Libya Newslinks for 15 June Part 2

16 June 2011 —

  • RT: No evidence that half of Libya is controlled by rebels – former governor
  • Mathaba: NATO attacks ordinary Libyans at petrol pump
  • William Rape in Libya: America’s Recent Wars have all been Accompanied by Memorable Falsehoods Prof Peter Dale Scott
  • Dandelion Salad: 10 Members of Congress Sue President Obama over Illegal Libya War by Dennis J. Kucinich
  • Mathaba: Holland Says European States, Australia Too Fast to Recognize Libya Rebels
  • Black Agenda Report 15 June 2011: Charters Divide Blacks / McKinney in Libya / Lupe Fiasco and Obama
  • BBC: US lawmakers sue Obama over Libya
  • Mathaba: Open Letter to David Cameron
  • BBC: VIDEO: Anti-Gaddafi activists speak out
  • Morning Star: Libya war illegal, says top Republican
  • Mathaba: Hilary Clinton: African Union Must Betray, Depose Founder Gaddafi
  • Morning Star: Kucinich asks for crimes probe
  • African Union pushes for peace at security council
  • Morning Star: Delegates reject Britain’s real agenda behind Libya mission
  • BBC: Whispers in Tripoli
  • Stop Nato: NATO Newslinks for 15 June 2011: South Africa condemns NATO attacks on Libya
  • Dissident Voice: Needed: An Antiwar Movement That Puts Peace Over Politicians
  • Dissident Voice: The Revolution Will Not Be Deactualized
  • Global Research: Canada extends its Participation in the NATO-led War on Libya
  • Black Agenda Report: The West’s Obscene Demonization of Gaddafi
  • Global Research: Russia-China Alliance: SCO leaders call for ending Libya conflict
  • Mathaba: Washington Using NATO For Proxy Conflict With China In Libya Says Analyst
  • BBC: Time is on our side in Libya – PM
  • Mathaba: NATO Reserves Right To Bomb Roman Ruins In Libya
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