BBC Newslinks covering Libya 26 July – 26 August 2011

26 August 2011 —

I’ve collated these stories for future reference but I’m sure there are many readers who are also interested in how the MSM hasn’t covered the crisis.

26 August 2011
UK planes target Gaddafi bunker

UN calls for restraint in Libya

Decade to rebuild Libya, says NTC

Newspaper review

Libya rebels fight on in Tripoli

25 August 2011

VIDEO: Prisoners freed from Tripoli jails

Italian reporters freed in Libya

Nato ‘helping hunt for Gaddafi’

VIDEO: Tripoli ‘quieter’ as rebels celebrate

Rebels appeal for Gaddafi capture

VIDEO: Rebels target Gaddafi’s home town

24 August 2011

AUDIO: Tripoli views: ‘Gaddafi must face justice’

VIDEO: ‘Battle in Libya not yet finished’

VIDEO: In the middle of compound firefight

VIDEO: Inside Gaddafi’s ransacked compound

Yvonne Fletcher mother’s new hope

Meeting to raise $2.5bn Libya aid

Ministers consider Libya options

Defiant Gaddafi vows to fight on

23 August 2011

Tripoli fighting flares up again

Gaddafi must go, say PM and Obama

22 August 2011

No rejoicing

Libya starts to reconnect to net

VIDEO: ‘Today we start to rebuild Libya’

VIDEO: How the Libya uprising unfolded

Cameron returns for Libya meeting

Oil prices fall as tensions ease

VIDEO: Gaddafi men ‘outside journalists’ hotel’

Battle rages at Gaddafi compound

VIDEO: Joy as Libya rebels enter Tripoli

VIDEO: ‘Nato is attacking a peaceful city’

21 August 2011

VIDEO: Tripoli resident: ‘It’s the victory moment’

Dreaming of home

Fighting flares up inside Tripoli

Libya rebels push towards Tripoli

Tripoli attack quashed – Gaddafi

VIDEO: Heavy gunfire erupts in Tripoli

AUDIO: Tripoli hospital worker on fighting

Heavy gunfire erupts in Tripoli

20 August 2011

Gaddafi fights back over oil port

VIDEO: Libya: Rebels ‘to fight on to Tripoli’

VIDEO: Libyan rebels ‘gain control of Zawiya’

Rebels claim key cities in Libya

19 August 2011

VIDEO: Street battles rage in Zawiya

Plan to evacuate Tripoli migrants

18 August 2011

VIDEO: Libyan rebels take key oil refinery

VIDEO: Rebels ‘capture Zawiya oil refinery’

Libya rebels ‘take’ key refinery

17 August 2011

VIDEO: Life in Tripoli as rebels close in

Battle for key Libya oil refinery

16 August 2011

Libya rebels fight for key town

Gaddafi forces ‘use first Scud’

15 August 2011

Libyan minister ‘lands in Egypt’

14 August 2011

Libya rebels fight for key towns

VIDEO: Libyan rebels battle troops in Zawiya

Fighting grips city near Tripoli

13 August 2011

Fierce fighting in key Libya town

VIDEO: Rebels film push into Libyan town

12 August 2011

VIDEO: Children caught in Libya’s crossfire

9 August 2011

Libya says Nato raid kills dozens

8 August 2011

Libya rebel head sacks ‘cabinet’

Mugabe: ‘Nato a terrorist group’

Libya rebels ‘still holding town’

7 August 2011

UK Apaches in action over Libya

6 August 2011

Libya rebels in western offensive

5 August 2011

VIDEO: Rebel fighters ‘low’ on ammunition

4 August 2011

Gaddafi forces ‘control Zlitan’

2 August 2011

Gaddafi forces in Zlitan assault

1 August 2011

Many dead on Italy refugee boat

31 July 2011

Libyan militants ‘marginalised’

Newspaper review

30 July 2011

VIDEO: Nato attacks Libyan state TV

Top Libya rebel ‘shot by Islamist militia’

Libya taunts UK over rebel death

Nato air strike targets Libyan TV

29 July 2011

VIDEO: Mystery over Libyan rebel’s death

Distrusted rebel

Loyalties questioned

Mystery over Libyan rebel’s death

28 July 2011

VIDEO: Misrata families caught in the crossfire

VIDEO: Libyan military chief killed

Top Libyan rebel commander killed

Libyan rebels ‘capture key town’

Newspaper review

Libya condemns UK recognition

27 July 2011

VIDEO: Libya: UK expels Gaddafi diplomats

UK to expel all Libyan diplomats

VIDEO: Libyan rebels move towards Tripoli

26 July 2011

VIDEO: Lockerbie bomber at pro-Gaddafi rally

Lockerbie bomber seen on TV rally

Edging to peace

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