Libyan war updates/Stop NATO news: July 3, 2011

3 July 2011 — Stop NATO

  • July 4th: What U.S. Stands For In Libya – Cynthia McKinney
  • Russia: NATO Runs Roughshod Over International Norms In Libya
  • NATO To Deploy 1,000 Spanish Legionaires To Afghanistan Next Year
  • Pentagon Rapidly Expanding Central Asian Supply Lines For Afghan War
  • Canada To Conduct Unprecedented Military Exercises In Arctic
  • U.S. Natural Gas Deal Sparks Protests In Bangladesh
  • Belarus Accuses West Of Fomenting ‘Color Revolution’

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The invasion of Australia – official at last By John Pilger

1 July 2011 — John Pilger

The City of Sydney has voted to replace the words ‘European arrival’ in the official record with ‘invasion’. The deputy lord mayor, Marcelle Hoff, says it is intellectually dishonest to use any other word in describing how Aboriginal Australia was dispossessed by the British. ‘We were invaded,’ said Paul Morris, an Aboriginal adviser to the council. ‘It is the truth and it shouldn’t be watered down. We wouldn’t expect Jewish people to accept a watered-down version of the Holocaust, so why should we?’

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U.S. Boat to Gaza Seized by Greek Authorities  and Captain Jailed

2 July, 2011 —

Passengers Determined to Free Captain and Set Sail Again

Athens—After a two hour stand off at sea, the U.S. Boat to Gaza – The Audacity of Hope – was seized by the Greek Coast Guard and forced to return to the port of Piraeus under military escort. The boat’s captain has been put in jail, charged with disturbing sea traffic—which includes endangering the lives of those on the ships— and disobeying a police order to remain at dock. The crew is being detained on the boat, which is being held at a military dock just outside Athens. Most of the 36 passengers remain on the ship in solidarity with the captain and crew.

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VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 2 July, 2011: The Day of Victory: Bil’in Celebrates the Removal of the Wall

2 July , 2011 — VTJP


Greek authorities arrest US Flotilla boat captain for attempting to sail without permission
IMEMC – Saturday July 02, 2011 – 21:58, One of the ten boats scheduled to travel to Gaza to bring much-needed humanitarian aid and support has had its captain arrested by Greek authorities after attempting to leave port yesterday.

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