How US-led regime change warriors train and misuse bloggers for their dirty games

17 August 2011 — Mein Parteibuch Zweitblog


Logo of US-led regime change warriors

Sometimes even the notorious Zionist hasbara trolls can be useful to reveal something interesting. Here it’s a network of bloggers trained by US-led “soft war” warriors to be used for US-led regime change operations. A few days ago CNN and a self-styled London based anti-Syrian propaganda organisation calling itself Syrian Observatory for Human Rights spread an updated version of the Kuwaiti incubator lie. Basically the story was that Syrian security killed babies in incubators in Hama, widely a copy of the well-known fairy tale fabricated by Lauri Fitz-Pegado with PR company Hill & Knowlton to prepare the public ground for the US-led invasion of Iraq back in 1990.

While spreading himself the already debunked Hamza-torture-hoax, Ali Abunimah exposed on Electronic Intifada how the anti-Syrian propaganda lie came out of the dark of anonymous internet trolls in various versions incuding the usage of a photo from Egypt to make the fairy tale look more credible and finally CNN presented it to it’s audience as a credible allegation. Mein Parteibuch reported on this anti-Syrian incubator lie and credited the invention of the hoax to anonymous internet postings. One of the many hardly veiled Zionist trolls in the German Heise computer forum was angry with the war propaganda’s failure and alleged, that Mein Parteibuch did not properly investigate the story, because it was, by his account, not anonymous internet trolls spreading it, but an activist with a name: Razan Ghazzawi.

And indeed, besides many anonymous postings there is a Twitter account “RedRazan”, where three days before CNN a woman named Razan Ghazzawi gave credibilty (copy) to the incubator hoax being around already for a week.

Razan Ghazzawi claims in Twitter (copy) that her location is Damascus, Syria, claims to be a feminist and radical leftist, praises anti-nationalism, anti-imperialism and anti-Zionism, and announces a website on her name On that website she calls herself (copy) a “genderqueer” born in the US, calls to boycott zionism, but repeatedly praises (copy) the current Zionist conspiracy against Syria as a “revolution”.

To those, who followed the news in the reccent months, that profile may sound almost like a copy of Tom MacMaster, a 40 year old married US-American man, who posed online as Amina Arraf, “A Gay Girl from Damascus”, and spread fake news of how the Syrian government violated the rights of the fabricated gay girl. So, to see whether Razan Ghazzawi is real or another case of faked identity like “Amina Arraf” it is quite natural to have a look whether – besides an “ArabSpring” online profile from 2007 (copy) and lot’s of blogs (copy) – there exist real people in the world who have met Razan Ghazzawi in real life.

In the case of Razan Ghazzawi, who gave credit to the anti-Syrian incubator lie on Twitter, it’s easy to find people who met her in real life. In December 2009 US-editor of Global Voices Jilian C. York made some photos of Razan Ghazzawi (copy) together with some other people who met in Beirut. See Jilian C. York’s photos of that meeting here (copy), here (copy), here (copy), here (copy), here (copy), here (copy), here (copy), here (copy) and here (copy). It is worth to take a deeper look with whom Syrian blogger turned incubator liar Razan Ghazzawi met back then in Beirut.

Nine months after that meeting, in August 2010, US-president Barack Obama signed his secret “Presidential Study Directive 11“, in which he ordered all US government agencies to prepare for a wave of regime changes in the Middle East and Northern Africa. What is known in the public about this Presidential Study Directive 11 is proof that Barack Obama is either a master of witchcraft or it was him himself, who secretly orchestrated what is known as “arab spring” – calling it leading from behind. And as it happens, many of those people, mainly bloggers, whom Razan Ghazzawi met back in 2009 in Beirut, became well known for their role in these US-led from behind regime change operations.

