VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 25 August, 2011: Israeli forces surround Jenin Freedom Theatre for second time in a month; abduct three

25 August , 2011 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Eight Palestinians Killed Thursday; 11 in Two Days
IMEMC – Thursday August 25, 2011 – 23:43, Palestinian medical sources reported on Thursday evening that two residents were killed when the Israeli Air Force fired a missile at their motorcycle, north of Gaza City. The assassination raises the number of Palestinians killed on Thursday to 8, while a total of 11 were killed in two days.

Israeli forces surround Jenin Freedom Theatre for second time in a month; abduct three
IMEMC – Thursday August 25, 2011 – 07:21, A squadron of Israeli armored vehicles and soldiers entered Jenin refugee camp at around 2 am on Tuesday morning, surrounded the Jenin Freedom Theatre, beat the security guard before abducting him and two others.

Ma’an News

2 Islamic Jihad fighters killed in airstrike
8/25/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — An Israeli airstrike killed two members of Islamic Jihad’s armed wing in the Gaza Strip late Thursday, witnesses and security sources told Ma’an. Salim Al-Arabid and Alaa Hamdan died after the airstrike in northern Gaza, Islamic Jihad’s military wing said in a statement. An…. Related: Armed group identifies 2 killed in Gaza strike

Witnesses: Settlers burn hundreds of olive trees
8/25/2011 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Dozens of Israeli settlers set fire on Thursday to more than 100 olive trees in Mikhmas village southeast of Ramallah. Local witnesses told Ma’an that settlers from the illegal Ma’ale Mikhmas settlement adjacent to the village set fire to agricultural land before vacating the area. The Mikhmas….

PRC says its armed wing will scrap truce
8/25/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) – The Popular Resistance Committees’ armed wing on Thursday said its forces would not commit to a truce with Israel, after an airstrike killed two Islamic Jihad militants in Gaza. The Nasser Salah Ad-Din Brigades said in a statement that both sides must stop attacks for any truce to last…. Related: Islamic Jihad armed wing: No chance of truce

Islamic Jihad armed wing: No chance of truce
8/25/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — The military wing of Islamic Jihad has called on all of its members to attack Israel in response to the killing of three Al-Quds Brigades operatives in 24 hours.”Our war with the occupation has begun and there is no possibility of discussing a truce,” the group said in a…. Related: Islamic Jihad: ‘We will halt rockets if Israel stops raids’ and PRC says its armed wing will scrap truce

Report: Israel to take measures against Qatar
8/25/2011 – TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma’an) — Israel is ready to implement measures against Qatar for supporting the Palestinian UN bid for recognition in September, Israeli newspaper Maariv reported Thursday. Israeli authorities are reportedly thwarting all Qatari funded projects in Palestine and have closed their diplomatic mission in Qatar, Maariv said. Qatari officials have also been….

Shaath: India will support Palestinians at UN
8/25/2011 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — India will support recognition of Palestinian independent statehood at the UN, PLO representative Nabil Shaath said Thursday. The Indian foreign minister SM Krishna told Shaath in a meeting in the Indian capital New Delhi on Thursday that India will work to support the Palestinians’ bid, due to be put to….

Israel moves to ease strains with Egypt
8/25/2011 – JERUSALEM (Reuters) — Israel offered on Thursday to investigate jointly with Egypt the killing of five Egyptian security personnel during an Israeli operation against cross-border raiders a week ago, violence that has strained relations with Cairo’s new rulers.” Israel is ready to hold a joint investigation with the Egyptians into the difficult event,” a….

Ashrawi: UN statehood bid no threat to PLO
8/26/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Palestinian lawmaker Hanan Ashrawi said Thursday that the plan to join the United Nations as a state would not threaten the PLO’s legal rights in the world body. Ashrawi, a senior PLO member, disputed arguments by international law expert Guy Goodwin-Gill, who has argued in a legal opinion that…. Related: UN statehood bid ‘threatens Palestinian rights’

Islamic Jihad: ‘We will halt rockets if Israel stops raids’
8/25/2011 – GAZA CITY (AFP) — Islamic Jihad on Thursday pledged that if Israel halted its air strikes on Gaza, its militants would stop firing rockets into southern Israel, a spokesman told AFP.” If Israel stops its attacks, the Palestinian resistance will stop firing rockets,” said Daoud Shihab after 24 hours of Israeli air strikes targeting the faction…. Related: Islamic Jihad armed wing: No chance of truce and PRC says its armed wing will scrap truce

Can Palestine become a UN member state?
8/25/2011 – UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) — The Palestinians have vowed to seek full UN membership for a Palestinian state in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, with East Jerusalem as its capital, ignoring opposition from Washington and Israel. But there appears to be little chance it could succeed at present because the United States would veto it in….

Prisoners offer assistance to Lebanese students
8/25/2011 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Fatah prisoners at the Ramon prison in Israel said Thursday they were donating their salaries to help benefit Palestinian students in Lebanon, after a suggestion from the president. Mahmoud Abbas’ call for support to Palestinian in Lebanese refugee camps netted about 100,000 shekels, according to a letter from the prisoners….

Detainee marks 10 years in Israeli prison
8/25/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) – The detainees center is reporting that prisoner Ahmad Abu Aker from Khan Younis marked 10 years in Israeli prisons. Abu Aker has been sentenced to 15 years. The center said in a statement that he was detained at the Rafah border while he was leaving the Gaza Strip and he….

Gaza mourners call for vengeance
8/25/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) – Hundreds of Palestinians took part Thursday in mourning the seven Palestinians who were killed in Israeli attacks. Two more Palestinians were killed shortly thereafter. Mourners condemned the attacks and called on the international community to intervene. They also called on resistance fighters to respond andavenge the bloodshed in Gaza….

Armed group identifies 2 killed in Gaza strike
8/25/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Two Palestinians killed late Thursday in the northern Gaza Strip belonged to the military wing of Islamic Jihad, a statement from the Al-Quds Brigades said. Salim Al-Arabid and Alaa Hamdan were killed in the strike, the statement said…. Related: 2 Islamic Jihad fighters killed in airstrike

Report: Jordanian accused of planning Israeli diplomat kidnap
8/25/2011 – TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma’an) — Prosecutors accused a 28-year-old Jordanian national of working with Hamas to plan attacks on Israelis, in charges filed at an Israeli court Thursday, Israeli news site Ynet reported. Hamza Mahmood Yusuf Usman was detained in the West Bank in July, the report said. Lawyers charge him with joining….

El Salvador recognizes Palestine as independent state
8/25/2011 – SAN SALVADOR (Reuters) — El Salvador on Thursday recognized Palestine as an independent state in the midst of a drive by the Arab League to upgrade it to full membership status in the United Nations.” This decision was made in the context of the profound respect El Salvador has for sovereign decisions by members of the….

Israeli army detonates 2 explosive devices near illegal settlement
8/25/2011 – TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma’an) — Israeli forces detonated two explosive devices found Thursday near the illegal settlement of Barkan in the northern West Bank, Israeli news site Ynet reported. A team of trained experts detonated the devices, the news site reported….

Judicial institute signs EU agreement
8/25/2011 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — The Judicial Institute and the EU have signed an agreement to receive a scholarship to the institute to support the judicial studies diploma program. The program, which will start on October 2011, aims to cover expenses of judicial studies diploma program for 20 students for two years in a row, officials….

Japan donates $3.3 million in food aid to Palestinians
8/25/2011 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Japan signed an agreement with the United Nations food program Thursday to donate $3. 3 million in aid to Palestinians in Gaza, official Palestinian Authority news agency WAFA reported. The donation was signed at the Ministry of Social Affairs in Ramallah.” We appreciate the Japanese government’s continuous support to….

