Egypt Newslinks 4 August 2011

4 August 2011 —

Former Egyptian Interior Minister Returns to Court
Voice of America
August 04, 2011 Former Egyptian Interior Minister Returns to Court VOA News Egypt’s former interior minister and six police commanders returned to court Thursday to face charges of ordering officers to shoot at protesters, a day after they appeared …

Egypt’s Islamists mobilising mass support
BBC News
Back in January during the revolution, Egypt’s disparate political forces
united to demand that he step down. During the months that followed his
ouster, the insistence that he face a court was one of the few things these
groups could still agree about …

Mubarak Spectacle Captivates the Middle East
New York Times
By RICK GLADSTONE Hosni Mubarak’s televised trial transformed Egypt and
much of the Middle East into a vast living room on Wednesday, with millions
of viewers, from the shops of Amman and Jerusalem to the hovels of
impoverished Yemen, mesmerized by the …

Egypt’s state media: Obstacles on the road to freedom of speech
Ahram Online
When the second wave of Egypt’s revolution began 8 July, Maspero
revolutionaries decided to strengthen their stance by setting up a tent in
Tahrir named The Maspero Revolutionaries with rotating shifts so that the
tent is manned by at least five people …

Egypt activist dies from Abbassiya clash
Bikya Masr
He was student at Assiut university in Upper Egypt. His colleagues who were
by his side after he was injured, say that the security forces refused to
allow them out of the “battlefield” and finally four hours later they
manged to get him to a hospital. …

Lecico says strikes end at its Egypt factories
Reuters Africa
CAIRO (Reuters) – Egyptian ceramics maker Lecico said on Thursday the
workers’strike at its Khorshid plants in Alexandria, which had caused a
nine-day halt of the firm’s sanitary ware and tile factory operations
there, has now ended. …

Egypt’s Revolution Brings Changes for Journalists, Audience
Wall Street Journal
Egypt’s revolution in January and February led to major changes in the
country’s media, changes that affect both journalists and news consumers.
Since Egypt’s revolution, there is more competition among the nation’s
newspapers, more political coverage …

High food prices cast pall over Ramadan for many in the Middle East region
From Syria to Libya and Egypt, the uprisings and unrest gripping the Arab
world have cast a pall on the start of Ramadan, when the traditional focus
on piety is likely to be eclipsed by more unrest. Food prices, part of the
economic hardships that …

Seyyed Abdolamir Nabavi
Tehran Times
The internal and external problems Egypt is currently facing have created
many challenges for the Supreme Military Council. The interim governing
body is trying to show the highest level of commitment to the ideals of the
January 25 revolution. …

Veolia Shares Plummet Again On Overhaul, Fraud Disclosure
Wall Street Journal
Veolia said it plans to exit activities in Egypt and Morocco, as well as
the Marine Services business in the US while it reviews its business in
Italy. It will also reduce its global presence to 40 countries only from 77
currently. … Roundup: Egypt’s Mubarak on trial, pleads not guilty
CNN (blog)
The former ruler – Egypt’s longest serving in modern history – appeared in
court on a hospital bed inside a metal defendant’s cage (National), along
with his two sons. Mubarak was charged with the “intentional and
premeditated murder” of peaceful …

Evicted Tahrir protesters on their guard
Egyptian Gazette
By Amr Emam – The Egyptian Gazette CAIRO – When soldiers stormed Tahrir
Square on Monday, Mahmoud Radwan was chatting with a group of his friends
about the changes that had happened in Egypt since he and hundreds of other
activists started their sit-in …

Egypt asks banks to unveil foreign donations to local charities
Al-Masry Al-Youm
The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) has ordered banks to provide the Ministry
of Solidarity and Social Justice with information about transactions
involving charities and civil society organizations. The London-based
Asharq al-Awsat quoted on Thursday an …

Tunisian Islamist leader draws parallels with Egypt
Daily News Egypt
By Omnia Al Desoukie /Special to Daily News Egypt CAIRO: “The trial of
Mubarak will push Tunisians to pressure the government to try [ousted
president Zine El-Din] Ben Ali on charges of killing protesters,” said
Rashid Al-Ghannushi, …

Egypt: Tackling youth unemployment
The Guardian
Skills programmes that teach employability and entrepreneurship can help,
but job creation is needed Estimates suggest that each year 700000 new
graduates chase 200000 new jobs in Egypt, so many settle for low-skilled
work, if they can get it. …

Charges against Mubarak leave some unsatisfied
Al-Masry Al-Youm
Salem, who was arrested in Spain in June, is also wanted on finanical
corruption charges regarding Egypt’s gas deal with Israel. For Ahmed
Ragheb, head of the Hisham Mubarak Law Center, the allegations against the
former president are not comprehensive …

Egypt: Mubarak Trial Opens | Human Rights Watch
By Human Rights Watch
(Cairo) – The trial of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, former
interior Minister Habib al-Adly, and Adly’s six most senior security chiefs
beginson August 3, 2011, in a specially designated courtroom in Cairo’s
Police Academy.