Here is just a short cut: Tunisian blogger Slim Amamou and Global Voices contributor Lina Ben Mhenni and Tunisian exile in Berlin Sami Ben Gharbia were front figures in the US-led regime change in Tunisia 2011. After the Tunisian regime change Lina Ben Mhenni was regarded as a key person for the Tunisian regime change by German state radio and awarded a prestigious price by German public broadcasting, while Slim Amamou even became Tunisian minister for Sport and Youth. From Egypt there were also figures with leading public roles in the regime change there in 2011, like Noha Atef, Gamal Eid, Eman Abdel Rahman, Ahmed Gharbeia as well as Manal Hassan and her husband Alaa Abd el Fattah. Bahraini Global Voices editor for Middle East and North Africa, Amira al Hussaini, saw her revolution crushed by Saudi Arabia after the US allowed its’s alleys tanks to kill the protestors, but she was rewarded with a position in the jury of the German public broadcaster which awarded the blogging prize to her Tunisian fellow Lina Ben Mhenni. Bahraini participant Hussein Yousef was imprisoned six years ago, while fellow Bahraini activist Ali Abdulemam was imprisoned during the Bahraini uprising, but released and managed to go into hiding before he was sentenced to 15 years prison. From Lebanon there was cartoonist Maya Zankoul, bloggers Jamal Ghosn and Wissam Al-Saliby, activist Rebecca Saade and Layal Kassab, who made quite clear in a blog post after the regime change in Tunisia (copy) that she was heading regime change in ten arabic countries incuding Syria and her home country Lebanon – despite the fact, that Lebanon just had a bloody US-led regime change attempt in 2005 followed by an even bloodier Zionist invasion in 2006. For Iraq there was Salam al-Janabi present, from Saudi Arabia blogger Najla Barasain was there, from Morocco Hisham AlMiraat, US-based Ahmed Al-Omran and Rachid Jankari, for Oman Muawiyah Alrawahi, for Sudan the self-declared “fan of America” (copy) Amir Ahmad Nasr and for Palestine Saed Karzoun and US-expat Ramsey George Tesdell, who is now a Tactical Tech team member (copy). For Syria, besides Razan Ghazzawi, computer experts Bassel Safadi and Britain based Anas Tawileh were there.

Especially interesting is also to see which people attending the meeting don’t fit the term arabic blogger well. From the Qatari dictatorship’s propaganda outlet Al Jazeera online community organzier Muhammad Basheer was there, and more or less in the same direction going, Al Jazeera linked media expert Donatella Della Ratta falls also in the line linking the bloggers up to mass media. Participant David Sasaki from the USA was at the time of the meeting “Director of Outreach” with Global Voices and became later a consultant for the Open Society Institute (copy), which itself is a front of the US-American billionaire, Zionist lobby sponsor and foreign regime change funder George Soros. Security expert Jacob Appelbaum explained bloggers how to keep being anonymous in the internet using Tor and avoid being caught by state security by this. From Poland Marcin Gajewski was there probably teaching participants Tactical Tech’s then newly designed “Ten Tactics” turning information into action. Mauritanian native Nasser Weddady, who grew up in Libya and Syria, but lives in the US, is a director (copy) with the
American Islamic Congress, a US-establishment organization among others funded by US-american notorious rightwing zionist funder Shelly Adelson.

So, what did the arab bloggers do on that US-led blogger meeting in Beirut in December 2009? As the published programm of the “Second Arab Bloggers’ Meeting” reveals, the participating arab bloggers got interrupted by some lectures 20 “Training Sessions.” The photos reveal what was the training about: running a “Consortium for Camel Rights”, creating a “Tripoli 2011 Faux-Campaign”, a “Pro-Sex Education Faux Campaign”, a “Pro-Wasta-Campaign”, “Funding Transparency” and training a “Press Conference” for example. It looks pretty much like what the regime change specialists of George Soros’ funded Otpor turned Canvas trained people to prepare the regime changes in the arab world like they did it in many other places not liked by the US before, and which manifested in 2011 in Tunisia and Egypt. It’s all about training bloggers to incite people to instigate regime change in their arab home countries, to start with whenever the U.S. likes to pull off such a regime change campaign. The official report of the meeting states in it primary headline, that it’s helping arab bloggers in a fight “Bloggers versus Regimes”. Razan Ghazzawi who gave the anti-Syrian incubator lie credibility, was not just a participant, she herself lectured a then recently by her commented (copy) study “Mapping the Arabic Blogosphere“, which was conducted by the zionist US Harvard university. That study contains in great detail social and preferences data of arab bloggers relevant for US policy collected in a work lasting over a year, summing blogs up into categories like supportive or critical to the U.S., and supportive or critical to Israel, but also gave a lot hints on which domestic social topics successful online regime change campaigns in arab countries could be built and which mass media are crucial for the campaign. Such in depth socio structural research and analyis is the data basis for US-designed regime change campaigns. After all the training sessions, one of the core points at the beirut meeting was the “Ten Tactics turning information into action” as outlined by “Tactical Tech” in a poster listing many of the successful and unsuccesful US-led regime change attempts of the past years dubbing them revolutions. Currently “Tactical Tech” is working on training young people (copy) in a militant astroturfed front calling themselves VotoJoven on how to effectively undermine the US-hated democratically elected – and supported by countless naturally grown activist movements – leftist Venezuelan government preparing for the 2012 elections there.