UN envoy expresses ‘deep concern’ over Gaza border violence
8/25/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — UN special coordinator Robert Serry expressed deep concern Thursday over the continuation of incidents in Gaza and southern Israel.”In the interest of protecting the lives of civilians and for the calm to succeed, a complete halt to the firing of rockets from Gaza and a display of maximum restraint by….

Agriculture minister suspends duties for investigation
8/25/2011 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Palestinian Minister of Agriculture Ismail Daiq said Wednesday he will stand down from ministerial duties for the duration of a court investigation into allegations of corruption. The Palestinian Authority anti-corruption committee said on Monday it had referred the minister’s file to court. Daiq said he would respect the decision….

Police arrest car theft suspects in Hebron
8/25/2011 – HEBRON (Ma’an) — Police arrested four people in Hebron on Thursday on suspicion of stealing cars. Police believe that the four suspects have been involved in a string of car thefts in the city and are investigating the incidents. The suspects will be transferred to the general prosecution to undertake legal procedures, police said….

Ornithologists make homes for owls in Israel
8/25/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — An ornithologist in Israel has overcome superstitions to help owls settle in Arab villages in the lower Galilee. Samah Darawshe says owls are a “natural enemy” to rodents, and a nature-friendly alternative to dangerous chemical pesticides which harm the environment and water reservoirs. A pair of owls can eat between 2,000….

SANA: 8 Syrian soldiers killed in attacks
8/25/2011 – DAMASCUS (AFP) — Eight Syrian soldiers, including an army officer, have been killed in separate attacks in the country’s central province of Homs, the official SANA news agency reported Thursday.” In an ambush Wednesday afternoon at (the town of) Talbisa, terrorists fired on a military bus killing one officer and two soldiers and wounding….

Libyan rebels gear for Gadhafi knockout punch
8/25/2011 – TRIPOLI (AFP) — Hardened fighters streamed Thursday into Tripoli as Libya’s rebels sought to deliver a knockout punch to Moammar Gadhafi’s remaining forces and to flush out the strongman, dead or alive. Leading the army of reinforcements were seasoned combatants from the city of Misrata, whose fellow fighters spearheaded the weekend assault….

Official: Italian journalists kidnapped in Libya freed
8/25/2011 – ROME (AFP) — Four Italian journalists kidnapped in Libya on Wednesday by forces loyal to Moamer Gadhafi who shot dead their driver and kept them hostage, have been freed according to Italy’s foreign ministry. Two of the reporters were covering the conflict for Italy’s top daily, Corriere della Sera, while another writes….

30 Gadhafi fighters found dead at Tripoli camp
8/25/2011 – TRIPOLI (Reuters) — More than 30 men believed to be fighters loyal to Moammar Gadhafi have been killed at a military encampment in central Tripoli and at least two were bound with plastic handcuffs, indicating they had been executed. A Reuters reporter at the scene in the Libyan capital said he counted 30 bodies riddled with….

Report: Libyan rebels say Moammar Gadhafi surrounded
8/25/2011 – TRIPOLI (Reuters) – A group of rebels besieging a cluster of apartment buildings near the compound of Moammar Gadhafi said they believed the man who led Libya for four decades was hiding in the buildings with some of his sons. Rebels were exchanging fire with Gadhafi loyalists inside the buildings. They did not say why they….


Recycling junk into art in Iran
AlJazeera 25 Aug 2011 – Americans Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal were sentenced to eight years in prison for illegal entry and espionage.

Israeli air strikes test Gaza truce, Israeli air strikes test Gaza truce
AlJazeera 25 Aug 2011 – A wave of blasts kills at least 12 and wounds 87 others across Iraq.

Palestine News Network

When the King hesitated about serious reform in Jordan
PNN – by Daoud Kuttab The extraordinary session of the Jordanian parliament was asked to stay in session in order to debate and vote on the constitutional changes that the royal commission had recommended…

Israeli air strikes kill three in Gaza
PNN – Three people were killed and many injured in separate explosions across Gaza City yesterday morning. Among those killed was Ismael Al-Asmar also known as ‘Abu Al-Qanabel Al-Mauqouteh’ within Israel. A leader of…

Palestinian Center for Human Rights

2 Palestinians Killed and 25 Others Wounded, Including 11 Children and 7 Women, in New Israeli Attacks against the Gaza Strip
Palestinian Center for Human Rights Thursday, 25 August 2011

International Solidarity Movement

Two killed in bombing of al-Salama sport club in Beit Lahia
8/25/2011 – International Solidarity Movement – International Solidarity Movement, Gaza – At about 1:30 A. M. on August 25, 2011 Israeli warplanes bombed the Salama Sports Club in Beit Lahia. The building was empty at the time. The sports club, however, is in the middle of a residential area. Two people from a neighboring house were killed in the bombing, Salama….

Alternative Information Center

Interview with Fatah PLC Member Kokali: September, Unity Government and Fatah-Hamas Relations
Alternative Information Center – The Alternative Information Center (AIC) interviewed Palestinian Legislative Council Member Fuad Kokali about the PLO initiative in September, the fledgling Palestinian unity government and Fatah-Hamas relations. Kokali, the head of the Fatah bloc in the Palestinian…

Ending an Endless War
Alternative Information Center – How do we defuse an aggressive culture? How do we end an endless war?

Student Charged with Racism after Declaring Israel a Terrorist State
Alternative Information Center – A student of St. Andrews University faces expulsion and charges of racially aggravated conduct following complaints that he referred to the flag of Israel as a symbol of terrorism.

Israel Violates Cease Fire, Killing 5 and Wounding 30 in Gaza Strip
Alternative Information Center – The Israeli Air Force violated the truce promised to the Gaza Strip. Five Palestinians were killed and at least 30 injured during the new airstrikes that began on Wednesday (24 August) against the Gaza Strip.

US National Building Museum: Don’t Reward Human Rights Violations!
Alternative Information Center – On July 27th, the National Building Museum announced that Caterpillar Inc. is this year’s recipient of the prestigious Henry C. Turner Prize for Innovation in Construction Technology.

Glenn Beck Stages Hollywood Show in Jerusalem
Alternative Information Center – He cried, he shouted to the break of an almost heart attack and he displayed his full repertoire of biblical jokes. On Wednesday afternoon (24 August), Glenn Beck didn’t surprise anybody; he was over dramatic, one-sided…

Relief Web

Despite ‘urgent’ need for progress towards two-state solution in Middle East, ‘profound differences between the parties’ remain, Security Council told
Relief Web 25 Aug 2011 – Source: UN Security Council Country: occupied Palestinian territory , Israel , Lebanon , Syrian Arab Republic (the) Watch the Webcast SC/10367 Security Council 6602nd Meeting (AM) Saying Mistrust Deepening, Senior UN Official Highlights Recent Clashes, Confirmation by Palestinians of Intent to Approach UN…

Q+A-Can Palestine become a United Nations member state?
Relief Web 25 Aug 2011 – Source: Reuters – AlertNet Country: occupied Palestinian territory By Louis Charbonneau UNITED NATIONS, Aug 25 (Reuters) – The Palestinians have vowed to seek full U.N. membership for a Palestinian state in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, with East Jerusalem…

Don’t demolish my future!
Relief Web 25 Aug 2011 – Source: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Country: occupied Palestinian territory , Israel Campaign to save a West Bank school from demolition UPDATE: Alarming developments in the West Bank community of Khan al Ahmar. Settlers…

