Bahrain Newslinks 21 June 2011

21 June 2011 —

Trial resumes for Bahraini doctors accused of aiding protesters
By the CNN Wire Staff (CNN) — The trial resumed Monday of dozens of Bahraini doctors and nurses accused of working to undermine the Arab country’s government during mass protests earlier this year, with seven additional witnesses taking the stand. …

Bahrain union to highlight economic issues
Trade Arabia
Bahrain’s largest trade union will participate in the National Dialogue
next month and aims to highlight social and economic issues. The General
Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions (GFBTU) will also put the reinstatement
of more than 1900 Bahraini …

Bahrain stages trials of opponents, despite new US criticism
Christian Science Monitor
The US last week added Bahrain to its list of human rights abusers, which
the kingdom called a regrettable ‘rush to judgment.’ Anti-government
Bahrain women take part in a rally organized by al-Wefaq opposition group
to protest for reforms in the …

Posner Says U.S. Has a `Range of Concerns’ Over Bahrain
Washington Post
June 20 (Bloomberg) — Michael Posner, the State Department’s chief human
rights representative, talks about the civil unrest in the Middle East and
North Africa. He speaks with Andrea Catherwood on Bloomberg Television’s
“Last Word. …

Bahrain seeks mercenaries from Indonesia, Malaysia and Pakistan
Radio Australia
A noted Saudi scholar claims that Bahrain’s royal family is seeking
Indonesian mercenaries to help maintain its grip over the country. Bahrain
has arrested hundreds of state employees, permitted widespread and
systematic human rights abuses in its …

UN labour chief deplores “intimidation” of Bahraini trade union leaders
By Yehonathan Tommer NEW YORK – The head of the United Nations labour
agency condemned prominent Bahraini business figures on Monday for
threatening the Gulf state’s trade union leaders to resign or face legal
action, “an act of intimidation. …

Bahrain Silences Student Voices
University of Bahrain students — who now face expulsion if they don’t
sign a loyalty pledge to the embattled regime of King Hamed ibn Isa Khalif
— are appealing to human rights groups to take up their cause. Not only
does the university require …

3 Bahraini bloggers named in global top 100
Trade Arabia
Three Bahraini bloggers have been named among the top 100 people to follow
on a social networking website. Foreign Minister Shaikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al
Khalifa, Global Voices Middle East editor Amira Al Hussaini and computer
programmer Ehsan Kooheji …

250 people to participate in Bahrain’s National Dialogue
People’s Daily Online
Bahrain’s National Dialogue would witness 250 representatives from
political groups, unions, human rights societies and civil society
organizations. The dialogue headed by parliament chairman Khalifa Al
Dhahrani will begin on July 1. …

An analysis of the labour situation in Bahrain
The National
People stroll down a quiet street in downtown Manama, Bahrain. A reader
points out that the dynamics of labour relations are now taking a political
tone. Sergey Ponomarev / AP I refer to the editorial Back from the brink in
Bahrain (June 13). …

Financial sector profits unaffected
Gulf Daily News
MANAMA: Bahrain’s financial sector’s liquidity, capital flow and profit
remained unaffected by unrest in the first quarter of the year, according
to a Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) statement issued after a meeting of its
board yesterday. …

Bahrain sets up human rights ministry
By Habib Toumi, Bureau Chief Manama: Bahrain on Monday renamed the social
development ministry as the human rights and social development ministry.
The new ministry will be led by Fatima Al Beloushi who in 2005 became the
second woman minister in …

UNESCO slammed over Bahrain
Press TV
UNESCO’s decision to appoint Bahrain as the chair of the world heritage
committee meeting in Paris has drawn criticism. The Islamic Human Rights
Commission (IHRC) has criticized UNESCO for appointing Bahrain to chair the
35th session of the world …

Bahrain stages political trials for journalists, others | Citizens …
By legitgov
Bahrain stages political trials for journalists, others 19 Jun 2011 Days
after the U.S. designated Bahrain a human rights abuser, the small Gulf
kingdom Sunday pushed on with six trials of political opponents and hauled
in the wife of a …

Bahrain Update | SHOAH
By admin
My reliable source on Bahrain sent me this: ”This is a long email.
There’s a lot going on in Bahrain now. As you know, the National Dialogue
will be occurring in March. The dialogue will be headed by the head of the
Parliament who is …

The Angry Arab News Service/: Bahrain and …
By As’ad AbuKhalil
A source on Bahrain: “You talk a lot about the fake sympathy that Hariri’s
supporters in Lebanon have for the Syrians. We have a similar problem in
Bahrain. The government and its supporters are suddenly pretending that
they care about …

Bahrain Trade Pact to be Probed | Economy In Crisis
By Dustin Ensinger
Economy In Crisis is an organization dedicated to educating legislators and
the American public on the destruction of our country’s industrial base,
the impact this has on national and economic security, and how it effects
our standard …

Finian Cunningham Deported From Bahrain by Timothy V. Gatto and …
By dandelionsalad
Freelance journalist Finian Cunningham was ordered out of Bahrain on 18
June by the authorities as a result of his critical journalism covering the
popular uprising and the subsequent, ongoing brutal repression of the
peaceful …

Lamees Dhaif: Hasn’t the American Government … – Bahrain Independent
By Reem Zain
Isn’t it enough that they supported a one-sided view of the events in
Bahrain? One must respect the invitation of the United States of America,
and thank them for an opportunity that bloggers far better than Lamees
would rise to the …

MSF Alleges Torture in Bahraini Hospitals | Project on Middle East …
By Shannon
The humanitarian organization Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF, or Doctors
Without Borders), alleges that Bahraini security forces regularly tortured

Same day as Bahraini blogger’s brave appearance at Netroots, State …
By Philip Weiss
Mother Jones reported on Friday: Since the onset of anti-government
protests in Bahrain, the US has refrained from taking substantial steps to
pressure the Bahraini government to stop its crackdown on protesters.

Bahraini Writer and Journalist: Freedom of Expression II
By Tumbleweed
Abbas Al-Murshid, a well-known Bahraini writer and researcher, and a
frequent contributor to the Bahraini daily Al-Waqt as well as numerous
online publications. He has written about Bahrain’s social unrest,
corruption, …

Keeping the Flame of Bahraini Activism Burning – NEWS – Current …
BAHRAIN – As Manama turns the screws on the opposition movement, one
diaspora Bahraini says she’s determined to maintain her online coverage of
uprising despite death threats and slurs. My parents came to England from
Bahrain when I was …

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