Wikileaks Newslinks 13 June 2011

13 June 2011 —

Benazir Bhutto had US support, clearance to return to Pakistan: WikiLeaks
Pakistan Observer
Karachi—The latest WikiLeaks cables have revealed that President Asif Ali Zardari said US is “our safety blanket” and recounted how Benazir had returned despite the threats against her because of support and “clearance” from the US. …

WikiLeaks Probe: Pentagon Papers Injustice Deja Vu
As we mark the 40th anniversary of the Pentagon Papers’ publication, the Obama administration is doggedly trying to charge Julian Assange and WikiLeaks with conspiracy to commit espionage. Now, as then, it amounts to a misguided effort to criminalize …

Mukhtaran Mai, brother involved in abusing power: WikiLeaks
The News International
KARACHI: A secret cable of 2006 has revealed some serious problems within the local community being instigated by Mukhtaran’s family in her home district of Mianwalli, WikiLeaks disclosed. The cable was written by US Ambassador Ryan C. Crocker and sent …

Maurice Hayes: WikiLeaks revelations will only drive greater secrecy by diplomats
Irish Independent
Milton’s great tract, ‘Areopagitica’, stands as the foundation text of the case for freedom of the press in modern democracies. If quotations are not framed on the walls of editorial offices, they are at least embedded in the collective memory. …

India told US in 2005 of ISI-LeT links: WikiLeaks
New Delhi: In the wake of David Coleman Headley’s testimony to a US court over links between Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and the banned militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), a fresh US cable released by WikiLeaks says India told the …

To Presidency, via WikiLeaks
COM WikiLeaks reveal the mountains Mr Zardari had to scale as he pieced together a PPP government, writes Asha’ar Rehman. -AP Photo The WikiLeaks have elicited no government investigation, no suo motu notice. But for those who care, they have achieved …

WikiLeaks And The 22 Children Of Guantanamo
The Public Record
My new research coincides with a new report by the UC Davis Center for the Study of Human Rights in the Americas, “Guantánamo’s Children: The WikiLeaked Testimonies,” drawing on the recent release, by WikiLeaks, of classified military documents …

How Journalists Data-Mined the Wikileaks Docs
… Jonathan Stray gives a brilliant explanation of the use of data-mining
strategies to winnow and wring journalistic sense out of massive numbers of
documents, using the Iraq and Afghanistan war logs released by Wikileaks as
a case in point. …

EDITORIAL – For the Coke enquiry report to be relevant
Jamaica Gleaner
It would be tragic, we believe, if it required the next instalment of US
diplomatic cables from WikiLeaks for Jamaicans to glean credible
information on this saga, including the behaviour of public officials.
Already, WikiLeaks information might have …

No repentance, no shame
The News International
The Wikileaks papers are authentic copies of messages sent by US
ambassadors and other diplomatic officials to the US State Department in
the past three or four years. They contain the gist of meetings between US
officials and Pakistani rulers, …

Palin emails let old media test new media methods
The Associated Press
Drawing on methods used by both Wikileaks and social networks, traditional
news organizations such as The New York Times and The Washington Post used
the Palin email dump as an experiment in new media techniques. They sought
collaboration from readers …

Shun Seiveright’s tribal doctrine
Jamaica Gleaner
I read yesterday’s WikiLeaks story on Delano Seiveright’s call for the
removal of PNP supporters from senior roles in the Bruce Golding
Government. I think the prime minister must quarantine this albeit bright
young man before he gets to the point …

Hactivists attack IMF online
The Journal News |
Anonymous, a longstanding hacktivist group best known for attacking
corporations that opposed WikiLeaks, had threatened the IMF with an online
attack over conditions imposed on its rescue package for Greece. However,
it was not known Sunday if …

Taiwan’s unresolved status is getting growing attention in the United States
WikiLeaks released a partially redacted “Secret” cable from the
Secretary of State to the American Institute in Taiwan dated March 23,
2009. The cable requested the AIT “approach appropriate officials” in
the ROC about restricting the export of …

