Wikileaks Newslinks 3 August 2011

3 August 2011 —

Mexico: American Ambassador Is Confirmed
New York Times
The former ambassador, Carlos Pascual, resigned in March after a public dispute with President Felipe Calderón of Mexico over embassy documents released by WikiLeaks. The documents showed him and other American officials criticizing Mexican authorities …

WikiLeaks’ Assange Addresses Splendour
Pollstar (blog)
Despite being under house arrest in Britain, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange addressed the Splendour In The Grass festival in Queensland’s Woodfordia. A pre-recorded 90-second message was played during a panel discussion on Internet control. …

WikiLeaks: Nations Plot Arctic Exploitation as Ice Melts
TakePart – Inspiration to Action
According to documents bared by WikiLeaks, the ultimate goal is not
necessarily gaining new territory but rather access to resources,
specifically the 90 billion barrels of oil and one-third of natural gas
reserves on the planet thought to lie beneath …

MILF rebels coy on Wikileaks cable, US help
by Jojo Malig, MANILA, Philippines – The Moro Islamic
Liberation Front (MILF) has declined to comment on a Wikileaks cable from
the US embassy in Manila stating that the separatist group looks up to
Washington to help end the …

Wikileaks and data theft
ITWeb (blog)
Now the Internet platform Wikileaks wants to publish controversial content
relating to US banks. Does this kind of thing only happen in the USA?
Probably not. According to the Federal Office for Statistics, approximately
10% of German organisations …

Wikileaks cable affirms U.S. plot against Morales
Party for Socialism and Liberation
By Diana Barahona A US embassy cable released by Wikileaks backs up
allegations made by Bolivia in 2009 that the US government had organized a
team to assassinate President Evo Morales. The plot was discovered when
police raided a storage facility in …

Senate confirms new ambassador to Mexico
The former ambassador, Carlos Pascual, resigned in March following a public
dispute with Mexican President Felipe Calderon over embassy documents
released by the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks. Wayne, a senior career
diplomat, was nominated by …

South Africa: Murdoch, Mugabe, Malema And the Media
Were it not for the emergence of this open web based media, scandals such
as those exposed by Wikileaks may never have surfaced. The alternative
media directly and constantly challenges the status quo of the mainstream
media. …

Julian Assange to speak out at Sydney Opera House
Herald Sun
WIKILEAKS founder Julian Assange has agreed to appear at a festival at the
Sydney Opera House next month. Organisers of the Festival of Dangerous
Ideas hope the controversial Australian activist will be able to appear in
the flesh at a symposium titled …

Government Secrecy Is Worse Than You Think (blog)
To some extent, my feeling has lately been that the information age of the
internet, Wikileaks, etc. is kicking away the ladder of government secrecy.
Reading through this recent ACLU report on secrecy laws has sort of
deflated that feeling… …

Uighur militants have been getting training, support in Pak: US reports
Indian Express
Classified interrogation reports of Guantanamo Bay inmates, leaked by
whistleblower website WikiLeaks, reveal that a significant bulk of Eastern
Turkistan Islamic Party/Movement (ETIM) militants who were detained by the
US after the Afghanistan …

ManTech International Falls to Anonymous
iNEWP- Freedom of Speech
The group Anonymous has gone from well-known (regarding its fight against
Scientology and other incidents in the past) to almost notorious in the
eyes of the United States government and its allies as the group allied
itself with WikiLeaks and engaged …

A mining giant and a massive bounced cheque
… giant Rio Tinto may have lost out on a lucrative mining contract in
Guinea after a rival allegedly bribed a government official with a cheque
that later bounced, The Times reported, citing US diplomatic cables leaked
by the website WikiLeaks. …

Opposition grandstanding on problems it failed to tackle
Nassau Guardian
In actuality it is the Opposition that experienced a spring of discontent
and a tsunami of derision with the release of the WikiLeaks cables and
reporting by The Nassau Guardian. The fallout on Mr. Christie has been
especially brutal. …

Met tweets warning to would-be ‘hacktivists’
… bailed pending further inquiries in relation to LulzSec’s activities. A
further six people have been arrested in relation to denial of service
attacks by Anonymous against corporations that withdrew services to
WikiLeaks last year, including PayPal.

Montreal’s yellow brick road keeps on crumbling
Montreal Gazette
In the age of WikiLeaks, when you can read classified documents on your
smartphone, Hamad seems to think he’s serving in Maurice Duplessis’s
cabinet. He’s making sure we are spared potentially troubling information,
safely enshrouded by a grande …

Pakistan’s madrassas continue to serve as engines of jihad
Long War Journal
A US diplomatic cable that was released by WikiLeaks this spring notes that
Pakistan was well aware of the problems with radical madrassas in Punjab
province, but failed to move against them. The cable is dated Oct. 13,
2008. From The Long War Journal …

Liberal MLA sees ‘no need’ for nuclear, supports increased oil sands activity
Peace River Record Gazette
US embassy cables sent from Ottawa in 2003 and 2008 and recently released
by Wikileaks showed that Alberta politicians offered to export power to our
southern neighbours. It was shortly after the last cable that the
provincial government proposed the …

Obama Administration to Polar Bear Scientist/Truth Teller — Shut Up, And You …
Huffington Post
As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrives in the Arctic ostensibly to
discuss preserving its unique environment, a disturbing series of
communications revealed today by wikileaks tell another story. These cables
confirm what we have long been …

