UPDATE: Life of Independent Journalists in Tripoli. Very Critical Situation

26 August 2011 — Global Research

Independent journalists trapped at the Rixos hotel were evacuated Wednesday under the auspices of the Red Cross. They were taken and housed at the Corinthia hotel. Since their arrival, armed gunmen have entered the premises of the hotel on various pretexts.

The hotel is in rebel territory.

The boat which was scheduled to leave for Malta Thursday at 6am EDT with the collaboration of the Red Cross, has, we are informed been delayed. The reasons for this delay are not logistical.

A state of chaos continues to prevail with intense fighting between Rebel and loyalist forces. We have also received a report to the effect that the Venezuelan embassy was ransacked by armed gunmen.

The threats to the lives of independent journalist including Global Research’s Mahdi Darius Nazemoraya prevail.

This is a media battle, a confrontation between the mainstream media which is NATO’s mouthpiece and those who are committed to Truth in Media.

The independent journalists are the target because they say the truth. The coverage of the war on Libya has centered on Gadaffi. Not a word has been mentioned  regarding the devastation and loss of life caused by NATO’s bombings of civilian targets, including the intensive bombings of Tripoli

We ask our readers to spread the message far and wide. The lives of those who speak thew truth is threatened.

Zohra Bensemra/REUTERS
Trigger Happy Rebel Gunmen

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