Occupy Wall Street (and elsewhere) Newslinks 14-15 October 2011

15 October 2011 — williambowles.info

15 October 2011

Occupy Australia takes off — thousands in Melbourne and around the country
At 11.30am on October 15, about 750 people converged on City Square in Swanston Street in Melboune’s CBD as part of the global Occupy Together movement. It is a movement inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement that has initiated similar movements in hundreds of cities worldwide.

BDS campaign declares: ‘Occupy Wall Street not Palestine!’
Links – International journal of socialist renewal Today at 11:33 normd

What’s New: OWS: A Sign of Our Times
Socialist Project Today at 09:00
The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement has captured the political imagination of the two parties and the media. The right-wing media has been both hysterical and sarcastic while much of the center and the left has been enthusiastic, indulgent, or gently critical.

Unions throw support behind Occupy Melbourne protest
Green Left Weekly issue #782 Today at 05:31
Fri, 14/10/2011 By Timothy Lawson, Melbourne
The Occupy Wall Street movement is an ongoing series of protests that began in New York City in September this year and has now spread internationally. Some commentators compare the occupy movement to the Arab Spring movement — particularly the Tahrir Square protests in Cairo that launched the 2011 Egyptian revolution.

Intensificando la lucha
Recent articles from SocialistWorker.org Today at 03:43 Alan Maass
El movimiento Ocupa Wall Street muestra el generalizado deseo de cambio–y el sentimiento de que es tiempo de que todos nosotros hagamos algo al respecto.

VIDEO: Murdoch speech is heckled in US
BBC News Today at 03:38
Protesters from the ”Occupy Wall Street” movement heckled News Corporation boss Rupert Murdoch during a speech at an education forum on Friday in San Francisco, California, accusing him of of trying to profit from public education.

Occupy Wall Street, police abuse and media black out
Mathaba News Briefing (Alerts) Today at 03:01
The Occupy Wall Street movement has swept the USA and it is here all on video, no words needed, despite purposely orchestrated media black out.

NYPD Cop Punches Protester at Occupy Wall Street + Felix Rivera-Pitre Tells His Story
Dandelion Salad Today at 01:44
Dandelion Salad Updated: Oct. 15, 2011 added more videos; Correction: the protester was a man, see interview below ReasonTV on Oct 14, 2011 Journalist and Reason contributor Michael Tracey is covering New York’s Occupy Wall Street as it’s happening. Above is footage he shot as the protesters marched through the street of Manhattan and had […]

14 October 2011

Right-wingers accuse Occupy Wall Street of Anti-Semitism
Russiatoday.ru Yesterday at 22:38
A conservative group called The Emergency Committee for Israel is rallying against the Occupy Wall Street Protests, a movement they are attempting to make out as anti-Semitic.

The Occupied Wall Street Journal – news from the revolution
Russiatoday.ru Yesterday at 22:34
As some mainstream media networks continue bashing the Occupy Wall Street protests, the movement publishes its own newspaper at a secret location. RT takes a sneak peek into what the Journal is all about.

Document Friday: Occupy Wall Street? How About Levitate the Pentagon.
UNREDACTED Yesterday at 22:21 Nate Jones
As Occupy Wall Street appears to be expanding nationwide and hitting resistance as well as gaining momentum, it’s fitting to remember the 44th anniversary of the October 1967 March on the Pentagon, during which Americans protested the Johnson administration’s escalation of the Vietnam War. The March on the Pentagon was large; an estimated 100,000 people attended an initial rally near the […]

Occupy Wall Street: Carry the Green Flag (We are all Libyans!)

Anti-Wall Street occupation continues in Lexington, Kentucky
World Socialist Web SiteYesterday at 20:54
The Occupy Wall Street protests that have taken place in New York City, Chicago, Portland and other cities across the United States have spread to Lexington, Kentucky.

American liberalism attempts to corral Occupy Wall Street movement for Democrats
World Socialist Web Site Yesterday at 20:54
Various liberal and ex-left forces who claim to support the anti-Wall Street movement are seeking to divert it into support for the Democratic Party, or into the orbit of the trade unions and ‘identity’ politics.

