Wikileaks Newslinks for 15 June 2011: Wikileaks Haiti cables show US deployed troops after the earthquake before Haiti granted permission

15 June 2011 —

WikiLeaks Asks For Anonymous Bitcoin Donations
Forbes (blog)
By ANDY GREENBERG WikiLeaks was built on the idea of anonymous, untraceable transfers of digital information. Now it wants to fill its coffers with equally untraceable injections of digital cash. On Tuesday the secret-spilling group announced via …

WikiLeaks exposes Saudi-Israeli ties
Press TV
Freshly- released WikiLeaks documents have uncovered a deep alliance between Israel and Saudi Arabia, reportedly affecting Riyadh’s ties with regional states. One of the cables dispatched from Tel Aviv on March 2009, refers to a meeting between US …

Anonymous: Wikileaks Censorship Will Trigger Operation Malaysia
An attempt to censor Wikileaks, which was considered to be a crucial whistle-blower medium has now forced the Malaysian government to pay a hefty price. Hacker group, Anonymous, in a bid to ‘teach them a lesson’ have threatened the government that …

Wikileaks: Egypt determined to thwart Qatar initiatives including Darfur
Sudan Tribune
… Mubarak were determined to thwart all political initiatives made by the
Arab Gulf state of Qatar including peace talks aimed at resolving the
conflict in Sudan’s western region of Darfur, according to US diplomatic
cables released by WikiLeaks. …,39222

The Top Media Policy Stories of the Week: WikiLeaks Not Sexy Enough
Mother Jones
According to AlterNet’s Rania Khalek, many of these stories were broken by
WikiLeaks. Khalek spotlights five key revelations of 2011, including: How
WikiLeaks spurred on the Tunisian uprising, which in turn led to similar
uprisings in Egypt and Libya …

Rejecting WikiLeaks charges: Hazoor Bakhsh isn’t my brother, says Mukhtaran Mai
The Express Tribune
PHOTO: REUTERS/FILE Gang-rape victim Mukhtaran Mai has rejected the
allegations levelled against her in a US diplomatic cable released by
global secret-buster WikiLeaks. The cable – sent in 2006 by then US
ambassador Ryan C Crocker to Washington …

WikiLeaks: Bhutto refused to delay homecoming due to investment in rally
The Express Tribune
This was revealed in a WikiLeaks cable classified by former US Ambassador
Anne Patterson on October 14, 2007. Earlier, former President Pervez
Musharraf had urged Bhutto to stay away till the National Reconciliatory
Order (NRO) cases had been decided. …

WikiLeaks: Mullah Omar a ‘control freak’, ‘man of few words’
The Express Tribune
A wikileaks cable classified by US Deputy Chief of Mission John C Holzman
in 1997 stated that Taliban chief Mullah Omar was a “bit of a control
freak”. The cable quotes Tayyab Hussaini, a second secretary at the
Afghan embassy and a Talib as saying …

“Page One”: Will the New York Times survive?
If the Times looks muscular and manly covering the Trib story, it doesn’t
come off nearly as well in reacting to the WikiLeaks revelations of 2010
and the ensuing media firestorm around Julian Assange. Those events lead to
a lot of backstage …

Hackers continue rampage, Assange openly revered
International Business Times (blog)
By Abdul Montaqim | June 14, 2011 7:40 PM EDT The BBC is teaming up with
HBO to produce a documentary about Wikileaks, while Anonymous, the hacker
movement that Wikileaks apparently spawned, continues to target one website
after another. …

From Pentagon Papers to Wikileaks, U.S. Still Persecuting Whistle-Blowers
Associated Content
The parallel between the Pentagon Papers incident and what is going on with
Wikileaks is not lost on me either. The treatment of Ellsworth and Bradley
Manning is worlds apart. Manning, who holds the rank of private first
class, stands accused of …

Christie: WikiLeaks a learning experience
Nassau Guardian
Former Prime Minister Perry Christie says public officials should view the
WikiLeaks cables as a learning experience and added that the release of the
diplomatic documents have allowed Bahamians to see more clearly the actions
of their leaders. …

WikiLeaks? How about WeinerLeaks?
American Thinker (blog)
An astute commenter on one of my previous blog posts at American Thinker
posited an aspect of the Weiner scandal which, quite frankly, I hadn’t
previously considered nor have I seen mentioned elsewhere in all the media
coverage. …

