The Religious and Social Crisis in America. Political Consequences By Prof. James Petras

20 December, <strong class=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>2012 — Global Research

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The opening long decade of the 21st century (2000-<strong class=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>2012) has been a period of repeated and profound economic and social crises, of serial and prolonged wars and declining living standards for the vast majority of Americans. How have people responded to this crisis? No large scale, long term, socio-political movements have emerged to challenge the bi-partisan dominent classes. For a brief moment the “ Occupy <strong class=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>Wall Street ” movement provided a platform to denounce the 1% super-rich but then faded into memory.

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Out of the bunkers, into the streets

8 November 2012The Yes Men


For those of you who contributed last week to The Yes Men are Revolting Kickstarter campaignthank you! You were a beacon of hope in an otherwise weird, rough week. Superstorm Sandy knocked out our power, locked us out of our offices in lower Manhattan, and reduced us to hauling water up 19 floors to Andy’s dark apartment so we could attend to our rapidly failing hygiene. (#revolting #TMI)

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Reflections As Nelson Mandela Turns 94 July 18th By Danny Schechter

16 July 2012 — The News Dissector


Prisoner of Mandela: I was “Captured” and Inspired By His Movement


Cape Town, SouthAfrica: Nelson Mandela was released from prison 22 years ago. He has been “free” ever since. At the same time, I sometimes feel as if I became his prisoner—imprisoned by the work I have been doing enthusiastically in service to the struggle he led ever since the mid 1960’s.

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South Africa's Political Wars Begin To Resemble Our Own By Danny Schechter

26 June 2012 — The News Dissector


Cape Town, South Africa: When I came to South Africa, I thought I was escaping the way our news programs are totally dominated by political coverage even though the election is months away and everyone knows none of this polling and hyped-up speculation matters until October.

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Beyond Citizens United: Politics Is an Industry, Not Just A Campaign By Danny Schechter

4 June 2012The News Dissector


New York, New York: In theory, American elections traditionally get going after Labor Day, but, as we can see by the daily overkill media “coverage,” polls and constant reporting about who has raised what—to the degree that anyone really knows in the age of SuperPacs— that the political horses for the 2012 are off and running.

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6 March 2012 — The News Dissector

Who called whom first?

Did the Obama alumni Association in Chicago—David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, and Bill Daley—get nervous and call the White House, or was it Barack himself, having disposed/co-opted one threat by the name of Netanyahu, who recognized he had a more serious problem the horizon.

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GR Weekend Review: Global Economic Crisis, World War and the Russia-China Veto, Drones over America, Occupy Wall Street

12 February 2012 — Global Research

Latest News and Top Stories

WAR PLAN IRAN: Dispelling the Lies, Telling the Truth about Western Aggression in the Persian Gulf

– by Finian Cunningham, Michel Chossudovsky – 2012-02-16
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Activists denounce restrictions on Chicago G8/NATO protests By CHRISTINE MARIE

8 February 2012 — Socialist Action

 On Jan. 25, the Vancouver culture jammers known as Adbusters brought new attention to the need to protest the NATO/G8 summit occurring in Chicago from May 19-21. Adbusters played a large role in building the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York last fall and their call is expected to put the NATO/G8 summit meetings in Chicago on the top of the list of spring protest sites in the U.S.

British Regulators Pull Press TV: Another Blow To Media Freedom By Danny Schechter

22 January 2012 — The News Dissector

The British media regulator OFCOM has pulled Press TV’s license to be seen in the United Kingdom.

The regulator that has done so little to regulate the methods of Rupert Murdoch’s media practices, or BBC’s tilted coverage of the war in Iraq, has suddenly decided that the Iran’s global English language channel must be sanctioned by being removed and silenced. (Ironically, it was Murdoch’s BSKYB channel that carried Press TV in the UK)

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Syrian turmoil: violence continues as military pulls out — RT

2 January 2012 — Syrian turmoil: violence continues as military pulls out — RT

The head of the Arab League has told reporters that the Syrian government has withdrawn its tanks and troops from cities as part of the league’s plan for peace in the country. But, according to the league, the violence continues.

Nabil al-Arabi said snipers are still present in cities and are shooting at civilians, a fact the league’s monitoring mission finds unacceptable. Talks with President Bashar al-Assad are on the observers’ agenda, but the case may not be as clear-cut as the League hopes.

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The Top Ten Revolutionary Videos of 2011

27 December 2011 — Dissident Voice

At the end of the year, news agencies around the world, including the BBC, report the ten most popular YouTube videos of the past year. The lists inevitably contain some of the most banal, irritating, or mildly amusing videos of the past year, but rarely do we see the BBC and their ilk reminding us of the startlingly powerful images of resistance and revolution. So, in honour of those who were maimed or killed in 2011 in service of a better world, here are ten of the most memorable moments of revolt in 2011:

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FAIR Media Advisory: Occupy the P.U.-litzers!

27 December 2011 — Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting

This year has given us simply too many worthy contenders for FAIR’s annual P.U.-litzers—recognizing the stinkiest journalism of the year. A big part of the problem was that so many outlets were striving to distinguish themselves with especially awful coverage of the Occupy Wall Street movement. So to note those lowlights, we bring you a special installment of P.U.-litzers: The OWS edition.

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New Riot Police Shields Will Suffocate Protestors With Acoustic Waves

17 December 2011 — The Wild Wild Left

riot shields.jpgMore new toys on the horizon from Raytheon of Waltham, Massachusetts to make the coming police state terror goons as efficient as possible when dealing with those dirty f’ing regular people sleeping in parks unreasonably expecting that their constitutional rights will still accrue in the new world order.

Yoo ain’t seen nuthin’ yet…

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Decolonizing Our Occupations By Jared Ball

30 November 2011 — Black Agenda Report

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by editor and columnist Jared Ball

White privilege, the legacy of 500 years of European military and economic suppression of the rest of the planet, is manifest even in movements that purport to be transformational, like Occupy Wall Street. Beneath the politics of economic reordering lie notions that the ‘new’ and overwhelmingly white movement somehow supersedes the centuries-old aspirations of Europe’s primary victims.

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Did the US Co-opt OWS in Order to Legitimize Egypt's Flawed Elections? By Jacob Levich

22 November 2011 — MRZine

Although Occupy Wall Street protesters have so far resisted attempts by the Democratic Party to co-opt their movement, a New York City “General Assembly” was bamboozled by what may be a State Department and/or NED initiative aimed at granting legitimacy to Egypt’s flawed election process.

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Wikileaks Newslinks 23 November 2011

23 November 2011 —

NYPD ‘Loses’ the Occupy Wall Street Wikileaks Truck
Life can be difficult when your vehicle has a huge Wikileaks logo and “Top Secret Mobile Collection Unit” emblazoned on the side. An artist’s Wikileaks-themed U-Haul truck is missing after being confiscated by the NYPD. The Wikileaks truck has been a …

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