2 Palestinians Killed and 25 Others Wounded, Including 11 Children and 7 Women, in New Israeli Attacks against the Gaza Strip
Relief Web 25 Aug 2011 – Source: Palestinian Centre for Human Rights Country: occupied Palestinian territory , Israel Ref: 90/2011 In the early morning of Thursday, 25 August 2011, two Palestinian civilians were killed and 25 others, including 11 children and 7 women, were wounded as Israeli…

Gaza Strip land crossinigs weekly status report – 20 Aug 2011
Relief Web 25 Aug 2011 – Source: Government of Israel Country: occupied Palestinian territory 1315 truckloads of goods were delivered from Israel to Gaza, while over 120 missiles were launched from Gaza towards Israel. 1315 truckloads (34,657 tons) were unloaded at the crossings this week. Security…

A Palestinian medical delegation visits the PRCS’ hospitals in Lebanon
Relief Web 25 Aug 2011 – Source: Palestine Red Crescent Society Country: Lebanon , occupied Palestinian territory (Beirut -17.8.2011): A Palestinian medical delegation from the West Bank visited the five hospitals of the Palestine Red Crescent Society in Lebanon, to support the doctors in the humanitarian services…

Palestine Telegraph

Extremist settlers torch 100 olive trees near Ramallah
25 Aug 2011 – West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)-Extremist settlers torched on Thursday 100 olive trees planted by Palestinian farmers in Makhmas, a village in the southeast of Ramallah.

Israeli army raids Hebron, detains 5
25 Aug 2011 – West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)-Israeli occupation forces raided on Thursday several Palestinian houses and detained five citizens in the southern West Bank city of Hebron.

Palestinian women prisoners living intolerable conditions
25 Aug 2011 – West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)-Palestinian female prisoners are suffering from miserable circumstances as Israeli prison administration have practiced harsh measures to humiliate them during interrogation, according to the ex-prisoner, Kifah Katash.

Seven missing after Israeli strikes on Gaza
25 Aug 2011 – Gaza, (Pal Telegraph) – Israeli warplanes have once again pounded the Gaza Strip, leaving four people critically injured and seven others missing in the southern city of Rafah.The attack is the latest in the string of Israeli airstrikes against the blockaded Palestinian territory since Tel Aviv stepped up its attacks last week.A Press TV correspondent reported that the new air…

6 killed in fresh Israeli attacks on Gaza
24 Aug 2011 – GAZA CITY: An Israeli air strike killed two Palestinians and wounded 20 others in the northern Gaza Strip, while a third died of wounds received earlier, Palestinian medical sources said Thursday.

The National

Did the Russians write the script for the Arab Spring?
The National 25 Aug 2011 – The fall of the USSR in 1991 bears striking parallels to this year’s Arab Spring uprisings. But it is the differences between the two movements that give reasons to be optimistic about this region’s future.

Seven killed in Syria in 24 hours, say activists
The National 24 Aug 2011 – The uprising in Syria has lasted for more than five months and shows no signs of stopping.

Ramadan discounts lure customers back to West Bank’s ghost town
The National 24 Aug 2011 – Israeli-imposed security restrictions ‘shut down’ Hebron.


Israeli doctors strike finally ends after five months as landmark deal inked
Ha’aretz – Agreement includes 49 percent average pay increase for hospital doctors and extra 1,000 doctors in public hospitals; deal is for nine years, retroactive to July 2010.

Israeli court approves deportation of foreign worker, 4-year-old daughter
Ha’aretz – Ofek to be deported Thursday with her mother, who is a foreign worker from the Philippines, after judge denies petition to delay the move.

Israeli experts near completion of Jerusalem walls restoration
Ha’aretz – The Old City walls, completed by Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent in 1541, are a monument to Ottoman engineering and to centuries of Islamic rule over Jerusalem.

Israel Police: Tzan’ani controlled level of extortion carried out by criminals
Ha’aretz – Court extends popular singer Margalit Tzan’ani’s arrest by five days; police submit prosecutor’s statement against the singer.

Tensions flare as barrage of rockets strikes southern Israel
Ha’aretz – Palestinians reported a total of seven people killed by IAF strikes in the Gaza Strip on Thursday night, including two leaders of the Islamic Jihad.

China announces support for Palestinian UN statehood bid
Ha’aretz – Special Chinese envoy to the Middle East Wu Sike shares the news at a meeting with Palestinian leaders in Ramallah on Thursday.

Israel, Egypt to open joint probe into events surrounding Eilat terror attacks
Ha’aretz – The details of the investigation would be agreed upon by both Israel’s and Egypt’s militaries, according to National Security Advisor Yaakov Amidror.

Israel offers to open joint probe with Egypt over border shootings
Ha’aretz – Netanyahu’s office says investigation into killing of five Egyptian security personnel would be set up by ‘armies of both sides’.

IDF strikes Gaza after more than 20 rockets hit southern Israel
Ha’aretz – Palestinians report eight killed, some 20 wounded from IDF strikes; nine-month-old baby lightly wounded after rocket hits Ashkelon region on Wednesday night.

Jerusalem Post

PA arrests professor who criticized Nablus university
Jerusalem Post 25 Aug 2011 – Abdel Sattar Qassem is a well-known critic of the PA leadership: in the past he declared his intention to run in the presidential election.

An SOS for MDA
Jerusalem Post 25 Aug 2011 – We’d be better off without whatever benefits Red Cross association provides rather than maintaining membership under shameful conditions.

US East Coast communities brace for Hurricane Irene
Jerusalem Post 25 Aug 2011 – The Pentagon, Capitol buildings in Washington were evacuated; two nuclear reactors were taken out of commission as safety precaution.

Analysis: A good, but not revolutionary, deal
Jerusalem Post 25 Aug 2011 – Agreement signed between IMA and doctors’ employers will not resolve all the serious problems of the public health system.

‘Islamic Jihad vows to send rockets deeper into Israel’
Jerusalem Post 25 Aug 2011 – Terror group says it will extend rocket range; More than 15 rockets fired into Israel; Erez-border crossing damaged; 2 Islamic Jihad members killed in IAF strike, Palestinian report says.

Comment: Did Jobs time his exit for the benefit of Apple?
Jerusalem Post 25 Aug 2011 – Possibly Jobs felt he could alleviate the blow from nervous investors selling Apple shares because of his stepping down.

Grapevine: To sing another day…
Jerusalem Post 25 Aug 2011 – Rita, Sarit Haddad escape crashes unscathed, post-centenarians have their say, and ‘Kaddish’ concert commemorates Holocaust.

Into the Fray: White flag over Gaza…
Jerusalem Post 25 Aug 2011 – Political correctness has precluded the pursuit of strategic imperatives; Israel can no longer credibly deter terrorists.

Savir’s Corner: Happy birthday, Mr. Peres!
Jerusalem Post 25 Aug 2011 – I’m convinced if Peres were left to his devices, he would achieve peace in the region, as he understands translation of power into goodwill.

Alternative tent protests cast doubt on ‘social leaders’
Jerusalem Post 25 Aug 2011 – Founder of a separate tent city protests group says media fascination with Daphni Leef, 26, and her friends has been detrimental to the cause.

Gaddafi calls on Libyans to march on Tripoli
Jerusalem Post 25 Aug 2011 – Defiant Gaddafi eludes captors, goads supporters to resist “crusaders and unbelievers,” shows no sign of despair or remorse.

Relief and hope expressed as long doctors’ dispute ends
Jerusalem Post 25 Aug 2011 – Following 158 days of strikes, 9 days of negotiations, two sides agree on nine-year accord; PM: Negotiations proved real change possible.

Iraq summons Turkish envoy to demand halt to raids
Jerusalem Post 25 Aug 2011 – Iraqi foreign minister says Turkish ambassador told to stop bombing of PKK outposts in northern Iraq, which Baghdad says killed 7 people.