Time: Public Oddly Unfazed by Bongo Drums
Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting Yesterday at 20:09 Peter Hart
The new Time poll that found the public more favorably inclined towards Occupy Wall Street protesters than the Tea Party has been making the rounds. From the magazine’s write-up of the poll:

What’s New: Wall Street occupation ignites mass movement
Socialist Project Yesterday at 20:00
This article from a participant of the Occupy Wall Street movement, Pham Bihn, was written on October 13. The ongoing occupation at Liberty Park in New York is being threatened with forcible closure by New York authorities. The Occupy movement, however, has already spread not just around the United States, but internationally.

Is George Soros behind Occupy Wall Street?
Russiatoday.ru Yesterday at 19:01
Billionaire hedge fund big-shot George Soros could have helped get the Occupy Wall Street movement off the ground, as donations from the pocketbook of the Budapest-born financier have been tied to the ongoing movement.

#OWS VICTORY: After Protesters Successfully Defended and Cleaned Up Liberty Park, They Went on the Offensive and Used Their Brooms and Mops to Clean Up Wall Street, Several Arrests
ampedstatus.org Yesterday at 18:34
Over 3,000 people gathered at Liberty Plaza in the pre-dawn hours this morning to defend the peaceful Occupation near Wall Street. The crowd cheered at the news that multinational real estate firm Brookfield Properties will postpone its so-called ‘cleanup’ of the park and that Mayor Bloomberg has told the NYPD to stand down on orders to remove protesters.

Occupy Wall Street Friday 10.14.11
The Wild Wild Left – Front Page Yesterday at 18:13 RiaD

Occupy Wall Street more popular than Obama
Russiatoday.ru Yesterday at 16:49
While politicians and the mainstream media waited weeks to acknowledge Occupy Wall Street, it looks as though the public hasn’t ignored the movement. A new poll shows that more Americans favor the protests than they do…

Revolution, Socialism, and Leadership
Dissident Voice Yesterday at 16:02 Kim Petersen
The late progressivist Swedish writer Jerre Skog told me that the social democratic system found in the Scandinavian countries was ideal. I demurred because the nature of capitalism is to escape any shackles placed on it.

The Public Option in Banking: Another Look at the German Model
Dissident Voice Yesterday at 16:00 Ellen Hodgson Brown
Publicly-owned banks were instrumental in funding Germany’s ‘economic miracle’ after the devastation of World War II.  Although the German public banks have been targeted in the last decade for takedown by their private competitors, the model remains a viable alternative to the private profiteering being protested on Wall Street today.

The State of the Occupation of Wall Street
When activists began to occupy Wall Street, the corporate media and parts of the progressive community castigated them for not having demands. I believed that it would be necessary to settle on concrete demands at some point if the protest was to expand beyond the hundreds they attracted in the occupation’s first week.

The Democratic Party: An Insidious Threat to the Occupy Wall Street Movement
GlobalResearch.ca Yesterday at 15:17
For more details, please click on the link to read the article.

Clashes follow OWS victory at Zuccotti Park
Russiatoday.ruYesterday at 14:27
At least 14 people have been arrested in Lower Manhattan after police clashed with protesters as hundreds marched towards Wall Street. The incident came after demonstrators had cheered a decision allowing them to stay…

Occupy Wall Street protesters resist expulsion from Liberty Plaza in New York
World Socialist Web Site Yesterday at 14:03
Protesters in the month-long occupation of Liberty Plaza near Wall Street in have announced that will peacefully resist any attempt on Friday to remove them from the park.

Constitutional Rights Lawyer Michael Ratner: Failed Occupy Wall Street Evacuation Order is Illegal
Democracy Now! Yesterday at 13:30
Speaking from Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan, attorney Michael Ratner of the Center for Constitutional Rights says New York City’s efforts to displace Occupy Wall Street protesters in order to clean the park violates their First Amendment rights and would have led to a major confrontation.