Egypt and More – Pictures of the Day –
Photographs from Egypt, Norway, the Philippines and Israel.

“Keep your head up Mubarak!” – Egypt trial in photos and details — RT
On Wednesday, Egypt witnessed the first day of the trial of deposed leader
Hosni Mubarak. RT’s Oksana Boyko is following the trial, and shares here
her views on the ideological shift that happened in the Egyptian society
after the …

Egypt’s Mubarak on trial for murder as protesters clash
By alexsamade
CAIRO (AFP) – Egypt’s ex-president Hosni Mubarak was wheeled into court
on a stretcher on Wednesday and denied murder and graft charges, as
sporadic clashes erupted outside between his supporters and his foes. …

Egypt’s Mubarak on Trial: Pay Attention to the Men Behind the …
By Tony Karon
Only a madman would have predicted, even nine months ago, that Egyptian
TV’s ramadan special, this year, would be the trial of Hosni Mubarak. It’s
a compelling spectacle, to be sure, the erstwhile epitome of the Arab
“strongman” now …

Egypt: Bed-ridden, caged, Hosni Mubarak goes on trial – World News …
An ailing, 83-year-old Hosni Mubarak, lying ashen-faced on a hospital bed
inside a metal defendants cage with his two sons standing protectively
beside him in white prison uniforms, denied charges of corruption and
complicity in the …

Mubarak Test for Egypt’s Revolution « Jonathan Fryer
By jonathanfryer
His trial is the greatest test so far for Egypt’s Revolution. For the
families of those who suffered at the hands of his brutal security forces,
this day is almost too good to be true, seeing the old dictator on a
trolley bed in a cage, …

Bedridden and caged, Egypt’s Mubarak goes on trial | Daily Republic
By The Associated Press
Egypt’s former president wagged his finger in the air and denied all
charges against him Wednesday as he went on trial for alleged corruption
and complicity in the deaths of protesters who helped drive him from power.

The feminine face of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood – CNN Belief Blog …
By The Editors
By Shahira Amin, for CNN Editor’s note: Shahira Amin was deputy head of
Egyptian state-run Nile TV — and one of its senior anchors. After 22 years
with the network, angered by its censorship of the Egyptian revolution, …

The Captain’s Journal » How’s That Democracy Thing Working For You …
By Glen Tschirgi
According to this report in The Wall Street Journal, the secular,
pro-democracy movement in Egypt received a beat-down by the Egyptian
military and ordinary Egyptian citizens who are increasingly backing the
Army and Islamist groups …

Hosni Mubarak Faces the Judge; Egypt Faces a New Future | Human …
By Geoffrey Mock
For family members of victims killed during the Jan. uprising, the Mubarak
trial is a step toward justice. For all of Egypt, it’s a step toward a new

Antigua Observer Newspaper | Egypt puts Mubarak on trial …
By efrancis
Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak was wheeled into a courtroom cage in a hospital bed
Wednesday to face trial for killing protesters — an image that thrilled
those who overthrew him and must have chilled other Arab autocrats facing
popular …

Egypt puts Mubarak on trial, transfixing Arab world | AAJ News
By Reuters
Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, accused of corruption and involvement in killing
protesters, went on trial Wednesday, delighting those who overthrew him and
ringing an alarm bell for other autocrats around the Arab world. …

Mubarak’s trial in Egypt: We have come a long way at Livewire …
By Mok
I remembered the promise of truth and accountability that I along with my
colleague Diana Eltahawy had made to scores of families of victims whom we
met when we were in Egypt during the uprising in January and February 2011.

Egypt’s military ends three-week-old Tahrir sit-in by force …

Keep your head up Mubarak!” – Egypt trial in photos and details — RT
Egypt trial in photos and details. permalink email story to a friend print
version. Published: 03 August, 2011, 22:17. On Wednesday, Egypt witnessed
the …

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