Gulf countries tighten entry rules
Jerusalem Post 25 Aug 2011 – Fearing new wave of Arab Spring unrest, officials aim to limit entry of foreign workers; new policy framed as economic program.

Tripoli: Libyan rebels say Gaddafi and sons surrounded
Jerusalem Post 25 Aug 2011 – Ousted leader allegedly being hidden in apartment building near his compound; UK’s Fox says NATO helping in hunt for Gaddafi.

‘Egyptian who tore down Israeli flag rewarded’
Jerusalem Post 25 Aug 2011 – Video images of Ahmad al-Shahat clambering up the building swept the Internet, set off flurry of “Flagman” postings on Twitter.

UN’s Serry ‘deeply concerned’ over South, Gaza violence
Jerusalem Post 25 Aug 2011 – Special peace-process coordinator calls for “complete halt to the firing of rockets from Gaza, display of maximum restraint by Israel.”

Excess weight in young adulthood predicts shorter lifespan
Jerusalem Post 25 Aug 2011 – Study finds 25-year-olds who are overweight now but think they will be fine as long as they lose weight eventually might need to reconsider.

Tehran to sue Russia over breached S-300 contract
Jerusalem Post 25 Aug 2011 – Russia refuses to deliver air defense systems in light of western sanctions prohibiting military, economic cooperation with Iran.

No technical know-how needed
Jerusalem Post 25 Aug 2011 – Forget draft tables and complicated computer-aided design programs: Endless Forms web site helps users ‘breed’ 3-D printable objects.

For the love of corn
Jerusalem Post 25 Aug 2011 – There’s nothing like corn that is sweet, firm and tasting of sunshine bought straight from a farmer’s market.

More than 40 countries recognize Libyan rebel council
Jerusalem Post 25 Aug 2011 – The National Transitional Council declared itself the sole legitimate representative of the Libyan people.

‘Libyan rebels nearly capture Gaddafi in Tripoli hideout’
Jerusalem Post 25 Aug 2011 – French report states agents raided home where Gaddafi had stayed, but he was already gone; UK’s Fox says NATO helping in hunt for Gaddafi.

Educating Jaffa
Jerusalem Post 25 Aug 2011 – A committed band of volunteers working in Jaffa is giving a shot in the arm to children’s English literacy in the city.

Canvassing for housing
Jerusalem Post 25 Aug 2011 – Die-hard protesters in the capital refuse to strike camp, with the dream of affordable housing still in their sights.

The Weekly Schmooze: Howard Stern vs. anti-Semites
Jerusalem Post 25 Aug 2011 – A JPost column wrapping up Jewish culture news worldwide: UK’s Kosher cooking star; Katy Perry slammed for pro-Israel tweet.

Four-year-old Filipina girl and her mother to be deported
Jerusalem Post 25 Aug 2011 – Ruling to nix petition of mother and child a “badge of shame for Israel,” says Association of Civil Rights in Israel.

Hamas agent plotted to kidnap Israelis, indictment says
Jerusalem Post 25 Aug 2011 – Muhammad Hamza Yusuf Otman, 28, also charged with plotting to fire at Israeli embassy in Amman, fire missiles from Jordan into Israel.

The Guardian

Letters: Gaza’s economy and West Bank buses
The Guardian 25 Aug 2011 – Sami Abdel-Shafi ( Comment , 23 August) justifiably mourns the lack of economic opportunities in Gaza, but yet again comes to the only Palestinian conclusion– it must be Israel’s fault. Israel provided business development courses for thousands…

The dead end of globalisation looms before our youth | Pankaj Mishra
The Guardian 25 Aug 2011 – Even in the west there is little chance of stable jobs or affordable education. Across the world the rage will grow In India, tens of thousands of middle-class people respond to a quasi-Gandhian activist’s call for…

I can hardly believe Glenn Beck exists
The Guardian 25 Aug 2011 – It is depressing to know that you are right, as I do, and most of the world is wrong– but I can’t change their minds Poor Israel. It has such ghastly friends. Its best friend…

Glenn Beck stirs controversy in Israel – video
The Guardian 25 Aug 2011 – Glenn Beck condemns Europe and the ‘bureaucrats’ of the United Nations as lacking the courage of the Israelis. The US conservative broadcaster was speaking at a rally in Jerusalem showcasing fundamentalist Christian backing for Israel

Palestinian state could leave millions of refugees with no voice at UN
The Guardian 25 Aug 2011 – Representation solely in West Bank and Gaza could disenfranchise Palestinians living elsewhere, says legal expert Millions of Palestinian refugees outside the West Bank and Gaza could lose their representation at the UN if the Palestinian Authority…

Inter Press Service

IRAQ: Trafficked to Baghdad’s Green Zone
IPS Ukrainian and Bulgarian workers are currently camped out on a construction site of half-built luxury villas in Baghdad’s elite “Green Zone”– a vast security enclave housing government offices, embassies and international NGOs – demanding their salaries before being shipped back home.

Concern Grows Over Prospects for Middle East Disarmament Meeting
IPS Four months before 2012 – the year a conference is slated to be held on freeing the Middle East region of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) – no date, facilitator, or host country has been named.

Refugees Tossed Between Iraq and Syria
IPS At the height of Iraq’s sectarian war in 2006, 30-year-old Samer escaped his Baghdad neighbourhood to join a flood of refugees arriving in Syria. A young man of military age, he was at high risk of being targeted by armed forces that roamed the capital’s streets.

EGYPT: People-Funded TV Challenges Big Business
IPS Egypt’s most organised political group, the Muslim Brotherhood, is tapping crowds as a new financing method for its nascent TV station and media outlets to be able to compete with well-oiled challengers in corporate and government- run media.


Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (18- 24 Aug. 2011)
Uruknet August 25, 2011 – Summary – During the reporting period, IOF launched a new military offensive on the Gaza Strip, which continued for 3 days. They bombarded civilian facilities and training sites of Palestinian resistance groups, and targeted a number of activists of resistance groups. A number of Palestinian civilians, including children and women, were killed were wounded,…

11 killed in Israeli air strikes on Gaza
Uruknet August 25, 2011 – Israeli air strikes on Gaza have left 11 dead and 30 wounded as a truce between the sides appeared to fall apart. An attack on Rafah early yesterday killed militant Ismail al-Ismar and sparked a flurry of retaliatory rocket attacks, followed by further Israeli raids. Today, Islamic Jihad said it would call off its…

Bodies scattered around Libya’s capital raise specter of mass killings
Uruknet Augustr 25, 2011 – The bodies are scattered around a grassy square next to Moammar Gadhafi’s compound of Bab al-Aziziya. Prone on grassy lots as if napping, sprawled in tents. Some have had their wrists bound by plastic ties. The identities of the dead are unclear but they are in all likelihood activists that set up an impromptu…

Video: Dr Moussa Ibrahim says The war is not over yet speaks live from Libya 25/08/11
Uruknet August 25, 2011 : … we lost some of our good men, and up till 12pm 65 rebels were killed, I am sorry about Libyan blood. It saddens me most. I wish those Libyans died as martyrs fighting in Gaza or Iraq, but not in Tripoli. we had to refuse the colonization of Libya We have to fight the crusaders…

Thirty Gaddafi fighters found dead at Tripoli camp
Uruknet August 25, 2011 – More than 30 men believed to be fighters loyal to Muammar Gaddafi have been killed at a military encampment in central Tripoli and at least two were bound with plastic handcuffs, indicating they had been executed. A Reuters correspondent counted 30 bodies riddled with bullets in an area of the Libyan capital where there…

