Dance of the Infidels By William Bowles

9 March 2012

Resign right now, PM urges Assad

David Cameron urges Syrian President Assad to step down to end the “bloodshed” in the country, and calls on Russia and China to back regime change. – BBC News 06/03/2012

The nerve of the man! What gives that pompous ass Cameron the right to call for the resignation of a sovereign nation’s head of state? This is the same Cameron who authorized bombing Libya back into the Stone Age. Well of course it’s the insidious ‘Responsibility to Protect’, probably the most successful confidence trick in history and performed in full view of the entire planet.

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Syria: One Country, Two Stories By William Bowles

3 March 2012

The battle that has been raging in the southern Syrian city of Homs and that now seems to have been resolved with a ‘win’ for the government, though it would seem at a terrible cost in lives, is now the subject of a follow-up by the MSM; how to care for the survivors, and, what exactly went on in Homs? This is how the BBCreported it: Continue reading

Video: Gunmen executing people in the streets – Homs eyewitness

2 March, 2012 — RT

People have been left without water or electricity as rebels destroy water pumps and power converters. Civilians are forced to stay inside as snipers shoot from the rooftops.

­RT in Damascus managed to contact an eyewitness in Homs, who says gunmen are killing civilians in the streets. Galina says leaving home is out of the question, as snipers “can shoot you in the back.”

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Red Cross officials arrive in Homs

3 March, 2012Voice of Russia

Photo: EPA

Officials of the International Red Cross have arrived in the Baba Amr area of the city of Homs, known to be the worst-damaged during the recent clashes between the Syrian government troops and armed opposition units.

Access to the area has been closed by the authorities for security considerations. The Red Cross humanitarian convoy suspended the evacuation of the wounded from the city on February 26th, when it failed to obtain security guarantees from the warring factions.

But on March 1st, the Syrian authorities, who had regained control over Homs, allowed the Red Cross to supply humanitarian aid to the city and evacuate the wounded. Antigovernment protests have been going on unabated in Syria for almost a year now.

VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 2 March 2012: Gaza gears up for Israeli Apartheid Week

2 March 2012 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Report: “120 Palestinians To Be displaced Due To Military Orders”
IMEMC – The “Land Research Center” issued a press release, on Friday, stating that 120 Palestinians will be displaced and prevented access to their farmlands due to an Israeli military plan, and a military training drill being conducted in the Jordan Valley. …

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VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 20 February 2012:

20 February 2012VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Court To Look Into Adnan’s Appeal Tuesday
IMEMC – Lawyer of detainee, Khader Adnan, who has been on hunger strike since 65 days, stated that the Israeli Supreme Court decided to hold a session to look into Adnan’s case on Tuesday. The court also decided that Adnan does have to attend the session due to his bad health condition. …

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Video: Libya: on brink of humanitarian disaster

28 August 2011 — RT

With Tripoli almost completely under rebel control the threat of a humanitarian crisis in the Libyan capital city is growing. There are widespread shortages of fuel, water and electricity, and humanitarian aid supplies are yet to reach the country.

­The situation on the ground is very close to a catastrophe. Tripoli is now facing severe shortages of running water, electricity, gasoline and medicine. People are using public taps throughout the city to get water; many have plastic containers with them. Local residents say they also use electric generators to produce some electricity.

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UPDATE: Life of Independent Journalists in Tripoli. Very Critical Situation

26 August 2011 — Global Research

Independent journalists trapped at the Rixos hotel were evacuated Wednesday under the auspices of the Red Cross. They were taken and housed at the Corinthia hotel. Since their arrival, armed gunmen have entered the premises of the hotel on various pretexts.

The hotel is in rebel territory.

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U.S. Agency Sabotages Haiti Earthquake Aid By Glen Ford

7 June 2011 — Black Agenda ReportA Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

It was the unkindest cut of all. A U.S. Agency for International Development report claims Haiti, the United Nations and the Red Cross all conspired to exaggerate the death and displacement toll from last year’s earthquake. In doing so, it ‘calls into question both Haiti’s financial needs and the trustworthiness of its government.’ There are plenty of Americans who are predisposed to believe the slander – a libel written in oceans of blood. Continue reading

Team Obama/Cult Obama By Bill Blum

15 June 2009 — William Blum

The praise heaped on President Obama for his speech to the Muslim world by writers on the left, both here and abroad, is disturbing.  I’m referring to people who I think should know better, who’ve taken Politics 101 and can easily see the many hypocrisies in Obama‘s talk, as well as the distortions, omissions, and contradictions, the true but irrelevant observations, the lies, the optimistic words without any matching action, the insensitivities to victims.  Yet, these commentators are impressed, in many cases very impressed.  In the world at large, this frame of mind borders on a cult.

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