Liberation Technology Or Full-Spectrum Dominance?
Eurasia Review
Perhaps that’s why this article makes no reference to Wikileaks (or
Haystack) but does in part rely on information derived from classified
diplomatic cables “obtained” by the paper. That presumably means
classified information revealed by the …

Turkish police arrest 32 in raids on Anonymous
Police in Turkey have arrested 32 individuals allegedly connected to
WikiLeaks-loving ‘hacktivist’ collective Anonymous, according to a report
from the country’s state-run news agency, Anatolia. The suspects are
reported to have been taken into custody …

Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt
“The discussion about whether Wikileaks should be considered “the press” is
entirely ridiculous. The press, as referenced in the US Constitution, isn’t
limited to 20th century media organizations. In fact, if we limit it to
that definition we also have …

Three Anonymous hackers arrested in Spain
Fresh Business Thinking
Anonymous has claimed they were responsible for the hack at Sony that
exposed millions of users personal information, as well as Spanish banks
and co-ordinated defence of Wikileaks. The arrests were made simultaneously
in Barcelona, Valencia and …

Martinelli acts hurt Panama investment said U.S. Embassy
Newsroom Panama
Cables filtered by Wikileaks show the US government’s frantic efforts to
prevent the final assault on the institutional Martinelli were in vain. The
Attorney General was the last obstacle that Martinelli had to overcome to
meet his goal of ending the …

UN Declares Internet Access A Human Right, But Fast and Cheap May Be as …
Singularity Hub
In the aftermath of Iran’s election protests, WikiLeaks scandals, and
Egyption revolutions, blogs and tweets are now tools for social justice. La
Rue wants them to be available to people no matter the political climate of
their homeland. …

No willpower: JPS officials rejected suggestions to make electricity cheaper …
Jamaica Gleaner
In a May 2009 diplomatic cable, obtained by The Gleaner through the
whistle-blowing entity WikiLeaks, the embassy noted the high cost of
electricity to Jamaicans and indicated that an American expert had
suggested how this could be cheaper. …

Hope in wildfire country…More aftershocks in New Zealand
9&10 News
WASHINGTON (AP) — Forty years ago today, the disclosure of the Pentagon
Papers was the WikiLeaks-type adventure of its day. And today is the day
the entire 7000 page secret government study chronicling deception and
misadventure in the Vietnam War, …

Groundviews and surrender of terrorists
Ceylon Daily News
It is this perhaps that the American Ambassador was talking about in the
Wikileaks revelation that he spoke to the Defence Secretary ‘on the morning
of May 17 to urge him to allow the ICRC into the conflict zone to mediate a
surrender. …

It’s (Cyber) War! Pentagon Ramps-Up Cyberwar Plans
Pacific Free Press
The scheme concocted by “Team Themis” was to have included a dirty tricks
campaign targeting journalists, WikiLeaks supporters, their families and
the whistleblowing group itself through “cyber attacks, disinformation, and
other potential proactive …

Embassy wary of Jamaica under-reporting on H1N1
Jamaica Gleaner
Information in a June 2009 diplomatic cable from the embassy, accessed by
The Gleaner through the international whistle-blowing entity WikiLeaks,
indicated that the Americans believe the Jamaican Government might have
been ‘cautious’ with the reporting …

The Problem With Anonymous
First, it rose in defence of WikiLeaks. That could have been an honourable
effort against censorship, and not a Soros-funded operation, but a true
anarchist underground, or, it could have been any of the above
earlier-mentioned possibilities. …

Hacker Group Threatens Online Game
MyFox Washington DC
A third tweet said, “If you want ethics, go cry to #Anonymous,” referring
to another hacker group that targeted websites that hampered WikiLeaks’
activities. “True lulz fans, stay tuned in as the next day or two brings
much entertainment. …

US intercepted N. Korea ship over arms fears
US diplomatic memos released last year by the website WikiLeaks said
Washington has suspected for years that Myanmar ran a secret nuclear
programme supported by Pyongyang. A top Myanmar official told visiting US
Senator John McCain this month that his …

Zombies, Baseball and Pentagon Papers
Check out all the documents online starting at noon. While you wait, here’s
a brief discussion of how the Pentagon Papers and WikiLeaks compare.
Interested in a follow-up to this article? Great, we’ll send you an email
as soon as a follow-up is published!