US, NATO plan Libyan “stabilization” as fighting continues
Uruknet August 25, 2011 – Even as fighting continues in Libya, Washington and its NATO allies are preparing to “stabilize” the oil-rich North African country, including through the possible deployment of foreign troops. Discussions on how to impose order in Libya and resume operations by Western energy corporations have taken place in a flurry of meetings over the past…

Libya conflict: British and French soldiers help rebels prepare Sirte attack
Uruknet August 25, 2011 – British and French special forces are on the ground in eastern Libya, calling in air strikes and helping co-ordinate rebel units as they prepare to assault Sirte, the last coastal town still in the hands of pro-Muammar Gaddafi forces, a rebel officer has told the Guardian. The soldiers have taken a leading role not…

OPT: Palestinians feel the pinch as Arab donors stay away
Uruknet August 24, 2011 – Palestinian families in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) are facing increasing financial woes this Ramadan, as the Palestinian Authority (PA) juggles with its dwindling budget. August salary payments for the PA’s estimated 150,000 employees, about half in the West Bank and half in the Gaza Strip, arrived late and it is unclear when September…

Fears for the Health of Shaker Aamer, the Last British Resident in Guant?°namo
Uruknet August 24, 2011 – Last week, the plight of Shaker Aamer, the last British resident in Guant?°namo, briefly surfaced in the media when the Independent ran a story by Paul Cahalan, who, for several years, has covered Shaker Aamer’s story extensively for the Wandsworth Guardian, in Aamer’s home borough in London, where his wife and his four children…

Airstrikes kill 36 suspected militants in Yemen
Uruknet August 24, 2011 – Airstrikes killed 36 suspected al-Qaida militants in southern Yemen on Wednesday, military and medical officials said, as the government pressed on with a campaign to drive out fighters who have overrun several towns. Islamic militants – some suspected of links to Yemen’s al-Qaida branch – seized the towns starting in late May, taking advantage…

Syria News – August 24, 2011 (Warning: Graphic Videos)
Uruknet August 24, 2011 – The UN Commission continued its hurried work of looking for evidence of the regime’s human rights violations. The Commission’s tour led to more killing – of people in the crowds that gathered on the streets to see the Commission and to show them how they experienced the regime’s violence. After the Commission had left…

Iraq: Over 180 Kurdish families desert their homes
Uruknet August 24, 2011 – More than 180 families have deserted their villages in northern Iraq’s Kurdistan villages of Halso township, east of Sulaimaniya city, due to their bombardment by Iranian and Turkish forces, according to the Mayor of Halso’s township of Qala-Diza area east of Sulaimaniya on Wednesday. “More than 180 families have deserted the villages of Sinni,…

5 killed in overnight airstrikes on Gaza Strip
Uruknet August 25, 2011 – Five Palestinians were killed and more than 25 injured as multiple Israeli airstrikes targeted Gaza overnight Wednesday. Hisham Adnan Abu Harb was killed as an airstrike hit a smuggling tunnel in Rafah, southern Gaza. Earlier, reports said that three people were unaccounted for after the Rafah airstrike. Two people were later found dead near…

Israel’s ‘Nice Little War’: Gaza, Egypt in the Range of Fire
Uruknet August 24, 2011 – Israeli writer Uri Avnery recently wrote an article entitled ‘How Godly Are Thy Tents?’, which began with the words, “First of all, a warning.” The reference was made to the tent cities that have sprung up across the country by middle class Israelis demanding change and reforms. The organizational style of these demands was…

U.S. / NATO attempt to occupy Tripoli, Libyans fight to maintain independence
Uruknet August 24, 2011 – As the US/NATO-led rebel forces assault the Libyan capital of Tripoli, it is important for antiwar and progressive forces to recognize a few key points. The development of events since the popular North African revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt led to some divisions among progressive forces as the imperialist countries maneuvered to take control…

Video: Libya State TV Host Hala Misrati kidnapped and threatened by NATO-led rebels
Uruknet August 24, 2011 – Hala Missurati taken hostage by a gang of thugs! It is with great sadness that I post this video, I do that to show the courage and values ‚Äã‚Äãof that race of servants of the enemies of Allah …. Text : We are the Freedom Fighters, we are the fighters/rebels/Jihadists of the revolution of 17 Feb….

Settlers Uproot Olive Trees, Grapevines, Plum Trees Near Hebron
Uruknet Wednesday August 24, 2011 – Dozens of extremist Israeli settlers of the Beit Ayin illegal colony, north of Beit Umamar, north of the southern West Bank city of Hebron, attacked on Tuesday Palestinian orchards and farmlands and uprooted dozens of Olive trees, Plum trees, and grapevines in Wad Abu Al Reesh area. Mohammad Awad, spokesperson of the Popular…

Libya War: It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over
Uruknet August 24, 2011 – Mark Twain once called reports of his death greatly exaggerated. The same hold for Libyans, not ready to submit to NATO colonization, occupation, plunder and exploitation. Not at least without a fight. The stakes are high – stay free or die socially, economically, politically, emotionally, and/or perhaps physically. Washington-led NATO is a rogue killing…

Terror in Tripoli as loyalists fight to the death
Uruknet August 24, 2011 – In the corner of a street, a man who was shot in the crossfire, the back of his blue shirt soaked in blood, was being carried away by three others. “I know that man, he is a shopkeeper,” said Sama Abdessalam Bashti, who had just run across the road to reach his home. “The…

Video – Libya / BBC shows “Green Square” in INDIA, 24 August 2011

Daily Star

Qatar’s Sheikh Hamad in Tehran for talks
Daily Star 25 Aug 2011 Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani arrived late Thursday night in Tehran for talks with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, an official told AFP, without providing further details.

Syrian protesters hail Gadhafi’s fall, but Assad remains resolute
Daily Star 25 Aug 2011 Syrian protesters chanted Bye, bye Gadhafi, Bashar your turn is coming overnight…

Syrian gunmen break artist’s hands as ‘warning’
Daily Star 25 Aug 2011 A renowned political cartoonist whose drawings expressed Syrians’ frustrated hopes for change was grabbed after he left his studio early Thursday…

Bloody hunt for Gadhafi
Daily Star 25 Aug 2011 Moammar Gadhafi taunted his Libyan enemies and their Western backers Thursday as Libya’s new leaders announced that it would govern the country from Tripoli.

Sleiman discusses new Libya ties, Sadr case with NTC envoy
Daily Star 25 Aug 2011 A Libyan envoy of the National Transitional Council met with President Michel Sleiman Thursday to discuss, among other things…

Syrian envoy to Lebanon dismisses sanctions’ impact
Daily Star 25 Aug 2011 Syria’s ambassador to Lebanon said Thursday that economic sanctions against Syria would not harm his country.

Kataeb MP lashes out at charges of treason
Daily Star 25 Aug 2011 Kataeb party MP Sami Gemayel lashed out Thursday at Hezbollah, warning the party against accusing its Lebanese compatriots, particularly Christians, of seeking to divide Lebanon during the early 1980s.

New British ambassador to Lebanon meets Sleiman
Daily Star 25 Aug 2011 The new British ambassador to Lebanon, Tom Fletcher, was officially recognized Thursday when he presented his credentials to President Michel Sleiman.

Maronite patriarch set to visit United States in the fall
Daily Star 25 Aug 2011 Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rai will pay a pastoral visit to the United States in October where he might also hold talks with President Barack Obama, the patriarchate’s media official told The Daily Star Thursday.

Preparations underway for Jerusalem Day
Daily Star 25 Aug 2011 Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah is set to address supporters Friday for Jerusalem Day at a mass gathering in the southern village of Maroun al-Ras, sources told The Daily Star.

