Wikileaks Newslinks for 17 June 2011: Win a date with WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange?

17 June 2011 —

BofA says Wikileaks threat details still unknown
…still doesn’t know exactly what damaging documents Wikileaks could have about it, the largest US bank’s chief information officer said on Thursday. “We don’t know what it is,” Bank of America’s Marc Gordon said during a panel discussion about …

Win a date with WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange
By Helen AS Popkin We know he’s a terrible house guest, isn’t afraid to own
the dance floor, and that he can’t keep a secret to save Bradley Manning’s
life, but how is WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange as a lunch date? Now, for
more than $3000 you could …

WikiLeaks revelations more than ‘suss’
Jamaica Gleaner
Among the evidence of this unfortunate leveraging is the Jamaican daily
dietary supplement of the exposures of WikiLeaks secrets. WikiLeaks’
exposures may be likened to statistical interpretation. It may be
interpreted as either 50 per cent empty, …

we heart WikiLeaks as ‘force for good’
Sydney Morning Herald
ALMOST two-thirds of the audience remained convinced that WikiLeaks was a
force for good after the IQ2 debate last night. But almost a third who were
ambivalent at the outset appeared to decide it was not. The WikiLeaks
spokesman and Icelandic …

DOJ Tangles With Gitmo Lawyer Over WikiLeaks Documents
The BLT: Blog of Legal Times (blog)
The Justice Department said this week a federal judge in Washington should
prohibit a lawyer in a Guantanamo Bay detainee case from downloading and
copying WikiLeaks documents to minimize the risk of compromising national
security interests. …

WikiLEAKS: New Immigration boss linked to wiretapping
Newsroom Panama
Carrillo, in a cable from the US Embassy to Washington, tried to have one
of his officers assigned to the team that was conducting the wiretaps for
the DEA despite not having been properly cleared. According to the
diplomatic cable says La Prensa, …

View From Here
Garden City News
In late 2010, the WikiLeaks website leaked over 250000 classified (although
not top-secret) diplomatic cables from 274 United States embassies around
the world. For some inexplicable reason the cables were all placed on a
single database and access to …

Hackers strike Malaysian websites for a 2nd day
The attacks followed a warning by Internet vigilante group Anonymous, which
said it planned to target the Malaysian government’s official portal to punish it for censoring WikiLeaks. In the attacks,
which started in the early hours …

High Tide: From Russian Everyday Corruption To New Hunger Strikes
Wall Street Journal (blog)
By Samuel Rubenfeld WikiLeaks is seeking donations via the currency
Bitcoin, an encrypted, anonymous online currency blasted by US lawmakers as
a front for money laundering. (Forbes) The US wanted closer scrutiny of
“cash couriers” who allegedly …

Page One: Inside the New York Times
DVD Talk
It is a year dominated by WikiLeaks, an organization that challenges the
traditional model; after their explosive first video is released on the
Internet, Times executive editor Bill Keller dismisses comparisons with the
Pentagon Papers, …

We Owe LulzSec a ‘Thank You’
PBS ran a documentary on Wikileaks which was not flattering, and LulzSec
was taking action in what it saw as retaliation in support of Wikileaks.
Regardless of their motivation, LulzSec is doing us all a favor.When
LulzSec turned its sights on Sony, …

Branson calls for greater oil-trader regulation
Branson said documents from Wikileaks showed that the Saudi Arabian and US
government had admitted that the “price the world is paying for oil is 40%
to 50% more than it should be because of traders and day traders who are
pushing prices higher. …

Was Your Email Password Leaked by LulzSec?
By Mike Schuster June 16, 2011 12:17 PM We had WikiLeaks. We had Anonymous.
And now, we have LulzSec — the latest hacker group currently terrorizing
the web. Unlike WikiLeaks and Anonymous, LulzSec doesn’t have a uniform
agenda to its hacks. …

US sought port crisis survey: cable
The Japan Times
Washington urged Tokyo in July 2008 to conduct a survey on its use of
civilian air and seaports in the event of an emergency on the Korean
Peninsula, but Japan’s reaction was tepid, according to a US cable
disclosed Wednesday by WikiLeaks. …

‘M’sia was slow in probing Iranian-linked companies’
Free Malaysia Today
The cable, leaked by whistleblower site WikiLeaks and published in news
portal Malaysia Today today, said Foreign Affairs Ministry deputy secretary
general Zainol Abidin Omar was told to “redouble its effort” after he
revealed that nothing concrete was …

Bank of America says Wikileaks threat details still unknown
Baltimore Sun
NEW YORK (Reuters) – Bank of America Corp still doesn’t know exactly what
damaging documents Wikileaks could have about it, the largest US bank’s
chief information officer said on Thursday. “We don’t know what it is,”
Bank of America’s Marc Gordon said …,0,2769622.story

Wikipedia founder believes in bright media future in terms of freedom of speech
RIA Novosti
Wikipedia has become linked to Wikileaks through the organizations’ similar
names. “Wikileaks is not Wiki and has nothing to do with us whatsoever and
really uses our name,” Wales said. “I have mixed feelings about Wikileaks.