Finally, a quick look to how the Beirut meeting was likely funded. For Tactical Tech, eyecatching regarding it’s funding are the governments of the NATO member countries Netherlands and Canada through GONGOs called HIVOS and IDRC, and George Soros’ Open Socity Institute. The Arabloggers meeting in Beirut 2009 was according to it’s website (copy) financed by the German NATO friendly party “The Greens” via their goverment funded “Heinrich Boell Foundation”, which also supported the bloody anti-chinese turmoil in it’s Xizang province back in 2008, and proudly notes the “support from HIVOS and the Open Society Institute.”

After the regime change in Tunisia the US-led propaganda easily convinced most people that the US-led regime change was a genuine indigene revolution. It needed to have a close look to see that the revolution was in fact a US-backed coup by the Chief of Staff of the Tunisian Armed Forces, Rachid Ammar, to that US-trained bloggers gave cover, and where in the background organisations funded by the US-government and George Soros like “Freedom House” worked hard, of which George W. Bush’s zionist “Deputy National Security Advisor for Global Democracy Strategy” Elliott Abrams knew in advance and to what Scott Carpenter, Bush’s point man for the MEPI program said, they had done “a lot of stuff very, very quietly – not to say covert, but very quietly.” Don’t get it wrong. That what happened in Tunisia after the slap that didn’t happen was more a US-led coup than a revolution doesn’t mean that it should not be greeted warmly for the sake of the people there or that election results may become somewhat different from what the US hoped for. It just means to see the world in a bit more realistic way than just eating the propaganda being fed by the chorus of Al Jazeera and NATO mass media.

Though in Egypt mass media like Al Jazeera and propaganda outlets in NATO countries took over the role to amplify bloggers’ and activists’ statements, the general proceding of the US-led coup in Egypt was quite similar to what happened in Tunisia. The start call for regime change came from Esraa Abdel Fattah, a prize winner of “Feedom House” in 2010 (copy), she was working for the Egyptian Democratic Academy, an NGO financed by the German pro-US GONGO “Friedrich Nauman Foundation for Freedom”, and like Asmaa Mahfouz she was a founder of an Egyptian NGO backed with US-led regime change training called “April 6th Youth Movement.” After protests draw many people to the street and gave thereby a credible cover, defense minister Muhammad Hussein Tantawi and Chief of General Staff Sami Hafez Annan, who just in time came back from high level talks in the USA, staged a coup, which was backed up by aircraft carrier USS Enterprise and other US-warships, and completed the regime change in Egypt. Again, that what happened in Egypt was more a US-led coup than a revolution doesn’t mean that it should not be greeted warmly or that results will not be completely different from what the US regime change masters hoped for.

When the people of Jordan, Oman and Morocco, three notorious US-client states, get a higher level of people’s participation in government affairs and a better situation with human rights due to protests, than it could be greeted warmly, too. For Bahrain applies the same, only the U.S. changed it’s attitude there before the regime change was completed. If the people in Bahrain manage to get a regime that is not a sectarian monarchy, but an inclusive one the people aspire for, that could only be greeted warmly, too. But in Bahrain the U.S. showed their true face of double standards, revealed their true imperialist intententions and aborted their Barhaini regime change plans for the sake of oil and maintaining an occupying military base. So the USA gave green light to their Saudi allies crash in Bahrain a completely peaceful uprising for democracy, much of it led by US-trained activists, with brute military force.

In Yemen, another US-client state, it would be fine, if the people get a government they like more, too. But there the US-led attempt to overthrow the government with a soft coup has led to many deaths. The situation the U.S. created there looks almost like a civil war. So, the results in Yemen could be called an unintentional failure by the U.S. of not taking into account the risks of pulling of such an operation in a regionally devided country and a tribal society.

Completely different fom what was going on in Tunisia and Egypt is what the US is doing in Libya and Syria. While the USA in Tunisia and Egypt took down their own puppet regimes to replace them with something looking nicer because they were seen as a burden for the image of the U.S. in the middle east, in Libya and Syria the US is attacking resisting governments with regime change attempts to replace governments of resistance with US controlled zionist puppet regimes. It looks like doing regime change in Libya and Syria has been pretty much a condition to get the support for taking down devout zionist puppets in Tunisia and Egypt. The consequences are grave. While bringing down US puppet regimes could be relatively easy done by using military relations to stage a coup, trying regime change where the resistance governs amounts to an act of war.