Hezbollah casts doubt on telecoms data
Daily Star 25 Aug 2011 Hezbollah continued its attack on the Special Tribunal for Lebanon’s indictment Thursday, warning that it would have dangerous repercussions on Lebanon.

Row over electricity plan threatens paralysis
Daily Star 25 Aug 2011 A state of political paralysis is taking hold in Lebanon at least until after the Eid al-Fitr holiday to give time for parliamentary bloc leaders…

Israel to sever ties with Qatar
Daily Star 25 Aug 2011 Israel is angry with Qatar over the Gulf emirate’s growing ties with Gaza’s Hamas rulers, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said Thursday.

Israel kills at least 10 in Gaza as truce unravels
Daily Star 25 Aug 2011 A days-old truce announced by Gaza militants appeared to be fast unraveling Thursday after at least 10 people were killed and 30 wounded in Gaza in 24 hours of Israeli airstrikes.

Iraq summons Turkish envoy over airstrikes
Daily Star 25 Aug 2011 Iraq summoned Turkey’s ambassador to demand an immediate end to Ankara’s airstrikes against Kurdish rebel bases in northern Iraq, said a Foreign Ministry statement viewed Thursday.

Egyptian who tore down Israeli flag rewarded
Daily Star 25 Aug 2011 An Egyptian provincial governor has rewarded a protester who tore down the flag from the Israeli Embassy in Cairo with a job, a new home and honorary shield, newspapers reported Thursday.

Algeria says NTC ties hinge on Al-Qaeda stance
Daily Star 25 Aug 2011 Algeria will not yet recognize the Libyan rebels as the new leadership of its neighbor state and requests that they make a strong commitment to fighting Al-Qaeda in North Africa, an Algerian government source told Reuters.

Gadhafi’s bunker bounty delights aggrieved
Daily Star 25 Aug 2011 Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s plundered Bab al-Aziziyah compound is a maze of dark tunnels and bunkers that reputedly also house an Olympic size swimming pool and a garage for luxury cars.

First ship evacuates foreigners from war-torn Libyan capital
Daily Star 25 Aug 2011 Foreign workers prepared to be evacuated Thursday on the first International Organization for Migration boat to dock in war-torn Tripoli, as relief mixed with sadness for many of those leaving.

Gadhafi’s last stand may come down to tale of two cities
Daily Star 25 Aug 2011 Rebels seeking to quell the last redoubts of Moammar Gadhafi’s loyalists have zeroed in on two cities, one his coastal birthplace and the other deep in Libya’s oil-producing desert, that he has turned into a shrine…

Photo album of Condoleezza rice found in Gadhafi compound
Daily Star 25 Aug 2011 Libyan rebels who took control of Moammar Gadhafi’s Bab al-Aziziyah compound made a surprising discovery in one of the buildings: a photo album with pictures of Condoleezza Rice.

Russia surprised by Iran’s legal complaint
Daily Star 25 Aug 2011 Russia said Thursday it was surprised by Iran’s move to lodge a legal complaint against Moscow over the cancellation of an S-300 missile contract, insisting that sanctions had tied its hands.

UNHCR: Sudanese at risk of post-independence statelessness
Daily Star 25 Aug 2011 Large Sudanese communities could become stateless, deprived of basic rights such as access to jobs and education…

83 candidates to run in Bahrain poll shunned by Shiites
Daily Star 25 Aug 2011 Eighty-three candidates are to contest Bahrain’s Sept. 24 elections that are being boycotted by the Shiite opposition which quit parliament in protest at the suppression of pro-democracy protests.

Wife of Saudi crown prince dies
Daily Star 25 Aug 2011 The wife of ailing Saudi Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz has died in a hospital in Paris, the royal court said.

Hezbollah feels heat, stays cool, analysts say
Daily Star 25 Aug 2011 While Lebanon’s Hezbollah has come under significant domestic and international pressures in recent months, analysts say this will not be enough to reduce the party’s power.

Iraq summons Turkish envoy for end to air strikes
Daily Star 25 Aug 2011 Iraq summoned Turkey’s ambassador to demand an immediate end to Ankara’s air strikes against Kurdish rebel bases in northern Iraq, a foreign ministry statement viewed on Thursday said.

Israel charges Jordanian over plotting embassy attack
Daily Star 25 Aug 2011 Israeli prosecutors on Thursday charged a Jordanian citizen with seeking to set up a Hamas hit squad in neighbouring Jordan and planning to attack Israel’s embassy in Amman.

Gay Lebanese man seeks asylum in Australia, fearing persecution
Daily Star 25 Aug 2011 A Lebanese man is seeking asylum in Australia for fear of being persecuted in Lebanon for his homosexuality, the Herald Sun reported Thursday.

Libya’s TNC thanks Lebanon for recognition
Daily Star 25 Aug 2011 The Libyan National Transitional Council thanked Lebanon for its recognition Thursday during the delegations’ visit to President Michel Sleiman, a statement released by Sleiman’s office said.

1 killed, 5 wounded in separate Bekaa shootings
Daily Star 25 Aug 2011 One man was killed and five others were wounded in two separate shootings in east Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, a security source said Thursday.

Lebanese secures London Olympics spot after China win
Daily Star 25 Aug 2011 Lebanese swimmer Katya Bachrouche has a spot at the next Olympic Games in London after setting a new record in the 400-meter freestyle event for Lebanon, a first in the country’s history.

Israeli raids kill 5 Gazans in 24 hours: medics
Daily Star 25 Aug 2011 A series of Israeli airstrikes on Gaza over the past 24 hours have killed five Palestinians and wounded 30, a spokesman for the emergency services told AFP Thursday.

Cabinet meeting fails to generate agreement over electricity
Daily Star 24 Aug 2011 Failing to reach an agreement on a controversial electricity bill, the Cabinet plunged into its first deadlock Wednesday despite assurances by Prime Minister Najib Mikati that solidarity still reigns among ministers.

Stop The Wall

Letter to Brazilian Minister of Defence, Celso Amorim
Stop The Wall – Aug 22, 2011— Palestinian political forces and civil society have joined in a letter to the newly appointed Brazilian minister of defence Celso Amorim congratulating him for his appointment and expressing their hope that under his mandate Brazil’s defense policies would lead to a new area of respect for human and Palestinian rights. [

UN statehood bid ‘threatens Palestinian rights’
Stop The Wall – Aug 25, 2011— The Palestinian team responsible for preparing the United Nations initiative in September has been given an independent legal opinion that warns of risks involved with its plan to join the UN. [

Dozens of Suffocation Cases Caused By Occupation Suppression of the Nilin Village Weekly Protest
Stop The Wall – Aug 19, 2011— Dozens of citizens were suffocated due to inhalation of tear gas after the suppression by the Israeli Occupation Forces at the weekly march in the town of Ni’lin, west of Ramallah. [

YNet News

Report: Libyan rebels seek Israel’s support
YNet News, 25 Aug 2011 – Libyan rebels are turning to Israel for support in their new leadership, ahead of the looming end of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime, Western media outlets reported on … ….

Gaza groups reaffirm ceasefire
YNet News, 25 Aug 2011 – The Islamic Jihad announced on Thursday that it will stand by the armistice agreed upon by Hamas, the Popular Resistance Committees and other Gaza groups vis-?†-vis … ….

WikiLeaks: Lieberman wanted Egypt to give land to Gaza
YNet News, 25 Aug 2011 – A new document posted on the WikiLeaks website reveals that prior to becoming the foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman suggested that Egypt should give Gaza Strip some of … ….

Report: Iran to sue Russia over botched missile deal
YNet News, 25 Aug 2011 – A senior Iranian diplomat said that Tehran has filed a lawsuit against Russia after the latter backed out of delivering anti-aircraft S-300 missile system to the Islamic … ….