When Did C-SPAN Become A Hub For Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric?
Media Matters for America (blog)
As with the 1986 (IRCA) bill those who advocate against the laws are
profiteers for more wealth, or to accumulate more votes or just to prepare
America (according to the WikiLeaks group founder Julian Assange in secret
documents) for merging with some …

Bombed Out
According to a diplomatic cable obtained by WikiLeaks, in August 2009 a
senior US Embassy official in Sana met with Hamid and listened to the
billionaire’s plan to organize mass protests to oust President Saleh.
“Hamid al-Ahmar has ambition, …

Hope in Arizona…Aftershocks in New Zealand
9&10 News
… becoming increasingly sophisticated and expect a wider range of better
products WASHINGTON (AP) — There are no secrets left in the Pentagon
Papers but the 40-year-old ancestor of WikiLeaks-type revelations is being
made public in full on Monday. …

The woman in charge of our care must quit
Daily Mail
It also means you can cough up bail money for WikiLeaks founder Julian
Assange and win lots of new fans for your commitment to free speech. Jemima
Khan has the advantage of good looks and a large frock budget, which are
clearly career boosters, …

Assange’s grand adventure becomes the first Wikiplay
The Canberra Times
”I was walking down the street and some guy rolled down his car window and
shouted, ‘Hey Julian’,” said Weller, who will star as Julian Assange from
WikiLeaks, in what is billed as the world’s first ”Wikiplay”, Stainless
Steel Rat. …

Cyber Security conference promotes awareness, presents solutions
The Huntsville Times –
“The person who did the WikiLeaks incident committed treason,” she said.
“These are security issues, and laws should be there to support this.”
Speaking for the Space and Missile Defense Command, Claudette Owens of the
Information and Computational …

Bitcoins: The Politics of A Virtual Currency
Want to contribute to WikiLeaks or some other politically unpopular
organization? No problem. Live under a repressive regime and want to buy a
repressed book or movie? Here’s how. No wonder the Electronic Frontier
Foundation calls Bitcoin ‘a …

Queen hails king: Firth leads UK honours
ABC Online
There was also a CBE for lawyer Mark Stephens, currently defending
WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange over a Swedish extradition request for
alleged sexual misconduct. In the world of sport, England cricket captain
Andrew Strauss was awarded an OBE after …

2011-06-12 WikiLeaks Notes: Latest News on #Cablegate Releases …
By Kevin Gosztola
I assisted Greg Mitchell over at The Nation with his live blog on WikiLeaks
that he ran for 185 days straight before leaving on vacation just over a
week ago. And, I chose to cover for Mitchell while he was gone for the week
and post …

WikiLeaks: Latest Thai cable releases « FACT – Freedom Against …
By facthai
[FACT comments: We are posting these latest Thai releases of US diplomatic
cables leaked by WikiLeaks exactly as received in cooperation with other
Thai free speech media. Only when govt is forced to be transparent will it
become …

40 years after leak, Pentagon Papers coming out – Nation & World …
The 7000-page report was the WikiLeaks disclosure of its time, a
sensational breach of government confidentiality that shook Richard Nixon’s
presidency and prompted a Supreme Court fight that advanced press freedom.

“Wikiwars,” CNN documentary on Wikileaks, debuts – Boing Boing
This weekend, CNN will air “Wikiwars,” the network’s much-promoted
documentary on Wikileaks hosted by a former Navy SEAL. The one-hour program
premieres …

Pretending WikiLeaks Doesn’t Exist: Government Secrecy Reaches …
In spite of the cables’ widespread availability, the government has
continued to maintain that documents released by WikiLeaks and published by
national and …

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