph (blog)
By Marion McMullen on Jun 7, 11 06:51 AM THE 17th century’s answer to the
WikiLeaks diplomatic cables goes online for the first time today. About 1.2
million pages of British government documents from the Stuart period,
including secret reports of …

How black money can transform India (blog)
The Wikileaks disclosures of Julian Assange, however, provided the
immediate context for Anna Hazare to step in and rally the civil society
against graft. The latest public figure to join the anti-graft bandwagon,
of course, has been Baba Ramdev who …

Coalition informant plays both sides of Afghan war
The Associated Press
But he said he did not know of any Afghan informants killed because their
identities were revealed through WikiLeaks, which has released thousands of
secret government documents, including some 77000 classified Pentagon
documents on the war. …

Bill Keller: The Esquire Exit Interview, with Scott Raab
Esquire (blog)
We’ve handled these Wikileaks data dumps professionally and well. We’ve
covered the financial meltdown, we’ve covered some elections. We’re
covering the hell out of the Arab Spring — I’ve got the budget overruns
to prove it. …

US, Canada argued over water, cables say
WINNIPEG, Manitoba, June 6 (UPI) — A leaked diplomatic cable released by
WikiLeaks indicates Canada refused to cooperate to prevent flooding in
North Dakota in 2005, officials said. The August 2005 cable said the
incident is a “prime example of failed …

Order met with SF before 2007
Belfast Telegraph
I AM somewhat confused by the WikiLeaks report (News, June 3) that the
Orange Order was talking to Sinn Fein ‘as far back as two years ago’. The
confusion arises as the date given for the report of US officials is
November 2009, which would mean the …

Google’s pirate side
Daily Caller
In January, when Julian Assange’s rogue site WikiLeaks illegally released
thousands of stolen cables filled with national security secrets,
confidential law enforcement intelligence, private information and private
property, responsible Internet …

US: Local terror ties suspected
Nassau Guardian
… to indicate that there might have been terrorist “support and
financial cells in The Bahamas,” and “financing links” within the
country, according to a classified communication exclusively obtained by
The Nassau Guardian through WikiLeaks. …

Hay Festival: day eleven as it happened
Photo: JAY WILLIAMS Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, suggested he
was prepared to reveal the names of individuals covered by superinjunctions
issued by the British courts to protect their privacy. He said: “There are
some 200 or so outstanding …

Anonymous tells NATO: ‘You cannot defeat us’
The campaign soon broadened to include companies accused of obstructing
whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks in the wake of the ‘Cablegate’ leak of US
diplomatic memos, bringing it to the attention of world governments. In an
open letter addressed to …

Protesters want suspected whistle-blower released
Jamaica Gleaner
About 250 people rallied at Fort Leavenworth to support an Army private
accused of leaking classified military information to the WikiLeaks
website. The Army says Pfc Bradley Manning leaked hundreds of thousands of
classified documents while serving as …

Irish Muslims Under US Watch
Diplomatic cables leaked by the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks revealed
that Washington has put Ireland’s main mosques under close watch. Some
cables alleged that members of the ICCI mosque celebrated the kidnapping of
an Irish aid worker in Iraq in …

LulzSec Claims Another Sony Hack
Wired News (blog)
LulzSec is the same group that claimed it cracked PBS last month to protest
Frontline’s hour-long documentary on WikiLeaks. In that hack, the group
stole and posted thousands of stolen passwords. The group has also claimed
responsibility for hacking …

US Fought to Keep Haitian Minimum Wage at 24 Cents for US Manufacturers
The Nation has a scoop—or had, actually—from Wikileaks cables showing
that the Obama administration pressured Haiti not to raise its minimum wage
to 61 cents an hour, or five bucks a day. The magazine posted the story the
other day and has now pulled …

God Bless America. And Its Bombs
Just International
5 The recent disclosure by Wikileaks of US State Department documents
included this little item: A cable was sent by Michael Parmly from the US
Interests Section in Havana in July 2006, during the runup to the
Non-Aligned Movement conference. …

Google, Sony, Nintendo Hacker Anonymity Stymies Arrests by US Cyber Cops
Anonymous took credit for taking down the websites of Mastercard Inc. and
Visa Inc. (V) in December as payback for the payment processors’ suspending
use of their networks by WikiLeaks, an organization that publishes secret
documents on its website. …

Wikileaks: The state persecutes its idealists – Junge Linke …
By Django
1. he premise of the WikiLeaks project is that the exposure of governmental
and corporate secrets is the critique of those parties. The project and its
manifesto – written by Julian Assange before WikiLeaks took off – is
concerned with …

Wikileaks’ Julian Assange wades into superinjunctions: Accuses FBI …
By Joe McEvoy
The Wikileaks founder, who is currently fighting extradition to Sweden,
where he has faced allegations of sexual assault, has decided to ruffle
feathers by claiming that the FBI tried to bribe the organisation’s staff.

Lessons of WikiLeaks: The U.S. Needs a Counterinsurgency Strategy …
By fulltextreports
As the global scandal caused by the unauthorized publication of classified
government material on the infamous WikiLeaks Web site has demonstrated, it
is time for a counterinsurgency strategy in cyberspace as well. …

WikiLeaks: FPM MP voiced importance of ‘ending Hezbollah’s …
By syh
Free patriotic Movement ( FPM) MP Simon Abi Ramia responded on Monday to a
report published in Al- Jumhuriya newspaper quoting a WikiLeaks cable in
which the MP speaks against Hezbollah. Abi Ramia asked officials in the US
Embassy in …

Assange accuses FBI of annoying to bribe Wikileaks employees …
Assange accuses FBI of annoying to bribe Wikileaks employees. Wikileaks
founder Julian Assange says his group had faced numerous current
challenges, as well as attempts by the FBI to try and bribe its employees.

Wikileaks Ireland Cables: Time for Government Action | Shannonwatch
By shannonwatch
Recent wikileaks revelations show that successive Irish governments were
more worried about being caught lying over renditions and Shannon than they
were in stopping kidnapping and torture. International law and human rights
were never …

PRESS RELEASE: Wikileaks revelations confirm most Guantanamo …
By David Buchan
The revelations by Wikileaks relating to Guantanamo Bay only serve to
highlight what has been well known fact in the legal and NGO world – that
the majority of those detained at the detention camps had nothing to do
with the Taliban or …

archaeology excavations,archaeology excavation,archaeology …
By Archaeology
Hidden behind a fabulous sunken treasure recovered from a wreck in the
Atlantic Ocean lays a story of secret diplomatic cables and Nazi art
thieves, according to a revelation from WikiLeaks documents. Consisting of
500000 silver coins …

No “Conspiracy Theory”: Wikileaks Cable Confirms North American …
“The cable, released through the WikiLeaks website and apparently written
Jan. 28, 2005, discusses some of the obstacles surrounding the merger of
the …

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