Wikileaks Haiti cables show US deployed troops after the earthquake before …
Free Speech Radio News
Tomorrow, the Haitian weekly newspaper, Haiti Liberté, in partnership with
the weekly journal The Nation, will release another batch from almost 2000
secret diplomatic cables regarding Haiti provided by Wikileaks. This most
recent batch concerns US …

Cyber terrorists could cripple state agencies
Perth Now
In the age of Wikileaks, organisations are increasingly conscious of cyber
security but an information systems audit on 46 agencies found weaknesses
in all of them, including easy-to-guess passwords, unauthorised user
accounts, and failure to remove …

Armenian genocide bills ramp up diplomatic tension, cables show
While perennially frustrated, though, the resolutions reliably succeed in
inciting diplomatic chatter, State Department cables made available through
WikiLeaks show. “Any US definition of the events of 1915 as ‘genocide’
would set off a political …

“Page One”: Will The New York Times survive?
As Keller explains to Rossi’s camera, there’s a big difference between the
WikiLeaks releases and the Pentagon Papers release of 1971. Daniel Ellsberg
needed a partner like the Times to get his information to the public, and
Assange didn’t. …

What the world really thinks about Avigdor Lieberman
A close look at WikiLeaks documents leads one to wonder. Before the
WikiLeaks documents surfaced, we had a pretty good idea of what Foreign
Minister Lieberman thinks of the world, and of what Lieberman thinks the
world is thinking, …

Facebook Watch: Privacy Group Files FTC Complaint Over Facial Recognition
Death and Taxes
By DJ Pangburn Tuesday, June 14, 2011 Wikileaks’ Julian Assange has called
Facebook “the most appalling spy machine that has ever been created.”
Now the social media giant has installed facial recognition feature on the
site. Here’s how to disable it. …

Jesse Kline: Have a heart. Abolish minimum wage laws
National Post (blog)
A newly released Wikileaks cable reveals that in 2009, the US government
put pressure on Haiti not to increase its minimum wage by as much as it was
planning. The story quickly went viral, as a host of websites used it as
proof that America was …

Who is behind the hacks? (FAQ)
They launched a series of effective DDoS attacks against PayPal, Visa, and
MasterCard late last year after the companies stopped enabling WikiLeaks to
receive contributions through those means. Sources told CNET that the group
has undergone a loss of …

Is Gadhafi hiding arms at Leptis Magna?
(1) The reason — the only reason — we know about any of this is because
WikiLeaks (and, allegedly, Bradley Manning) disclosed to the world the
diplomatic cables which detail these conflicts. Virtually the entirety of
the Post article — like most …

Wikileaks : US Ambassador on Yingluck
Asian Correspondent
By Bangkok Pundit Jun 15, 2011 3:50PM UTC So AP has the Wikileaks cables on
Thailand as is clear from their latest story “US envoy in 2009 forecast
rise of Thaksin’s sister”. Some key excerpts: US diplomats concluded as
early as 2009 that the surprise …

Cable: PM put GB economy in jeopardy
Nassau Guardian
… (GBPA) Chairman Hannes Babak at the end of 2009 placed Freeport’s
economy in “jeopardy” and possibly stalled several major projects
planned for Grand Bahama, claimed a classified diplomatic cable obtained by
The Nassau Guardian through WikiLeaks. …

BC-US–WikiLeaks-Grand Jury,121
Our pleasant weather continues for at least one more night, but with the
warmer temps coming back later this week, so does our risk of rain/storms.
… 123-point gain yesterday. The Nasdaq rose 39 points and the S&P 500 NEW
YORK (AP) — Oil prices are …

Your Life Is an Open (Face)Book: The Sudden Death of Privacy in the Digital Age
International Business Times (blog)
Wikileaks was a game changer. It uses the same technology — the internet
— to reveal embarrassing confidential information about the government.
Hillary Clinton was in freak-out mode in 2010 after Wikileaks released
476900 confidential Iraq war …

Why Would Someone Hack the IMF? – by Joshua E. Keating
Foreign Policy
But as with the State Department cables released by WikiLeaks last year,
the juicy material may not be so much what policies the IMF is following
toward given countries as how it’s talking about them in private. The
minutes of IMF executive board …

Panama’s tourism chief axed
Newsroom Panama
Shamah, a Colombian, who was linked in WikiLeaks revelations with money
laundering and drugs, denied in a tearful press conference, the allegations
which came from former American Ambassador Barbara Stephenson. He also made
the headlines when he missed …

