Saif al-Islam is captured in Zliten – NTC — RT

21 October 2011 — Saif al-Islam is captured in Zliten – NTC — RT


Saif Gaddafi (AFP Photo / Mahmud Turkia)

Colonel Gaddafi’s highest-profile son and heir apparent, Saif al-Islam, has been captured in the western Libyan town of Zliten. Earlier, the eldest son Motassim was killed along with his father.

Saif al-Islam, who was reported either killed or captured in the capturing of Sirte, was thought to be at large in the desert, a member of the National Transitional Council earlier told Al Jazeera TV network.

Meanwhile Motassim’s dead body was shown on local TV lying on a stretcher with his chest bare. The report did not specify where the picture was taken. Apparently Motassim, who used to be a security advisor for Muammar Gaddafi, was captured along with his father and summarily executed. Earlier unconfirmed reports said he had been taken alive.

Some reports say both bodies are now on display for everyone to see, and that people are free to take pictures of themselves with their slain enemies.

The only child of the late Gaddafi who may still be in Libya is Khamis. The military officer was reported killed in late August, but that was at least the third report of his death over the time of the conflict. His whereabouts are unknown.

Other members of the Gaddafi family are in Algeria and Niger. The NTC wants them to be extradited for trial in Libya, but the two neighboring countries refuse to do so.

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