Rayyisse, Censorship and Hollywood Qatar around Bab Al Aziziya

24 August 2011 — Waterput

Rayyisse is an Algerian who has played an important role in fighting the western NATO Propaganda through hundreds of videos on his youtube channel about the situation in Libya (1). This morning I noticed that he uploaded a video which presents arguments for the use of fake footage by the western media in order to make people believe that Bab Al Aziziya would be about to fall. This video was somehow removed. I can give you the comments that were placed by him. If anyone can inform me about this new example of censorship, please let me know.

The fact that this video was removed gives more credibility to the warnings that were broadcast by the Libyan State TV (2) about the possibility that there is some kind of Qatar Hollywood in which these scenes are made.

Here’s the text that Rayyisse added (mostly in French) to the disappeared video:

‘Les images diffusées par les televisions ce 23-08-2011 montrant les rebelles à Bab Aziziya sont fausses . Elles proviennent directement du studio de hollywood qatari . En plus des informations directement colléctées chez des Libyens sur place , voici cette video ou vous pourrez comparer les videos et images originales contre celles diffusées par les televisions aujourd hui . Sur AlBayte Assamad n’existe pas les figures géometriques ressemblant à des étoiles à huit branches et aussi regardez bien le panneau ‘Allah Akbar’. Je n’ai mis que deux details importants et visibles mais vous pourrez remarquer d’autres . Je vous laisse voir. Regardez bien et verifiez , comparez . Mais Allah était présent pendant qu’ils préparaient leur plan diabolique , et , il les a aveuglés ! Allah Akbar ! *********’

The images broadcast today 23-08-2011 by television showing the rebels in Bab Aziziyah are false. They come directly from the studio hollywood Qatar.In addition to information directly collected…’

Another strange thing is that suddenly all kinds of RT-videos with NATO-unfriendly material is regarded as ”copyright” material. I received an email from youtube on the video in which Franklin Lamb says that NATO refused a ceasefire and wanted to create a bloodbath in Tripoli (3). This video was banned as well. It seems there is a campaign going on to remove sensitive material from Youtube (4)

You can now watch it on Liveleak (5). Let’s see how long it will take before that video and my channel (6) is removed as well.

Other interesting posts: Libyen Propaganda Blodsinn Geht Weiter (7, German)


(1) http://www.youtube.com/user/Rayyisse
(2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LtLoros6Uk
(3) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIzYb_-Kc1k
(4) http://waterput.yolasite.com/english/american-secret-agents-acting-as-journalists-and-youtube-censorship-hawa-limitd
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(6) http://www.liveleak.com/c/Waterput
(7) http://nocheinparteibuch.wordpress.com/2011/08/24/libyen-propaganda-blodsinn-geht-weiter/#more-1655″

2 thoughts on “Rayyisse, Censorship and Hollywood Qatar around Bab Al Aziziya

  1. InI says:

    Yes I just checked it and it’s not Firefox per se but some fucking software called ‘StopBadware’!


    There doesn’t seem to be a way to get them to stop interfering but I suspect the site has been hacked, which may be the cause of the block.


    PS: I just emailed the company: contact@stopbadware.org

    PPS: They got back to me, it’s a google intercept and looking at the site, you can see it’s been hacked. Hopefully they’ll fix it soon.


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