“Situation Could Turn to Long, Evil American Series”
Al-Manar TV
He recalled, in this context, WikiLeaks’ cables that quoted former PM Saad
Hariri as advising Jeffrey Feltman to “try Bayanouni (Muslim Brotherhood)
and Abdul Halim Khaddam” and telling them that they would find them
moderate. …

Central Asia’s 10 Most Influential (And Connected) Women
According to a purported US diplomatic cable published by WikiLeaks, Uzbek
President Islam Karimov has expressed his discontent with the US decision
to honor Tojiboeva. Karimov, the cable suggested, “seemed especially angry
that Tojiboeva might be seen …

Colombian government Web sites shut down
… Manuel Santos’ Facebook page July 20, leaving a link to a video titled
“False Independence,” as Colombia marked its 201st year of independence.
Anonymous made headlines last year when it targeted MasterCard and Visa for
stopping payments to WikiLeaks.

Santa Monica Charity Honored by U.S. Congress
Some of the other Web sites honored include WikiLeaks, UNESCO, Google
Translate and TED. While Rep. Andrews had visited’s Santa Monica
offices about a year ago to meet the staff and discuss the value of the
service, the Congressional honor …

With Syria at crossroads, Bashar follows father’s example and chooses violence
The Daily Maverick
“WikiLeaks,” Jeenah says, “revealed that many Syrian NGOs received
American funding.” Many of the human rights agencies, including the
Syrian Observatory for Human Rights mentioned here appear to be based
outside of Syria. …

Prince shells out for plane to end diplomatic row
New Zealand Herald
This year, United States diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks referred
to unsubstantiated rumours about the Prince’s health and whether he was
travelling to Germany for medical treatment. The aircraft was seized last
month in Munich by insolvency …

FBI Raids Homes of ‘Anonymous’ Members; 16 Arrested in Connection with …
… Electronic Crimes and Threat Intelligence Unit, shared a conference
call with FBI agents two days after PayPal was hit with a distributed
denial of service (DDos) attack in retaliation for suspending WikiLeaks
donations through its online service. …

US mulls extra sanctions on Syria
Press TV
According to The Washington Post , secret diplomatic cables released by the
WikiLeaks say, the US State Department has funded anti-government
activities in Syria with as much as six million dollars. Washington imposed
sanctions on Assad and six senior …

“Gays & Lesbians Do Not Belong In the Classroom” – FoDI
Same Same
The festival’s opening night on September 30 will be hosted by Julian
Assange, contending that Wikileaks Has Not Gone Far Enough. Another
highlight will be How Many Dangerous Ideas Can One Person Have, in which
openly gay former High Court judge …—Lesbians-Do-Not-Belong-In-the-Classroom—FoDI.htm

Will Governments Pursue Hackers The Jester, AnonymousDown and Backtrace Security?
Death and Taxes
We know that the Jester is ex-military (supposedly), and DDoS’d WikiLeaks’
page several months back, along with claims that he hacked and
LulzSec’s Twitter page—which Anonymous and LulzSec both refuted,
respectively. …

When lobbyists are involved, everyone pays
Concerns raised about how this bill could force the blocking of Wikileaks
or the shutdown of internet access at small business? Ignored. “The
legacy entertainment industry will surely celebrate this ‘victory,’ but
let’s check back in a bit and see what …

Judge Limits Journalist’s Testimony in CIA Leak Trial
International Press Institute (press release)
… a former Federal Bureau of Intelligence translator who pleaded guilty
to leaking classified documents to a blogger, and the case against former
soldier Bradley Manning, who allegedly leaked a massive trove of classified
documents to WikiLeaks. …

Television News: Are We Amusing Ourselves to Death?
Rutherford Institute
It has allowed WikiLeaks, for example, to accept documents anonymously and
publish them to a global audience, while floating in cyberspace above
national jurisdictions, operated by a small, nomadic team. Other newcomers
include a host of not-for-profit …

WikiLeaks and the Guantánamo Prisoners Released from 2002 to 2004 …
By Andy Worthington
In late April, WikiLeaks released its latest treasure trove of classified
US documents, a set of 765 Detainee Assessment Briefs (DABs) from the US
prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. Compiled between 2002 and January 2009 by
the Joint Task …

Wikileaks: Arctic Nations Plot to Seize Natural Resources | Notes …
By jonbowermaster
As the ice covering the Arctic disappears at an ever-faster rate (in the
past 10 days losing as much as 58000 square miles of sea ice a day),
wreaking havoc on.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange at Dangerous Festival | Pakistan …
By anjum
News Comments
at+Dangerous+Festival2011-08-02+18%3A59%3A30anjumhttp%3A%2F%2Fwww. …

Wikileaks Now Has Over 1M Twitter Followers – Democratic Underground
Wikileaks now has over 1M twitter followers, makes way to Google+
07/31/2011 | 12:13 PM – snip – As of 5 a.m. Sunday (Manila time),
WikiLeaks’ Google+ …×4942471

WikiLeaks reveals new details of U.S. intervention in Haiti
The transparency-advocacy group WikiLeaks has released secret cables dating
from 2003 to 2010 that reveal details of Washington’s intervention in

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