Australian socialists: ‘Occupy to put human need before corporate greed’
Links – International journal of socialist renewalYesterday at 13:12 normd

NYC Withdraws Cleaning Evacuation Order in Face of Defiant Occupy Wall Street Protesters
Democracy Now! Yesterday at 13:10
Occupy Wall Street protesters are celebrating in Manhattan’s Financial District today after successfully defying orders to evacuate the encampment they have held for nearly four weeks.

Sustained and Organised
New Left Project Yesterday at 12:47 by Jamie
Ahead of tomorrow’s exciting Occupy London, these words from Noam Chomsky are worth reflecting on:

Occupied — What Now?
The Greanville Post Yesterday at 12:26
By David Swanson (October 13, 2011)
THANKS IN LARGE PART to the New York and national corporate media a massive campaign to shift power away from giant corporations and into the hands of the people is now afoot all across this continent. It was inspired by peoples’ nonviolent uprisings in other countries and sparked by courageous nonviolence on Wall Street.

Occupy London – Creating an Alternative
New Left Project Yesterday at 11:46
by Naomi Colvin, Jamie Stern-Weiner
The Occupy movement that has spread with remarkable speed across the U.S. is coming to London tomorrow. New Left Project will be running a series of articles looking at issues of relevance to the protest, including the role of the financial system in the economic crisis, alternative ways of doing banking, and discussions of activist strategy. We begin with an interview with Naomi Colvin, an activist and organiser with Occupy London.

From Occupy Wall Street to Occupy America: A mass movement emerges; Reports from around the USA
Links – International journal of socialist renewal Yesterday at 10:33normd

Wall Street occupation ignites mass movement
Green Left Weekly issue #782 Yesterday at 09:42 stuart_m
Fri, 14/10/2011
By Pham Bihn, New York
This article from a participant of the Occupy Wall Street movement, Pham Bihn, was written on October 13. The ongoing occupation at Liberty Park in New York is being threatened with forcible closure by New York authorities (see OWS emergency statement).

Occupy to put human need before corporate greed
Green Left Weekly issue #782 Yesterday at 09:38 stuart_m
Fri, 14/10/2011
The Socialist Alliance released this statement on October 14.

Portugal: Greek déjà-vu?
Russiatoday.ru Yesterday at 08:49
The call for a global day of action on October the 15th from the Occupy Wall Street movement is expected to get a loud response in Portugal where the prime minister has warned of more pay cuts and tax rises to tackle…

Globe against the greedy: protests spill worldwide
Russiatoday.ru Yesterday at 08:15
Protests against economic mismanagement and corporate greed are going global. In addition to the Occupy Wall Street movement sweeping the US, protesters from over 70 European and Asian nations are set to hold…

New York protesters vow to stay
BBC News Yesterday at 07:48
Anti-Wall Street demonstrators vow to stay put in their New York protest park, calling plans to clean it up on Friday morning an ‘eviction’ tactic.

What the occupation means to me
Recent articles from SocialistWorker.org Yesterday at 06:00
Participants in Occupy Wall Street talk about what’s inspired them about the protests–and what they hope for the movement’s future.

Mobilization saves Occupy Wall Street
Recent articles from SocialistWorker.org Yesterday at 06:00 Eric Ruder, Danny Lucia and David Judd
Faced with thousands of people who mobilized overnight in protest, New York City officials backed down from a threat to evict Occupy Wall Street.

The Guys in the 1% Brought This On
The Greanville Post Yesterday at 05:28

Humanitarian Intermission: Buy Your Own Democracy!
The Wild Wild Left – Front Page Yesterday at 02:49 Edger
After listening to the 99%’ers complain and whine for days on end, the top 0.001%’ers finally couldn’t take it anymore, and made their way down to the ongoing ‘Occupy Wall Street’ demonstration in lower Manhattan to let the protesters know that they had ‘bought this democracy fair and square.’

Brewing clash in NYC: Ruling class is attempting to destroy OccupyWS in NYC through dirty tricks
The Greanville Post Yesterday at 01:37
The ‘Cleaning Confrontation’ is unfolding, with unpredictable results for both parties.

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