JPS head rubbishes lack of will claims
Jamaica Gleaner
According to the embassy cable obtained through WikiLeaks, a JPS official
dismissed a suggestion from an American expert that would have led to
improved efficiency at its plants and lower electricity prices. But
yesterday Obiglio said: “… an informal …

Corero (Top Layer) enhances DDoS defense to stop new types of attacks
Network World
In December 2010, the hactivist group calling itself Anonymous launched
successful attacks against the websites of companies and organizations that
opposed the activities of WikiLeaks. Visa and MasterCard, among others, had
their Web sites knocked out …

I’m still dithering on some of the big questions of the day
He’s exposing, via WikiLeaks, a lot of dubious goings-on that we would
never have found out about through the other media.” Then I heard he’d
been charged with rape. I thought: “Obviously this is a bad guy. He may
have started out with the best of …

Edinburgh Book Festival 2011 Reflects on Modern Revolutions
From Libya to China, India to Iran, the USA ten years after 9/11 and the
recent controversies involving Twitter and Wikileaks, audiences and authors
in Charlotte Square Gardens will explore the power of the written word to
provide a compelling …

China vs Russia in central Asia
By Messenger Staff According to Wikileaks information, China is determined
to expand in central Asia economically thus it will seek to find an
arrangement where it can co-exist with Russia in the region. China
appreciates the position of Kazakhstan in …

Senator Bernie Sanders Goes After Oil Speculators, Corporate Tax Dodgers
Death and Taxes
In one article, “Wikileaks: Speculators Helped Caused Oil Bubble,” he
noted a leaked Wikileaks diplomatic cable that indicated Saudi Arabia asked
the Washington to rain in Wall Street oil speculators. Speculators trade
oil asset contracts on energy …

AP Technology NewsBrief at 11:20 pm EDT
APNewsBreak: Assange says WikiLeaks work hamperedLONDON (AP) _ After six
months under virtual house arrest, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
acknowledged Thursday that his detention is hampering the work of the
secret-spilling site. …

Watch This: Video Explains LulzSec Rampage With Farts, Flying Ships
The 4chan spinoff hacker group did defend WikiLeaks by going after PayPal
and other sites that cut ties with the controversial organization. And what
about LulzSec? The spinoff’s spinoff has taken down everything from games
(EVE Online, Minecraft) to …

Bitcoins: An Online Currency You Can Trade Like a Stock
Money Morning
Although you can’t buy much with Bitcoins, a few online vendors accept them
and at least one controversial entity – WikiLeaks, blocked from receiving
donations via PayPal and major credit cards – now accepts Bitcoins. Demand
for the online currency is …

The New York Times Pans ‘Page One’
Kinsley, a senior advisor for Bloomberg View, the business publication’s
new opinion section, labeled the movie “a mess” and complained that it
flits about landing on everything from Watergate to Wikileaks, to prove
that the world needs the Times. …

House leaders breathe sigh of relief with Anthony Weiner’s departure
CBS News
Today, ironically the guy who supplied all the e-mails to Wikileaks saga
was released with no punishments. Think about the latter; he leaked
classified communications of all the important politicians around the
world, actually hurting relations between …

National and world briefs
News Sentinel
A supporter of the Army private suspected of supplying classified documents
to the WikiLeaks website Wednesday refused to testify to a federal grand
jury, accusing the US justice department of using Nixon-like fear tactics
to intimidate advocates of …

US lists Saudi freed from Guantánamo as global terrorist
The assessment, released by the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks to McClatchy
News Service, described Ghamdi as an al Qaeda trained jihadist who went
AWOL from the Saudi military and at Guantánamo openly professed a hatred
of America and its presence in …

Japan Worried in 2008 by US Stance on Nuclear Umbrella: Leaked Cable
Global Security Newswire
The Japanese Foreign Ministry emphasized the importance of US deterrence,
states the cable made public by the transparency organization WikiLeaks.
“Japan is concerned about any shifts in policy that might occur during
political leadership transitions …

Google’s ‘big daddy’ gamble
Asia Times Online
Web censorship has been on the increase in Malaysia, where the government
has recently blocked access to a number of sites including WikiLeaks,
ThePirateBay, and a number of television shows and movies. The hacktivists
called it an “erosion of human …

