WikiLeaks documents shed light on US-backed intervention in Libya By Robert Morgan

27 July 2011 — WSWS

US diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks expose some of the real reasons and diplomatic tensions behind NATO’s ongoing bombardment of Libya. Far from initiating a ‘humanitarian’ intervention to protect civilians against Muammar Gaddafi’s government, Washington backed the NATO intervention for one reason only—the installation of a regime that better serves the strategic interests of the US, as well as the operations of the giant oil and gas companies.

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Wikileaks Newslinks 27 July 2011

27 July 2011 —

Antisec goes after Paypal
The payment firm has already been targeted for stopping payments to Wikileaks, and in a separate and apparently random attack, had its Twitter feed taken over in the UK, but this latest attack – for want of another word, aims to hit it right at its …

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Rebellious Media Conference October 2011

27 July 2011

There are a last few tickets left for the Rebellious Media Conference, taking place on the weekend of the 8th and 9th October. Speakers confirmed so far include:

• Noam Chomsky (Manufacturing Consent etc.)
• Michael Albert, coordinator of one of the world’s largest radical websites, ZNet
• Matthew Alford (Reel Power: Hollywood Cinema and American Supremacy)
• Jessica Azulay (New Standard News)
• Mark Barto (London Video Activist Network)
• Zoe Broughton (Campaign Filmmaker)
• Johann Hari (Independent)
• Dan Hind (The Return of the Public)
• Emily James (Just Do It)
• Robert McChesney (Our Media, Not Theirs)
• Laurie Penny (Penny Red)
• John Pilger (The War You Don’t See)

Plus speakers from Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (tbc), CopySouth, Corporate Watch, the Glasgow Media Group, GreenNet, iContact Video, The Manchester Mule, The New Economics Foundation, Nottingham Indymedia, the Open Rights Group, Platform, Reel News, SchNews, Spinwatch, UK Uncut and many more.

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ColdType, August 2011

27 July 2011 —

In this month’s 64-page COLDTYPE MAGAZINE
Cover story this month is Jonathan Cook’s article about Israeli government actions that are stripping away freedoms of expression from its increasingly-polarised citizens. You won’t want to miss Trevor Grundy’s account of four elderly Kenyans who are causing severe embarrassment to the British government with their allegations of torture, including castration, during the Mau Mau rebellion against British rule in their country during the 1950s. We’ve also got a couple of essays, by John Pilger and William Rivers Pitt, on the crisis facing Rupert Murdoch’s media empire after revelations of phone-tapping at his biggest-selling British newspaper; plus the story of an invasion of jellyfish that is threatening fish stocks – and nuclear power plants, an interview with an eco-warrior; what, we hope, are the final words on Sarah Palin, and much more .


1. SLOW BOAT TO GAZA: Read Ray McGovern’s 28-page diary, filled with photographs, of the latest attempt, this time by a group of peace activists aboard the ‘Audacity of Hope’, to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza.

2. SOUTH AFRICA REVISITED: Danny Schechter spent a month in South Africa examining the progress made by the country in the 21 years since the release of nelson Mandela. Don’t miss his 15-page report consisting of four essays.

3. OBAMA”S BUSH LEAGUE WORLD: Thought George W. Bush’s foreign policies were a disaster? Tom Engelhardt takes a long look at those of  President Obama and can’t see much difference.

4. YATRA: Celebrating With The Pilgrims of India: a 12-page photoessay that captures the action at India’s annual Yatra celebrations, when millions of devoted Hindu pilgrims travel thousands of miles by foot, bike, car and train to the banks of the River Ganges at Varanasi, the holiest city of world Hinduism.

Hope you enjoy; if not please contact me at

Tony Sutton, Editor

‘Dirty Digger’ Murdoch Newslinks 26-27 July 2011

27 July 2011 —

27 July 2011
Murdochs were given secret defence briefings
The Independent – Media RSS Feed Today at Midnight
The extraordinary access that Cabinet ministers granted Rupert Murdoch and his children was revealed for the first time yesterday, with more than two dozen private meetings between the family and senior members of the Government in the 15 months since David Cameron entered Downing Street.

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Palestine, Israel, Germany- The Boundaries of Open Discussion

27 July 2011 —

September 10-11, 2011 Freiburg, Germany

Freedom of speech and expression are recognised by many as primary human rights. However, when it comes to discussion on topics concerning Palestine, Israel and Germany we  often face rigid and concrete boundaries that clearly suppress free and creative discourse. We  somehow grasp what we are allowed to say but are also conscious of a variety of thoughts we better keep unsaid.

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