China, El Salvador to back PA’s UN bid
YNet News, 25 Aug 2011 – China said on Thursday that will support the Palestinian plan to seek full membership in the United Nations next month. China’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement … ….

Rocket salvo hits south; IAF strikes Gaza
YNet News, 25 Aug 2011 – Palestinians sources in Gaza Strip reported Thursday that IAF aircrafts struck targets in the southwestern Gaza neighborhood of Sudaniya. Medical sources in the Strip … ….

EU diplomat: Aid to Palestinians in question
YNet News, 25 Aug 2011 – Europe’s financial crisis is causing some European Union lawmakers to question whether the bloc can continue to deliver millions in aid to the Palestinians, an EU … ….

Palestinian Information Center

Egyptian flag still flying over Israel’s embassy in Cairo
PIC – 25/08/2011 – 11:34 AM

Silwan committee unveils Israeli scheme to take over Al-Bustan zone
PIC – 25/08/2011 – 12:16 PM


El Salvador Recognizes Palestinian State

Two Palestinians Killed in Israeli Airstrike on Gaza

Rights Group Denounces Mistreatment of Lawyers by Israeli Prison Service

Romania, European Partners Seek Common Stance on Palestinian UN State Recognition Bid

India Affirms its Full Support of Palestinian UN Bid

Fatah Calls for Stopping Israeli Aggression on Gaza

Kidnap Charges Filed against Jordanian in Israeli Court

Settlers Burn Down Olive Trees

Japan Donates $3.3 Million in Food Aid to Gaza

UN Urges Return to Calm between Gaza, Israel

Newspapers Review: Gaza, Libya Dominate Dailies’ Front Pages

Los Angeles Times

Tripoli chaos raises fear of missiles going to terrorists
LA Times 25 Aug 2011 – The U.S., mindful of lessons from Iraq, has urged Libyan rebels to secure weapons depots to prevent shoulder-fired missiles and others from falling into the hands of Al Qaeda and its affiliates. In November 2002, Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorists fired two shoulder-launched missiles at a chartered…

As fighting persists in Libya, Kadafi remains at large
LA Times 24 Aug 2011 – Rebels confront pockets of loyalists in Tripoli and free journalists held at a hotel. Support for Kadafi continues to crumble, and the transitional government makes plans to move to the capital. Libyan rebels fought heavily armed holdouts in several districts of Tripoli on Wednesday as…

New York Times

Inside a Libyan Hospital, Proof of a Revolt’s Costs
New York Times 25 Aug 2011 – Rebels battled loyalists near Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s former Tripoli fortress, as Western officials said NATO was actively helping in the effort to find the elusive leader.

In Towns Along the Road to Tripoli, Anxieties Compete With Exuberance
New York Times 25 Aug 2011 – As the tide turns in the battle for Libya, one resident predicted that it could take months before life regains a sense of normalcy in a country that has been subjected to one of the world’s most mercurial brands of rule.

$1.5 Billion in Qaddafi Assets Released
New York Times 25 Aug 2011 – The money, from assets frozen in the United States, will go toward basic services in Libya and not directly to the rebels.

Libyans Struggle to Expel the Fear That Qaddafi Bred
New York Times 25 Aug 2011 – Celebrating the collapse of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s regime, Tripoli residents said he had instilled fear in Libyans, and they worried about the lingering effects of his rule.

Political Cartoonist, Ali Farzat, Is Attacked in Syria
New York Times 25 Aug 2011 – Activists and residents said security forces carried out military operations against those seeking to topple the Assad government.

In Baghdad, Foreign Workers Can’t Leave or Get Paid
New York Times 25 Aug 2011 – Twenty-seven Ukrainians, seven Bulgarians and one Nepalese are stuck in Iraq, living in an abandoned building.


US, NATO plan Libyan “stabilization” as fighting continues
WSWS – Even as fighting continues in Libya, Washington and its NATO allies are drawing up plans to “stabilize” the oil-rich North African country, including the possible deployment of foreign troops.

Tunisian interim government faces widespread opposition
WSWS – Anti-government protests took place across Tunisia on August 15. Thousands of Tunisians participated, denouncing the interim government and calling for its resignation.

Yemeni political crisis set to escalate
WSWS – The government and opposition groups are preparing for confrontation after President Ali Abdullah Saleh announced that he would return to the country.

Call to action: Don’t reward CAT
Jewish Voice for Peace –

Intern with Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP)
Jewish Voice for Peace –

Another congressperson writes home from the Jewish State, surrounded by madness she compares to Nazism
Mondoweiss – Nan Hayworth is my congressperson. She’s a Republican but it’s a swing district, she took it from a Democrat a year ago. Where is she? Israel. I’m betting this email went out to Jews. It’s not on her website , or online. And it’s relentless. Notice that…

China announces support for Palestinian UN statehood bid
Mondoweiss – Haaretz : China’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement Thursday that Wu Sike, its special envoy on the Middle East, told Palestinian leaders in a meeting in Ramallah that Beijing and the Chinese people have always supported the Palestinian cause. The Foreign Ministry statement said Wu expressed…

BBC Exposes Abusisi Kidnapping Story
Tikun Olam – Gabriel Gatehouse, a BBC foreign correspondent, has delved deeply into the Abubisi story for a major documentary report (podcast) on his kidnapping by Israel and trial for alleged security offenses. I’m proud to say that Gatehouse came upon the story through my own reporting on this….

Obama’s Wall Street defectors to Romney include strong supporters of Israel
Mondoweiss – Earlier this year the Wall Street Journal said that unnamed “Jewish donors” were warning Obama that his Israel policies were alienating them. Well now The Hill reports that 67 Wall Street executives who gave to Obama the last time around are moving to Mitt Romney. The…

Wikileaks: In ’06, Lieberman told US ambassador of need to transfer Palestinians from Israel‚Äì and US says nothing
Mondoweiss – Wikileaks has released a cable from 2006 of a meeting between the US Ambassador to Israel—then Richard Jones— and Avigdor Lieberman, who was not yet the Foreign Minister, merely the leader of the rightwing party, Yisrael Beteinu. What is shocking about this cable is that the…

Detention of journalists in Libya is big news here, but what about several journalists arbitrarily arrested by Israel?
Mondoweiss – link to english.wafa.ps link to www.maannews.net link to www.haaretz.com link to occupiedpalestine.wordpress.com link to www.palestine-info.co.uk link to www.maannews.net link to news.yahoo.com link to www.haaretz.com link to occupiedpalestine.wordpress.com link to www.ynetnews.com link to www.maannews.net link to www.maannews.net link to www.ynetnews.com link to www.haaretz.com link to www.maannews.net link…

J Street Taken Leave of Its Senses
Tikun Olam – Official J Street tweet Either J Street has finally taken leave of its senses, it’s social networking staff contains a closet Aipac-er, or someone’s hijakced their Twitter account. Otherwise, how to explain that J Street’s official Twitter account calls me “disgusting, racist, and crazy ?” Not…

Misc 2

Voltaire Network denounces attempt by the “rebels” to arrest Thierry Meyssan
Voltaire Network 25 Aug 2011 – Voltaire Network denounces the attempt by the “rebels” to arrest Thierry Meyssan Voltaire Network, Thursday, 25 August 25, 2011, 3:25 p.m. – The journalists who had been trapped inside the hotel Rixos in Tripoli since Sunday were evacuated yesterday, 24 August 2011, at 5 p.m, by…

Manifesto of the Libyan Tribal Council
Voltaire Network 25 Aug 2011 – While NATO and its supporters envisage an endgame in Libya, they would do well to revisit some of the excerpts from the Libyan Tribal Council manifesto which was issued barely one month ago, on 26 July 2011. Speaking for Libya’s 2000 tribes, the Council issued a…

Libya: Gaddafi’s Fall Rattles the Region
allAfrica.com 25 Aug 2011 – Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has become the third Arab leader to be deposed this year. The rulers of Yemen, Syria and Algeria are likely to be the most worried.