Anonymous Calls For Bernanke’s Departure
Forbes (blog)
The outfit managed to briefly shut down the websites of Amazon, PayPal,
Visa and MasterCard in retaliation for those firms’ cutting business ties
to WikiLeaks, so we assume the original threat was more than just an idle
one. Fast-forward 90 days. …

Lulz Security Hackers Target and Bethesda Software Because They Can
Village Voice (blog)
In response to unfavorable coverage of WikiLeaks, the mischief-makers
hacked a PBS website late last month and used their power to announce that
Tupac Shakur is alive and well in New Zealand. Last night, they aimed
higher, releasing information about …

Turkey ‘arrests 32’ in raid on hacker group
The group gained further prominence after launching retaliatory attacks on
companies perceived to be enemies of the whistle-blowing website Wikileaks.
Last week, on the eve of legislative elections in Turkey, Anonymous hacked
several Turkish websites, …

Myanmar nukes? Defector’s tale stokes suspicions
The Associated Press
US officials believed North Korea may have reached an agreement with
Myanmar to provide it with ballistic missile technology, according to a US
diplomatic cable dated October 2009 that was leaked to the WikiLeaks
organization and subsequently obtained …

Controversial Mexican Politician Freed on Weapons Charges
Wall Street Journal
A 2009 diplomatic cable signed by the US consul in Tijuana and disclosed by
Wikileaks said that Mr. Hank “is widely believed to have been a corrupt
mayor and to be still involved in narco-trafficking.” Mr. Hank has denied
those accusations. …

Qaddafi Coddled by U.S. Oil Whose Hearts Are Where the Money Is
San Francisco Chronicle
US oil producers nonetheless rallied on Qaddafi’s behalf, according to
disclosure forms and formerly secret State Department cables published this
year by WikiLeaks. The six US oil companies and two US units of foreign
companies operating in Libya …

Khodorkovsky Unabridged
Wall Street Journal
In Washington or Paris, everyone knows—and it is enough to re-read
Wikileaks to be convinced of this—who are the most corrupt Russian
leaders, the ones who reduce President Medvedev’s reformist ambitions to
mere broken promises. At the same time, …

India’s blue helmets
Washington Post
According to US diplomatic cables released through WikiLeaks, when the UN
Security Council voted to increase the numbers of peacekeeprs in late 2008
to respond to the increasing violence in Goma, the Congolese government
said it did not want anymore …

Anonymous targets Malaysia for censoring Wikileaks, file-sharing sites
By Francis Tan
Malaysia has been on its toes after receiving threats of cyberattack from
vigilante group Anonymous for government acts of censorship.

Rallies Planned to Protest WikiLeaks Grand Jury Subpoenas | War Is …
By davidswanson
In addition to supporting David House and opposing the grand jury
investigation of WikiLeaks, the protests will draw attention to the ongoing
pretrial confinement of PFC Bradley Manning, a U.S. Army intelligence
analyst who stands …

WikiLeaks Asks For Anonymous Bitcoin Donations – Haaretz Daily
By haaretz
WikiLeaks was built on the idea of anonymous, untraceable transfers of
digital data. Now it wants to. Welcome to Haaretz Daily. Haaretz Daily is a
business and financial news portal with a focus on activities in Israel &
the Middle East …

GrogNews: Wikileaks Pre-Emptively Nullified, If Only Anyone Was …
By Brant
The American Journalism Review has provided everything you need to know
about the Wikileaks “scandal” that put them in the public spotlight – the
shooting of a couple of journalists that were suspected of being militants.

Geek The Beatles: Paul McCartney Gets Technocultural With Digital …
By admin
We chatted with McCartney about his time-warping influence, the Beatles,
McCartney and McCartney II’s bleeding edges and why his titanic digital
library has nothing to fear from WikiLeaks. Coming on the heels
of the Beatles’ …

Inadequate Oversight of State Dept’s Consolidated Consular …
By Domani Spero
Inadequate Oversight of State Dept’s Consolidated Consular Database– Is
This WikiLeaks Waiting to Happen, Again? The State Department OIG has just
posted online its Inspection of The Bureau of Consular Affairs, Office of
Consular …

Anonymous targets Malaysia for censoring Wikileaks, file-sharing …
Malaysia has been on its toes after receiving threats of a cyberattack

How WikiLeaks has changed today’s media – CNN
While investigating a recent story about the geopolitical battle for
natural resources in the Arctic, I searched for unfiltered, candid dialogue
on the …

Why WikiLeaks Is Essential | World | AlterNet
WikiLeaks has been criminalized for doing, in essence, fundamental
investigative work to keep people informed.

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