Today’s Lady News: Gabrielle Giffords Released From Hospital
The Frisky (blog)
[] Wikileaks is auctioning off a date with accused rapist Julian
Assange and … ew, I don’t need to know any more information than that.
[Jezebel] A Catholic charity in St. Louis declined to host a fundraiser at
Hooters because the …

Hard National Security Choices
Lawfare (blog)
Hackers are claiming to have taken down the CIA’s website, in support of
Wikileaks, reports CNN. A former CIA counterterrorism official says that he
was tasked with collecting personal information on Juan Cole, a professor
and blogger at the University …

Washington Times
What could they want to know about all of us that they can’t already find
on WikiLeaks? “Sponsor reserves the right to disqualify any person from
receiving any prize based on such background check if Sponsor determines,
in its sole discretion, …

Julian Assange: Detention ‘An Impediment’ To WikiLeaks Work (VIDEO)
By The Huffington Post News Team
LONDON (AP) – After six months under virtual house arrest, WikiLeaks
founder Julian Assange acknowledged Thursday that his detention is
hampering the work of the secret-spilling site. His supporters accused
Britain of subjecting him …

NewsDaily: Bank of America says Wikileaks threat details still unknown
Bank of America Corp still doesn’t know exactly what damaging documents
Wikileaks could have about it, the largest U.S. bank’s chief information
officer said on Thursday.

WikiLeaks: UK government ‘spying’ on Julian Assange during house …
By News Source
In a video, titled “House Arrest”, and released by WikiLeaks, they
claim that three cameras have been erected to watch who enters and leaves
his temporary home. The video, published today on, marks
his six months on bail …

APNewsBreak: Assange says WikiLeaks work hampered –
U.S. authorities are investigating whether Assange and WikiLeaks violated
American laws by releasing tens of thousands of secret government
documents, including daily logs from the Iraq war and classified diplomatic
cables from U.S. …

APNewsBreak: Assange says WikiLeaks work hampered
KLAS-TV Channel 8 News Las Vegas. Local News, Weather, Traffic, Sports,
Entertainment for Las Vegas.

The Intercept: CIA Web site attack linked to WikiLeaks
By Intercept
LANGLEY, Va., June 16 (UPI) — A computer hacker group that claims to have
shut down the U.S. CIA Web site backs the whistle-blowing WikiLeaks group,
a WikiLeaks online post said. “WikiLeaks supporters, LulzSec, take down CIA
… who …

Activist Post: WikiLeaks prosecutors get no answers at US hearing
By Activist
“Using Nixonian fear tactics that were honed during the Pentagon Papers
investigation, the DoJ (Department of Justice) is attempting to dismantle a
major media organization — WikiLeaks — and indict its editor, Julian
Assange,” he said …

US threatened combat troop withdrawals if ROK didn’t pay up: Wikileaks
By Robert Koehler
Pressian reports that according to a State Department cable leaked to
Wikileaks, the United States threatened Korea with the withdrawal of US
forces, including possibly combat troops, from Korea if Seoul didn’t
increase its …

séptim@ alienígena (xtarwars)’s status on Thursday, 16-Jun-11 19 …
By xtarwars
!wikileaks Amigo de Manning se niega a testificar ante gran jurado en
investigación sobre WikiLeaks Attachments. · about 2 hours ago
from web at Stadtzentrum, …

Supporters denounce Assange custody
Sarah Harrison from WikiLeaks was quoted as saying: “I’m British and I’ve
always been proud of our justice system, but this is just wrong. This is a
man that hasn’t even been charged and he’s being treated like a caged
animal.” …

The dull female lifts her skirt – really a trace – in favor of …
By admin
Meanwhile, the editor of the media desk, Bruce Headlam was engaged into
this examination in this area The up-to-the-minute York time and NBC
suitable irrelevant into the conversation by [WikiLeaks] ready acceptably
to YouTube. at the …

Hackers Hit CIA Site by
By THN News
In a statement left on their Twitter page late Wednesday, the group said,
“WikiLeaks supporters, LulzSec, take down CIA… who has task force into
WikiLeaks.” It remains unclear as to if the hackers were able to make
away with any …

APNewsBreak: Assange says WikiLeaks work hampered – Yahoo! News
After six months under virtual house arrest, WikiLeaks founder Julian
Assange acknowledged Thursday that his detention is hampering the work of
the …

WikiLeaks Haiti: Let Them Live on $3 a Day | The Nation
Contractors for Fruit of the Loom, Hanes and Levi’s worked in close concert
with the US Embassy when they aggressively moved to block a minimum wage

WikiLeaks Confirms North American Integration Scheme
A secret U.S. embassy cable recently released by WikiLeaks confirms that
the North American governments are indeed plotting to “integrate” the
continent in …

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