Sierra Leone: New Ambassador to Iran Bids Farewell
allAfrica.com 25 Aug 2011 – The newly appointed ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Iran, Dr. Fofana has bade farewell to the Iranian Cultural Consulate in Freetown.

Child Arrests: Mahmoud
Palestine Solidarity Project 25 Aug 2011 – This week PSP visited with the family of Mahmoud, a 16 year old school student and local Community Centre volunteer from Beit Ommar. Two weeks ago Mahmoud was arrested whilst helping women and children to escape an Israeli military attack on a party to commemerate Palestinian…

Livni calls for restoration of deterrence capability because raiding Gaza is “negative”
Middle East Monitor 25 Aug 2011 – Israeli opposition leader Tzipi Livni has said that the escalation in the Gaza Strip has had negative effects. This, she claims, necessitates the immediate restoration of Israel’s deterrence capability. In an interview with Army Radio, Livni said that the political isolation facing Israel is limiting its…

Israeli minister pessimistic about Libya effect
Middle East Monitor 25 Aug 2011 – The Israeli Minister for Home Front Defence has said he is pessimistic about the repercussions across the region of the situation in Libya. Speaking during an inspection of the “Iron Dome” air defence system deployed near Ashkelon, Matan Vilnai said that “the developments in Libya are…

UN calls for restraint in Libya
BBC 25 Aug 2011 – The UN urges all sides in Libya to take steps to avoid revenge attacks, as allegations emerge of abuses by rebels and Gaddafi loyalists.

Israel raids kill Gaza militants
BBC 25 Aug 2011 – Israeli air strikes kill five people in Gaza, while a barrage of rockets wounds a baby in southern Israel, threatening a fragile ceasefire.

Cheney wanted Bush to bomb Syria
BBC 25 Aug 2011 – Former US Vice-President Dick Cheney reveals in his autobiography he urged President George W Bush to bomb a suspected nuclear site in Syria in 2007.

(en) WSM.ie*: As Gaddafi falls – Lessons from Libya – imperialism, anti-imperialism & democratic revolution by Andrew Flood
A-infos 25 Aug 2011 – The sudden end of the Gaddafi regime some 6 months after the start of the Libyan revolt leaves some difficult questions for the left. Gaddafi’s determination to physically crush the revolt quickly transformed it into a civil war, a civil war that saw considerable imperialist intervention…

Rare move: State Attorney’s Office states intention to prosecute officer for killing Palestinian
B’tselem 23 Aug 2011 – Almost four years ago, soldiers in a reserve unit killed Firas Qasqas, a civilian who was on a hike with his relatives. On 18 Aug. ’11, the State Attorney’s Office announced it would prosecute an officer in the case, subject to his being heard. The statement…


Israel’s ‘nice little war’: Gaza, Egypt in the range of fire
Ramzy Baroud, Ma’an News Agency8/25/2011
Israeli writer Uri Avnery recently wrote an article entitled ‘How Godly Are Thy Tents?,’ which began with the words, “First of all, a warning.”
The reference was made to the tent cities that have sprung up across the country by middle class Israelis demanding change and reforms. The organizational style of these demands was not entirely different from Arab uprisings.
To everyone’s surprise, the limited Israeli mobilization, which extended from concerns about sky-rocketing real estate prices to calls for ‘social justice’, was seen as Israel’s Tahrir Square moment. The movement was yet to articulate a political agenda, although such enunciation would have been a natural progression.
So what was Avnery’s warning about?
The “social protest movement is gathering momentum,” wrote Avnery. “At that point, there will be a temptation– perhaps an irresistible temptation– to ‘warm up the borders.’ To start a nice little war. Call on the youth of Israel, the same young people now manning…the tents, to go and defend the fatherland.”
It was an unnerving warning, not only because it came from Avnery, a veteran well-versed in his understanding of the Israel ruling class, but also because it actualized in its entirety a few days later.
The ‘war’ had indeed commenced, starting on August 18. The ‘provocation’ had supposedly demonstrated without doubt that Israel’s security was greatly compromised and that the small state with ‘indefensible borders’ was paying a high price for Gaza’s armed intransigence and Egypt’s post-revolutionary chaos. — See also: CounterPunch: How Godly Are Thy Tents? more.. e-mail

Israel’s relentless campaign against the Freedom Theatre
Richard Lightbown, Redress8/24/2011
The words, of course, came from Juliano Mer Khamis who was gunned down by an unknown assassin on 4 April this year outside the theatre of his creation.
“The location of the Freedom Theatre [is] in the middle of the most attacked and poorest refugee camp in Palestine, the refugee camp of Jenin. We are talking about almost three thousand children under the age of 15 suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. It means they pee in their pants when they are 11. It means they cannot concentrate; they cannot deal with each other without violence.
“This camp … is [besieged] by electric fence, all around it. People cannot go out or in unless they have a permit. We have two gates like a big prison, and we are just in the middle, trying to serve this population, trying to bring some normality, some sanity to some people here.
“I would say that the Freedom Theatre offers the very basic elements of life to children, to people, to grown-ups, to women, to men: freedom.
“And then of course we help with all the tools possible around the arts: cameras, drama therapy, computers, video cameras, lighting, stage, microphones, music … whatever [it] needs just to flip away from 60 years of occupation.
“We hope this theatre will generate a political, artistic movement of artists who are going to raise their voices against female discrimination, against child discrimination, against violence– unnecessary violence against civilians, to generate a new… to bring back the just cause. We are not terrorists….” more.. e-mail

Israel’s left now has a chance to awaken the public
Amira Hass, Haaretz, Israeli Occupation Archive8/24/2011
Were Shelly Yachimovich the only one to raise the banner of selective justice, there would be no need to state here that the settlements are no sin in exactly the same way that traffic in women is no crime and concentrating Jews from Arab lands in weakened towns on the periphery is no injustice. There would be no reason to recall that once, there was a consensus over slavery, and that there is ever only one Master; he merely changes his name from time to time: men in a patriarchal society, whites in South Africa, Jews in the state for Jews-above-all.
Unfortunately, however, many activists in and supporters of the Israeli protest movement accept the logic of social-nationalist justice. Were Yachimovich in the minority, at least 10 percent of the quarter-million demonstrators would have protested against the wall of sin in Walaja, Bil’in, Na’alin and Ma’asara. They would have marched en masse to the stolen Nebi Saleh spring and liberated it. Then, they would have returned home with the soldiers, together prevented the destruction of houses in Lod and demonstrated in front of the Interior Ministry until its bureaucrats were ordered to immediately prepare a master plan for every unrecognized village, starting with Al-Araqib. It’s so simple.
Because Yachimovich represents the many, does that mean that leftists (both Jewish and Palestinian ) ought to desist from their internal debate over whether to participate in a protest movement whose justice is selective and simply walk away? If this new social movement were a final paper awaiting a grade, the answer would be “Yes. This is a movement that launders the dispossession of Palestinians both past and present with superficial yuppie charm. We do not belong in it, so we’ll return to the tear gas, the rubber-coated steel bullets and the arrests.”
But the social movement that sprung up in Israel this summer is not a final paper. Nor is it a political party. It is a process, a new and developing situation that reinvents itself frequently, an intensive course in developing political understanding. It must not be left to the new-old social right. — See also: Source: Haaretz more.. e-mail

More material available from Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel – www.vtjp.org
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