Libya Newslinks 4 August 2011

4 August 2011 —

A field commander says Libyan rebels regrouping for major new push toward Tripoli
Washington Post
(Sergey Ponomarev/Associated Press) – Libyan men eat food after breaking the fast on the first day of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, with a portrait of Omar Mukhtar, the symbol of the anti-Gadhafi campaign at right, at the square in t rebel-held …

Retreating Gadhafi forces leave behind deadly mines
CNN International
Qawalish, Libya (CNN) — The front lines of Libya’s grinding war weave through the western mountains and around Zlitan, the last city east of Tripoli still under the grip of strongman Moammar Gadhafi. In many places that Gadhafi’s forces have fled, …

French Carrier Out of Action
Wall Street Journal
The French air force will take over the job using six other Rafale jets based at the Sigonella air base in Sicily, meaning France’s military contribution the North Atlantic Treaty Organization campaign in Libya won’t be affected by the carrier’s …

U.S. hands over Libyan Embassy to TNG
John McCain, R-AZ, (C- left) is greeted by late Libyan rebel military leader Abdel-Fattah Younis ( C- Right) during his visiting to their headquarters in their eastern stronghold city of Benghazi on April 22, 2011. McCain urged the international …

Seized oil tanker docks in Libyan rebel capital Benghazi
China Post
BENGHAZI, Libya — An oil tanker laden with tons of petrol steamed into the port of Benghazi on Thursday, with rebels on board claiming they seized the vessel from government control between Malta and Tripoli. The 182-meter (600-foot) long “Cartagena” …

Libya’s oil loss Iraq’s gain?
4 (UPI) — The lack of significant oil production from war-torn Libya might lead to good fortune for post-war Iraq, an analyst said. The International Energy Agency in June called on its member states to release strategic petroleum reserves to add more …

Interventions in the Arab uprisings
The Guardian
It is alarming to continue reading Simon Jenkins’s commentaries on the situation in Libya (Nightly Britain bombs Tripoli. Bar death, what do we achieve?, 3 August). His articles (9 March; 20 April; 18 May) have persisted in ignoring the glaring facts …

Raul Castro Opposes Aggression against Libya
President Raul Castro expressed his opposition to NATO military aggression against Libya during a meeting with Abdulhafid M. Zlitniel, special envoy of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. Raul Castro demanded the immediate end of those attacks, …

Libya fires missile at Italian naval ship –
The Libyan government this morning confirmed to CNN that it yesterday fired a missile at an Italian naval ship off Libya. Italy’s defence ministry yesterday reported that a missile had fallen near an Italian naval ship,…

Libya after General Younis’s murder
By admin
Libya after General Younis’s murder: Q and A with Noman Benotman
Introduction: The recent murder of General Abdel Fattah Younis, the Libyan rebels’ top military commander, has exposed some of…

Libya Live Blog | Al Jazeera Blogs
By Al Jazeera Staff
The Libyan tanker reported to have been seized by rebels opposing Muammar Gaddafi arrived in the rebel-held port of Benghazi on Thursday after being cleared to proceed by NATO ships enforcing an arms embargo, NATO said. …

Libya Report Back, Riverside Church: Cynthia McKinney « THE …
By ajfloyd
Libya Report Back, Riverside Church: Cynthia McKinney. August 4, 2011 by ajfloyd …. Top Posts. 11 Occult Secrets Now In the Open · Budget crisis? How much does one tomahawk missile fired at Libya cost? Fault Lines: The Top 1% …

Missile falls near Italian ship off Libya: ministry
Rome (AFP) Aug 3, 2011 – Italy’s defence ministry said Wednesday that an Italian naval ship off Libya reported that a missile fell into the water nearby, but it was unclear whether it had been fired or dropped by accident.

Why the Libya War? – John Rosenthal – National Review Online
John Rosenthal writes on NRO: Back in late March, shortly after the start of the NATO bombing campaign against Libya, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates told …

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