Rupert ‘Dirty Digger’ Newslinks 24-25 July 2011

25 July 2011 —

25 July 2011
What’s New: Sleaze of the world
Socialist Project Today at 09:00
Good riddance to bad rubbish. That’s what many in Britain are saying after the shutdown of the notorious tabloid News of the World following revelations about how low the Rupert Murdoch-owned paper sank in its drive for salacious scoops.

The crimes of Emperor Rupert
Green Left Weekly issue #782 Today at 07:33 stuart_m
Sun, 24/07/2011
By Tony Iltis
With no less than 10 inquiries occurring simultaneously, a few things have become clear about the criminal behaviour of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire.

Murdoch’s empire is not invincible
Green Left Weekly issue #782 Today at 07:32 stuart_m
Thu, 21/07/2011
By Peter Boyle
The headline on the final issue of Rupert Murdoch’s News Of The World, ‘Thank You & Goodbye’, provoked speculation of suitable rejoinders like ‘Piss Off & Good Riddance!’ and more colourful expressions of the same sentiment.

News International staff told to stop deleting emails
The Independent – Media RSS Feed Today at Midnight
Staff across all of Rupert Murdoch’s News International newspapers have been warned not to delete or destroy documents relating to any of the phone-hacking investigations now under way.

Letters could provide more details on James Murdoch’s involvement
The Independent – Media RSS Feed Today at Midnight
Written evidence from James Murdoch and the solicitors Harbottle & Lewis about their role investigating the phone hacking scandal at the News of the World four years ago could be published as early as this weekend.

24 July 2011
Media crisis ‘chickens coming home to roost’
Morning Star Yesterday at 17:31
Scandal-hit News International’s growing crisis was branded a case of chickens coming home to roost today 25 years after Rupert Murdoch went to war on print unions at Wapping.

Murdoch rag says Mirror hacks too
Morning Star Yesterday at 17:29
Murdoch-owned broadsheet the Sunday Times tried to divert attention from its own scandal-hit owners today by publishing claims that phone-hacking was also rife at the Daily Mirror.

Cable concerns
Morning Star Yesterday at 17:27
Business Secretary Vince Cable used a TV interview today to attack the control of the media exercised by Murdoch group News International.

The acrid smell of business as usual
Morning Star Yesterday at 17:12
Murdoch is no different in kind from many of those now lining up to condemn him

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