And that is what the U.S. and it’s alleys planned for from the beginning on in Libya: a war of aggression using the previous coups in Tunisia and Egypt masked as a “revolutionary arab spring in the fight for democracy” and bloggers as propaganda cover to hide the imperialist and zionist nature of the predatory war of aggression against Libya. The propaganda campaign based on mass lies and complete fabrications to mask the CIA-led murderous violence against state security and black people in the east of Libya as kind of a civil struggle like in Tunisia and Egypt was so successful that even some leftist bloggers bought into the propaganda claims, and that while beside the Libyan governments the left governments hated by the USA such as these of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela made it clear from the beginning, that the USA, NATO and the Persian gulf dictatorships were building the case for a fascist war against the socialist African revolutionaries governing Libya.

For Syria the US regime change experts planned a false flag terror campaign to tarnish the image of the popular president Bashar al-Assad of socialist Syria, modelled after the Mossad-led “green campaign” against Iran in 2009. While the Mossad-led colored revoution attempt for regime change in Iran miserably failed, Israel was quite satisfied with that it managed to tarnish the image of Iran in the arab world with operations like the false flag murder of Neda Soltani, riots in the streets of Tehran instigated by zionist propaganda and mass arrests of murderous gangs called by zionist propaganda networks and TV channels of Persian gulf dictatorships “peaceful protesters”.

The zionist-led plot against Syria works in a similar way. What was the false stories about Neda Soltani for the propaganda campaign against Iran, was the false case of Hamza Al-Khatib for the propaganda campaign against Syria. National and international people who didn’t understand that it was murderous propaganda, bought into the fake story distributed by zionist and gulf dictatorship propaganda channels, and so the campaign got fuel. The leaders of the zionists and the gulf dictatorships know, that it is highly unlikely that they will manage with their terror to stage a regime change in Syria, because the popular Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has just too many followers in Syria. But with fabricated propaganda and murderous crimes blamed falsely on the Syrian government they may manage to tarnish the image of the Syrian government in other arab countries and the Western world, and that they would see already a success, for that the Syrian form of a responsible secular government will less likely to serve as a model for zionist client dictatorships like Saudi Arabia in the future then.

To tarnish the image of Syria in the arab world, that is the reason why the USA covertly financed anti-Syrian propaganda networks fabricating anti-Syrian news and videos through the MEPI programm with millions of Dollars. To cover the traces directly linking to the United States the US state department set up their propaganda networks against Syria in European countries like Great Britain. And to get some input for their propaganda campaign they trained bloggers critical to their government, so that whenever a blogger unwittingly spreads a hoax or says something critical against the Syrian government, the US-led propaganda networks can amplify it and make a big propaganda story from fake news and blogger opinions critical to the government.

To bring emotionalization into the propaganda the zionist masters of the psychological warfare need bloodshed. So in Libya and in Syria they paid wahhabi terrorists to kill ordinary people and security personal alike, cut them into pieces, and then falsely blame the secular state security of the target countries to have committed these horrible crimes. All what NATO countries propaganda outlet then need to spread the most absurd lies like an incubator lie as news is a blogger or self-styled human right activist from the target country confirming the lie as credible. That’s what they did with Iran in 2009, and that’s what they do now with Syria and Libya. Such things zionist bosses like Elliott Abrams really mean when they speak about the design of a campaign of psychological warfare against Syria.

It is fine to promote bloggers rights and potentials around the world. But what went on in Beirut 2009 was something different. It was preparing the misuse of arab bloggers as uninformed pawns in bloody US-led plots to advance the interests of zionism and US-imperialism. While blogger communities are collectively a small force in a nonviolent struggle for civil rights, the USA pulled the strings from behind and used the cover of civil rights bloggers to perform strategic regime change operations, bloodshed of a large scale, giving cover to of US-led millitary coups in Tunisia and in Egypt, a predatory war of aggression against Libya, spreading a civil war in Yemen and weakening Syria with terror, a main haven of resistance against zionism. All those pro-human-rights bloggers like Razan Ghazzawi – who probably don’t understand how they are misused in this dirty US-led game – shoud just remember, that in countries where the U.S. don’t want any regime change – like in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia -, the USA betrayed the civil right bloggers trained by themselves in the most brutal form.

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